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HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore

HCG Cancer Hospital is leading Specialist Cancer Hospital chain in India. HCG Cancer Hospital is known for advanced cancer treatment with latest technologies at Affordable cost.

Many International patients travel from different Countries and also across India for Cancer Treatment in HCG Cancer Hospital, Bangalore.

Dedicated Patient Services team available for,

  • Doctor Appointment Booking
  • Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Language Translation, Accommodation, etc.
  • International Patients Assistance


Why HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore?

HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore uses an integrated approach to cancer care with experienced team of doctors and innovative technologies. Patients can receive comprehensive cancer care, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as rehabilitation and supportive/palliative care. HCG Hospital was India’s first cancer center to use cyclotron and PET-CT technology.

HCG Hospital Bangalore has been defining the future of cancer care in India for decades by developing, establishing, and managing cancer centers with a focused vision: to alter the cancer care environment by integrating key clinical services to a single location.

HCG Bangalore goal is to assist people live longer, healthier lives while also improving cancer care at a local level. Each HCG center is a model of excellence, a location where physicians can find professional fulfilment while also making significant advances in patient care.

HCG Cancer Hospital Locations in Bangalore,

HCG Double Road

No. 44 – 45/2, 2nd Cross Double Road, Off, Lal Bagh Main Rd, Raja Ram Mohanroy Extension, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

HCG Kormangala

#, A, 88, 2nd Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

HCG Banashankari

 #980, 13th Cross Road,Thyagaraja nagar, Siddanna Layout, Banashankari Stage II, Banashankri, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070

HCG Kalyan Nagar

HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043


HCG Firsts in Cancer care for,

HCG Hospital accomplished Asia’s first bloodless bone marrow transplant.

The world’s first computer-assisted tumour navigation surgery was performed in India (CATS)

Surgical Eye – The first patient in Asia to be treated using 3D radio-guided surgery.

Flattening Free Filter (FFF) mode technology was introduced for the first time in India at HCG hospital.

Cyberheart was the first in India to use CyberKnife to remove a tumor from  left ventricle of the heart.

The world’s most advanced laser technology used for the first in India to save a patient’s voice cord.

The first hospital in India to use hyperthermia as a therapy method.

First hospital in India to use TomoTherapy technology

First in the world to do the shortest Trigeminal Neuritis Radio Surgery.

If you are looking for the Best Cancer Hospital in Bangalore, India, then HCG Cancer Hospital, Bangalore should be your first priority. HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore has following accreditations –NABH, NABL, DSIR, FDA, CAP and ISO: 9001.

Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG) also known as HCG Cancer Hospital is leading Cancer Chain of Hospitals in India. There are more than 20 advanced Cancer treatment centers spread across India. HCG Hospital is pioneer to fight against cancer. HCG Hospitals provides the most advanced medical treatment to millions of people in India and abroad.


HCG Hospital Technology


HCG Cancer Hospital also serving Internationally through specialized cancer centers in Tanzania and Kenya.  At HCG Cancer Hospital you receive most advanced diagnosis specialized in Cancer treatment. There are 300+ Cancer specialists working with HCG all required facilities are available at single location including Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation Therapy, etc. Largest network cancer centers across India, serves millions of people annually.



HCG Cancer Hospital AWARDS

HCG Cancer Hospital won many national and International Awards including, “The Best Place to Work”, “The Most Innovative Single Specialty Healthcare Entity” , “Entrepreneur of the Year’, Best Health Care Group of The Year and many CEO and Doctor awards.


HCG List of Technologies

HCG Hospitals has most advanced technology available for Cancer treatment

Few of the Important technologies are,

ABVS, Agility Synergy, Artiste CT on rails, Brachytherapy, CyberKnife,  Da Vinci Digital, Mammogram Hyperthermia, PET-CT, Radixact, Skyra Tesla 3T, TrueBeam, Tomotherapy-H Versa HD.


HCG Caner Hospital Bangalore Reviews

HCG Cancer Hospital is The Best rated Cancer Hospital in Bangalore. As many patients got successful Cancer treatment at HCG Cancer Hospital and now are Cancer Free, HCG Cancer Hospital Reviews are mostly positive. HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore Doctors reviews also good. As HCG has best facilities and Doctors hence they can give good results.

