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IVF Treatment in Memorial Hospital

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF Centre in Memorial Hospital treats couples with infertility to conceive a baby. IVF treatment cost in Memorial Hospital costs around 2000 USD to 8000 USD. In Memorial Hospital, the cost starts from 2100 USD per cycle for IVF Treatment. In Turkey, the IVF Centre in Memorial Hospital provides affordable services. This article deals with the cost of IVF in each Hospital in the Memorial Hospital Group, Turkey.

In Memorial Hospital, the IVF centre has successfully conceived more than 10,000 babies each year. Only the best and most experienced IVF specialists perform the Treatment for couples. Doctors mostly suggest couples choose IVF to treat infertility because it is the most effective method to get pregnant.

IVF is a common treatment that couples choose to conceive a baby with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART. The IVF centre at Memorial Hospital in Turkey uses the latest IVF technology to treat couples with infertility, and there are more than 70 professionals in the IVF team.

Many people travel to Turkey for IVF treatment because of the successful results in Memorial Hospital. The success rate of IVF treatment in Memorial Hospital is 65%. Around 3000 couples come to Memorial Hospital annually for IVF Treatment and return with satisfied results. The cost in Memorial Hospital for IVF is more affordable, and the visiting couples have a higher chance of conceiving a baby.

Memorial Hospital in Turkey

Memorial Hospital Group is a popular medical institution in Turkey with 12 hospitals, 2 medical centres and 1 wellness centre working under the Memorial Healthcare group. The main intention of the founders of Memorial healthcare group was to create an exemplary medical institution for Turkey and also the International arena.

Among the 12 hospitals, the top hospitals for IVF Treatment are Memorial Bachlievler Hospital, Memorial Sisli Hospital, Anadolu Medical Centre, Memorial Ankara Hospital, Memorial Atasehir Hospital, and Memorial Antalya Hospital. In Memorial Hospital, the cost of IVF Treatment is more affordable when compared to the cost in other countries. The Top 3 Hospitals for IVF Treatment with successful results are as follows:

Memorial Sisli Hospital:

Memorial Sisli Hospital is one of the hospitals in the Memorial Healthcare Group located in Istanbul, Turkey. The Hospital received JCI accreditation within two years of its establishment. Memorial Sisli Hospital uses advanced technologies to treat patients with infertility. IVF Treatment cost estimation in Memorial Sisli Hospital is 3000 USD – 3750 USD.

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital:

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is located in Istanbul, one of the hospitals in the Memorial Hospitals Group. The Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is known for its technological infrastructure, using the most advanced systems to treat infertility in women for a low cost. The cost estimation in Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is 2500 USD – 3750 USD.

Memorial Ankara Hospital:

Memorial Ankara Hospital belongs to the Memorial Healthcare Group and is located in Ankara, Turkey. The Hospital uses a wide range of procedures in IVF Treatment to treat the couple and helps them achieve pregnancy. The doctors handle complicated cases of infertility in the couple by using the more suitable treatment for such cases. IVF Treatment cost is 3500 USD – 3750 USD in Memorial Ankara Hospital.

IVF Treatment Cost in Memorial Hospital

Doctors treat infertility by using IVF treatment. In Memorial Hospital, IVF treatment costs 2800 USD to 8000 USD. The cost varies depending on the individual Treatment. The cost of IVF treatment is higher in other countries when compared to the cost in Turkey.
The minimum cost of IVF treatment in Canada is 6000 USD, and IVF treatment cost in the USA is 12,400 USD, which is more expensive than the minimum cost in Turkey, which is 800 USD. The cost-effective procedure with successful results makes Turkey the preferred location for getting IVF Treatment. The cost of IVF treatment in Turkey varies according to the Hospitals.


