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  • Bone Marrow Transplant - BMT
  • Cardiac Surgeon
  • Cardiologist
  • cost
  • Dentist
  • Dermatologist
  • Doctor
  • Endocrinologist
  • ENT Surgeon
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgeon
  • Heart Transplant
  • Hepatology Specialist
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  • Infertility IVF Specialist
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Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

Yashoda Hospital is leading chain of Multi-Specialty Hospital in Hyderabad city India. Patients visit for advanced medical treatment from both India and Abroad.

Yashoda Hospital is preferred choice for many International patients because of High Quality treatment available at reasonable cost.

Yashoda Hospital Patient services,

  • Doctor Appointment Booking
  • Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate
  • Second Opinion and Video consultation
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • International Patient services

Why Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad?

Yashoda Hospital is preferred Choice for critical care treatment in all specialties. Patients travel to Yashoda Hospital mainly because of,
Highly Experienced Surgeons for Cardiac, Cancer, Multi-Organ Transplants, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Brain and Spine Surgery, Gastro, Plastic Surgery, etc.
Advanced Technology and World-Class facilities
2500+ bed Hospital and 50+ ICUs
Affordable Cost
Awarded many times as The Best Hospital in Hyderabad

Yashoda Hospital Achievements

Yashoda Hospital consistently achieved many milestones like,
25,000+ Cardiac Procedures every year
Pulmonology Embolism – PTE Procedures
RapidArc Technology – 10,000 Cancer Patients Treated
Only training center for IMRT/IGRT & RapidArc technology
Usage of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for many surgeries
Yashoda Hospital Technology Upgrades,

Yashoda Hospital International Patient Services

  • Free Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate
  • Medical Visa Invitation Letter
  • Airport Pickup and Drop
  • Accommodation, Language Translation Services
  • Second Opinion and Teleconsultation
  • Priority Appointment and Hospital Assistance
  • Insurance and Payment Assistance

YashodaHospital Departments:

YashodaHospital Accident & Emergency Care
YashodaHospital Anesthesiology
YashodaHospital Bariatric Surgery
YashodaHospital Cancer Care
YashodaHospital Cardiology and CTVS
YashodaHospital Critical Care Medicine
YashodaHospital Dental Medicine
YashodaHospital Dermatology
YashodaHospital Diabetes & Endocrinology
YashodaHospital Ear, Nose & Throat
YashodaHospital Fetal Medicine
YashodaHospital Gastrointestinal Sciences
YashodaHospital General & Hepatobiliary Surgery
YashodaHospital General Medicine
YashodaHospital General Surgery
YashodaHospital Geriatric Medicine
YashodaHospital Growth & Hormone
YashodaHospital Health Check
YashodaHospital Home Care
YashodaHospital ICU & Critical Care
YashodaHospital Internal Medicine
YashodaHospital Laboratory Medicine
YashodaHospital Neurology and Neurosurgery
YashodaHospital Nuclear Medicine
YashodaHospital Nutrition and Dietetics
YashodaHospital Obstetrics & Gynecology
YashodaHospital Ophthalmology
YashodaHospital Organ Transplant
YashodaHospital Orthopedics
YashodaHospital Paediatrics
YashodaHospital Pain Medicine
YashodaHospital Pharmacy
YashodaHospital Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
YashodaHospital Psychiatry
YashodaHospital Psychology
YashodaHospital Pulmonology
YashodaHospital Radiology
YashodaHospital Rehabilitation Medicine
YashodaHospital Renal Sciences
YashodaHospital Respiratory Sciences
YashodaHospital Rheumatology
YashodaHospital Robotic-Assisted Surgery
YashodaHospital Spine Care
YashodaHospital Sports Medicine
YashodaHospital Urology
YashodaHospital Vascular Surgery

YashodaHospital Services:

