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Best Plastic Surgeons in Ajman

Ajman is the smallest among the seven emirates but the rising star of the UAE. It is a relaxed and peaceful place with mesmerizing beaches and sceneries. It is a good place for families to visit. Ajman Hospitals offer plastic surgery for national and international citizens. Their prime priority is to care for patient’s health. Hospitals and doctors in Ajman provide a high standard of health services and quality care. Let us find out more about the Best Plastic Surgeons in Ajman.

The international patient seeking plastic surgery in Ajman can find the best plastic surgeons and enjoy holidays too. Ajman offers the best place for tourists and world-class surgical and medical experts who combine medical skills with the latest and most innovative technologies to fulfill patients’ aesthetic appearance desires while monitoring health.

Ajman is a suburban residential place in UAE. All the reputed hospitals in Ajman provide highly specialized surgical and cosmetic treatments. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain, Ajman also have advanced plastic surgery clinics offering state-of-the-art and highly equipped operation room. The specialized cosmetic care department is where you can get non-surgical treatments from highly qualified surgeons in plastic surgery and cosmetology in aesthetic improvement and reconstructive surgeries.

All the plastic surgeons perform each surgery with the help of a highly experienced team of reconstructive, cosmetic, and microsurgical procedures. Plastic surgeons need national and international board certification in specialization to qualify for practicing in UAE. Successful plastic and cosmetic surgery in Ajman include liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, tummy tuck, hair transplant, laser hair removal, hand surgery, and reconstructive surgeries.

Best Plastic-Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Ajman, UAE

Surgeon Experience Qualification Specialties
Dr. Faisal Ameer 10 years MBBS,

MS in General Surgeon, Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive, Microvascular, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Dr. Naseebah Nayef 18 years Graduation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MBBS, Mch Body contouring with high-definition VASER, Liposuction
Dr. Abeer Isa Alkobaisi 14 years AFRCS, General Surgery, Master’s Degree in Microsurgery Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Faisal Ameer (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Faisal Ameer is a plastic surgeon in Ajman. He is a perfectionist and chose plastic surgery as his career.
  • He is known for his expertise in reconstructive, microvascular surgery and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.
  • He has studied MBBS (2006), MS in General Surgeon, and Plastic Surgery in the UK.
  • Doctor Faisal has 10 Years of experience and can speak English.
  • He is available for video consultations with international patients.
  • Currently, Dr. Faisal is practicing at Thumaby Hospital in Ajamn, UEA as a consultant for plastic surgery.
  • He was associated with LLRM medical college, Muzaffarnagar medical college, and Elite Polyclinic, Dubai.
  • He received the award for fellowship in cosmetic surgery and microvascular surgery.
  • He also got Ethicon traveling fellowship for plastic surgery from the plastic surgeon association in India.
  • Dr. Faisal was the recipient of the International Scholar Fellowship program of the plastic surgery foundation, sponsored by the World Craniofacial Foundation and the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons.
  • He was awarded as the best student during M Ch.
  • Dr. Faisal is an expert in body contouring, fat transfer, liposuction, rhinoplasty, mastopexy, abdominoplasty, fillers, botox, reconstructive procedure, breast augmentation, and thread lift.
  • Treatments offered by Dr. Faisale include Freckles, Blunt Nose, Acne Scars, Wrinkles, Uneven skin, breast cancer, deviated nose, discolored scars or skin, and irregular nose shape.

Dr. Naseebah Nayef (Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Naseebah is the best plastic surgeon in Ajman, UAE.
  • She has been working for more than 18 years in plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery. She practices in the UK but regularly visits Dubai, Al Ain, and Ajman, where she got licensed b HAAD and DHA.
  • Dr. Naseebah did graduation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from Aleppo University Medical School in Syria.
  • She has vast experience in body contouring with high-definition VASER liposuction, body lifts, Brazilian buttock lifts, cosmetic breast surgeries, and hair transplants.
  • Dr. Naseebah has a long list of clients, proving she is more worthy, understands the right products and procedures combination, and provides flawless results.
  • Dr. Naseebah is an expert in manual dexterity, eye aesthetics, and cutting-edge solution to allow client’s experience and transform their appearance. She practices a combination of surgical and noninvasive treatments.
  • She prioritizes patients’ health and safety while improving natural beauty.

