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Best Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain

Al Ain UAE is the most extensive inland oasis city on the eastern borderland with Oman. Al Ain is famous for its sprawling oasis watered with an antique irrigation system named Falaj. The Al Ain name is the spring in Arabic, which came after the water sources available in this area. This city is in Abu Dhabi and is connected to Oman. Al Ain city offers professional medical centers and hospitals for plastic surgery, including Burjeel hospital. Al Ain city provides a wide range of advanced reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Let’s learn more about the Best Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain, UAE.

The city of Al Ain offers the best board-certified Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons who work with minimally invasive procedures customized for every patient’s specific aesthetic goals. They provide exceptional quality care to ensure patient’s safety, privacy, and confidentiality. Plastic surgeons in Al Ain combine advanced surgical and the latest technology for cosmetic, aesthetic, and reconstructive procedures for various treatments such as body contouring, breast cancer reconstruction, mastopexy, Rhinoplasty, facelift, Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), blepharoplasty, and liposuction.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain offer complete body improvement procedures or any single body part as a patient’s requirement. For example, choosing abdominoplasty in Al Ain UAE involves removing excess fat and loose skin and restoring the stomach wall muscles. This procedure will clear the stretch marks and shape the Body after drastic weight loss or pregnancy. Similarly, suppose you choose Facelift or neck lift procedure. In that case, a Cosmetic surgeon in Al Ain, UAE, offers anti-aging therapy and surgical or non-surgical methods to remove excess face and neck skin. There are also Botox treatments to treat a variety of conditions.

Best Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Al Ain

Surgeon Experience Qualification Specialities
Dr.Mohammad Sabet Salahia 30 years Diploma in Plastic surgery (France University) Microsurgery diploma (Renne University) Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery and

Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Paul Yezbek 20 years Doctor of Medicine,

Post- graduate training in ENT and Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

ENT surgeries

Dr. Khalid Alawadi


21 years Graduate from Ain Shams University of Medical school, specialization training from Germany in Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgeries

Hand Surgeries

Reconstructive Surgery


Top 3 Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain, UAE

Dr.Mohammad Sabet Salahia (Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Mohammad Sabet Salahia is a renowned specialist plastic-cosmetic surgeon with 30 years of experience.
  • He studied Diploma in Plastic surgery from France University in 1989 and did a microsurgery diploma at Renne University in 1990.
  • He is an enthusiastic member of the International Faculty in the association of American Aesthetic Association International Certified Trainer for Silhouette link.
  • Dr. Mohammad was part of several DEEP conferences in AMWC conference for cosmetic surgery and anti-aging and Cyprus in Monaco, France.
  • Dr.Mohammad Sabet Salahia is a highly professional plastic surgeon and offers treatments such as Tummy tuck, Body contouring, Breast augmentation, Breast reduction, Breast lift, Surgical & Non-Surgical Facelift, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Fat transfer/injections, Botox and fillers, Facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Paul Yezbek (Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Paul Yezbek is a professional plastic surgeon consultant with 20 years of experience in nose, ear, and throat surgery.
  • Dr. Paul studied Doctor of Medicine in 196 – 199 and Post-graduation from 1993 – 1998.
  • He also provides endoscopic sinus surgery and facial plastic surgery.
  • He uses advanced and latest techniques in cosmetic and plastic surgeries with modern technologies.
  • Dr. Paul participated in many training courses and events for ENT surgery and international conferences.
  • He got a license from Dubai Health Authority to practice facial plastic surgery and medical procedures.
  • Dr. Paul actively participates in awareness events conducted by different organizations and associations. He is a member of European and American Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Presently Dr. Paul Yezbek is offering plastic surgery at Novomed Centers of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in UAE.

