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M.P. Shah Hospital – Get Compassionate & High-Quality Care

One of the best ways to serve humanity is by catering to the underprivileged. M.P. Shah Hospital (Meghji Pethraj Hospital) in Nairobi, Kenya is the embodiment of this act. This 300-bed facility has been providing highly specialized medical care to both the rich and the poor for the last 88 years.  It is not only the go-to place for the average people. Its high-quality services have made it a national referral facility with ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

M.P. Shah has been consistently crossing milestones in recent decades. From treating a greater number of complex cases yearly, and increasing healthcare accessibility via satellite clinics, to performing renal transplantation successfully for the 17th time, it is the most advanced facility in Africa today. Aligned with the mission to provide compassionate, patient-centered care for all, M.P. Shah Hospital is also the first in Africa to join the Global CaReMe Alliance. It is a model aimed at improving health outcomes for patients with cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic conditions in Kenya. Additionally, the hospital leverages AWS technology to access patient information quickly, optimize its processes, and offer customer satisfaction.

The hospital has modern outpatient and in-patient facilities for children, adults, and the elderly, both national and international. There are specific wards and specialty clinics for every domain of medicine. Home-based care is provided to those who cannot physically come to the hospital. In addition, the hospital has dedicated centers for women’s healthcare and counseling including pregnancy and maternity care. It also keeps conducting free health checkups and screenings to enable people to learn more about their current health statuses. Read about its cost, reviews, doctors, and treatments in this post.

Key Details

Find the essential contact details of the hospital below.

Founder Mr. Meghji Pethraj Shah
CEO Toseef Din
Founded on 1947
Mission and vision Provide the highest quality healthcare and become the premier tertiary healthcare provider in Africa
Level of the hospital Level 5
Number of beds 300
Type of hospital Private not-for-profit hospital
Email address info@mpshahhospital.org
Address Shivaji Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Branches in Nairobi Limuru Road, Gigiri
Acceptance of insurance Yes
Visiting hours Morning: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm Evening: 5.00pm –  6.00pm
Consultation fee KES 2,500 ($18) to Kes 5,000 ($37)
Emergency services Available 24/7
Official website https://mpshahhosp.org/

Specialized Services Provided At The M.P. Shah Hospital

M.P. Shah Hospital in Parklands offers a variety of specialized medical services to people of all ages. These include:

Oncology services

The Cancer Care centre at the hospital features linear accelerators offering MLC conformal therapy, CT planning, and a 3D conformal planning suite. It provides chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments that align with international standards. Patients can also use support groups and awareness forums through the Faraja Cancer Trust. It is present at the Cancer Care Center and is affiliated with the hospital.

Diabetes care

The aim of the Diabetes care centre is to prevent this disease in all forms. It provides the following services:

  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Management of diabetes
  • Diabetologist consultation
  • Educational services
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Psychological counselling
  • Diabetes foot care

Annual executive diabetes packages are offered, costing Kes 35,000 or $253. It covers all types of tests, such as full blood count, lipid profile, urinary ACR, ECG, and more. Two mini packages for diabetes care costing Kes 15,000 ($108) and Kes 16,000 ($115) are also offered.

Renal services

The hospital has successfully treated people with end-stage kidney diseases, acute kidney failure, and immunological diseases, such as Lupus nephritis and ANCA-associated vasculitis. Patients can book a dialysis session at any time of the day. The kidney dialysis centre is fully equipped with modern hemodialysis machines and water treatment plants.

Orthopedic services

M.P. Shah Hospital at Parklands creates tailored orthopedic treatments based on the needs and complexities of specific individual, The major services of the hospital’s orthopedic department are:

  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Treatment of degenerative muscle diseases,
  • Management of knee and back pain
  • Management of arthritis

Ophthalmology services

From eye check-ups to blade-free cataract surgery, the ophthalmology department at the hospital excels at providing comprehensive eye care. Treatment of common to complex eye problems happens under a single roof so people can be free of preventable and curable blindness. The specialists are equipped to perform various procedures such as Lasik eye surgery, cataract surgery, robotic laser-assisted cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, and retinal laser surgery. Pediatric eye care is also provided.

Cardiology services

M.P. Shah Hospital is a leading multispecialty hospital reputed for its pioneering cardiac care. The interventional cardiologists provide care for the catheter-based treatment of structural heart diseases. The hospital has state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs. The team at M.P. Shah also specializes in non-surgical approaches for heart and vascular conditions.

