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Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai

Orthopedics refers to a branch of medicine that mainly focus on the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. A doctor who specializes in orthopedics is called an orthopedist. Orthopedists apply surgical or non-surgical approaches to treat the problem of musculoskeletal such as joint pain, sports injuries, and back problems. Dubai offers both male and female orthopedic surgeons. Let’s find out more about the Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai.

Dubai, the ultra-luxurious city in UAE, provides high-quality diagnosis and treatments for musculoskeletal system injuries and diseases. Specifically, orthopedic treat the conditions such as bone tumors, arthritis, bow legs, cerebral palsy, fractures, dislocations, sprains, muscle ligament, strains, tendon damage, spine disorders, and osteoporosis. Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai will offer special conditions such as arthroscopy, ankle, foot, joint replacement, hand,  pediatric, musculoskeletal oncology, rehabilitation, shoulder, spine, trauma, fractures, sports medicine, elbows, and reconstructive surgery.

Several famous hospitals in Dubai provide separate orthopedic surgery departments with dedicated and specialist orthopedists for knees, sports, hands, and pediatric orthopedic surgery. Every Orthopedic surgeon has focused training for providing better treatments. Cross-departmental referrals ensure physician treats each patient with experience for every diagnosis.

Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai

Dr. Sharmila Tulpule

  • Sharmila Tulpule is an Indian specialist orthopedic surgeon working in Dubai.
  • Dr. Tulpule has more than 25 years of experience in orthopedic surgeries.
  • Dr. Sharmila studies MBBS, M.Ch Ortho, and M.S Ortho and own American Board Certified specialist for regenerative medicine.
  • She is an internationally renowned and successful orthopedist practicing in Dubai, UAE.
  • She received training from GMC, Nagpur University in India, and is known as a brilliant student and hard-working individual. She took Arthroscopic surgery training in France, the most advanced training. After that, she began working in Dubai for 13 years as a specialist Arthroscopic and orthopedic surgeon, successfully treating thousands of people.
  • Dr. Sharmila’s specialties include arthroscopic surgeriesStem Cell Therapy for OA knee, and Regenerative Medicine.

Orthopedic treatments offered by Dr. Sharmila Tulpule

Stem cell and regenerative medicine

Dr. Sharmila, with vast experience and fast-evolving regenerative medicine, provides:

  • Adipose stem cell.
  • PRP.
  • Autologous conditioned serum therapy.
  • SVF therapies.
  • Bone marrow aspirate.
  • The most advanced GOLDIC treatment.

Dr. Sharmila is interested in performing regenerative and Orthobiologics medicine with minimally invasive surgeries.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Sharmila provides image-guided and regenerative ultrasound procedures for tendinosis, arthritis, ligament, muscles, tendon injuries, neck, back, and tail bone.

Orthopedic Doctor In Dubai

Dr. Wisam Elayan

  • Dr. Wisam is the best orthopedic German Board-certified surgeon. He is also s specialist in sports medicine.
  • He has 21 years of experience as a consultant orthopedic surgeon.
  • Dr. Wisam Elayan did graduation from the University of Gottingen in Germany. After graduation in Orthopedics And Trauma Surgery Residency at Klinikum Stadt Soest in Germany.
  • He started working and attended an orthopedics surgeon till 2015.
  • He was appointed as a consultant orthopedic surgeon at Academic hospital University Munser will 2018.
  • He holds significant expertise in managing and treating sports injuries, traumatology, back and neck pain, geriatric fractures, arthroscopic surgeries, hip joints, osteoporosis, and hip joint replacement.

Dr. Wisam’s expertise includes the following:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Pediatrics Traumatology.
  • Poly Trauma Management (Level-II).
  • Back Pain management and therapy.
  • Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions and Surgery
  • Geriatric Fractures
  • Hip Joint Replacement
  • Conservative management of orthopedic ailments.


Dr. Wail Ahmad

  • Dr. Wail is a consultant orthopedic surgeon currently practicing in Dubai.
  • He received primary medical education from the College of Medicine at Baghdad University in 1995 and gained working experience at the University hospital in Copenhagen. In addition, he participated as a junior surgeon teaching at a medical college for seven years.
  • Dr. Wali has 16 years of experience in Orthopaedic surgery.
  • He is board certified surgeon from Sweden and Denmark. Dr. Wali has vast experience in the conservative treatment of back pain and musculoskeletal ailments.

