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NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital

The first neuropsychiatric hospital in Turkey is NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, established in 1998. Our hospital has 270 beds, 2 operating rooms (1A and 1B), a 16-bed intensive care unit and 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment. The first private hospital in Turkey with both a JCI accreditation and an AMATEM license from the Turkish Ministry of Health is NPSTANBUL Brain Hospital. Our hospital provides care in child and adult psychiatry, rehabilitation services, neurological disorders, epilepsy, muscular system diseases and Parkinson’s disease. Our excellent technological infrastructure includes the first and only 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment in Turkey, and a Class A operating room.

In terms of diagnosis, treatment, and implementation, we are the first and only hospital in Turkey to use the pharmacogenetic method clinically (therapeutic drug blood level monitoring [TDM], phenotyping, and genotyping). We are also the first in Turkey to implement techniques like “treatment by monitoring brain functions” and “thought-focused medicine.” Further, we offer neuromodulation therapies to measure and treat brain functions using brain stimulation. The hospital’s international patient care team strives to make foreign patients as comfortable as possible throughout their stay, and we even offer Telepsychiatry (online therapy) services to patients across the world.

Top Specialties

  • Bariatric and General Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Ear Nose Throat
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Internal Diseases
  • Child Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Adult Psychiatry
  • Brain, Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgery

Why Choose NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital?

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital is the first top neuropsychiatric facility in Turkey offering high-quality treatment services and has been granted accreditation by the JCI (Joint Commission International). We are the first private hospital offering round-the-clock emergency psychiatric care. We have 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment in Turkey, as well as cutting-edge technology infrastructure that supports surgical procedures.

We are the first hospital in Turkey to use the pharmacogenetic approach in the course of diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we are the first in Turkey to offer neuromodulation treatments. For out-of-town and international patients, we offer telepsychiatry (online therapy) services. So, if you want the best experience on your way to improved health, choose our hospital.



  • 1A Ultra Clean (first in Turkey)
  • CT Angio Feature 128-Slice
  • 3 Dimensional Intraoperative CT (O-Arm)
  • Neuronavigation (Direction Finding System)
  • Intraoperative Ultrasound Device
  • Operating Room Teleconference System
  • Laser Coded Surgical Instrument Tracking System
  • Operating Room Medical Recorder
  • Vital Parameter Recording System
  • Respiratory Support Device
  • Chairside Imaging Systems
  • Intensive Care Therapeutic Bed
  • Monitoring Device for Measuring the Depth of the Pain
  • Wireless Operable Mobile Digital X-Ray
  • Surgical Microscope with Tumor Fluorescent Staining
  • Advanced Surgical Microscope
  • Digital X-Ray suitable for Standard and Orthopedic Shot
  • Defibrillator


  • Beds – 270
  • Operating Rooms – 2
  • 1A Ultra Clean operating room
  • 16-bed intensive care units
  • Neuromodulation Center
  • E-Psychological Counseling
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Blood transfusion centre
  • Addiction centre treatment facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Air Ambulance 24/7
  • Airport transfers
  • 24/7 interpreters
  • Wi-Fi facility


Payment Methods

The following payment options are accepted by us:

  • Cash
  • Net banking
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Visa card
  • Medical health Insurance

International Patient Services

Our international team works to make every patient’s experience as pleasant and comfortable as they can be. They are sympathetic and attentive to the unique demands of different cultures.

The following personalized liaison services & concierge services are offered by NP Istanbul Brain Hospital in order to suit the various demands of each of our patients:

  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Assistance with accommodations
  • Scheduling airport ground transportation
  • Supporting visa processes
  • Estimating the cost of services
  • Facilitating hospital admissions
  • Making sure the patient understands the guidance given by the doctors.
  • After consultations, obtaining and delivering copies of the medical reports.
  • Helping with payment and discharge processes
  • Assistance with international insurance firms
  • 24/7 translation services
  • 24-hour emergency services, including coordination of air ambulances.
  • Transfer of medical records to and from your primary doctor.
  • Fulfilling any special nutritional or spiritual needs.
  • Coordination of advance deposit payments (wire transfers, etc)

Treatment methods at NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital

  • Radiosurgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS)
  • HIFU
  • Psychotherapy
  • Drug treatment
  • Neuromodulation therapy methods such as ECT
  • Neuronavigation TMU / TMS, tDCS
  • Sleep laboratory;
  • Cardiological tests (ECG)
  • Neuro-inflammatory tests
  • Neurobiochemical tests
  • Neuroendocrine tests
  • Toxicological tests



1. How to book NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital Appointment?

You can book online appointment here.


2. What is NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital consultation fee?

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital Consultation fees is 140 USD.


3. Which payment methods does the hospital accept?

The hospital accepts the following modes of payment: cash, net banking, insurance, debit cards, and all major credit cards like Visa and, MasterCard.


4. What specilties are offered by the NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital?

Some of the hospital’s specializations include addiction treatment, ENT, general surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, psychiatry, and rehabilitation.


5. Are international patient facilities available in NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital?

Yes, services like airport transportation, accommodation arrangements, currency exchange, language translators, help with insurance, and medical visa support are all provided for patients from other countries.

Top Doctors

  • Dr. K. Nevzat TARHAN
  • Psychiatrist


  • Dr. A. Oğuz TANRIDAĞ
  • Neurology expert


  • Dr. Mehmet BALTALI
  • Cardiology Specialist


  • Dr. Dr. Mustafa BOZBUĞA
  • Brain, Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgeon


  • Dr. Barış METİN
  • Neurology expert


  • Dr. Aytaç ATAMER
  • Internal Medicine Specialist


  • Dr. Ahmet KONROT
  • SBF / Speech and Language Therapy – Head of Department / USESKOM Manager


  • Dr. Anış ARIBOĞAN
  • Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist


  • Expert Clinical Psychologist


  • Hanifi DEVRİM
  • Deputy Chief Physician / Emergency Doctor


  • Mahmoud BHAIS
  • Emergency Doctor


  • Prof. Cahide YILMAZ
  • Pediatric Neurology Specialist


  • Dr. Akın AKAKIN
  • Brain, Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgeon


  • Prof. Neriman KİLİT
  • Child – Adolescent Psychiatrist


  • Prof. Ayhan LEVENT
  • Internal Medicine Specialist


  • Dr. Mehmet Şirin YILDIRIM
  • Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist


  • Dr. Necati Alp TABAK
  • Radiology Specialist


  • Clinical Psychologist Gizem PERK
  • Expert Clinical Psychologist


  • Ayşegül YILMAZ
  • Language Speech Therapist


  • Filiz EYÜBOĞLU
  • Physiotherapist


  • Dr. K. Ali RAHİMİ
  • Ear Nose Throat Specialist


  • Ebru ŞİRİN
  • Occupational therapist


  • Hilal KARTAL
  • Child Development Specialist


  • Cahit Burak ÇEBİ
  • Occupational therapist

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