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Best Female Plastic Surgeons in Dubai

Dubai, the ultra-luxurious city in UAE, is presently introducing several innovations in plastic surgery, which boosts the patient’s self-confidence and perfectly enhances beauty. Although the plastic surgery concept is an ancient method of reconstructive surgery found in 800 B.C. in India, it is evolving in different dimensions. Combining traditional plastic surgery with advanced technologies gives innovative outcomes as patients desire. Let’s learn more about the Best Female Plastic Surgeons in Dubai.

Dubai provides several reputed, board-certified, and licensed plastic-cosmetic surgeons, but some patients prefer treatment from female plastic surgeons. Therefore, there are the Best female plastic surgeons in Dubai who value patients’ comfort and understand the desire to have cosmetic surgery for different reasons. Female plastic surgeons personally relate to patients’ experiences, and they know how a woman can feel with an undesired body shape and unattractive appearance. Therefore, they understand better how the patient wants to change the unnecessary skin or discomforting shape and size, whether breast improvement, tummy tuck, or neck lift.

A female plastic surgeon is beneficial in treating your aging-related concerns and complete body cosmetic procedures, as they know how the female body change with the aging process and which can be the best procedure to address the problem.

Female plastic surgeons understand the difficult time of social pressure on women’s bodies. They know from personal experience how it is when someone has an unpleasant body or facial appearance. They know how much insecurity it gives while going in social circles, and the behind talks about their appearance. Therefore, a female plastic surgeon can relate to why a woman is looking for cosmetic surgery. Dubai’s female plastic surgeons offer tailored procedures as desired with natural results.

Best Female Plastic-Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Dubai

Dr. Anshu Mishra (Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Anshu belongs to India, and she studied MBBS, MS – General Surgery, and DNB – Plastic Surgery.
  • Dr. Anshu has different plastic surgery skills and own 11 years of experience.
  • She believes in providing natural results while keeping safety as a priority.
  • Dr. Anshu is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Being a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Anshu is exceptionally understanding and passionate about the changes females undergo, particularly after childbirth.
  • Dr. Anshhu did a fellowship in Aesthetic Gynecology and helped several females to regain confidence.
  • Dr. Anshu does their best for customized treatments and provides the best non-surgical procedure as required.
  • Dr. Anshul’s plastic surgery expertise includes breast surgery, Liposuction, Hair Transplant, and intimate rejuvenation. Non-invasive procedures include Dermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Acne scars, fillers, laser therapy, and Botox.

Dr. Anshu Mishra Plastic Surgery Treatments

  • Face: Lip Augmentation in Dubai, Lip Reduction in Dubai, Lip Lift in Dubai
  • Eyes: Upper Lid Blepharoplasty, Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, Dark Circle Treatment
  • Ears: Lobuloplasty, Otoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Chin, Cheek, Dimple Creation, Fat Grafting Face
  • All Types of Breast Plastic Surgery
  • Hair: Hair Growth & Hair Loss treatments
  • Intimate Health: Botox Treatment, Labiaplasty
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Non-Surgical: Anti-wrinkle Injection, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Facial Fillers, Body Fillers, Thread Lift

Dr. Saba Al Marush (Plastic Surgeon with VASER Hi-Def)

  • Dr. Saba was born and studied in France & currently working in Dubai.
  • Dr. Saba studies AestheticsReconstructive surgery, and Plastic surgery at the University Hospital of Besançon in France.
  • She received higher education in Aesthetic Injections such as Botox and fillers, got post-graduation in face procedures from the Medical College of Nancy, and did a post-graduation medical laser from Prestigious Versailles University.
  • She has vast experience and is board certified by international plastic surgery associations.
  • Dr. Saba Al Marush worked on several cosmetic surgeries and taught in a hospital in France, where she got more experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery in general procedures.
  • Dr. Saba is interested in Vasers Liposuction, Vaser, Liposculpturing “Vaser Hi-Def or VHD, Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Brazilian butt augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast augmentation with an implant.
  • She provides a delicate feminine touch and quality care in her cosmetic surgery to bring natural results.
  • Dr. Saba offers personalized and individualized treatments before the procedure.
  • Dr. Saba is an active member of various associations such as ISAPS, EPSS EMA, ASPS, ISPRES, and Emirate Red Crescent.

