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Medical Tourism in Turkey

Did you know Turkey is ranked in 35th position out of 46 global destinations? Turkey is one of the premium destinations for medical tourism in the world. Every year numerous medical tourists visit the country from Germany, England, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, etc. Medical tourism is growing in Turkey due to the many advantages it offers and the choice for a wide range of medical procedures. Medical tourism in Turkey has three major advantages:

  • High quality of care
  • Affordable cost
  • Fast access to world-class treatments

One of the major reasons why medical tourists prefer Turkey is that the cost of medical treatments in Turkey is way more affordable than compared to other nations.

Common Treatments in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide array of procedures for medical tourists.

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Beauty Center
  • Eye Health
  • Obesity and Bariatric Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Physiotherapy
  • Fertility, etc.

Why Choose Medical Tourism in Turkey?

There are several reasons why Turkey is the most preferred destination for medical tourism:

  • Recognized Medical Center: One of the best things about the Turkish medical industry is around 55% of Turkey’s 1200+ hospitals are owned by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Private corporations and foreign institutions own the rest. Many hospitals in Turkey are JCI, ISO, and JACHO affiliated. Most of the JCI accredited hospitals are located in Istanbul. Some are also affiliated with top US medical centers such as John Hopkins Medicine and Harvard Medical Center. These hospitals are equipped with modern infrastructure and offer the best and most advanced technology for treatments.
  • World-Class Doctors: When it comes to medical staff in the hospitals of Turkey, you will find skilled and qualified specialists. The doctors are certified by the Turkish Medical Association and are experts in their respective fields. However, Turkey is an Islamic country, but most of the medical staff speak English to avoid any language barriers. The doctors are trained in Western countries and have rich years of experience. The patients don’t have to worry about anything because they are in safer hands.
  • Cost-Effective Treatment: The major concern of every medical tourist before traveling to a foreign land is the budget. In Turkey, the cost of all the major procedures is very affordable. A medical tourist can save 40-70% when compared to similar procedures in North America and the UK. For instance, plastic surgeries in Turkey costs around $2000 to $5000, while the same procedure in the USA costs about $5000 to $15000. A dental implant in Turkey is $540, and the same in the US is around $3000. There is a significant difference in the costs of the treatments, and this is the reason why people travel to Turkey for medical procedures. Their whole medical trip in Turkey can cost way less than just the treatment cost in the USA and UK.
  • Limitless Treatments: Turkey can offer a wide range of medical care and treatments, from plastic surgery to cardiology and orthopedic & joint replacement. Turkey is not like some countries that specialize in a few areas of medicine. The country offers a lot more than a medical tourist expects. Numerous advanced technologies are available in the country for successful treatment without burning a big hole in your pocket.
  • No Waiting Lists: Turkey has shorter waiting times than the US and UK. Turkish Healthcare takes care of international patients, and they can easily get immediate attention. The medical procedure can be scheduled in a maximum of 2 weeks, while the procedure can schedule in 18 months or more in other developed nations. International patients get extra preference in Turkey so that they can get affordable and high-quality treatment in time.
  • Customized Services: Every patient who is away from their home needs customized services for a comfortable stay in a foreign hospital. These services are helpful, and Turkish hospitals provide you with that. The hospital team takes care of their international patients and offers private rooms, private chefs, private nurses, and other special services they need. They also provide translation services and airport pick-up & drop.
  • Combined With a Holiday Trip: If you are considering Turkey for medical purposes, then you can also combine it with a holiday trip. Turkey is famous for its historical culture, and the country has a place for every tourist’s taste. As mentioned earlier, medical treatments are very affordable, and the cost of living is also lower. Anyone can combine their medical trip with a vacation and still can save a significant amount of money. A rejuvenated post-treatment holiday is a must in Turkey to see new places and rebuild your strength.
  • Cuisine: Turkish cuisine is world-famous for its unique flavor. There are numerous Turkish dishes that are very popular such as Piyaz, Ezogelin Corba, Saksuka, Mercimek Kofte, Yaprak Dolma, etc. Tourists can find a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes which they need to taste once in their lifetime in Turkey.

