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Best Female Plastic Surgeons in Abu Dhabi

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are trending treatments in the modern world. People have become very conscious about their aesthetic appearance and look. Earlier, plastic surgery was only treatment for correcting injury damage, burned skin, and other congenital disability repair and reconstruction of skin and tissues. Abu Dhabi provides the best female plastic surgeons who practice in well-reputed hospitals. Some specialized hospitals in Abu Dhabi offer well-trained plastic-cosmetic surgeons, doctors, experienced nurses, and staff. They prefer to provide comfort and happiness to patients. Let us find out more about Best Female Plastic Surgeons in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi’s female plastic surgeon offers different plastic and cosmetic surgeries: body sculpting with liposuction, removing excess fat, and reshaping the body. Tummy Tuck is another popular procedure in Abu Dhabi that removes excess skin and fat by reshaping and flattening the abdomen and waist. Several women travel to Abu Dhabi for breast improvement for reasons like sagging skin, enlarged tissues, and discomfort. Female plastic surgeons in Abu Dhabi Provide breast reductionbreast augmentation, and breast lift by creating a fuller appearance and reshaping like younger age.

You can also travel to Abu Dhabi for facial aesthetics such as faceliftrhinoplastycheek augmentation, ear surgery, earlobe repair, and forehead lift. All these cosmetic surgery procedures in Abu Dhabi improve the natural beauty and enhance the younger look. They also treat congenital disabilities or injuries of the nose and face and reconstruct the facial features.

Best Female Plastic, Cosmetic, Reconstructive Surgeon in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Chiara Stocco (Specialist Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon in Abu Dhabi, UAE)

  • Dr. Chiara is a world-famous plastic-cosmetic surgeon with 8 years of experience in microsurgery, plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgeries.
  • She received a specialist diploma from the University of Trieste, Italy, in aesthetic surgery and plastic reconstructive surgeries.
  • She trains at many hospitals and plastic surgery clinics in USA, UK, and Italy.
  • Dr. Chiara’s specialized interests include Aesthetic breast surgery such as breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. Others include abdominoplasty, liposuction, oncoplastic breast, ear, and neck, and head reconstruction.
  • Dr. Chiara is keen to provide natural results while having high standards of customer service and the best aesthetic journey.
  • Dr. Chiara is innovative and enthusiastic about developing scientific technologies and methods to provide reconstructive and cosmetic surgery patients with the best services. She keeps herself updated with the latest and innovative procedures of cosmetic surgery.
  • She has attended several training courses and international conferences as a guest speaker.
  • Dr. Chiara believes in providing a life-changing yet natural appearance; she likes to discuss more with her patients to create a customized treatment plan.


Dr. Biraj Naithani Panchal (Aesthetic, Plastic, Reconstruction Surgeon)

  • Dr. Biraj Naithani is a leading female plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi.
  • She has done MBBS and MS in general surgery from MLN Medical College Allahabad.
  • She did MCh in reconstructive and plastic surgery in 2000 from Lucknow’s King George Medical College in India.
  • Dr. Biraj was a chief reconstructive and plastic surgery resident and joined Appolo hospital In Delhi. Then she worked as a consultant plastic surgeon at MAX hospital for 13 years.
  • Dr. Biraj moved to Dubai and continued her career as a consultant plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi and other emirates.
  • She gained 17 years of experience in the latest cosmetic surgery methods, including Rhinoplasty, Face Rejuvenation, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, and Female & Male Breast and Body Contouring Surgery. In addition, she is an expert in VASER liposuction and non-surgical facial rejuvenation with botox, dermal fillers, and cryotherapy for fat ablation.


Dr. Sahar Al Kazzaz (Body Contouring and Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Sahar Al Kazzaz is offering the latest plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi.
  • She has 27 years of experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery.
  • She practiced aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries for 21 years and became a specialist in body contouring, cosmetic breast surgery, and body lifts after huge weight loss.
  • Dr. Sahar has been practicing since 1999, and she was the only full-time female plastic surgeon from UAE. She got an appreciation award in June 2004 and presented to the emirate’s plastic surgery society for her plastic surgery involvement.
  • Dr. Sahar is a perfectionist with advanced skills that allow every patient to tailor procedures based on a deep understanding of body type, anatomy, and cosmetic goals.
  • Dr. Sahar keeps herself updated with advanced technologies and assures safety with an aesthetically pleasing outcome.
  • Dr. Sahar’s other focus include; breast implants, breast augmentation with fat, combined implant and fat surgery, and breast lift.
  • She believes in helping women suffering from unsatisfactory breast surgeries or implant complications. She offers breast correction as the patient desire.
  • Dr. Sahar is an active member of EPSS, IPRAS, ISAPS, ASPS, and AACS.

