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Dr. Rohit Bansil – The Best Neurosurgeon in India

Why is neurosurgery done?

Neurosurgery is done to cure the spine, brain, and nerve diseases. With growing unhealthy lifestyles, even young patients are suffering from severe spine and nerve disorders. It is essential to notice the symptoms and contact the doctor as soon as possible to avoid any major problems with nerves. Neurosurgery is also performed on patients with road accidents or any accidents when they get injuries on the head or spine.

Why is it important to choose the best neurosurgeon?

Neurological problems are severe and, if not treated properly, can lead to death. So, it is important to choose the best neurosurgeon for treatment. Expert Chikitsa is working with the top neurological hospitals and specialists, diagnosing and treating neurological diseases with a high success rate. Dr. Rohit Bansil is one of the best neurosurgeons in India. Past patients of Dr. Rohit Bansil appreciate him for the successful neurosurgery he performed, and his patients recovered safely and got back to everyday life in no time.

Who is Dr. Rohit Bansil?

Dr. Rohit Bansil is a profound name in the field of neurosurgery. He is an expert in dealing with neurological diseases. He expertly takes care of emergency and critical neurological problems like stroke, nerve damage or any spine injury. Dr. Rohit has more than 9 years of experience as of 2023. He is currently working with BLK Hospital, New Delhi. He has completed his medical studies at top medical colleges in India. His experience helps patients receive high-quality and highly successful neurosurgery. Dr. Rohit Bansil is an expert in performing spine surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, and treating brain tumours.

Details of Dr. Rohit Bansil

Success rate 95-96%
Years of Experience 9+ as of 2023
Specialization Neurosurgery
Currently working at BLK-Max Hospital as an Assistant Director and Head of the Neurosurgery Department

How did Dr. Rohit Bansil become the best neurosurgeon in India?

Education of Dr. Rohit Bansil

What is Dr. Rohit Bansil’s qualification?

Dr. Rohit Bansit was an academically bright student from the start. He has completed his studies from top medical schools in India. Dr. Rohit has completed his MBBS from Manipal Academy Of Higher Education in Manipal, India, with good marks. Then, he got a chance to complete his Neurosurgery residency at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Working under top surgeons, he has gained lots of experience to become the best neurosurgeon in India.

Dr. Rohit Bansil’s Experience

Before selecting a neurosurgeon, it is very important to see the experience and past record of the doctor, making sure we research and find all the doctor’s past background to make sure we suggest the best neurosurgeon in India to you. After specialization in neurosurgery, he joined Max Healthcare as an Associate Consultant Neurosurgeon. After working for two years, he joined BLK – Max Super Speciality Hospital as a consultant neurosurgeon and treated many complicated neurological cases. Today, Dr. Rohit Bansil is the Assistant Director and Head of the Neurosurgery Department at BLK-Max Hospital in New Delhi. With more than 9 years of experience, Dr Rohit is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in India.

Dr Rohit is a specialist in treating Brain tumours; patients come to him from many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and many more. As he has 9+ years of experience, his success rate in neurosurgery is also very high, which attracts more patients. Using his case report, junior doctors study and take advice from him.

Story of Jeremy Wanyoike from Kenya

Jeremy Wanyoike is a patient from Kenya who travelled to India to get treatment for scoliosis from Dr. Rohit Bansil. The family of Jeremy Wanyoike were suggested for Dr. Rohit Bansil by their family friends. The patient’s mother thanks the hospital and Dr Rohit for providing treatment and performing a successful neurosurgery. His mother says that her child, because of scoliosis, was not able to walk and play like other children. But today, after the surgery, he is recovering well and can walk. Dr. Rohit has promised her that her child will be able to walk and play with other kids after full recovery.

Treatment of Uzbekistani patients by Dr. Rohit Bansil

Dr. Rohit Bansil is a famous neurosurgeon in India. He has experience in treating many international patients. Shoirakhon came from Uzbekistan and was diagnosed with a rare disease of Carotid Cavernous Fistula, which made her right eye blind. Dr. Rohit Bansil took her case and provided the best treatment in BLK Hospital. He treated Shoirakhon; after treatment, she could see from her right eye and stop complaining about headaches.