Dr. Wali’s specialties include the following:

  • ACL reconstruction
  • osteoarthritis
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Knee revisions
  • hip replacement surgery
  • knee arthroscopic surgeries
  • sports injuries
  •  bone infection
  • knee arthroscopic surgeries
  • sports infection
  • ankle and shoulder arthroscopic surgeries
  • conservative treatment of fractures
  • foot and hand conditions
  • forefoot and bunion surgeries

Orthopedic Treatment Cost in Dubai

Dubai is one of the famous places for orthopedic surgery. Several orthopedic specialists are available in Dubai whom you know from friends or someone who had treatment. If your joints and bone pain are not going with general doctor consultation and medication, you must consult a specialist orthopedic surgeon. Several problems can be treated, such as deformities, arthritis, ligament tear, and spinal problems. An orthopedic does not recommend surgeries directly, but they will recommend therapies to correct the problem. If they do not work, the patient needs surgery. The orthopedic treatment cost in Dubai is $16,000, depending on different procedures. The treatment cost entirely depends on the hospital facilities, surgeon, and procedure costs.

Orthopedic Treatment Cost in Dubai
Average Cost in AED
Average Cost in $
Orthopedic Surgery Cost In Dubai AED 58,761 $16,000
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In Dubai AED 75,000 to AED 120,000 $20,421 – $32,674
Hip Replacement Surgery Cost In Dubai AED 45907 $12,500
ACL Reconstruction Surgery AED 37,093 – AED 48,221 $10100 to $13130
Shoulder Replacement Surgery AED 71,872 – AED 78,226 $19570 – $21300
Knee Arthroscopy AED 22,182 – AED26,773 $6040 – $7290
Ankle Repair Cost Dubai AED 14,690 – AED 22,035 $4000 – $6000
Spine Surgery Cost AED 58,761 $16000

Orthopedic Procedures in Dubai

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Dubai: $20,421 – $32,674

The surgeon will recommend total or partial knee replacement surgery based on the severity of the patient’s knee condition. Both surgeries are due to cartilage damage in knee joints, which affects movement and causes pain.


Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Dubai: $12,500

The femur or thigh bone is linked with hip bones, the pelvis from a socket, and the ball joint. The top portion of the thigh bone is named as femoral head and ball portion. The socket part present in the pelvis is called the acetabulum. When there is a problem with the hip joint and cartilage, the socket joint or entire ball requires to replace with a plastic prosthesis or metal to recover damaged portions.


ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Dubai: $10100 to $13130

The anterior cruciate ligament is in the center of the knee; it resembles rope and a vital ligament that balances the knee. This ligament tearing affects knee stability and needs a surgical procedure. The orthopedic surgeon will reconstruct the ACL and remove all knee discomfort. They also replace the ruptured ligaments by grafting the patella or hamstring tendon. This procedure requires technological advancement with minimally invasive surgery to improve the patient’s quality of life.


Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cost in Dubai $19570 – $21300

Shoulder replacement surgery is necessary for the injured cuff. This surgery helps to remove the top part of the humerus, that is, the upper arm bone, and replace it with a metal ball. This surgery requires removing the damaged socket portion and adding a plastic prosthesis. The rotator cuff (ligaments and tendons in the shoulder) would balance everything.


Knee Arthroscopy Cost in Dubai $6040 – $7290

Arthroscopic surgery is knee replacement and correction surgery. This surgery has a minimally invasive procedure to create a small incision and add a tiny camera with instruments, making them see the inside part of the knee joint. This camera image is projected on a screen the doctor follows to correct the problem. An arthroscopic knee treatment in Dubai helps to treat a torn meniscus, dislocated patella, and joint ligaments.

Ankle Repair Cost Dubai $4000 – $6000

Ankle repair surgery in Dubai provides the best treatment for fractured joints. This surgery helps to correct the bone’s alignments. The best female orthopedic surgeon in Dubai repositioned the ankle bones using implants. After ankle repair surgery, the patient must wear a boot or cast for many weeks until the ankle bone heals. Later the patient needs to engage in rehabilitation exercises to get the full range of motion.


Spine Surgery Cost in Dubai $16000

Spine Surgeon in Dubai offers different back surgeries such as diskectomy, spinal fusion, laminectomy, and kyphoplasty. Spine surgeries are critical as they support the whole skeletal system. In addition, these procedures are done with minimal invasion.

Why do You Need to See Orthopedic Surgeon?

Certain bone and joint problems develop as age or reoccur after injuries. Consulting orthopedic specialists help you get specialized treatments because different orthopedic doctors have special training in conditions such as muscles, joints, and bones. Primary care doctors can help relieve general pain and mild symptoms, but some conditions need expert orthopedic help. Here are some essential reasons to see an orthopedic specialist:



Sciatica is a lower back pain that spreads through the leg and foot. Slipped disc is often the cause of sciatica condition, in which the rubber discs between the bone of the spine bulge past where they should extend. It can aggravate the sciatic nerve and lead to severe pain. In 90% of cases, the pain gets relieved with time. However, if the pain lasts over 6 weeks, please check with a sciatica specialist in Dubai to find the problem. The best Orthopedic surgeon will provide effective Sciatica Treatment in Dubai.