YashodaHospital Bronchoscopy
YashodaHospital EBUS (Endo Bronchial Ultra Sound)
YashodaHospital Thoracoscopy
YashodaHospital Whole Lung Lavage
YashodaHospital Sleep studies
YashodaHospital NIV therapy
YashodaHospital ECMO
YashodaHospital Consultation
YashodaHospital Child Vaccination
YashodaHospital Blood Test
YashodaHospital Blood Pressure Test
YashodaHospital Pet Scan
YashodaHospital X Ray
YashodaHospital Radiology
YashodaHospital CT Scan
YashodaHospital Health Checkup
YashodaHospital ENT Treatment Unit
YashodaHospital Newborn Screening
YashodaHospital Oncology
YashodaHospital ICU
Yashodha Hospital Obstetrics & Gynaecology
YashodaHospital Pediatrics
YashodaHospital Accident & Trauma Care
YashodaHospital Pregnancy Problems
YashodaHospital Ultrasound
YashodaHospital Cashless Mediclaim
YashodaHospital Antinuclear Antibody (Ana) Test
YashodaHospital Amniocentesis
YashodaHospital Bilirubin Test
YashodaHospital 3 Way Sterilization
YashodaHospital IV Sedation
YashodaHospital Cervical Cap
YashodaHospital Complete Blood Count
YashodaHospital Chorionic Villus Sampling (Cvs)
YashodaHospital C-Reactive Protein Test

YashodaHospital Pediatric
YashodaHospital Electrocardiogram (ECG)
YashodaHospital Laparoscopy
YashodaHospital Hysteroscopy
YashodaHospital Bleach/Bleaching
YashodaHospital ICSI
YashodaHospital Glucose Tolerance Test
YashodaHospital Glucose Challenge Test
YashodaHospital HBA1C Test
YashodaHospital ECG
YashodaHospital HPV Test
YashodaHospital Mammogram
YashodaHospital Health Screening
YashodaHospital Vaccinations
YashodaHospital PCOS/PCOD & women related disorders
YashodaHospital Prothrombin Time Test
YashodaHospital Normal & High Risk Pregnancy
YashodaHospital Insertion of CUT
Yashodha Hospital Rhesus (Rh) Factor Test
YashodaHospital Haemogram
YashodaHospital Ultrasonography
YashodaHospital Ultrasound Imaging
YashodaHospital Endoscopy
YashodaHospital Menstrual Disorders Management
YashodaHospital Stress Test
YashodaHospital Abortion Centre (Approved)
YashodaHospital Pregnancy Care & Ultrasound
YashodaHospital PCOD & Breast Problems
YashodaHospital SGOT Test
YashodaHospital SGPT Test
YashodaHospital VDRL Test
YashodaHospital X-Ray
YashodaHospital Skin Services
YashodaHospital Vaginoplasty
YashodaHospital Abortion
YashodaHospital Isolation NICU
YashodaHospital Valvuloplasty
YashodaHospital Post Natal Program
YashodaHospital Maternal ICU