IVF Memorial Hospital in Turkey Average Cost
Anadolu Medical Center 2500 USD – 4300 USD
Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital 2500 USD – 3750 USD
Memorial Sisli Hospital 3000 USD – 3750 USD
Memorial Atasehir Hospital 3500 USD – 3750 USD
Medical Ankara Hospital 3500 USD – 3750 USD

Factors Affecting the Cost in Memorial Hospital for IVF

In Memorial Hospital, the cost of IVF is affected by various factors. The cost varies according to the doctor’s expertise, the patient’s age, complications in the couple, embryo freezing cost, patient health, and Semen quality.

Doctor’s Expertise

The cost of an appointment and additional care differs from the cost of the Treatment. The IVF treatment cost in Memorial Hospital for consulting with the doctor is 100 USD – 150 USD. The doctors provide intense care if the couple requires it, increasing their chance of getting pregnant.

Age of the patient

Infertility in a woman is affected by age. If the Woman is over 30, she must undergo a few or more IVF cycles to conceive. In Memorial Hospital, the cost of IVF treatment per cycle is 2100 USD. Because there is a lower chance of getting pregnant as the age increases, and it may require several cycles to conceive a baby successfully. The price also increases with each cycle, and it becomes more expensive.

Complications in the couple

The complications in the couple may affect the chance of getting pregnant in the first round. The couple might need to undergo several procedures to get pregnant successfully. The cost in Memorial Hospital increases by 8000 USD for IVF treatment. The doctors at Memorial Hospital have dealt with more complicated cases and have produced successful results.

Embryo freezing cost

Many couples choose to freeze their embryos. When convenient for them, they use the frozen embryo to get pregnant. The embryo freezing cost is 500 USD and includes extra charges for storing the frozen embryos for a year.

Additional Tests

In Memorial Hospital, for IVF treatment, there are several tests that couples must take. The couples must take additional tests when there is a lower chance of Reproduction. These additional tests come with extra charges of up to 2500 USD in Memorial Hospital. Taking these tests helps in increasing their chances of getting pregnant.


Factors Affecting the Costs Average Cost
Consultation with the doctor 100 USD – 150 USD
Cost per cycle 2000 USD – 3000 USD
Embryo Freezing cost (one-year storage) 500 USD
Additional Tests Up to 2500 USD
Medication cost 2000 USD – 2500 USD

Why Choose Memorial Hospital for IVF Treatment?

Memorial Hospital is known for its various achievements in the field of Reproduction. In Vitro Fertilization Centre and Reproductive Genetics Centre at Memorial Hospital have achieved many successful results for the first time in Turkey. Many couples prefer travelling to Turkey to get the best result from IVF treatment and have returned with much satisfaction.

People from all over the world prefer to travel to Turkey for IVF treatment. Every year, 3000 couples visit Memorial Hospital for IVF Treatment; each year, 10,000 babies are born after successful Treatment. IVF treatment in Memorial Hospital is more cost-effective and has proven results.

The IVF treatment usually takes 3 – 4 weeks, and the couple must stay in Turkey for at least five weeks for diagnosis and follow-up sessions. The hotels and apartments are available near the Hospital for a low cost. Public and private transports are also available, making commuting easy for the couple. All these facilities are available for affordable prices in Turkey.

The doctors at Memorial provide intense care and make sure that the couples are comfortable during the Treatment. At Memorial Hospital, the surgeons have handled complicated infertility cases and provided successful results. The surgeons use advanced equipment and techniques to increase fertility in women at an affordable price.

Advancement in IVF Treatment at Memorial Hospital

At Memorial Hospital, IVF Treatment uses modern technologies to solve all causes of infertility and bring positive results. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is done where the embryo that, consists of just 4-8 cells is carefully examined and then transferred into the womb after examining the cells. This diagnosis helps discover the genetic abnormalities in the embryo, including conditions like haemophilia and Down syndrome. These treatments are cost-effective and also increase the chances of pregnancy.

The IVF Centre in Memorial Hospital is the first centre in Turkey where doctors performed IVF with ICSI microinjection, also known as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, in 1994. It is the direct injection of sperm into the ovum of the female. This process increases the chances of getting pregnant. Many other advancements in the IVF Centre are offered at a lower price. The doctors carry out the one that results in successful pregnancy in women.