Some major cardiac services include

  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Stress testing
  • Holter monitoring
  • 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Pacemaker insertion
  • Intravascular ultrasound
  • Angioplasty
  • Angiogram
  • Central line insertion

Using these services, the hospital treats:

  • General heart conditions like Aortic stenosis, Cardiomyopathy, and Chest pain
  • Interventional cardiac conditions like Adult congenital heart disease, Angina, and Angiogenesis
  • Heart valve conditions
  • Vascular conditions that need surgery

The Cath lab of the hospital is open 24 hours, while the Cardiology clinic functions from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Pediatric services

The hospital has a full-fledged Children’s Hospital that treats mental, physical, and behavioral problems of children. The Casualty department is open 24 hours and patients can walk in anytime. The Children’s Hospital conducts wellness check-ups to continually assess the child’s growth. Immunizations are also provided at the Vaccination Centre. The place has an 8-bed fully equipped ICU unit where a pediatric intensivist, a neonatologist, and critical care trained nursing staff work. The visiting hours of Children’s Hospital at M.P Shah are 11.00 am – 12.00 pm.

Women’s health and wellness

The Waridi Women’s Health and Wellness Centre provides comprehensive outpatient care for various infectious diseases. The gynecology department excels at providing medical care for different conditions linked to the reproductive system of women.

The antenatal department’s services are meant to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The gynecologists conduct blood pressure, abdominal assessment, urine tests, antenatal blood tests, and ultrasounds regularly. Assessment of the fetal heart rate and dietary advice is also given to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

Other Services At M.P. Shah Hospital

Besides the specialized medical services, the hospital provides many other types of care to the patient. They come under the following categories:

Diagnostic services

The hospital conducts different types of scans, such as MRI, CT, ultrasounds, X-rays, and mammography. It also provides interventional radiology services. The services use advanced technology for highly accurate results.

Investigative tests in the domains of phlebotomy, clinical chemistry, hematology, blood bank, transfusion, histopathology, and microbiology are also done.

Auxiliary services

The auxiliary services include general consultations, immunizations, 24/7 emergency medical care, physiotherapy, and health check-ups and screenings. Additionally, the hospital runs a 24-hour pharmacy with a range of pharmaceutical and surgical items. From standard, and specialty to over-the-counter medications, the pharmacy services cater to every need. Medicines can be accessed when the patient is discharged or after an outpatient visit.

M.P. Shah’s patients can schedule appointments and consult with qualified doctors virtually. This is done via telemedicine services. Prescriptions can be sent via call, SMS, or email for medication delivery within a 70 km radius of the hospital.

Charges For Various Services

The cost of care at M.P. Shah Hospital in Parklands is cost-effective. This table lists the average prices of consultations and tests.

Type of service Cost in KES and USD
Specialist consultations KES 4,000 ($29.7) to KES 10,000 ($74.3)
Blood test KES 500 ($3) to KES 2,000 ($14)
MRI scan KES 10,000 ($74)  to KES 50,000 ($371)
CT scan KES 10,000 ($74)  to KES 50,000 ($371)
Cardiac tests Up to KES 42,000 or $312

The cost of maternity services like delivery at M.P. Shah is mentioned in the following table.

Type of delivery Cost in KES and USD
C-section KES 220,000 ($1,521) to KES 250,000 ($1,851)
Normal delivery KES 99000 ($717) TO KES 150,000 ($1,089)

To make the cost more affordable, you can use your NHIF insurance plan. The maternity benefits package caters to the facilitation of labour, delivery both ways and the aftercare for the mother and her baby. Kenyans can use the Linda Mama free health insurance. It covers the cost of pregnancy and expires after three months of giving birth.

Types of Wards At M.P. Shah And Their Cost

The hospital has a range of wards to suit the specific needs of children, adults, and the elderly. Here’s the average cost associated with each.

Type of ward The average cost in USD
General ward $22 to $37
Private room $74 to $148
VIP suite Up to $223
Private pediatric ward Up to $111
Maternity ward Up to $371
ICU Up to $270
HDU Up to $223

Does M.P. Shah Accept Insurance?