What Should You Know Before Undergoing a Plastic Or Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

The smartphones filter and social media attention impact people’s social and emotional health, which makes them have unrealistic expectations about their appearance. As a result, many people are choosing plastic surgery to look good, like their favorite celebrity. Several people visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi from all over the world to have plastic surgery.

Desiring to improve natural beauty is normal if the patient knows the safety and limits. Here are the essential factors to consider before undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery.


The Right Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for plastic-cosmetic surgery should be the priority. The patient and their family need to find out the best plastic surgeon. You must research the surgeon’s qualification, license, board certification, and whether affiliated with a reputed hospital. While choosing a female plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi, know about her experiences and the number of successful procedures. Take an appointment and have a consultation, and ask all the questions you are worrying about plastic surgery. Ask the female plastic surgeon to show the before and after plastic surgery photos. Check other patient reviews and ensure the plastic surgeon is operating in a licensed clinic.


Aim To Improve Your Feature

Only have a goal to enhance your facial and other body features. Do not look to change them completely. The primary purpose of plastic surgery is to have a natural appearance with more beauty. Plastic surgery can only change the complete look in reconstructive surgeries for burns or injuries. Best female plastic surgeons will recommend a suitable procedure, and they will not allow extreme aesthetic change, just the patient’s desire to look like their favorite celebrity. Because it is possible to create a similar aesthetic appearance, but health-wise, it might not be suitable. It will affect the natural functions of blood circulation, movement, and breathing in the nose job.


Do Not Choose Plastic Surgery Just Because Your Favorite Celebrity Is Doing It

The plastic surgery decision should not be driven by appearing like a celebrity. However, it is necessary because everyone has a different bone structure and results that might not look like a celebrity. Also, remember that the celebrity images you see on social media are highly edited in photoshop software, which is impossible.


Do Not Follow Social Media Looks

Off late, extreme hourglass figures are trending on social media platforms, including thin waists and large gluteal muscles with bigger butts. These figures are achieved by extreme liposuction procedures involving the fat transfer and collagen replacement to create a younger and contoured body. To some extent, a woman can have such a body with a natural appearance, but frequently changing and having surgery might disrupt the natural look. So, make sure to choose plastic surgery for actual purposes.


Choose Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery for Genuine Requirement

Although plastic-cosmetic surgery procedures are very elective, there are cases where there is a real need for plastic or cosmetic surgery; these cases include:

Large breast after pregnancy that causes discomfort and pain. These cases need breast reduction surgery which can be covered by insurance.

Sudden Weight Loss: After massive weight loss, plastic surgery can help to remove sagging skin and extra tissues.

Otoplastic: It is an ear surgery that involves correcting congenital disabilities of eating structure.

Rhinoplasty is a typical nose job; this procedure can help with impaired breathing and correct structural nose defects. Additionally, it improves facial symmetry by enhancing shape.

Why Travel to Abu Dhabi for Plastic Surgery?

Undoubtedly, you can find the best plastic surgeons worldwide, but Abu Dhabi provides exceptional plastic surgery experience. Also, there are the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi, such as Louvre Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Desert Safari, Heritage Village, and many more.


New Medical Center Abu Dhabi

The New Medical center of Abu Dhabi provides multispecialty medical services with quality care and trusted healthcare services to national and international citizens. The hospital is affiliated with major international hospitals and insurance companies for direct billing facilities. The new medical center of Abu Dhabi has a special department for plastic, cosmetic, and reconstruction surgery. This medical center operates well-equipped, advanced medical facilities with a centralized computerized system. The radiology department has state-of-the-art equipment, including CT scans, MRI, 4-D ultrasound, bone densitometry, and a digital x-ray system. This medical center in Abu Dhabi provides customized and specialized healthcare services and plastic surgery procedures.