YashodaHospital Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI)
YashodaHospital Doppler Ultrasound
YashodaHospital Arthroscopy
YashodaHospital Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis
YashodaHospital Joint Replacement Surgery
YashodaHospital Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation
YashodaHospital Arthritis Management
Yashodha Hospital Fracture Treatment
Yashodha Hospital Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Yashodha Hospital Bone ScanYashodaHospital Laboratory
YashodaHospital Neuro Surgery
YashodaHospital Spine Rehabilitation
YashodaHospital Orthopaedics
YashodaHospital Accident and Emergency Care
YashodaHospital Poisoning
YashodaHospital Hear Attack
Yashodha Hospital Nosebleeds
YashodaHospital Pulmonary Embolism
YashodaHospital Heat Exhaustion
YashodaHospital Intestinal Obstruction
YashodaHospital Neurogenic Shock
YashodaHospital Tetanus Shots
YashodaHospital Ventricular Tachycardia
YashodaHospital Cats and Dogs bite
YashodaHospital Incision Care
YashodaHospital Mechanical Ventilation
YashodaHospital General Anaesthesia
YashodaHospital Neuro Anaesthesia
YashodaHospital Cardiac Anaesthesia
YashodaHospital Monitored
YashodaHospital Monitored Anesthesia Care
YashodaHospital Bariatric Metabolic Surgery
YashodaHospital Bone Grafting
YashodaHospital Palliative Cancer Care
YashodaHospital Gynaec Cancer Treatment
YashodaHospital Cancer Pain Management
YashodaHospital Cancer Surgery
YashodaHospital Breast Cancer Early Detection
YashodaHospital Breast Cancer Surgery
YashodaHospital Laparoscopic GI Cancer Surgery
YashodaHospital Paediatric Cardiology
YashodaHospital Cardiac Bypass Surgery
YashodaHospital Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapy
YashodaHospital Cardiovascular Disease
YashodaHospital Carotid Ultrasound
YashodaHospital cardiothoracic surgery
YashodaHospital Diabetic Care
YashodaHospital Home Care Physiotherapy
YashodaHospital Joint Pain Physiotherapy
YashodaHospital Stroke Rehabilitation
YashodaHospital Hormonal Imbalance
YashodaHospital Health Check Up Packages
YashodaHospital Back & Neck Pain
YashodaHospital MusculoSkeletal Manual Therapy
YashodaHospital Postural Correction
YashodaHospital Spine Problems
YashodaHospital Headache
YashodaHospital Brain Tumors
YashodaHospital Pediatric Opthalmology Service
YashodaHospital Viral Fever Treatment
YashodaHospital Paediatric Neurology
YashodaHospital Obstructive & Constructive Pulmonology Diseases
YashodaHospital Laparoscopic Surgery
YashodaHospital Kidney Stones Treatment
YashodaHospital Metabolic Diseases
YashodaHospital OPD Services
YashodaHospital Interventional Radiology
YashodaHospital Interventional Neuro Radiology
YashodaHospital Heart Transplantation
YashodaHospital Head & Neck Onco Surgeries
YashodaHospital Gynec Laproscopy
YashodaHospital General Surgeries
YashodaHospital General Spine Surgeries
YashodaHospital General Pulmonology
YashodaHospital General Laparoscopy
YashodaHospital Onco Laparoscopy
YashodaHospital General Gynecology
YashodaHospital General Paediatrics
YashodaHospital General Dental Procedures
YashodaHospital Renal Failure
YashodaHospital Spine Deformities
YashodaHospital Surgical Oncology
YashodaHospital Valve Replacements
YashodaHospital Varicose Veins Laser Therapy
YashodaHospital Vascular Bypass Surgeries
YashodaHospital TURP
YashodaHospital Gastrointestinal Surgeries
YashodaHospital Reconstructive Surgeries
YashodaHospital Movement Disorder
YashodaHospital Weight Loss/Gain
YashodaHospital Epilepsy Surgery
YashodaHospital Endoscopic Procedures
YashodaHospital Diagnostic Pathology
YashodaHospital Devise Closure & Pacemaker
YashodaHospital Craniotomy
YashodaHospital Colonoscopy
YashodaHospital Invisible Braces
YashodaHospital Smile Designing
YashodaHospital Aligners
YashodaHospital Epilepsy
YashodaHospital Cough Management
YashodaHospital Fever Management
YashodaHospital Backpain Management
YashodaHospital Pregnancy
YashodaHospital Laser Fissure Surgery
YashodaHospital Laser Fistula Treatment
YashodaHospital Laser Piles Treatment
YashodaHospital Video Counselling
YashodaHospital Face To Face Counselling
YashodaHospital Vision And Refraction
YashodaHospital Autism Treatment
YashodaHospital Tonsillitis Treatment
YashodaHospital Sinus Treatment
YashodaHospital Ear Reconstructive Surgery
YashodaHospital FUT Hair Transplant
YashodaHospital FUE Hair Transplantation
YashodaHospital Pediatric Oncology
YashodaHospital Urine Stone
YashodaHospital Prostate Laser Surgery

YashodaHospital Diabetes
YashodaHospital Osteopathy
YashodaHospital Diet/Lifestyle Counselling