Dr. Abeer Isa Alkobaisi (Consultant Reconstructive And Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Abeer Isa is a leading plastic surgeon providing treatments in Ajman, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
  • Dr. Abeer did graduation from Arabian Gulf University and Henri Mondor Hospital. Studied AFRCS, General Surgery (2003-2004), Ireland, and got a Master’s Degree in Microsurgery from the University of Paris IV.
  • She did a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and the University of Paris.
  • She has 14 years of experience in cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive treatments since 2008. She is promoting medical tourism and attracting more foreign patients.
  • Dr. Abeer is the founder and CEO of Dr. Abeer Cosmplastic and is affiliated with several hospitals.
  • Dr. Abeer believes in perfectionism and accepts the challenges to provide desired outcomes for the patient.
  • Dr. Abeer has expertise in breast reconstructive surgery, mommy makeover, facial plastic surgery, BBL, facial and body fillers, breast lift, augmentation, and reduction.
  • She also works on cosmetic surgeries, including high-definition body sculpting and advanced liposuction.

Why Travel to Ajman for Plastic Surgery?

Ajman provides reputed private hospitals for plastic surgery. People visit Ajman from 120 countries and get several treatments. Let’s find out what all things a patient can get and make Ajman medical tourism worth the cost:

Patients are Treated as Guest

The medical operating team in Ajman, Dubai, and India is available for patient guidance. Patients can contact through call or email by registering online. The medical representative established contact with the patient, received all the queries, and connected with a suitable doctor. Then the patient will get a treatment plan and cost estimate discussion with the doctor, and the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure and risk to keep realistic outcomes. As the patient agrees with the treatment plan, the medical team and hospital will manage the travel, visa, and accommodation.

Patients will get affordable plastic surgery packages that can be changed and customized with individual requirements. In addition, an international citizen can receive the best services such as Visa service, Airport pick and Drop-off, Hotel Accommodation, and other services.


Transportation Facility in Ajman

Ajman offers a diverse transportation network that eases tourists and residents from moving around the city. There are different options for Ajman public transportation ranging from holistic buses to secured taxis.

Taxis are a popular public transport system operating all over Ajman. Cabs provide luxurious comfort and safety. Al Raha and Arabia Taxi are the leading taxi services, which can be booked by dialing 600-599-997.

Regarding buses in Ajman available 24/7. People can travel with luxury buses from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi to Ajman.


Luxurious Hotel Stay

A foreign patient seeking an affordable stay while having plastic surgery in Ajman UAE can enjoy luxurious hotel stay facilities by having the best experience of a relaxed environment and calming place. Hotels offer the best services of easy reservation, clean rooms, different country’s cuisines, smart Tv, wifi. Moreover, they provide high-end security and safety for all people. There are also luxury resorts with award-winning secured spa facilities. You will receive the best butler services with one button. Even if your plastic or cosmetic surgery takes more recovery time, you can also take ultra-modern villas.


Ajman Visa Process

One can apply for a medical visa online or at the chosen hospital in Ajman to help you get a medical Visa. You will need all the necessary documents for a medical visa, such as passport-type photos, passport copies, and medical examination certificates. You will get a quick E-Visa, and there will be no waiting.


Comfortable and Relaxing Environment

Traveling to Ajman for plastic-cosmetic surgery provides an addition to enjoyment as you get an authentic experience of rich culture, exotic mangroves, and relaxing beaches. Everywhere it is easy to find high-end hotels and food facilities. If you love Kayaking, Ajman offers a vast mangrove forest and an extraordinary combination of plant and marine life with 58 bird species. It is a relaxing, calm, and nature-surrounded place.

Is Health Insurance Mandatory in Ajman?