Dr. Saba Al Marush Plastic Surgery Treatments

  • Vaser Hi-Def Lipo-Sculpturing
  • Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer
  • Female Breast Surgeries
  • Butt Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Male Breast Surgery
  • Intimate Surgery
  • Tummy Tuck

Dr. Amna Belhoul (Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgeon)

  • Dr. Amna belongs to Emirates and provides plastic surgery with more than 26 years of experience in Dubai’s public sector.
  • She has vast experience in reconstruction, burns treatment, and aesthetic surgeries.
  • Dr. Amna studied MBBS from Dubai Medical College, MRCS from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and FRCS, the fellowship of the Royal college of physicians and Glasgow surgeons.
  • Dr. Amana is particularly interested in post-bariatric cases, Abdominoplasty, Arm lift, liposuction, thigh lift, Male breast reduction, burn, soft tissue defect treatments, and facial rejuvenation with fillers and botox.

Dr. Amna Belhoul Plastic Surgery Treatments

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Brachioplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Mastopexy
  • Local Skin Tumors
  • Post-burn complication
  • Breast Augmentation/Reduction
  • Total Body Lift
  • Thigh lift
  • wound care
  • skin grafting

Why Do You Need to Choose A Female Plastic Surgeon In Dubai?

Plastic surgery has different reasons and important decisions to make before the procedure. Everything about your health and surgery requires to discuss with the surgeon. However, only some patients are comfortable discussing with others, and they may prefer female plastic surgeons. Here are the reasons to choose a female plastic surgeon in Dubai:


Female Plastic Surgeons Spent Extra Time during a consultation with the Patient

Plastic surgery also needs a consultation before treatment. Multiple consultations might require multiple consultations; during an initial consultation, the patient will meet the surgeon and discuss the problem area, health history, surgery goal, recommended procedure, and customized treatment plan. According to research, compared to male and female plastic surgeons spend more time consulting with patients for better understanding.


Female Plastic Surgeon Understand and Interpret Surgery Goals

Women are deeply involved in each other’s concerns, which makes them explain and listen better about plastic surgery goals. In addition, female plastic surgeons understand the different concerns of working and household women. For example, a working woman needs a contoured body to look good to increase her overall value and reputation. In contrast, a household woman needs cosmetic surgery to remove discomfort from a sagging belly and breasts after childbirth.


Female Plastic Surgeons Have Similar Body Concerns as Patient

Every woman feels self-conscious about their body at one point in life. If you are working with a plastic-cosmetic surgeon, she may share similar concerns about her body as other women. It can be easy to relate with her and discuss the problem and desired outcomes comfortably.


Female Plastic Surgeons Experience the Same Aging Process As Their Patients

Male plastic surgeons understand the aging process, but female plastic surgeons experience the aging process, wrinkles, excess weight, sagging skin, fine lines, and stretch marks after pregnancy like their patients. So, when you choose a female plastic surgeon in Dubai, the concern about plastic surgery can relate to her more.


More Comfort in Addressing Problem

Choosing a female plastic surgeon can be more comfortable because they can relate to the patient’s experience. In addition, they understand more about the female body, so the patient will be comfortable addressing the problem area. Often many female patients find it embarrassing to discuss cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery procedures other than face or neck.

How to Choose the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in Dubai?

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon will give you an appearance you will have to live with for years. Finding a successful and experienced surgeon will fulfil your good aesthetic desires. Whereas choosing an inexperienced surgeon may cause you to have undesired results that can cost additional. Therefore, here are essential things to consider when choosing the best female plastic surgeon in Dubai.


Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon Should be Board Certified

There must be more than state medical board certification to become a plastic surgeon. Still, they need specific methods and techniques training about cosmetic surgery, body contouring, fat removal, and advanced technological knowledge. After getting plastic surgery education, plastic surgeons must complete specialist training and practice in different hospitals. After that, they become nationally and internationally become board-certified plastic surgeons.


Look for Female Plastic Surgeon Experience

Every type of cosmetic surgery needs different skills. For example, a nose surgery needs to operate nose skin, bone, cartilage, and breathing passage. Experienced female cosmetic surgeons do not interfere with breathing and make corrections and improvements. They should have complete nose structure knowledge. 