YashodaHospital Aesthetic Treatments
YashodaHospital Fissure Treatment without Surgery
YashodaHospital Piles Treatment without Surgery
YashodaHospital Pediatric Occupational Therapy
YashodaHospital Diabetic Foot Specialist
YashodaHospital Varicose Veins
YashodaHospital Gynae Problems
YashodaHospital Braces & Crowns
YashodaHospital Kidney Transplant
YashodaHospital Skin Whitening
YashodaHospital Invisible/Clear Braces
YashodaHospital Stroke/Paralysis Management
YashodaHospital Sport Injury Rehabilitation
YashodaHospital Diabetic Diet Counselling
YashodaHospital Bariatric Diet Counselling
YashodaHospital CGHS and DGHS Facility on Hearing Aid
YashodaHospital 2D Echo and Color Doppler
YashodaHospital Hearing Aids
YashodaHospital 24 Hours Emergency Radial Route Angiography and Angioplasty
YashodaHospital Neuro Physiotherapy
YashodaHospital High Risk Pregnancy
YashodaHospital Acne/Scar Treatment
YashodaHospital Laser Hair Removal Treatment
YashodaHospital PCOS/PCOD Treatment
YashodaHospital Weight Loss Treatment
YashodaHospital Stress Management
YashodaHospital Thyroid
YashodaHospital Intimacy Issues
YashodaHospital Individual Counseling
YashodaHospital Emotional Distress, Anxiety, and Depression
YashodaHospital Stress at Work
YashodaHospital Personal and Professional Growth
YashodaHospital Mental Health Problems

YashodaHospital PCOD
YashodaHospital Direct Hair Transplant/Implant (DHT/DHI)
YashodaHospital Hearing Loss
YashodaHospital Cryotherapy
YashodaHospital FUE/FUT Hair Transplant
YashodaHospital PRP Hair Transplant
YashodaHospital Male and Female Fertility

YashodaHospital Implant Center
YashodaHospital Cosmetic Dentistry
YashodaHospital Allergies Rhinitis and Snoring Treatment
YashodaHospital Psychotherapy
YashodaHospital Advanced Root Canal Treatment
YashodaHospital Hearing Aid and Speech Therapy
YashodaHospital Ear Nose Throat and Head & Neck Surgery
YashodaHospital Cosmetic Treatments
YashodaHospital Burns and Reconstruction Surgery
YashodaHospital Acupuncture
YashodaHospital Gynaecological Care & Counselling
YashodaHospital Maternity Care
YashodaHospital Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
YashodaHospital Scaling/Polishing
YashodaHospital Dental Services
YashodaHospital Porcelain Veneer
YashodaHospital ENT Endoscopy
YashodaHospital Neck Pain Physiotherapy
YashodaHospital Spinal Rehabilitation
YashodaHospital Consultation and treatment of Spine and Related Problems
YashodaHospital Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
YashodaHospital Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
YashodaHospital Joint and spine Disorder
YashodaHospital Knee Pain Treatment
YashodaHospital Joint Pain
YashodaHospital Diarrhea Treatment
YashodaHospital Back Pain Treatment