Cost Comparison

Below we have mentioned the cost comparison of medical procedures in Turkey and in the UK:

Procedure UK Turkey
Knee replacement $16000-$17000 $7000-$8000
Coronary Angioplasty $13000-$15000 $5000-$6000
Liposuction $5000-$6000 $2000-$3000
Tummy Tuck $8000-$9000 $3000-$4000
Cataract Removal $4000-$5000 $1000-$2000
Dental Implants $3000-$4000 $900-$1500
Gold Crowns $800-$850 $200-$250

As you can see, there is a huge difference in the cost of medical treatments between Turkey and the UK. That’s why people prefer traveling to Turkey instead of the UK because they can easily afford the medical procedures without compromising the treatment quality standard.

Is Turkey Safe for Medical Tourists?

Turkey is considered a safe country for medical tourists from all around the world. With the help of an experienced surgeon and high-quality treatment, anyone can get safe and effective treatments in the country.

However, there is some advice to take care, especially in major cities for a safe experience:

  • Avoid traveling alone at night
  • Always carry your passport or identity documents with you
  • Maintain a high level of vigilance
  • Avoid wearing revealing or tight clothes, especially for women
  • Do not carry extra items in tourist areas
  • Follow local news sources during the stay to remain abreast of any potential areas.

Entry Requirements for Turkey

The best thing is that Turkey is easily accessed by all the European airlines. On a daily basis, more than 300 flights come from various countries and arrive in one of the five major airports of Turkey.

To enter Turkey, you need to bring:

  • A valid passport that expires at least 60 days beyond the stay duration.
  • A valid visa which you can obtain upon arrival in Turkey or from the Turkish Consulates in your country.

Note: The South American countries’ citizens do not require a visa to enter Turkey for up to 90 days. Spanish passport holders can obtain an Electronic Visa to enter Turkey.

You can go to the Turkish MFA website for any specific visa requirement for your country.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Hospital in Turkey

The medical tourism industry is growing rapidly in Turkey and people from every corner of the world travel the country for high-quality services. There are several hospitals in Turkey for a tourist who seeks medical attention, but before choosing any hospital, it is essential to consider some important factors.

  • Hospital’s Credential: Before undergoing any treatment, it is essential to check whether the hospital has international accreditations or not. You can have peace of mind if you choose an accredited hospital because then you can get high-quality treatment in a hygienic environment. Most of the hospitals in Turkey are JCI and ISO accredited, but you need to check before finalizing any hospital for your medical procedure.
  • Specialties: For instance, if you seek cardiac surgery, it is advised to choose a hospital specializing in that procedure. It is beneficial to go for a single specialty hospital because they have advanced facilities and technology for focused treatment. It will make the process complete safely without any hassle.
  • Cost: Considering the cost before choosing any hospital is extremely important. Make sure to check the treatment cost before going to any hospital. It is necessary that the cost will suit your pocket. Turkey has a pool of several hospitals, so if one doesn’t suit your pocket, then the other might work for you.
  • Quality of the Services: However, the service quality of every hospital in Turkey is on par with developed nations, but it is your responsibility to check the website to understand their services. You can also get recommendations from your friends and family if they have stayed in any hospital in Turkey in the past. It will help you to have a comfortable stay during your visit.

All these factors that are mentioned above will help you to get a successful medical tour in Turkey.

Top Hospitals in Turkey

  • Memorial Hospital: The hospital was established in 2000 and is accredited by JCI. They provide a wide range of medical services such as cardiac sciences, cosmetic surgery, oncology, neurology, orthopedic surgery, ENT, fertility, etc. It was the first hospital in Turkey to receive JCI accreditation.
  • Acibadem Healthcare: Acibadem Healthcare Group was founded in 1992. It is currently the world’s second-largest Healthcare Chain. They comprise a network of six general hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical centers, one ophthalmology center, and laboratories. Acibadem Healthcare Group has been accredited by the JCI. They provide online consultation, 24*7 pharmacy, hotel booking & accommodation assistance, special nurse facilities, etc.
  • Medicana International Hospital: Established in 1992, Medicana Healthcare Group became one of the leading healthcare providers in the Middle East and its surrounding countries. It is accredited by JCI and provides different medical services such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, dental, ENT, cosmetic surgery, etc.
  • The Medipol University Hospital: It is one of the largest private hospitals in Turkey. They provide world-class healthcare services, and the hospital is accredited by JCI. The hospital attracts several international patients every year with its quality services and facilities.


Health tourism in Turkey is taking the country to another level, and it has a bright future in the healthcare industry. There are numerous reasons why people travel to Turkey for medical concerns. Patients can also find medical tourism companies in Turkey that help them connect with the appropriate care providers.

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