Choose a Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon with an Appealing Aesthetic Sense

Everything beautiful is unattractive, so people seek cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. It is important to check the previous results of the chosen cosmetic surgeon by looking at the before and after photos of the surgery. Find a previous patient with a similar facial structure and the same age, and check their results.


Pay Attention to the Behaviour of the Surgeon and Staff

Going through plastic-cosmetic surgery is a big deal; you may have to decide many things and prepare physically and mentally. Feeling 100% comfortable with your plastic surgeon and medical team is important. Choosing a female plastic surgeon make you extra comfortable and speak about your concern.


Know about the Operating Facilities

Anaesthesiologists play an important role in plastic surgery. Quickly managing anesthesia during surgery prevents complications—additionally, advanced operating room support to have a fast surgery. You need to check all the staff also have certification for their work.


Check If The Chosen Female Plastic Surgeon Is Affiliated With A Hospital.

You should know if the chosen doctor has hospital privileges. If the plastic surgeon provides treatments in her clinic and does not affiliate with any reputed hospital, that is a red flag. Plastic-cosmetic surgery needs advanced tools and machines available in respected hospitals. Small clinics are not suitable for plastic surgery procedures. If you find your doctor has a small clinic, they are not eligible for complicated and advanced treatments, which means they provide minor corrections.

What Treatment Can You Have From A Female Cosmetic Surgeon In Dubai?

Cosmetic surgery involves equipment or instrument added into the body to reshape and resize body parts like facelifts, breast surgery, thigh lifts, buttock, nose surgery, brow surgery, tummy tuck, or flat belly by using liposuction and laser technologies.

Why Choose Female Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai?

Dubai is among the best places to get medical tourism in the Middle East and the world. You can have every procedure in Dubai as international doctors and surgeons are available for treatments. Moreover, Dubai’s best female plastic-cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons provide advanced technological skills and cost-effective procedures.


Dubai has Advanced Connectivity.

Dubai is internationally well-connected to many other countries and provides multiple daily flights. Dubai also provides visa-on-arrival facilities for international medical travellers.


Plastic-Cosmetic in Dubai is the Best Opportunity

The city is rich in multicultural. International citizens are welcome to Dubai to experience ultra-luxurious plastic surgery treatments from highly skilled female plastic surgeons. Abroad patients can enjoy a high lifestyle, luxurious stay shopping, and multi-cuisine foods.


International Standard Medical Facilities

Best female plastic surgeon gives more importance to quality treatments and patient health safety. Dubai provides state-of-the-art health facilities with the latest equipment and surgical instruments. There are also Laser technology and VASER HD treatments available in Dubai. Female plastic surgeons maintain quality and work best to bring positive outcomes.

Female Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Dubai

Female plastic surgeons in Dubai also offer comprehensive and highly specialized reconstructive injury treatments. They have a dedicated team with sub-specialty expertise in the upper extremity, hand surgery, and microsurgery. They provide rehabilitation and physical medicine specializing in pain management. Cosmetic surgery hospitals are dedicated to offering advanced treatments for disorders and injuries impacting upper extremities, such as the shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist. This reconstructive plastic surgery will prevent chronic pain that impairs functions and affect the quality of life. They also have a multidisciplinary approach toward patient help to get the best outcomes.

How to Find the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in Dubai?

Dubai is a luxurious city in UAE, and it has a high-standard female plastic surgeon to comfort patients and provide quality care. Patient health and safety is their primary concern; they do not recommend any procedure that can harm patient health. So do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with Dubai’s best female plastic surgeon.


Best female plastic surgeons in Dubai believe in educating their patients and discussing the problem and outcomes in depth. They offer facelifts, nose jobs, eyelid surgery, and neck lift surgery. There are also non-surgical facelifts, nose job, BBL, tummy tucks and, filler, Botox. Choosing a female plastic surgeon in Dubai makes the patient comfortable; they prioritize patient health and work on fulfilling the patient’s desires. Dubai is the best place to enjoy holidays and get cosmetic surgeries. Please get in touch with us to get an appointment with the best female plastic-cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.

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