Yashoda Hospital Doctors

Dr. Sudarshana.G. Reddy
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DNB – Cardiology
40 years experience
2 Feedback
8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Dr. Pavan Poddar
MBBS, MD – Internal Medicine, DM – Cardiology
9 years experience
10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Dr. Santosh Kumar C
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Cardiology
10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Ashwin Tumkur
MBBS, DNB – Cardiology
5 Feedback
Dr. Sitaram. D
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, Diploma in Cardiology
11 years experience
3:00 PM-8:00 PM
Dr. Srinivas Botla
MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Neuro Surgery, Fellowship In Stereotactical & Functional Neuroscopy
10 years experience
Neurosurgeon , Spine Surgeon
1 Feedback
9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Dr. K. Krishna Reddy
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Neurology
32 years experience
92% (26 votes)
3 Feedback
11:00 AM-2:00 PM, 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Dr. Om Prakash B
Dr. P.Krishna Subramanyam
MBBS, MS – Orthopaedics
20 years experience
Orthopedist , Spine Surgeon
6 Feedback
Dr. Vamshidhar Reddy. T
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Gastroenterology
14 years experience
88% (24 votes)
9 Feedback
Dr. A Bharath Kumar
4 years experience
Dr. Dayakar Rao G
MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Surgical Oncology
Surgical Oncologist
4 Feedback
Dr. Rojakiran Gajula
Dr. D S Saibabu
MBBS, MS – General Surgery, Fellowship in Surgical Gastroentology
Dr. J J Reddy
MBBS, FRCS – General Surgery
52 years experience
General Surgeon , Laparoscopic Surgeon
9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. B. Mahender Reddy
MBBS, MS – General Surgery
General Surgeon
9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Dr. T Surender Reddy
MBBS, MS – General Surgery, FRCS – General Surgery
18 years experience
9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Dr. Aruna R
MBBS, DM – Nephrology, MD – General Medicine, DM – Nephrology
46 years experience
Nephrologist/Renal Specialist
10:00 AM-2:00 PM
Dr. G Sudhakar
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Nephrology
8 years experience
Dr. B Surya Prakash
MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Urology
Urologist , Andrologist
96% (24 votes)
Dr. Kashinatham D
MBBS, MCh – Urology
12 years experience
Dr. B.V.G.Swamy
MBBS, MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine
27 years experience
40% (10 votes)
7 Feedback
Dr. Ugandhar Bhattu . C
MBBS, MD – Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. D. Vijay Sheker Reddy
MBBS, DNB – General Medicine, DM – Endocrinology
4:00 PM-8:30 PM
Dr. Nagendra Mahendra
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB – ENT
41 years experience
ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist
92% (49 votes)
15 Feedback
10:30 AM-2:30 PM
Dr. V.Padmavathi
MBBS, MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynecologist , Obstetrician , Laparoscopic Surgeon (Obs & Gyn)
11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Shyam P Satpathy
MBBS, MD – Radiotherapy
Radiation Oncologist
9:30 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. M V Jyothsna
MBBS, MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Pramod Tike
MBBS, MD – Radiotherapy, Professional Diploma in Clinical Research (PDCR)
13 years experience
100% (20 votes)
Dr. Syed Akram
7 years experience
Dr. G Vamshi Krishna Reddy
MBBS, DM – Medical Oncology
Medical Oncologist
Dr. Chandramouli
MCh – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS – General Surgery, MBBS
Plastic Surgeon , Plastic Reconstruction Surgeon
Dr. Anil Kumar.P
MBBS, MRCPCH (UK), Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
Neonatologist , Pediatrician
Dr. V. Raja Mouli
MBBS, Diploma in Dermatology
22 years experience
11:00 AM-2:00 PM, 3:00 PM-8:00 PM
Dr. Swapna Reddy
MBBS, MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
4:00 PM-8:00 PM
Dr. S.Shruthi Reddy
MDS – Preventive & Community Dentistry, BDS
15 years experience
Dr. C.Karunakar Reddy
MBBS, MS – Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon
Dr. G Krishna Mohan Reddy
MBBS, MD – General Medicine
17 years experience
General Physician , Internal Medicine , Consultant Physician
12:00 PM-3:00 PM, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Dr. Gopal Sharma
MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)
42 years experience
1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Dr. Malla Rama Krishna
Dr. G. Rama Reddy
38 years experience
General Physician , Consultant Physician , Internal Medicine
10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Dr. N Nageswara Rao
26 years experience
Dr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal
29 years experience
Dr. C H Santosh Reddy
24 years experience
Dr. Amit K Sarda
5 years experience
11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Dr. Preshith Gaddam
MBBS, MS – Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Sports Injuries & Ortho Trauma, Fellowship in Shoulder and Knee Surgery, Fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery, Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Injury
95% (20 votes)
Mon, Wed-Sat
Dr. K Yugaveer
MBBS, MD – Pulmonary Medicine, FCCP – Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. G.Venu Gopal
MBBS, MCh – Neuro Surgery
Neurosurgeon , Neurologist
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Dr. Datta Reddy Aakiti
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Endocrinology
3 years experience
Dr. M Manisegaran
MS – General Surgery, MCh – Surgical Gastroenterology/G.I. Surgery, MBBS, DNB – General Surgery, FRCS
25 years experience
GastroIntestinal Surgeon
Dr. P.Venu Gopal Reddy
MBBS, MS – Otorhinolaryngology, Fellowship in Skull Base Surgery, Fellowship in Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Dr. R. Kiran Kumar
9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Dr. Rama Krishna P

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