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Best Medical Oncology Surgeon in Bangladesh

About Medical Oncology in Bangladesh

Cancer treatment is provided by a team of qualified medical oncologists experienced in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and follow-up with chemotherapy, hormonal, biological, and targeted therapy at hospitals in Bangladesh. Medical Oncology in Bangladesh Hospitals strives to provide world-class cancer care services by leveraging cutting-edge technology and the expertise of its medical oncologists. They offer a full range of cancer treatment options, including medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation therapy.

Medical oncology is a branch of medicine concerned with the detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer. A medical oncologist’s job is to treat cancer patients with treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Medical Oncology Cost in Bangladesh

Chemotherapy in Bangladesh Average Cost in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)
Alkylating Agents 85,000৳
Plant Alkaloids 78,000৳
Antitumor Antibiotics 83,000৳
Antimetabolites 92,000৳
Topoisomerase Inhibitors 88,000৳
Hormonal agents 94,000৳
Biological response modifiers 91,000৳
Miscellaneous Antineoplastics 89,000৳
Mitotic Inhibitors 80,000৳

Why choose Medical Oncology in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi hospitals have a team of experienced medical oncologists and world-class infrastructure to treat a wide range of solid tumors with chemotherapy. Patients receive daycare chemotherapy in the safety of Hepafiltered pressure control rooms with strict asepsis control, where the chemo drugs are reconstituted in a dedicated Biological Safety cabinet beneath a Laminar hood. The hospitals also have an intensive care unit (ICU) for patients suffering from chemotherapy-related side effects. Bangladesh’s medical oncology experts use cutting-edge technology and personalized multimodal treatment protocols to prevent, screen for, diagnose, and treat a wide range of cancers.

Medical Treatment available in Bangladesh

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted Therapies

When to visit the Medical Oncologist?

The patient will almost certainly see a medical oncologist soon after being diagnosed with cancer. This is usually one of the first steps in a cancer patient’s journey. They can help patients understand their cancer diagnosis as well as the treatment timeline. Patients should also consult a medical oncologist if they have any questions.

What makes a clinical oncologist different from a medical oncologist?

Clinical oncologists are doctors that specialize in the treatment and management of cancer patients using radiotherapy and systemic treatments such as chemotherapy. Medical oncologists are doctors that specialize in cancer care and treatment using systemic medicines like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted medications, and hormone therapy.

Conditions why to go for Medical Oncology

Medical oncology treats a wide range of cancers. If the patient has been diagnosed with any of the following diseases, they should consult a medical oncologist:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Tumors of the kidney (urological cancers)
  • Leukaemia
  • Melanoma

What to Expect at a Medical Oncologist’s Clinic during the appointment?

If this is your first oncology appointment, it may last several hours. The oncologist will go over your medical history with you.

Even if your primary care doctor has recently performed one, they may perform one on you. This is because physical exams can detect cancer symptoms that doctors who don’t treat it every day may overlook. Your oncologist may also order additional tests, such as imaging tests (such as CT scans, MRIs, or ultrasounds), or take a sample of your blood or urine. You may also require a biopsy.

The oncologist may give you a rough estimate of how long treatment will take during your appointment. They may also provide you with a prognosis, or an estimate of how you will respond to treatment. You may also meet other doctors who are part of your treatment team. They’ll also go over costs and the insurance process.

Follow-up on Medical oncology treatment

Some patients continue to see their oncologist, while others see their primary care physician or another health care provider. Several factors influence this decision, including:

  • Cancer’s type and stage
  • Side effects of treatment
  • Health insurance regulations
  • Individual preferences

Patients may be perplexed as to which doctor to consult. It may be beneficial to speak with other survivors in your area to learn how they handle this aspect of care.

Medical Oncology recovery time in Bangladesh

One of the most difficult things I see people struggle with is “recovery time,” especially when it comes to fatigue from cancer treatment. I usually tell my patients that it takes about two months of recovery time for every month of treatment before their energy levels return to normal.

What are the factors affecting the success rate of Medical Oncology?

Cancer survival rates are one way to demonstrate the efficacy of various treatments, including chemotherapy. A survival rate is the percentage of people who live for a certain period of time after being diagnosed with cancer. survival rates can also help people understand their prognosis because they provide data on the outcomes of people with similar cancers.

Is Medical Oncology safe in Bangladesh?

Medical oncology is a therapy option that is both safe and effective, as well as less intrusive. A wide range of malignancies can be treated with medical therapy. Medical therapy is frequently combined with surgery or chemotherapy to improve clinical outcomes. Bangladeshi medical oncologists have a lot of knowledge and know-how to execute surgeries that give their patients the greatest results.

FAQs on Medical Oncology in Bangladesh

Who is the Best Medical Oncology Surgeon in Bangladesh?

Find the Best Medical Oncology surgeon in Bangladesh based on Ratings and Reviews from past clients here.

What does Medical Oncology cost in Bangladesh?

Medical Oncology cost in Bangladesh depends on multiple factors. Contact here for Medical Oncology prices in Bangladesh.

Which is the best Medical Oncology Hospital in Bangladesh?

Find the Best Medical Oncology Hospitals in Bangladesh here.

Can I get Medical Oncology feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Medical Oncology reviews in Bangladesh here.

Top Medical Oncologist in Bangaladesh

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