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Top 5 IVF Specialist in Bangalore

IVF doctors are also called Reproductive Endocrinologists. Finding the best Fertility Specialists or IVF doctors can be confusing when you have many options in Bangalore. When choosing a fertility dr or fertility clinic, one can look for a gynecologist with additional training in fertility problems and infertility treatments. IVF specialists mainly offer special treatments for males and females for conception. In addition, they carry out different fertility tests and manage treatments suitable to their patients. Let’s find out more about the Top 5 IVF Specialists in Bangalore.

Best IVF Specialist in Bangalore 2023

Here are the best fertility doctors and top 5 IVF Specialist in Bangalore:

Dr. Mahesh Koregol – Nova IVF Fertility Center, in Bangalore

Dr. Mahesh is the best IVF specialist in Bangalore. He studied MBBS from Belgaum – Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and completed MS in Gynaecology and obstetrics from Manipal medical college in Mangalore. He specializes in reproductive medicine from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science fellowship programs. Dr. Mahesh has been practicing infertility and reproductive medicine for 10 years. He is successfully worked on IVF, ICSI, male fertility, and ovulation stimulation.

Dr. Mahesh offers IVF treatments at Nova IVF fertility center, Koramangala, Bangalore. Nova IVF fertility center is a top service provider and the largest award-winning clinic for reproductive issues. They aim to provide advanced assisted reproductive technology in India and internationally. Additionally, Nova IVF Bangalore offers state-of-the-art technologies such as preserving eggs and embryos and embryo scope. Nova IVF center also provides advanced techniques such as intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection and intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatments for suitable patients by following legal procedures and protocols. IVF treatment Cost in Nova IVF Fertility Center range between Rs.1,70,000 – Rs.300,000.

Dr. Sangeetha Anand from Apollo Fertility in Bangalore

Dr. Sangeetha Anand is considered best among Top 5 IVF Specialist in Bangalore. She has studied MBBS, MD(Obstetrics & Gynecology), DLS(Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery), FRM (fellow infertility and Reproductive medicine and has 17 years + of experience in IVF treatments. She is one of more preferred and praised IVF experts in Bangalore’s fertility specialist medical group.

Dr. Sangeeta Anand specializes in IVF treatment such as IVF, Infertility Evaluation, PCOD Treatment, Endometriosis, Multiple IVF Failure, Ovarian Cysts Treatment, Intrauterine insemination (IUI), and Severe male infertility factor. She has the best fertility treatment experience from MANIPAL Fertility Centre, LALBAGH IVF Centre, LIFE PLUS Hospital, and GUNASHEELA IVF Centre.

Additionally, Apollo Fertility center provides a specialized procedure for males and females to find the problem and bring successful pregnancy. Apollo Fertility has achieved high success based on clinical protocols and advanced technologies. Their doctors closely monitor the patient to increase more chances of pregnancy. IVF Cost in Apollo Fertility in Bangalore range between Rs 1,53000 to 2,04000.

Dr Arveen Vohra – Milann Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Arveen Vohra is one of the top IVF doctors in Bangalore. She has a specialization in fertility, IVF treatments, and reproductive medicine. She has 12 years of experience performing IVF, IUI, ART, PCOS, and Infertility counseling. Dr. Arveen studied MS Obstetrics and Gynecology at KLE University, Belgaum. She is part of the most famous Milan hospital, ranked Bangalore’s #1 IVF center. Dr. Arveen’s expertise includes infertility ultrasonography, reproductive endocrinology and physiology, endometrial receptivity, and fertility preservation.

Milann Fertility Centre, Indira Nagar, is a joint venture with Motherhood hospitals. Milann clinic provides an advanced embryology laboratory with laser technologies for IVF, assisted hatching, and an andrology laboratory. Here you can get treatments for gynecology and infertility. They have an automated laboratory with a sample tracking and management system with the help of a barcode. A patient experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss and repeated implantation failure can have the best treatment at Milann fertility center. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost is ₹ Rs. 207,500 in Milann Hospital in Bangalore.

Dr. Haritha Rao, Ayaansh Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Harita Roa is one of the most famous IVF specialists in Bangalore. She is providing treatment in the Reputed fertility center Ayaansh Hospital in Bangalore. She studied MBBS, MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Her expertise includes reproductive endocrinology and gynecology, with a vast experience of 19 years. She provides multi-dimensional treatments at the Aayansh clinic.

Aayansh clinic is also ranked among the top fertility and IVF clinics in Bangalore due to their high-quality treatments for all ages of women suffering from infertility problems. Several patients choose Ayaansh hospital for its quality treatments, comprehensive fertility solution, Advanced imaging and equipment, multidisciplinary focus, innovative approach, and international training. IVF Cost is ₹Rs. 79000 in Ayaansh Hospital in Bangalore.

Dr. Archana Agarwal, Mannat Fertility Clinic

Dr. Archana Agarwal is considered the best among the top IVF specialists in Bangalore. She has studied MBBS, Gynecologist, and DGO.

Infertility Specialist and Obstetrician. She is a leading fertility consultant with more than 30 years of total experience.

Mannat fertility clinic is one of the top-rated and high-quality IVF centers. Professional doctors and a dedicated team contribute to the high success rate of IVF. Mannat fertility clinic offers the latest technology for IVF procedures, such as testing equipment, a freezing embryo facility, and highly qualified specialist.

Mannat fertility clinic gives hope to infertile couples, which can be worth the cost of IVF treatment. Being one of the top IVF clinics in Bangalore, they offer ultramodern facilities, a state-of-the-art clinical setup, and a laboratory for outpatient treatment, support, and care. IVF/ICSI, Rs. 69,000 – Rs. 3,00,000 in Ayaansh Hospital in Bangalore.