In Memorial Hospital, modern methods of Artificial insemination are available in the IVF Centre. Along with classical techniques like oocyte stimulation and intrauterine insemination, advanced methods are used in treating infertility.

Other advanced techniques like Genetic analysis of embryos, Endometrial co-cultivation, Rapid freezing of sperm, embryos or ovarian tissue by vitrification, Oocyte maturation “in vitro”, Treatment with immune globulin and many other advanced methods are also used in IVF Treatment in Memorial Hospital in Turkey.

IVF Centre Procedures in Memorial Hospital

IVF Centre in Memorial Hospital is popular for the successful Treatment of infertility. They follow certain procedures to treat the couple and prepare them for pregnancy:

  • The doctor reviews the medical history of the couple.
  • The couple undergo several tests and diagnostic screening before IVF.
  • Preimplantation Genetic diagnosis of the embryo is done to ensure that the baby will not have any hereditary diseases like Down Syndrome or Haemophilia.
  • The Woman’s body is prepared for embryo implantation.
  • The examination of the fetus is done by a method named the Intrauterine diagnosis.
  • Follow-up consultation takes place during the IVF cycle.
  • The doctors manage the pregnancy of the Woman.
  • The couple is given psychological counselling to get through the entire process.

Best Surgeons | IVF Specialists in Memorial Hospital

Semra Kahraman

Prof. Semra Kahraman is the Director of the ART & Reproductive Genetics unit. She is a renowned IVF Specialist with more than 29 years of experience. She is currently associated with Memorial Hospitals Group in Istanbul, Turkey.

Prof. Semra Kahraman completed her medical doctor’s training at Hacettepe University in the year 1981. She later completed her OB & GYN Specialty training in the year 1989 from Ankara University Medical School. She became Professor in the year 2004

Aygul Demirol

Prof. Aygul Demirol is a well-known IVF Specialist at Memorial Hospitals Group, Istanbul. She has more than 20 years of experience in IVF, Gynecology, Andrology and Genetics. She is currently associated with Memorial Ankara Hospital. She is a renowned Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist.

Prof. Aygul Demirol completed her medical training and Obstetrician and Gynecology Specialist training from Hecattepe University, Faculty of Medicine. In 2000 from Hacettepe University Hospital, she completed her Specialist Level Training at Reproduction Endocrinology and IVF Unit.

Prof. Murat Ozekinci

Assoc. Prof. Murat Ozekinci is a well-experienced IVF Specialist who works at Memorial Hospitals Group, Istanbul. He is currently associated as Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist with Memorial Antalya Hospital. He has nearly 18 years of experience in the medical field.

Assoc. Prof. Murat Ozekinci completed his medical doctor training at Hacettepe University in the year 2000. He also completed his Resident Doctor Training at Akdeniz University in the year 2007.

MD Oznur Dundar Akin

MD Oznur Dundar Akin is a renowned IVF Specialist who works at Memorial Hospitals Group, Istanbul. She works as Gynecology Specialist at Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital. In the field of IVF, Andrology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, and Reproductive Genetics, she has nearly 7 years of experience. In 2006, she earned the title of ‘Associate Professor’.


It is necessary to research your Insurance company to cover the cost of IVF Treatment. In many states and insurance companies, insurance is not provided for IVF Treatment. However, some insurance companies offer to pay a portion for the Treatment. It is always advised to contact the insurance company to know the details regarding the payment for IVF Treatment.

International Patients | IVF Treatment in Turkey

Memorial Hospitals Group in Turkey has 12 hospitals,1 wellness centre and 2 medical centres in 5 cities. Memorial Hospitals Group in Turkey serves international patients from over 167 countries annually.

The Memorial Healthcare group offers services for international patients with its network of hospitals in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Kayseri and Diyarbakir. The MHG group is a globally acknowledged brand offering International patients Cardiovascular Surgery, Organ Transplantation, Cardiology, Oncology and IVF treatments.