Yes. M.P. Shah accepts NHIF insurance. The insurance provider offers cost-effective surgical packages to people who are covered under its scheme.

Besides NHIF, the hospital accepts the following insurance:

  • Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Ltd
  • Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company
  • Madison Insurance company
  • Old Mutual Limited insurance
  • Takaful IKHLAS Insurance
  • Britam Insurance Company
  • CIC insurance
  • Sanlam insurance
  • First Assurance
  • APA Insurance KEinsurance
  • GA Insurance
  • Minet Kenya Insurance brokers
  • AAR Insurance
  • Pacis Insurance Company Ltd
  • Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Cignainternational insurance
  • Bupa International Insurance
  • Aetna global international

Services For The International Patients

The healthcare services at M.P. Shah Hospital are open for children and adults from abroad. Specialized mental, physical, and emotional support is given to international patients. Steps are taken to make sure that there is no compromise in care quality and standards. In fact, the hospital’s branch at Village Market offers services that are at par with international standards. It has a fully equipped laboratory, diagnostic services, and specialty clinics that provide preventive, rehabilitative, and curative care.

The hospital staff manages the patient’s consultation with the doctor, treatment, stay at the hospital and accommodation, and final discharge. Patients can communicate with their specialists through video conferences after scheduling a time for the same.

International patients find M.P. Shah an attractive destination not only for medical services but also for tourism. Kenya is one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife destinations in the world. People love visiting the various national parks in Nairobi. Besides wildlife, there are marvelous mountains and spectacular beaches where one can have a great time. This makes the hospital visit memorable.

Recent Developments At M.P. Shah

The hospital has been steadily making improvements in its services and becoming a center of excellence for patients. Here are the different developments that have shaped its reputation like it is today.

  • Inauguration of the new Maternity Wing on August 4, 2023, for providing vital antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care.
  • Investment in AWS technology to boost patient satisfaction and optimize hospital processes on October 8, 2023.
  • Setting up of pediatric units and cardiac camps to treat children with blood cancers.
  • Building of new oncology, physiotherapy, and surgical clinics after receiving funding from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Launching of laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries on October 15, 2020.

Major Doctors

Here’s a list of some of the top doctors at M.P. Shah Hospital in Nairobi. 

Dr. Mohsen Gaballa

Dr. Gaballa is the Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the M.P. Shah Hospital. He has over two decades of experience as a cardiologist and has been honored with the Fellow of the FESC title for his significant contributions in this medical domain. Dr. Gaballa has also been invited by many national channels to give his views on heart conditions and their causes.

Dr. Bhupinder Reel

Dr. Reel is a Paediatrics Critical Care Consultant at M.P. Shah. He is also a lecturer at the University of Nairobi and has over ten years of experience in Pediatric Intensive Care. He received his Doctorate from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Reel has been instrumental in setting up the hospital’s Pediatric Unit and Cardiac Camp. This has helped in the treatment of many child patients with lymphoma, leukemia, and Wilms Tumor. 

Dr. Karen Mbaabu

Dr. Mbaabu is a skilled breast surgeon. She completed her medical studies from the University of Nairobi and ultrasound training from Kingstone University, London as well. Dr. Mbaabu has completed her PG surgical leadership course at Harvard Medical School. She has worked at some of the top healthcare institutions in the past, like Luton & Dunstable University Hospital in England, The Aga Khan University Hospital, and the Mater Hospital.

Dr. Marcello Tarquini

Dr. Tarquini is an orthopaedic surgeon at M.P. Shah who specializes in treating trauma, knee and hip replacement, and sports-related injuries. He has over a decade’s experience in this domain and has worked at some of the prestigious centres, such as the Policlinico Casilino in Italy. Dr. Tarquini has a specialization in Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma from the University of Rome.

Dr. James Thuku

Dr. Thuku is the Consultant radiologist and the head of the Department of Radiology at M.P. Shah. He has 15 years of experience in radiology and specializes in imaging. Dr. Thuku is skilled at using cutting-edge devices to analyze human anatomy and discover the causes of illness. 

Dr. Hussein Bagha

Dr. Bagha is a leading Consultant Physician and Nephrologist. He is a fellow of esteemed institutions like the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh. Dr. Bagha is an active member of the Royal College of Physicians. He was instrumental in setting up the kidney transplant program at the M.P Shah Hospital. This program garnered immense success in Kenya. 

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