How to Cure Sciatica Permanently?

If the sciatic problem does not heal with medications and exercise, the patient will have two surgical options: laminectomy and diskectomy. This procedure will remove the pressing things on the sciatic nerve. For example, sometimes, herniated disk or bone spur puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica Relief in 8 minutes

Mild sciatica pain can be corrected at home by lying down and taking knees to the chest. The alternate reliving method can be ice therapy and heat therapy.

Last Stages Of Sciatica

If the sciatica nerve gets damaged and left untreated, it will have numbness and weakness, which will become permanent.



Lower Back Pain

Around 80% of adults experience lower back pain due to a long hour of working or putting continued pressure on the back because of bike riding or weight lifting. Several causes can induce lower back pain, such as age-related spinal changes, heavy object lifting, or a sedentary lifestyle. Most lower back pain may last for some days to weeks and go away. However, if the pain persists for weeks, it is time to find an orthopedic doctor. If you seek a Back Pain Doctor in Dubai, you must find the best female or male orthopedic doctor. Contact us to find the best Back pain treatment in Dubai.


Repetitive Strain Injury

It is another reason to seek Orthopedic surgeon help. Repetitive strain injuries occur from forceful and repetitive motions, poor posture, and overuse of certain muscles. These injuries affect the neck, back, hands, and arms muscles. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive strain that impacts the muscles and hand nerves. Common symptoms of repetitive strain injuries include stiffness, tenderness, or tingling in the affected part. The best female Orthopedic in Dubai provides strain injury treatment. You can contact us to get an appointment with Orthopedic Lady Doctor Dubai for rsi treatment.


Hip Pain

A patient suffering from hip pain may need to consult an Orthopaedic surgeon. Hip pain occurs within the hip joint and outside the hip, thighs, and buttocks. Minor pain can be relieved with pain medication, rest, heat, or ice therapy. However, see Hip Surgeon (orthopedic doctor) if the pain gets worse with time. In addition, the patient may be damaged by injury or arthritis that needs professional treatment. With sudden, intense hip pain or sudden cannot move or stand on one leg, seek emergency help. Contact us to book an appointment in the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Dubai.


Hip Replacement

If a person suffers from hip pain during everyday activities and other treatments are not working, then the patient may need hip replacement surgery. Orthopedic surgeons will do hip replacement surgery to replace the diseased and damaged hip with an artificial joint. A person will need a hip replacement for the conditions such as blood clots, fracture, dislocation, fracture, infection, or change in leg length. The hip replacement surgery makes the patient healthier and more active.


Knee Pain 

Knee pain is another discomforting reason to seek Orthopedic specialist help. Knees are complicated joints, and knee pain can have different causes, such as Knee ligament injuries, Meniscus tears, Arthritis, Rheumatoid, Post-traumatic, and Osteoarthritis. Over time, knees get damaged due to wear and tear. Other problems with hips and knees affect the knees. Please contact us to find the knee doctor or best female orthopedic surgeons in Dubai and for knee pain treatment in Dubai. Knee pain treatment may have physical therapy and medication for pain relief.


Knee Replacement

If your knees are poorly damaged, or previous treatment is ineffective, an orthopedic surgeon may do knee replacement surgery. This treatment replaces damaged knees with artificial joints. Total knee replacement is the total resurfacing of the damaged knee. The surgeon extracts the broken cartilage and bone and restores them with artificial materials. During partial knee replacement, the surgeon replaces a part of the joint. The recovery may take three months to one year, depending on the procedure.


Shoulder Pain

A person experiencing shoulder pain should consult an orthopedic surgeon. Often shoulder pain occurs due to muscle injury, tendons, and rotator cuff joint diseases. Overuse injuries and arthritis also cause pain, limited range of motion, and swelling. You need to seek an orthopedic doctor for help with shoulder pain that lasts more than 2 – 4 weeks that involves discoloration or swelling. Please contact us to find the Best Shoulder Surgeon in Dubai.

Why Travel to Dubai for Orthopaedic Surgery?

Visiting Dubai for tourism gives an amazing experience of beautiful and modern Arabic architecture, culture, history, and desert. Apart from that, Dubai offers the following advantages when choosing orthopedic surgeons.


Innovative Robotic Joint Replacement

Dubai provides advanced medical methods and technologies like Robotic procedures. Robotic joint replacement surgery is the latest way to replace hip and knee damaged parts. Dubai’s hospital provides expert robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery. This innovative technology allows doctors to do highly personalized surgery with laser technology.