Dr. Khalid Alawadi (Hand Surgeries, Reconstructive Surgeon)

  • Dr Khalid Alawadi is a citizen of UAE and practicing for 21 years in Plastic surgeries and hand surgeries. He also specialized in reconstructive surgery.
  • He studies graduation from Ain Shams University of Medical school in 1998. He took training of general surgery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 2003. Later he did specialization training in plastic surgery from Freie University o Berlin in Germany.
  • He is a board-certified plastic surgeon in German and got a European Board of plastic surgery certification.
  • Dr. Khalid Alawadi has extensive experience in hand injuries and correcting soft tissues and joint deformities.
  • He started a plastic surgery center for microsurgery and hand at Rashid Hospital Dubai, now a leading reconstructive surgery center in UAE.
  • About Dr. Khalid’s Membership; He is part of the Emirates Hand Surgery Society and several international societies.
  • He is specialized in body contouring, wrist and hand surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, Botox, and filler.
  • He received awards and achievements of MBBcH, EBOPRAS, Facharzt Plastic surgery, FESSH Hand Diploma.

Why Do People Travel To Al Ain for Plastic Surgery?

When a foreigner visits Al Ain for medical treatment or Plastic Surgery, here are the other reasons that make your visit more beneficial:


Multi Facilities 

There are less expensive but classy places in Al Ain. When abroad, patients seek Plastic Surgery or reconstructive Surgery; they can enjoy luxurious facilities like the best hotels and apartments surrounded by mosques, pharmacies, Supermarkets, Churches, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Cafe, Restaurants, Spa, Gym, Malls, Parks, and Zoo. It will make you feel happy and motivated while you are double-minded about your surgery outcome. This positivity helps heal your Plastic Surgery wound faster and recover.


Luxurious Stay

Abroad people may experience luxury stays from Hotels in Al Ain. They offer reasonable accommodation within budget. Extra options are also available as rental apartments to fit the need of the patient and their treatment schedule. Al Bateen is one of the best places to stay in Al Ain as it has Ocean views with green sceneries, which make you relax and soothe your mind. Other places to stay include Al Ghadeer, Al Foah, Al Maqam, Al Jimi, and Manaseer.


Entertainment and Adventure

All very culturally and religiously follow the city of Al Ain simultaneously. Visitors can enjoy natural hot springs, palm forests, calm vibes, and exotic scenery. You can witness the beauty of UAE in Jebel Hafeet, feeding Giraffes at Al Ain Zoo. The oldest museums and water sports include surfing, kayaking, rafting, and white water.


Transportation Facility

There are metered taxi facilities to reach wherever you want. You can also use your private car. Public transportation is also from Dubai International Airport or Dubai Metro to the Metro station at Al Ghubaiba. Bus facilities are also from Al Ain to Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Jubail. The bus journey is long but cheap and comfortable.

Choose Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain for Complex Reconstruction Surgery

According to recent news updates, doctors did complex double Surgery to save a 70-year-old person with facial paralysis. The best doctors from Tawam Hospital in Al Ain performed complex two-step neck and head Surgery to remove the skin cancer tumor.

The patient suffered from basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer that developed in the sun-exposed face area. People living in UAE have more sun exposure and pose a skin cancer risk. Therefore, the doctors performed 14-hour Surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and repair the cancer defect. The second stage of Surgery was parotidectomy, which eliminates major salivary glands and parotid glands with the help of monitoring bilateral neck dissection and peri-auricular tumor removal.

The Surgery was very complicated as the tumor was connected to the nerves of the face, eyes, and brain. Therefore, neuromonitoring played an essential role during this Surgery to manage the integrity of facial nerves and prevent paralysis.

Tawam hospital in Al Ain has a multidisciplinary team of the best surgeons who do complex neck and head cancer surgery by providing reconstruction and resection followed by rehabilitation. The multi-specialty team of Plastic SurgeonsMaxillofacial surgeonsOrthopedic surgeons, and Otolaryngologists offer the highest standard of comprehensive care with expert cross-disciplinary teams.

Plastic-Reconstruction Surgeons in Al Ain, UAE

Seeking Plastic Surgeons for Reconstruction purposes will help you in Al Ain. Tawam hospital in Al Ain UAE recently successfully reattached a man’s severed hand. According to the news, the reconstructive surgeon and team restored blood circulation hand severed in an industrial accident. The patient was able to move his fingers after one week of Surgery.