How to Choose the Best IVF Clinic and IVF Doctor?

Not having a baby might disappoint a couple, and people around give many suggestions that can be confusing. The couple rushes to have wrong or illegal clinics in a hurry to begin the parenthood journey. Choosing the best and most trusted IVF doctor is important to save you money and energy.

What are the Right Ways to Choose the Best IVF Doctor?

Choose The Right Location

The IVF center location choice is necessary as the patient might have to visit multiple times to specialist clinics. Therefore, choosing the right location will help you take action whenever needed. Bangalore has several best IVF doctors at different locations, so choosing the one nearby will prevent your traveling during the procedure.


Success Rates of Doctors and Clinic

You can find out how best the IVF doctor is by their success rate of IVF treatments. An IVF doctor and clinic providing comprehensive treatments like IVF, ICS, and IUI with successful treatments will help. Inquire about the fertility record f clinic with different cases, such as IVF treatment that was unsuccessful or a couple older than the required age or, if successful, how many cycles and time the procedure took. Also, the IVF success rate depends on different factors, including age, lifestyle, and treatment response; this will give an idea of how the IVF clinic handles such cases. Also, find out what technologies they use in the clinic and the safety protocols.


Find out the Cost Estimation of IVF Treatment

After deciding about the IVF treatment, find out about the cost of IVF during the procedure. Know about the packages, including test costs, stay costs, medicine costs, and any other additional charges. A professional fertility clinic will follow professional ethics and be clear about the medical cost of IVF treatments. The reputed clinic will offer clarity concerning IVF costs linked with the procedures. The patient needs to have counseling that includes cost and treatment. The cost discussed with the patient will be the final amount, including doctor fees, tests, and medicines. The patient should enquire about the procedure of fertility treatments.


Check The Reviews

Your gynecologist refers you to an IVF doctor, but you must research and find the right doctor. Try to know about treatments by checking google reviews. These patients write about real experiences with IVF or fertility treatments. Therefore, it is essential to know the clinic’s reputation and check with other patients’ successful or failed results, which will give a better idea.


Clinical Staff Experience

The best fertility clinic has a highly qualified and experienced team who are professional and specialized in their field. The clinic staff includes doctors, nurses, counselors, lab staff, and financial advisors. Visiting the clinic and interacting with staff may give you an idea about the clinic’s environment.

Facilities Offered and Technology Availability in Clinic

Advanced medical science has developed several ways to treat infertility and increase the chances of conception. The best IVF clinic in Bangalore should offer the latest fertility treatments. They should have dedicated staff to carry out complex procedures, blastocyst culture, laser assisted hatching, Vitrification for sperm or Cryopreservation, Embryo scope, embryos, or Oocyte.


Procedure Duration

Some procedures and treatments may require a considerable amount of time for completion. According to the requirement, the male or female patient must undergo treatment for some time. If the fertility center is located at a distance, it may take time; if it is in a different state or country, it will require necessary arrangements for food and accommodation till the treatment is complete. Therefore, plan carefully to set a specific IVF procedure duration.

Which Fertility Doctor is Suitable for You?

There are different types of doctors, like gynecologists and urologists. Some of them are additionally specialized in reproductive health. Fertility specialists are not separate from them. They are urologists and gynecologists with special training in reproductive organs and problems. They also have well-versed knowledge of fertility medicine, which helps deal with the initial issues of a patient, like difficulties conceiving or miscarriage.


Which Doctor Should You Consult before Choosing IVF Treatments?


The best Andrologists in Bangalore are urologists with special training in male infertility. They work alone on patient health or with reproductive endocrinologists. For example, if a patient has a low sperm count, an andrologist will find out the problem to treat the condition. Additionally, they treat erectile dysfunctions, reproductive infections, undescended testicles, and testicular torsion. They also do testicular biopsies for sperm extraction.


Reproductive Endocrinologists

Reproductive endocrinologists are specialists with fertility specialists. Gynecologists with advanced treatment knowledge of infertility and fertility treatment treat both male and female problems linked to conception. In addition, they manage and carry out different fertility tests and treatments like IVF.


Reproductive Immunologists

Reproductive immunologists are specialist doctors with skills in treating immunology and reproductive health. They combine both health issues and treat unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages, and repeated failure of IVF. In addition, people who are experiencing auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus are also treated by reproductive immunologists.


Reproductive Surgeons

Reproductive endocrinologists also do surgery. Reproductive surgeons are more trained in treating reproductive surgeries and increasing chances of conceiving. Their primary training may be in gynecology or urology—removal of fibroids cysts or treating endometriosis with surgery done by a reproductive surgeon.


Fertility Clinic Staff

Additionally, well-trained staff is important for IVF specialists. Well-trained nurses and staff with knowledge of embryologists, reproductive medicines, lab technicians, and sonographers will help in IVF treatments and all procedures.

Questions To Ask IVF Specialist During The First Fertility Appointment

Make sure to ask below question during consultation with your IVF specialist.

  • What is the initial assessment procedure?
  • Which tests and procedures are required to plan treatment?
  • What are fertility treatment options, and which one is suitable for my condition?
  • Based on health analysis, what are the chances of success expected?
  • What will be the overall cost of IVF treatment?
  • What condition will you get insurance coverage during IVF treatment?
  • What will be the charges for repeated IVF treatment failure?


Having a child is an incredible experience for all couples, but some couples face difficulty in conceiving naturally. For those couples trying to get a baby without success, consulting a good fertility expert and choosing IVF/IUI treatment will be the next step. It might cause a dilemma in choosing the right clinic while having several fertility centers in Bangalore. It is important to understand all the factors listed above. Consider the above-given points before choosing an IVF specialist. You can also contact us to connect with expert IVF expert in Bangalore. We will connect you with trusted IVF doctors.

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