Dr. Yuksel Yurttas – Top Surgeon for Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

Height is critical in shaping a person’s appearance and is determined by genetics, over, which no one has control. However, if you visit Turkey and meet Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas, you’ll find you can do much about your height. Dr. Yurttas is an orthopedic surgeon and limb lengthening specialist who helps people gain as much as 6 inches (15 centimeters) of length to their legs. 

A member of the Turkish Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dr. Yurttas has been performing leg lengthening surgeries in Turkey for 28 years now. At Esencan International Hospital in Istanbul, he treats children and adults with leg discrepancies due to a birth defect, abnormal bone growth, and/or a poorly healed fracture. He has even regrown the limb bone of patients who have had their femur (thigh) bone removed because of cancer. 

This is possible because of his knowledge and experience in using the most advanced limb-lengthening techniques, such as Precice 2, LON, and Ilizarov. Dr. Yurttas has undergone 17 local and international courses on orthopedics and has written over 20 research papers on correcting different types of bone and limb deformities. He is one of those few Turkish surgeons to showcase the application of Precice, LON, and Ilizarov surgery methods. Dr. Yurttas always focuses on individual patient goals as he works to optimize the long-term surgery outcome. 

Find out more about his experience, key achievements, reviews, average limb lengthening cost in his clinic, and more. 

Get the Best Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey by Dr. Yuksel Yurttas

Dr. Yurttas’s rich experience in stature lengthening and treating limb length discrepancies makes him one of the best limb lengthening surgeons in Turkey. To date, he has performed over 700 operations and has a high track record of success. He began his medical studies in 1997 at the Gulhane Military Medical Academy or GATA. 

During this time, he also completed his first and emergency aid training. Soon after, he started his specialization training in GATA in orthopedics and traumatology. While specializing, he also gained interest in the Ilizarov method of surgery. So, he did a course from the Cukurova University on the same. The course made him more curious about this technique, which led him to complete the advanced Ilizarov course in 2002. With this added knowledge, he engaged in many limb-lengthening surgeries and treated various combat injuries in Turkey’s top military hospitals. 

His tenure as a military doctor at Girne Military Hospital, Cyprus, and Gulhane Military Medical Academy gave him a deep knowledge of correcting limb defects. Subsequently, he worked as an Assistant Associate Doctor from 2007 at Gulhane Military Medical Academy and then as Associate Doctor from 2012 until 2016. In 2017, Dr. Yurttas became an associate doctor at the Private Esencan Hospital. Today, he is an active member of the Turkish Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology, TOTBID Kecioren (Pediatric Orthopedics), and TOTBID Arthroplasty Association.

He has utilized the Precice technology to increase the heights of patients from all over the world. Using his knowledge and experience, Dr. Yurttas customizes the therapy for patients in the least invasive manner. This reduces the need for repeat surgeries and improves the clinical outcomes and patient’s quality of life.

Some of the courses he has done to enhance his surgical skills in increasing height and correcting leg asymmetries include the following:

  • Microsurgery Course in 2004 from GATA Ankara
  • Pediatric orthopedics mobile advanced training course in May 2004 from Bursa-Eskisehir-Ankara.
  • 3rd Meeting of the ASAMI International in 2004 at Istanbul
  • TOTBID-TOTEK Orthopedics and Traumatology Basic Sciences and Research Summer School in2004 (Konya)
  • Minimally Invasive Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty course in 2006 from GATA Ankara
  • Minimally Invasive and Locked Plate Osteosynthesis Course in 2009
  • MedCalcTurkey user training series in November 2008
  • XXIII Course on Musculoskeletal Pathology at Bologna, Italy

Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas – Setting New Standards of Limb Lengthening in Turkey

Dr. Yuksel Yurttas performs the best limb-lengthening surgery in Turkey. His surgeries have made many people grow 8cm taller in just three months! He has been studying, completing courses, and writing research papers on various aspects of leg lengthening and height increase since 2000. Using LON, Ilizarov, Holyfix, Precice Stryde, and Precice 2 methods, he treats conditions like dwarfism, knock knees, unhealed bones after fractures, and limb deformities due to polio. Apart from cosmetic lengthening, he also specializes in limb shortening surgery. 