Plastic, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Procedures in Abu Dhabi

Best female plastic surgeons in Abu Dhabi provide advanced aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries that include removing huge breasts, heavy thighs, hanging tummies, crooked nose correction, and bringing physical comfort. Reconstructive plastic surgery procedures include correcting limbs, face, and body defects caused by trauma, cancer, and congenital.

Other treatments offered by the best female plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi:

Botox injection, fat injection, Dermabrasion, body contouring, rhinoplasty, Brachioplasty, mastopexy, augmentation mammoplasty, facelift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, and reconstructive plastic surgery.


Luxurious Stay During Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers stunning hotels with glamour, glitz, and luxurious features that feel like fairy tales. Staying in Abu Dhabi’s hotels gives an unbelievable experience apart from medical treatments. Many hotels in Abu Dhabi contributed to different medical programs to accommodate doctors, nurses, staff, and suitable patients.

You will also enjoy the multi-cuisine in Abu Dhabi during your stay. So, there is no need to stress about food; you will get different food from other countries and other middle eastern cuisine.


Beaches and Shopaholics Paradise

Abu Dhabi is the best place for beaches, crystal clear water, and sun bath. It will be a dream come true in the Abu Dhabi holidays. Apart from beaches, you can convenient and comfortable shopping while enjoying every moment. Traveling to Abu Dhabi is worth enjoying a high-tech and top deluxe mall with a massive range of electronic appliances, clothes, and makeup.


Every Hospital in Abu Dhabi has a Plastic Surgery Department.

All the well-reputed hospitals in Abu Dhabi provide a separate Plastic – Cosmetic surgery department with well-equipped state-of-the-art equipment and the best in providing extensive experience in cosmetic, microsurgery, and reconstructive surgery. Therefore, plastic surgeons are well-equipped to provide superior patient outcomes, whether injury, congenital deformities, or post-burn.


Skyline and Nightlife

The tallest buildings of Abu Dhabi are the main architectural attractions of the modern world. The different sizes and shapes of the sea and desert can be seen from the city’s skyline. If you are planning a holiday with plastic surgery, then Abu Dhabi will enjoy you the best.

Abu Dhabi is always open to all types of tourists. If you are a nightlife lover, Abu Dhabi offers everything best for its visitor interest from dusk to dawn. The city is full of fun, embedded with dance, hotels, bars, jazz clubs, and much more. Therefore, your plastic-cosmetic surgery trip will not be boring in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Female Plastic Surgeon in Abu Dhabi Offering Laser and VASER Procedures

Expert female plastic surgeons in Abu Dhabi work best on patients’ interests and apply Laser and Vaser technologies. Vaser Lipo treatment is an innovation in the traditional laser lipo method. Laser lipo is applied to melt the fat cells for extraction. But the Vaser treatment has more heat energy effects on fat cells. Vaser liposuction in Abu Dhabi is applied only in some cases with large shape and size treatment and fat removal. VASER lipo is an expensive treatment that is worth the cost and provides high benefits. Laser and Vaser liposuction are safe procedures. Liposuction does not recommend for weight loss, but it removes the large fat deposits from targeted body parts for cosmetic purposes. Liposuction is considered a surgical procedure, so the patient must be healthy.


Which Laser Treatments are Available in Abu Dhabi?

Laser treatment is popularly increasing in Abu Dhabi as hospitals have launched full-fledged emergency departments, including plastics and reconstructive surgery. Here are the laser procedures for cosmetic surgery in Abu Dhabi:

  • Hair removal
  • Birthmarks removal
  • Laser skin tightening
  • Acne scars
  • Freckles/age spots
  • Spider & varicose veins
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Post-surgical scars
  • Large pores reduction
  • Mesotherapy treatments


Choosing a female plastics surgeon in Abu Dhabi makes every procedure personalized and customized according to patient needs. They will discuss in-depth about the problem and recommend suitable treatments. Female plastic-cosmetic surgeons also provide reconstructive procedures for complicated cases. They have advanced knowledge to perform the latest methods to provide a trending yet natural beauty appearance. Please contact us to get appointment and consultation details with Best Female Plastic Surgeon in Dubai.

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