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Dr. Mohamed Rela

Dr. Mohamed Rela MBBS, MS, FRCS (Edin), internationally renowned specialist in hepatobiliary, pancreatic and liver transplant surgeries discussed the level of hepatitis awareness and the liver transplantation scene in India. Dr. Mohamed Rela currently heads the Institute of Liver, Pancreas diseases and Transplantation, Global Hospitals and Health City Group, Chennai and is Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation, King’s College Hospital, UK. Dr. Rela has performed over 1300 transplant surgeries, pioneered the split liver transplantation and auxiliary liver transplantation techniques, and has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for a liver transplant performed on a 5-day-old baby.

He is one of top skilled Hepatologist in the world. He pioneered the split liver transplantation technique which involves the division of a healthy donor organ to help transplant it to two patients. He also has one of the biggest experiences in Auxiliary Liver Transplantation in the world.

Dr. Rela has performed over 1600+ liver transplant surgeries.A team led by him performed a successful liver transplantation for a five-day-old girl made him enter Guinness Book of Records. 400 scientific articles and papers on liver transplantation, complex hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery and more.


  • MBBS
  • Master of Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery
  • FRCS in General Surgery (Upper GI).


  • Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic
  • Chronic liver specialist performing Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery.


  • December 1997- Guinness Book of World Records in 2000, for leading a team and successfully performing liver transplantation for a five-day-old girl.
  • March 1999- He has carried out the first living related Liver Transplant on a patient with acute Liver Failure in the UK, an 18 Month old Luke Bettelley who was given only 48 hours to live before the operation.
  • June 2003- Dr. Rela has successfully performed a liver transplant suffering from a terminal stage liver disease on a four-and-a-half-year-old girl Pranali Bhat, from Ahmedabad, at the Global Hospital Hyderabad.
  • August 2003- He was a part of a team from King’s College Hospital, London performing liver transplant(s) six times for a patient to save her life with a bone marrow transplant.
  • August 2004- Batul Hasana five-year-old Pakistan girl, a team led by the top liver transplant surgeon in India has successfully conducted the liver transplantation at the Global Hospital, Hyderabad.
  • September 2009- For the first of its kind in India Dr. Rella and his team has successfully done the split liver transplantation at the Global Hospital, Chennai. During the retrieval operation, the liver was split into a smaller left lobe for transplanting a young girl and a larger right lobe for transplanting an older woman with end stage liver disease.
  • May 2011- Dr. Rella and his team effectively performed the Swap liver transplantation on Adults first of its kind in India at the Global Hospitals, Chennai

Association of Dr. Mohamed Rela with Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai:
Dr.Mohamed Rela is the Director of Liver transplant department Global Hospital. He is considered as a world authority on paediatric liver transplantation. Geneagles Global Hospital in Chennai is honoured that Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela, has been recognized as one of the 20 Most Innovative Paediatric Surgeons alive today.

Prof. Rela’s work is recognized in the field of paediatric liver transplants as he has contributed his best while performing the highly complex surgeries saving lives of very young children in India and across the world. Send us your query to book an instant appointment with Dr. Mohammed Rela Liver Transplant surgeon Chennai.

The Global Hospitals is considered as a pioneer in the multi-organ transplants including the liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. Global Hospitals Group in India offers the cutting edge research and advanced education to the caregivers and better care. One of the fastest growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals, it offers healthcare services that adhere to the international standards. This multi super speciality tertiary care facility is also spread across Hyderabad and Chennai.

  1. Where can I Consult Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela?

  2. How to Get Appointment with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela?

    Get Appointment with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela through Call or WhatsApp or Online

  3. How to get Medical Second Opinion, Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela

    Get Medical Second Opinion and Treatment plan from Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela

  4. What's Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela Expert in?

    Abdominal Trauma, HPB Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Liver Transplantation

Where can I consult Dr. Mohamed Rela

Dr. Mohamed Rela is available for consultation at #7, CLC Works Road, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600 044.

What’s Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela Expert in?

Abdominal Trauma, HPB Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Liver Transplantation

How to Book Appointment with Dr. Mohamed Rela?

Book Appointment Online here or Call / WhatsApp: +91 8095504033

Can I get Second Opinion, Treatment Plan Online? What about Medical Visa availability?

Yes it’s available. Contact us for more details

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