Dr. Yurttas believes in dispensing the correct knowledge about limb lengthening surgery so that no one feels hesitant while planning for it. He knows that many people suffer in silence because of limb discrepancies, either due to birth defects, an accident, or trauma. To this end, he uses his presence on social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to educate people. You will find authentic patient reviews and stories, their unbelievable transformations, and learn about the most sophisticated technology in the field of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey. 

Right from choosing the correct lengthening procedure, showing aftercare and support, and dismantling the misunderstandings about this procedure, he reveals everything people need to know to make the right decision. Every person who sets out with him ends up with better self-confidence and achieves the length they dreamed of. 

Dr. Yuksel Yurttas Cost of Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

Dr. Yurttas does the best limb-lengthening surgery in Turkey with the latest methods but at affordable rates. The cost of the procedure is a sum of consultation, surgery, and post-operative care. This table shows the average cost of his procedures.

The limb lengthening method by Dr. Yuksel Yurttas The average cost of limb lengthening method in US dollars
LON method $20121
Precice 2 method $48400
Precice Stryde $52392
Lengthening Over Nails $20,820
Ilizarov Technique Up to $15,560
Holyfix technique $15717

Dr. Yuksel Yurttas Cost of Leg Lengthening Surgery Made Affordable with All-inclusive Packages

Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas and his team provide the LON Method and Precice 2 leg lengthening surgery packages for patients at Esencan International Hospital in Istanbul. These packages make Dr. Yuksel Yurttas’s limb lengthening cost affordable. You will receive the following in a package: 

  • Preoperative tests
  • Actual leg lengthening operation
  • Hospitalization
  • Your transportation and transfers 
  • Complete follow-up care after the surgery
  • Physical therapy 
  • Check-ups with Dr. Yurttas 
  • Accommodation
  • Complete support until Dr. Yurttas considers you fully recovered. 
  • Optional remote follow-up program for those who wish to go back to their country after the treatment.

Dr. Yuksel Yurttas Reviews from Patients

Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas is Turkey’s most preferred surgeon to get height increase surgery. His patients end their treatment, achieving their dream heights and feeling like a new person. Dr. Yurttas focuses a lot on post-operative care, which is what makes people give him positive reviews. Here are some points that people who have undergone limb lengthening by Dr. Yurttas use to describe their experience.

  • Happy with the natural results.
  • Clear and effective communication ensures that patients are able to voice their concerns anytime.
  • Extensive physical therapy which ensures optimal recovery experience. 

You can leave a review for Dr. Yuksel Yurttas on our site or rate your limb lengthening surgery before and after experience.

What Is the Success Rate of Height Increase Surgery by Dr. Yuksel Yurttas

The success rate of height increase surgery by Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas is 99%. He uses cutting-edge technology, works with a team of orthopedists, and provides complete post-operative care. This ensures that his patients do not develop complications like nerve and muscle damage, joint contracture, joint dislocations, and arthritis. He teaches his patients how to clean and manage the pin and wire sites before they leave the facility. To minimize complications, Dr. Yurttas also checks the progress of the patient and their fixator at regular follow-up appointments. His team of experts provides personalized physical therapy after the surgery. They ensure our patients get excellent care, such as bandage changes, wound care, dressings, and frequent check-ups. This prevents complications earlier on and helps Dr. Yurttas to identify and rectify issues.

Get an Expert Medical Second Opinion before Your Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

You can get the best limb-lengthening surgery in Turkey when you know that this option is entirely appropriate for you. This surgery has a higher chance of complications. So you must be very sure of being the right candidate. Expert Chikitsa’s orthopedic doctors are there to provide their second opinion for this surgery if you are planning for the same. They look at your previous test results, give treatment recommendations, and help you analyze the pros and cons of your options. Expert Chikitsa’s second opinion service is open to anyone. We will help you find the most suitable treatment option and the method of leg lengthening, depending on your needs.

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