As a part of Abu Dhabi health services, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Tawam Hospital carried out nine hours of emergency hand replantation surgery; a man’s arm was injured in an industrial accident, and his hand was severed from his wrist but saved by the operational team after Surgery and blood circulation started within two hours. They applied microsurgery techniques, which provided instant results.

How to find Plastic Surgeon in Al Ain, UAE?

When considering plastic-cosmetic Surgery in Al Ain, it is essential to choose the right surgeon. Choosing the right plastic surgeon will give you the best results. A person must find the best plastic surgeon with expertise, experience, and caring approaches for natural-looking and beautiful results.

Here are tips for finding the best surgeon for cosmetic requirements.


Research about Plastic Surgeons

Know the procedure you are considering to Travel to Al Ain in UAE. Do your internet research and find benefits, risks, and limits. You will check medical websites that provide details about their cosmetic surgeries and other forums and social media where patient share their experiences. It will help you understand the experience of the surgeon and other information.


Prepare a list of Questions to ask Plastic Surgeons

The more you know, the more questions you have. Prepare a list of questions about your treatment, consultation, cost, hospital stay, and suitable procedures. Ask these questions during consultations.


Choose only Board-Certified Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon

Expertise certification of a plastic surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery is necessary. A doctor must complete at least six years of surgical training after medical studies and demonstrate expertise in Plastic Surgery to be honored by Board certification. After that, every doctor has a renewal examination every ten years. You might see a doctor’s certificate on their websites, but it is essential to see which board.


Look for Plastic Surgeon’s Experience

Extensive experience in the plastic surgery procedure you are considering should be essential. Look for a plastic surgeon who has experience in frequently performing techniques. Every type of cosmetic Surgery needs specific skills. For example, a facelift differs from a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. You will have a sense of the surgeon’s specialization through careful reviews. But you should also ask the surgeon directly how many successful surgeries they performed.


Find Exceptional Results Plastic Surgeons

Most plastic surgeons provide before and after pictures of their successful surgeries and achievements. You can find it on their website; pay special attention to the before and after photos of the patient about surgery. Check, Is the aesthetic results of the surgeon matching with your desires or not. Top-notch plastic surgeons take the best care to demonstrate their work well. Other doctors sometimes provide fake results with makeup to make a difference.


Schedule an Appointment

Once you learn everything about your chosen plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with the best plastic surgeons in Al Ain, UAE. Have a face-to-face meeting where you can ask questions about the procedures. Knowing more about the surgeon and procedure helps you keep realistic expectations for the outcome.

The consultation process includes providing detailed information about the patient’s health history, allergies to specific medications, and previous diseases or surgeries so that your surgeon will analyze your health and recommend suitable plastic-cosmetic surgery procedures.

Is Healthcare Expensive In Al Ain, UAE?

Anyone can access general healthcare benefits in UAE. International citizens require to take private clinic services, which might be expensive. Expats can apply for a national public health card by MOHAP to get 50% discounts on healthcare services as UAE nationals. Regarding Plastic Surgery, the patient must pay; if it is reconstructive Surgery, the patient may get full or partial health insurance. Plastic surgeons may offer flexible financing options for patients’ ease.


Best Skin Specialist In Al Ain

Al Ain offers the best skin specialists and dermatologists at Burjeel who provide cosmetic treatment. Indian dermatologists, Filipino dermatologists, and other countries’ plastic surgeons are available in Al Ain. If you are looking for a specialized cosmetic correction like Rhinoplasty or Abdominoplasty, these dermatologists will refer you best plastic surgeons in Al Ain for specific needs. 


Al Ain has the best plastic surgeons. Among them, the top 3 are listed above. Most professional plastic surgeons practice in Burjeel hospital or Tawam hospital. They use advanced equipment and the latest technologies for reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. You can find a variety of plastic surgeons for specific procedures. Choosing Al Ain for Plastic Surgery will be treated in multi-specialist hospitals with licensed and board-certified doctors worldwide. Please get in touch with us to get an appointment with the Best Plastic Surgeons in Al Ain.

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