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Gozde Hospital Kusadasi


Gozde Hospital Kusadasi was founded in 1998, it is a part of Gözde Healthcare group. The hospital is very popular for its healthcare services provided by expert physicians and health staff in each sector, as very medical department has their specialist treatment for best results ad patients satisfaction. With a professional attitude to health, contemporary diagnostics, and treatment procedures, Gozde Hospitals Kusadasi continue to elevate the bar. The patients can get Gozde Hospital Kusadasi appointment easily by calling the hospital.

The hospital treats using advanced technologies and surgeons choose best procedures for their patients to provide best result. Few popular department of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi are Chest Diseases, Dentist, Dermatology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Endoscopy, Microbiology, Neurosurgery, Nutrition and Diet, Obstetrics and Gynecology and many more.

The Gözde Health Group was created on the belief that all health services are provided to society as a whole, that they are the cornerstone of a healthy society, and that each individual has the right to high-quality, gentlemanly, respectful, transparent, and equitable health care.

Facilities at Gozde Hospital Kusadasi

Pickup from the airport Reservations for local transit
Legalization of documents Transfer of medical records
Accommodation for families Rooms that are accessible to people with disabilities
Wifi is available for free. Consultation with a doctor online
Coordination of health insurance There is parking available.
Reservation of a hotel Pharmacy
Newspapers from around the world The phone is in the room.
Services of an interpreter There are private rooms available for patients.
Laundry Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
Options for local tourism Services of translation
The room has a television

Facility for International Patients at Gozde Hospital Kusadasi

They also have a department dedicated to international patients, with team who are fluent in nine different native languages and can give care, interpretation, and assistance. In addition, they offer the following services:

Organizing appointments Services of an interpreter and a caregiver
Admissions to hospitals Air and ground ambulance services are available.
Pre- and post-operative care Monetary transactions
Reservations for travel and lodging Process of discharge and follow-up care

The international unit of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi assists international patients to get Turkey’s Medical Visa. They treat all patients with the best services and provide full satisfaction to their patients by performing the best treatment. They also have a special facility of video consultation for foreign patients so that they can get consultation in their own country and then decide to come or not for treatment in Turkey.

Why Choose Gozde Hospital Kusadasi?

Gozde Hospital Kusadasi is a JCI certified hospital of Turkey, they provide services according to International standards by using latest technologies and advanced medicine. The surgeons performing surgeries are internationally trained and staff working at the hospital are well experienced and provide services to the patients and provide them full satisfaction of treatment.

The hospital treats many diseases and has different medical departments and has experts at each department so that the patients get best results from treatment. Gozde Hospital Kusadasi is an internationally famous hospital, they have many good reviews because of the high success rate of their surgeries and provide many facilities such as hotel accommodation, airport pick ups, 24/7 services for patients and many more.

List of Treatments in Gozde Hospital Kusadasi


Urology Department of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provides following expert treatment:

Renova (impotence treatment/ erectile dysfunction treatment) Robotic pyeloplasty
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy or Stone Extraction( PCNL) HIFU (non-surgical prostate cancer treatment)
Robotic prostatectomy Robotic Cystectomy
TUMT (Transurethral microwave therapy for prostate) Prostate enucleation with holmium laser procedure (HoLEP)
Robotic nephrectomy/partial nephrectomy

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provides following expert treatment:

Congenital disability Complete knee replacement (knee prosthesis)
Sports injuries Arthroscopic ankle surgery
Arthroscopic knee surgery Athletes health and injuries
Scoliosis treatment Shoulder and knee arthroscopy
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery Hand and elbow surgery
Arthroscopic hip surgery Complete hip replacement

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Department of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provides following expert treatment:

Aesthetic surgery
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Breast augmentation
Butt aesthetics
Nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty)


Ophthalmology Department of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provides following expert treatment:

Oculoplastic Surgery
Trifocal Lens

List of Doctors at Gozde Hospital Kusadasi

The expert surgeons of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi are very experienced in performing surgery, they have a high success rate for surgeries. This is the reason people from other countries come to Gozde Hospital Kusadasi for treatment. The surgeons are internationally trained and specialist in their fields, few such surgeons are mentioned below:

  • Kiss. Dr. Yilmaz Timucin – General Surgery
  •  Kiss. Dr. Engin Tolgay – gynecology
  • Kiss. Dr. Levent Ates – Plastische en Reconstructieve Chirurgie
  •  exp. Dr. Ali Kemal Temizkan – radiology
  •  Kiss. Dr. Gultekin Erdogan – neurosurgery
  • Kiss. Dr. Ismail Hakki Yagan – gynecology
  • exp. Dr. Yilmaz Omur Otlu – cardiology
  • exp. Dr. Yalcin Yilmaz – psychiatry

Does Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

Gozde Hospital Kusadasi treats many international patients annually, international patients demand for video consultation as they cannot come to Turkey for every consultation appointment. As a result Gozde Hospital Kusadasi provides video consultation to their patients so that they can get consultation from Gozde Hospital Kusadasi’s surgeons from anywhere in the world. For Gozde Hospital Kusadasi doctor’s video consultation appointment, contact the hospital and book your slot by providing basic details. 

The hospital also provides a second opinion to their patients for any emergency case from top doctors of Gozde Hospital Kusadasi. They will suggest the treatment procedure for your problem and you can go to Turkey after getting consultation for surgery or treatment from the specialist surgeons. 

Gozde Hospital Kusadasi Insurance coverage

Insurance is an important part when patients get treatment or surgery from a foreign country as the cost of getting treatment in a foreign country gets higher with the quality of treatment. So it is very necessary for one to get international health insurance before going for treatment. Even Gozde Hospital Kusadasi accepts international insurance coverage, make sure your company comes under the insurance company that Gozde Hospital Kusadasi accepts for coverage beforehand, so that you get the best service at low cost from the expert surgeons of the hospital.      

Review for Gozde Hospital Kusadasi

Gozde Hospital Kusadasi is a well-known Turkish hospital, with international patients rating it as the best in Turkey. It has a dedicated team that deals with international patients and speaks to them in their original tongue. They have skilled surgeons that specialize in several fields and ensure that the results are 100 percent precise.

Gozde Hospital Kusadasi Address

Türkmen, Mustafa Sözer Cd., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın, Turkey

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