Most Cancer patients treated at HCG Cancer Bangalore Hospital given good rating. Also reviews are very encouraging.

HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore Negative Reviews are very rare. Only few patients who gave HCG Hospital negatives reviews are not happy because 1) They might have reached hospital at last stages of cancer 2) Had unrealistic experiences 3) Not able to afford cost.


HCG Cancer Hospital Insurance Coverage

There are many Health Insurance companies providing “Cancer Health Insurance coverage in Bangalore“. You need to check with Insurance company and specific Cancer Health insurance product for actual insurance coverage.

Apollo Munich Cancer Health Insurance,
Star Health Cancer Insurance,
Max Bupa Cancer Insurance,
ICICI Lombard Cancer Insurance,
Religare Cancer Insurance,
Cigna TTK Cancer Insurance,
Bajaj Allianz Cancer Insurance,
New India Assurance Cancer Insurance,
Oriental Insurance Cancer Insurance,
National Insurance Cancer Insurance.


Medical Tourism HCG Cancer Hospital

Many International patients travel to HCG Cancer Hospitals for advanced cancer treatment. There is dedicated International Patient Services department at HCG Hospital for taking care of all requirements of International patients.


HCG Cancer Hospital Medical Tourism Process

Any patient coming to HCG Cancer hospital required to get Medical visa and appointment with Doctors at HCG International patient department.


HCG Cancer Hospital Medical Visa Invitation Letter

For getting India Medical Visa to travel for treatment at HCG Cancer Hospital, you need to apply for HCG Cancer hospital medical visa Invitation letter. For HCG Medical visa letter you need to send passport copy of patient and attendants also latest medical reports.

You will receive HCG Medical Visa invitation letter through email and same Visa letter also sent to Indian embassy in respective country.


HCG Cancer Hospital Treatment Plan

For International patients, you can get detailed HCG Cancer Treatment plan from senior Doctors. You need to send all available medical reports, scan reports etc. Detailed treatment plan include treatment options, number of days stay, etc.


HCG Cancer Hospital Cost Estimate

For International patients, HCG Cancer Hospital also provides you detailed cost estimate for Cancer treatment. HCG Cancer Hospital cost estimate depends on required treatment like,

HCG Cancer Hospital Chemotherapy cost

HCG Cancer Hospital Surgery cost

HCG Cancer Hospital Radiation Therapy cost

HCG Cancer Hospital Cyberknife cost

HCG Cancer Hospital cost


HCG Cancer International patients arrive to mainly,


HCG Cancer Hospital International Patients Bangalore

HCG Cancer Centre, Kalinga Rao Road, Bengaluru

No 8, HCG Towers, P. Kalinga Rao Road, Sampangi Ram Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560027.


HCG Cancer Hospital International Patients Ahmedabad

HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad

HCG Cancer Centre, Sola – Science City Road, Nr. Sola Bridge, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380060


HCG Cancer Hospital International Patients Kolkata

HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata

Plot DG 4, Premises No. 03-358, New Town, Kolkata – 700 156


HCG Cancer Hospital International Patients Chennai

HCG Kauvery Cancer Centre, Chennai

#199/90, MBC Tower, Luz Church Road, Alwarpet, junction, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004 

HCG Cancer Hospital International Patients Mumbai


31 Queens Barracks, Maharishi Karve Road, Opposite Cooperage Football Ground, Cooperage, Mumbai – 400 021



HCG Hospital Common Procedures


Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant
Aplastic Anemia
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant
Blood Cancer Treatment
Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)
Fanconi Anemia
Leukemia Treatment
Lymphoma Treatment
Multiple Sclerosis
Myeloma Treatment
Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
Sickle Cell Disease
Thalassemia Transplant