Services Provided for International Patients

Memorial International Patient Centre or MIPC, is a team that guides international patients to get their Treatment in Turkey. This team assists international patients in various aspects in detail. Some of the services provided by MIPC are as follows:

  • MIPC provides assistance in Visa applications (especially for Iraq and Libya)
  • The treatment plan is provided for the patients along with Memorial Hospital’s second opinion and treatment plan for the individual prepared by Memorial Physicians.
  • The cost estimate for the Treatment is provided to the patient.
  • Interpreters and Translators are available in many languages.
  • The MIPC group makes medical appointments.
  • The MIPC group handles the facilitation of admission, discharge and follow-up procedures.
  • The MIPC group provides the arrangement of air and ground ambulance services.
  • They offer discounted flight rates and additional benefits through their preferred carrier Turkish Airlines.
  • They offer transport services at the airport.
  • Arrangements are made for travel and accommodation.
  • MIPC also offers Memorial Guest House services for International Patients.
  • They also offer other services requested by the patients.

Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Memorial Hospital

Doctors treat infertility with IVF Treatment at Memorial Hospital, and there are many complicated infertility cases. The complications arise due to age, sperm quality, health conditions, etc. The doctors have handled more such cases and given positive results. The success rate is 65% for IVF treatment in Memorial Hospital, according to statistics from the Hospital.

The success rate varies depending on the age of the couple. Age affects the strength of the uterus in women and also the quality of the sperm in men. In such cases, the possibility of becoming pregnant also reduces.

Age of the couple in years Percentage of success
20 – 30 years 60% – 70%
31 – 35 years 50% – 60%
36 – 40 years 40% – 50%
40 – 45 years 10% – 20%

At Memorial Hospital in Turkey, more than 10,000 babies are delivered yearly due to successful IVF Treatment. More than 3000 couples visit Hospitals in Turkey for IVF treatment and have successful pregnancy rates. The positive reviews of the IVF Treatment give hope to couples to get their IVF treatment at Memorial Hospital in Turkey.

Reviews for IVF Treatment in Memorial Hospital

  • The US News and World Report recognize Memorial Hospital as the top medical institution for treating international patients.
  • In 7 years, Memorial Hospital doctors have performed over 6000 artificial insemination procedures.
  • Patients with a high risk of pregnancy are also treated by the doctors in Memorial Hospital.
  • The doctors at Memorial Hospital have handled complicated cases and produced successful results.
  • Women with abortion cases in the past find it difficult to get pregnant. The doctors have helped them get pregnant by using advanced IVF treatment.
  • Doctors in Memorial Hospital handle many kinds of complicated cases and they have helped many couples achieve pregnancy and carry a child.

FAQs on IVF Treatment Cost in Medical Park Hospital

How much does IVF treatment cost in Memorial Hospital, Turkey?

The average cost in Memorial Hospital is 2800 USD – 8000 USD for IVF Treatment. In Memorial Hospital, the cost per cycle starts from 2100 USD.

What is the success rate of IVF Treatment in Memorial Hospital?

In Memorial Hospital, the success rate of IVF Treatment is 65%. The success rate differs for each patient depending on their age and other medical complications.

What is special about In Vitro Fertilization Centre in Memorial Hospital, Turkey?

In Turkey, the IVF Centre in Memorial Hospital is the largest. Since 2000 this centre has been providing successful fertility services for nearly 3000 patients yearly. More than 10,000 babies are born each year due to successful IVF Treatment.

When to visit the Hospital before starting the Treatment?

A thorough test must be done before starting the IVF Treatment. The Woman is required to visit the Hospital on the second or third day of her period. The Woman’s husband must abstain from intercourse for 3 to 4 days before visiting the Hospital for sperm analysis.

How many days should we stay in Turkey?

The IVF Treatment takes 10 to 17 days for one cycle of Treatment. The Treatment prolongs or shortens depending on the procedure. The couple is required to stay in Turkey for 3 – 4 weeks for the complete IVF Treatment.

Can I do other normal activities during the Treatment?

Yes, the person can live a normal life during the Treatment. During pregnancy, the person needs to be comfortable and relaxed.

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