Medical insurance for Ajman visa holders is mandatory for the patient to protect from several health conditions. But your chosen plastic surgeon will discuss you with additional health insurance plans or flexible financing plans for plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Private Hospitals in Ajman

Emirates Private Medical Center Ajman offer different medical services for national and abroad patient with high-end quality treatments. Every reputed private hospital in Ajman offers Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery, and Reconstructive procedures. Aesthetic Surgery enables people to improve unsatisfactory body appearances such as hanging tummies, heavy thighs, crooked noses, and huge breasts, causing physical discomfort. Reconstructive plastic Surgery treats deformed or missing body parts of limbs, faces, or trunks because of burns, cancer, trauma, or congenital disabilities. Private and metro medical center Ajman provides the Best Plastic Surgeons who are highly qualified and experienced doctors. Ajman Hospital’s Plastic Surgeons offer the following treatments:

  • Fat injection treatments
  • Botox injection
  • Dermabrasion to remove scars, tattoos, moles, and fine wrinkles
  • Ultrasound-assisted lip sculpturing
  • Body contouring procedure
  • Brachioplasty and Thighplasty
  • Mastopexy
  • Augmentation Mammoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Otoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Cheiloplasty
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

State of the Art Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Department Launched in Ajman’s GMC (Thumbay Group).

A reputed hospital in Ajman has recently launched separate departments for plastic and reconstructive Surgery. Health authorities of Ajman explained that the department would focus on contemporary aesthetic surgeries, which are trending these days. Additionally, they provide body contouring in the aesthetic department, operated by plastic surgeons and supported by fitness therapists and nutritionists. Unlike other departments and clinics where a patient requires to follow diets and manage nutrition on their own and exercise to maintain surgical results, in the new plastic surgery department, the patient is supported till they get back confidence, which is a critical factor of body shape carries a nice and differentiating aspect of this department. 

What Qualifications, Skills, and Training Should Hold by a Plastic Surgeon to Practice in Ajman?

  • Ajman is a growing place in UAE in Plastic Surgery; they have rules for plastic surgeons to complete a 5-year medical degree of MBBS recognized by the General Medical Council and 2 years in a general training course in their specific field.
  • A plastic surgeon should have two years of core surgical training experience from a well-known hospital.
  • After that, the surgeon should get plastic, cosmetic, or reconstructive training for 6 years.
  • Along with this qualification, plastic surgeons should be certified by their country and other international plastic surgery associations.
  • Also, they need a medical license to practice plastic Surgery in a particular field and have their clinic.

Why is it Essential to Choose a Bboard-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ajman?

  • A board-certified plastic surgeon has completed written and oral boards and their unique plastic surgery residency.
  • They are well-trained and certified from residency plastic surgery programs in different countries.
  • Board-certified plastic surgeons have good skills in managing complicated cases, high-end technical knowledge, advanced aesthetic sense to create natural beauty.
  • During general surgery training, plastic surgeons learn about detailed aesthetic techniques and tissue movements, making them result-oriented plastic surgeons.
  • Plastic surgeons get board certification only after demonstrating excellent technical skills, anatomy, physiology, and mastery in aesthetics from several years of experience.
  • Board-certified best plastic surgeons in Ajman keep learning and adopting the latest developments and scientific practices. Therefore, they are capable of certificate renewal every ten years.

What can a Plastic Surgeon Treat?

A plastic surgeon can repair and reconstruct the damaged body part. They do different types of procedures, including burn healing, rebuilding the breast, hand surgery, reconstruction of the lower extremity, revision of scars, migraine relief, migraine relief, genetic issues, etc.


Which symptoms need Plastic Surgeon Consultation?

Some conditions need plastic Surgery, such as birthmarks, congenital disabilities, palate, and cleft lip. The affected body part can be injuries or burns on the face, hand, or body.

How to Contact the Best Plastic Surgeons in Ajman?

Please write us your queries about the treatment you seek; we will provide detailed information about suitable plastic surgeons in Ajman. We also offer a second opinion about your treatments. Booking appointments with the best plastic surgeon through us will benefit your time. Because contacting a hospital directly may take your queries, but they will schedule your appointment late as several patients traveling to Ajman from different countries, there are fewer chances of getting quick appointments. Therefore, planning everything before traveling to Ajman is important to save time and money.


Ajman is a safe and calm city for a quality life. There are high-quality plastic surgeons in Ajman who offer various cosmetic and plastic surgery types. There are also reconstructive plastic surgeons in Ajman who restore the damage caused by injury and bring back the original skin. Every reputed hospital in Ajman has a separate plastic surgery department for specific procedures. Every plastic surgeon is board certified and recognized by a popular association. The best hospitals in Ajman provide the latest technologies, and plastic surgeons are highly skilled in combining those advanced methods with treatments to bring natural outcomes. Please contact us to book an appointment with the best plastic surgeons in Ajman.

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