Cancer Treatments

Bladder Cancer Treatment
Bone Cancer Treatment
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer
Brain Cancer Treatment
Breast Cancer Treatment
Cervical Cancer Treatment
Colon Cancer (CRC) Treatment
Cyberknife for Prostate Cancer
Esophagus Cancer Treatment
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
Green Light Laser PVP Surgery
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for prostate cancer
Head & Neck Oncology
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
Kidney Cancer Treatment
Liver Cancer Treatment
Lung Cancer Treatment
Malignancy Surgery
Medical Oncology
Oral Cancer Treatment
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Prostate Cancer Treatment
Radiation Oncology
Rapid Arc with IGRT
Rapid Arc with IGRT for prostate cancer
Rapid Arc with IMRT
Rapid Arc with IMRT for prostate cancer
Skull Base Surgery
Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Novalis Tx Frameless
Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS) Novalis Tx with Frame
Stomach Cancer Treatment
Surgical Oncology
Uterine Cancer Treatment
Whipple’s Procedure

Types of Cancer Treated in HCG Hospitals


Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma,
Adrenal Gland Cancer,
Anal Cancer,
Atypical Mole Syndrome,
Basal Cell Carcinoma,
Bile Duct Cancer,
Birt Hogg Dube Syndrome,
Bladder Cancer,
Bone Cancer,
Brain Tumor,
Breast Cancer,
Breast Cancer in Men,
Carcinoid Tumor,
Cervical Cancer,
Colorectal Cancer,
Ductal Carcinoma,
Endometrial Cancer,
Esophageal Cancer,
Gastric Cancer,
Gastrontestinal Stromal Tumor – GIST,
HER2-Positive Breast Cancer,
Islet Cell Tumor,
Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome,
Kidney Cancer,
Laryngeal Cancer,
Leukemia – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,
Leukemia – Acute Lymphocytic (ALL),
Leukemia – Acute Myeloid AML,
Leukemia – Adult,
Leukemia – Childhood,
Leukemia – Chronic Lymphocytic – CLL,
Leukemia – Chronic Myeloid – CML,
Liver Cancer,
Lobular Carcinoma,
Lung Cancer,
Lung Cancer – Small Cell,
Lymphoma – Hodgkin’s,
Lymphoma – Non-Hodgkin’s,
Malignant Glioma,
Multiple Myeloma,
Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS),
Nasopharyngeal Cancer,
Neuroendocrine Tumor,
Oral Cancer,
Ovarian Cancer,
Pancreatic Cancer,
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors,
Parathyroid Cancer,
Penile Cancer,
Peritoneal Cancer,
Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome,
Pituitary Gland Tumor,
Polycythemia Vera,
Prostate Cancer,
Renal Cell Carcinoma,
Salivary Gland Cancer,
Sarcoma – Kaposi,
Skin Cancer,
Small Intestine Cancer,
Stomach Cancer,
Testicular Cancer,
Thyroid Cancer,
Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer,
Vaginal Cancer,
Wilms’ Tumor,

HCG Hospital Doctors

Dr. Ramesh S Bilimagga,

Radiation Oncologist


Dr. Ramesh S Bilimagga is Senior Consultant with 40 years of expertise he is Radiation Oncologist who has over 40 years of experience.

His radiotherapy experience includes Head and Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Cervical Cancer. He is passionate about radiation oncology and has extensive experience with highly conformal radiation.

He served as National President of AROI (Association of Radiation of India), Vice-President of the Federation of Asian Radiation Oncology, and National President of the Indian Brachytherapy Society (IBS) (FARO).


Dr. Sridhar P S Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Sridhar P S is Senior Consultant with 20+ years of experience a well-known Radiation Oncologist  He is currently the head of HCG’s CyberKnife and International Clinical Services.

High precision radiation, Genomics, Radio Genomics, Hepatobiliary, CNS, Pancreatic cancer, and Prostate cancer are among his areas of specialization.

He is currently the AROI’s joint secretary, the Secretary of the Neuro-Oncology Society, and the Secretary of the Indian Association of Hyperthermia Oncology.


Dr. Gurunath Kilara

Dr. Gurunath Kilara is Senior Consultant, 35 years of experience and radiation oncologist well-known Radiation Oncologist with over 35 years of expertise.

Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), stereotactic radio surgery (SRS), and radiotherapy are among his areas of specialization.

In Karnataka, he was the first to introduce numerous radiation methods, including the first brain implant using Cyberknife, IMRT, and Iridium Brachytherapy treatment.


Dr. Belliappa M S

Dr. Belliappa M S has 26 years of experience a renowned radiation oncologist with over 26 years of experience.

In Gynaecology and Radiation Oncology, he is experienced in performing Brachytherapy.
He is skilled in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer, Paediatric Tumors, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.


Dr. Lohith Reddy

Dr. Lohith Reddy has 11 years of experience a well-known Radiation Oncologist
Breast Cancer Management, IMRT, IGRT, SBRT), SRT, Cranial Cyber-Knife Radiosurgery, Brachytherapy, Brachytherapy and Stereotactic Radio Surgery are among his areas of expertise (SRS).
Head and Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Brain Tumors, and Innovative Treatments are some of his areas of interest.


Dr. Jagannath Dixit

Dr. Jagannath Dixit has 16 years of experience and a well-known Surgical Oncology Consultant in Bangalore.

He earned his MBBS at the prestigious Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Cancer Research and Training Centre and MS from the prestigious Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) and his M.Ch. from the same university.

He is a lifetime member of different surgical oncology organizations.

Dr. S Bhattacharjee

Dr. Bhattacharjee is a board-certified radiation oncologist with 20 years of experience. He specializes in 3D conformal radiotherapy (3D CRT) for breast, stomach, lymphoma, head and neck malignancies, stereotactic radiosurgery (brain tumours), and extracranial tumours.

IMRT) for prostate, glioblastoma multiforme, head and neck cancers, brachytherapy, cervical cancer, and perineal implants are also among the Doctor’s specialties.

Interstitial implants in cervical cancer and intraluminal brachytherapy in the oesophagus are two of his primary interests.


Dr. Krithika Murugan

Dr. Krithika Murugan is a Consultant Surgical Oncologist with 18 years of experience.

With over 3500 breast cancer procedures under her belt, she is a pioneer in advanced breast conservative surgery. Dr. Krithika is a Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences gold medallist who received her postgraduate surgical training in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Intezar Mehdi

Dr. Intezar Mehdi is a well-known paediatric haematologist with 21 years of experience

He is expert in treating Hematological malignancies, Childhood Leukemia (ALL, AML), CNS tumours, Bone tumours, Neuroblastoma, Sarcomas, Wilms tumour also solid tumours in children.

Dr Intezar Mehdi also experienced in Thalassemia, , AIHA ITP, Platelet Disorders, Sickle Cell Anemia, Anemias in Children, and other Bleeding Disorders are all included within the haematology umbrella.

Dr. Vishal Rao

Dr.Vishal Rao has 20 years of experience and current Chief of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery at the Bangalore Hospital.

He earned his post-graduate degree in otorhinolaryngology from a prestigious institute in Karnataka, as well as a fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology Surgery from a prestigious institute in Mumbai.
Dr. Rao is passionate about cancer prevention and anti-tobacco initiatives.


Dr. Shekhar Patil

Dr. Shekhar Patil has 20 years of specilaization medical oncology. He treats 20+ patients each day for solid and haematological cancers with traditional, high-dose chemotherapy.

His skills and expertise cover a wide range of topics, including intraperitoneal chemotherapy for consolidation in advanced ovarian cancers and chemotherapy (BIP) in carcinoma of the cervix, and bone marrow transplantation.