Not only one doctor or surgeon but fully equipped medical work on robotics joint replacement procedures in Dubai.

Earlier, orthopedic surgeons used conventional surgeries based on eyeballs with a 2D vision for bone cutting. But presently, Dubai’s orthopedic department has developed high-end robotics with self-learning artificial intelligence to get a live 4D map of the patient’s joint, ideal position, implants, and bone replacement while maintaining natural bones and ligament structure.

The best benefit of a robotic-assisted joint replacement is better results and short recovery time. Even complex cases will better balance soft tissues and joint alignment.


Advanced Facilities

Choosing Dubai for Orthopaedic surgery will provide high-quality care and state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure. Innovative technicianshighly qualified doctors, and surgeons will ensure the patient gets full attention. The dedicated scientific research in Dubai brings the best possible ways to correct the complex conditions of patients’ joint problems to make them more active.

Dubai offers the world’s best orthopedic surgeons from U.S., Europe, India, and other countries. While they come to practice and participate in various orthopedic cases, patients can get the best treatment from experienced international orthopedic surgeons.


Latest Technology in Hospitals

When you choose Dubai for Orthopaedic surgery, you will benefit from the best healthcare services. Dubai is a rapidly growing healthcare chain offering the latest infrastructure for end-to-end problem detection and treatment. You will get a reputed and JCI-accredited hospital and diagnosis center.


Specialized Orthopaedic Treatment Services 

Dubai offers a variety of orthopedic surgery treatments, such as:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Children’s Orthopedics
  • Arthritis
  • Elbow surgeries
  • Fractures, Strains, and Sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Foot and Ankle Surgeries
  • Nerve Disorders Neuromas
  • Bone Grafting
  • Congenital Abnormalities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports Medicine
  • Spine Care
  • Sports reconditioning

Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor in Dubai, UAE

Bone and muscles form the musculoskeletal system, an essential human body part. The bone functions are not limited to offering body support, storing necessary minerals and fat, allowing body movement, and protecting internal organs. Dubai’s hospital offer the best Pediatric Orthopaedic doctors in reputed hospitals. Pediatric orthopedic surgeons treat injuries, muscles, and bone conditions affecting children, adolescents, and young children. They also treat congenital conditions and need disorders. A multidisciplinary team of ortho specialists, including surgeons, physicians, and physiotherapists, treats a wide range of pediatric orthopedic problems, including joint or bone infections, skeletal abnormalities, broken bones, and injuries.

Pediatric Orthopedic Treatments in Dubai

  • Bone infections
  • Back pain
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Fractures
  • Spinal deformity
  • Sprains and strains
  • Neck disorders and injuries
  • Scoliosis
  • Spine injuries
  • Foot and ankle disorders and injuries
  • Knee injuries and disorders
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Hip injuries and disorders
  • limb deformities
  • Skeletal dysplasia
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta

Ortho Dubai & Orthopedic Specialist 

Orthopedic doctors in Dubai provide a range of options to the patient to move without pain and restore stability. Best female orthopedic surgeons try nonsurgical treatments whenever required and provide customized treatment with therapy. When a case needs surgery, Ortho doctors offer advanced and innovative techniques in surgeries that help in healing faster and recovery in a shorter time. Whether your condition involves joints or bones or ligaments, muscles, and tendons, the best orthopedic doctors will provide dedicated efforts and the best treatment plans.

Orthopedic Surgery Success Rate in Dubai

The orthopedic surgery success rate in Dubai is exceptionally high. Around 98% of patients get successful outcomes and return to normal life activities with a full range of motions. The highly qualified ortho surgeons, advanced technologies, and the latest medicine availability in Dubai are the main reasons Dubai has achieved high success in ortho procedures.


Orthopedic Consultation in Dubai

How Much Is Orthopedic Consultation In Dubai?

Dubai city offers AED 100 – AED 600 consultation charges for Orthopedic doctors. Every clinic has a different range of fees and depends on the Orthopedic doctor’s experience. Get an Appointment with the best Orthopedic surgeons in Dubai who offer state-of-the-art medical equipment, the latest medical equipment, and cutting-edge technologies for advanced knees, hips, and joint bone treatments. Please contact us for an Appointment with Orthopedic Spine SpecialistKnee Surgeonor Shoulder Surgeon.


Consulting a Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai early prevent risky complications with knee problems. Orthopedic surgeons will help you regain your active life in full motion. Treatment delays affect the musculoskeletal system’s regular motions and cause joint pain. International patients can have more choices for the Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai for different types of ortho treatments. Orthopedic procedures are safe, effective, and performed under board-certified surgeons, modern technology, and well-trained medical teams. Please contact us for an appointment with the Best Female Orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai.

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