Neurosurgery cost performed by Dr. Rohit Bansil?

Dr Rohit Bansil has more than 9 years of experience; he is an expert in performing neurosurgeries. He has treated many complicated neurological diseases, which makes him more popular. If you are wondering, he is an experienced and expert neurosurgeon who may charge higher. No, he is experienced and also well-known for his low-priced treatments for neurological problems at BLK Hospital. The neurosurgery cost at BLK Hospital, performed by Dr. Rohit Bansil, is around 2-3L. The price depends on the surgery type and condition of the patient. Dr. Bansil is an expert in performing highly successful neurosurgery at a low price.

Dr. Rohit Bansil Neurosurgery Cost 2024 Amount
Brain Tumor Surgery Rs. 1,80,000
Spine Surgery Rs. 2,10,000
Neuro-endoscopy Rs. 1,10,000

Reviews of Dr. Rohit Bansil for Neurosurgery

We make sure patients get the correct information about the doctor before treatment. After talking about his past patients and finding reviews online, we concluded that he is an expert in neurosurgery and has a very high success rate. Past patient reviews about Dr. Rohit Bansil are very positive. Not only patients from India but foreign patients appreciate Dr Rohit Bansil, saying he treated them using top techniques and gave them the confidence to recover early and fight the neurological disease.

Dr. Rohit Bansil’s Past Patients of 2023 Reviews:

  • An International patient praised Dr. Rohit Bansil for his treatment plan for neurological conditions, which helped the patient recover quickly after treatment.
  • A mother thanked Dr. Rohit for diagnosing and treating of her son’s Epilepsy.

How do you book Dr. Rohit Bansil’s Appointment for Neurosurgery?

Do you want to book an appointment with Dr. Rohit?

Dr. Rohit Bansil is a well-known neurosurgeon at BLK-Max Hospital in New Delhi. He is an expert and well-experienced neurosurgeon; his past patients appreciated high success rates. You can book both online and offline appointments for Dr. Rohit Bansil. For offline, you can visit BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital and book an appointment for Dr Bansil, or you can also book an appointment online by visiting the hospital’s website.

If you are in a different country or state, you also have the option of video consultation with Dr. Rohit Bansil. Video consultation helps patients get in contact with Dr. Bansil from anywhere. In Video consultation, the doctor asks for detailed reports and suggests the best possible treatment for neurological disease. Past patients primarily use video consultations during their recovery process to stay in contact with Dr. Rohit.


Dr. Rohit Bansil’s Consultation Fee 2024 Amount
BLK-Max Hospital Consultation Rs. 1500
Video Consultation Rs. 1500

Why choose Dr. Rohit Bansil?

Why are we suggesting Dr. Rohit Bansil for neurological treatment in India? We have researched, and only after considering many factors like the success rate, past patient reviews, expertise, and experience, as mentioned above, Dr Rohit Bansil is one of the best neurosurgeons in India. Dr Rohit Bansil has more than 9 years of experience in performing complicated neurosurgeries and handling rare condition cases.

If we see past patients’ reviews about Dr. Rohit Bansil, they are very positive. Patients are happy with the treatment, and a speedy recovery is noticed with Dr. Rohit’s patients. Many international patients come to BLK Hospital; they appreciate Dr. Bansil for the easier treatment procedures and recovery process. Dr. Rohit Bansil’s success rate is also very high. He has treated many complicated and rare neurological conditions.

Where will I get a second opinion for neurosurgery?

Dr. Rohit Bansil is a profound neurosurgeon, and he is an expert in treating rare conditions of Neurological diseases. Contact us if you are confused about where to get treatment after being diagnosed. Expert Chikitsa provides past patient reviews of top neurosurgeons in India, gives you a cost estimation of surgery, and provides second opinions from other doctors. You can book an appointment for a safer treatment procedure by contacting us.

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