Dr Mahesh Bandemegal

Surgical Oncology


Dr Pramod S Chinder

Orthopaedic Oncology


Dr Nalini Rao

Radiation Oncology


Dr Intezar Mehdi

Pediatric Hemato-Oncology


Dr Ramesh Bilimagga

Radiation Oncology


Dr K S Gopinath

Surgical Oncology


Dr Govind Babu

Medical Oncology


Dr Premitha R

Radiation Oncology


Dr Pampanagouda

Surgical Oncology


Dr Roopesh Krishnappa


Dr Kirthi Kaushik

Radiation Oncology


Dr Ram Alva

Radiation Oncology


Dr Vinayak Maka

Medical Oncology


Dr Rasmi P

Pediatric Hemato-Oncology


Dr Nalini Kilara

Medical Oncology


Dr Santosh K Devadas

Medical & Hemato Oncology


Dr Mohan Kumar S

Radiation Oncology


Dr Arul Ponni

Radiation Oncology


Dr Janki MG

Radiation Oncology


Dr Harish K

Surgical Oncology


Dr Aravind S Kapali

Surgical Oncology


Radiation Oncology



Dr Jagannath Dixit

Surgical Oncology


Dr Krithika Murugan

Surgical Oncology


Dr Prashant Puranik

Plastic Surgery


Dr Vishal Rao

Head and Neck Surgery


Dr Sateesh CT

Medical & Hemato Oncology


Dr K G Kallur

Nuclear Medicine


Dr Radheshyam Naik

Hemato Oncology


Dr Srinivasa B J

Medical Oncology


Dr Ravi B Diwakar

Medical Oncology


Dr Shekhar Patil

Medical Oncology


Dr Lohith Reddy

Radiation Oncology


Dr. Vinayak Munirathnam

Medical & Hemato Oncology


Dr Raghunath S.K

Uro Oncology


Dr Mayur V Kaku



Dr Raghavendra Babu

HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery


Dr Vibhawari Dhakharia

Gynae Oncology


Dr Suma T L

Pediatric Hemato-Oncology


Dr Srinath D.

Surgical Oncology


Dr Akshay Kudpaje

Surgical Oncology


Dr Indusekhar Subbanna

Interventional Radiology


Dr Santosh H



Dr Sachin Suresh Jadhav

Hemato Oncology and BMT


Dr Premita

Radiation Oncology


Dr Prabhu Nesargikar

Surgical Oncology


Dr Brindha Sitaram



Dr. Gaurav Medikeri

Surgical Oncology


Dr Belliappa

Radiation Oncology


Dr Abhilasha Narayan

Gynae Oncology


Dr Vijay Bhaskar

Radiation Oncology


Dr Vijay Sharangat

Medical Oncology


Dr Yogen Chheda

Surgical Oncology


Dr Shankar Vangipuram

Radiation Oncology


Dr Amrita Kasat

Nuclear Medicine


Dr Indoo Ammbulkar

Medical Oncology


Dr Deepanjali Adulkar

Radiation Oncology


Dr Aparna Aundhkar

Anesthesia & Critical Care


Dr. Supriya Bambarkar

Surgical Oncology


Dr Siddharth Parekh

Interventional Radiology


Dr. Sambharan

Anesthesia & Critical Care


Dr Viraj Nevrekar

Medical Oncology



Dr Sachin Gawde

Nuclear Medicine


Dr Trinanjan Basu

Radiation Oncology


Dr Upasna Saxena

Radiation Oncology


Dr Shankar Vangipuram

Radiation Oncology


Dr Indoo Ammbulkar

Medical Oncology


Dr Deepika Nayak

Surgical Oncology


Dr Suraj D. Chiraniya

Hemato Oncology and BMT


Dr Deepanjali Adulkar

Radiation Oncology



Dr Ayan Basu

Radiation Oncology


Dr Joydeep Chakrabartty

Hemato Oncology


Dr Rahul Chaudhary

Surgical Oncology


Dr Chandrani Mallik

Medical Oncology


Dr Mandira Saha

Radiation Oncology


Dr Vikas Singh

Surgical Oncology


Dr. Amitabh Ray

Radiation Oncology


Dr Manthan Kathrotiya

Hemato Oncology and BMT


Dr. Ashutosh Parashar

Nuclear Medicine




Commonly Asked Questions on HCG Hospital

How to Book Appointment with HCG Cancer Hospital?

Book Online Appointment with HCG Cancer Hospital here

Where can I find Rating and Reviews for HCG Caner Hospital?

Find Rating and Reviews from past clients here

Can I get Medical Visa Invitation letter for HCG Cancer Hospital?

Yes. Send passport copies for Medical Visa Invitation letter

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