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Dr. Eda Isil

As an EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eda Isil has 15 years of experience. She completed her Graduation in Medcal from Istanbul University. And specialization residency training from Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine. 

A rhinoplastist, Dr. Isil specializes in face, neck, and eye rejuvenation operations. She also does surgery on the breast, the body, and patients who have lost a great deal of weight. Patient-centeredness is a hallmark of Dr. Isil’s approach to medicine. The communication between the surgeon and the patient, both prior to and after surgery, is critical to her.

Preoperatively and postoperatively, Dr. Isil gives special attention to the well-being of each patient. This allows her to communicate directly with patients while providing information and care that is specific and detailed. Dr. Isil doesn’t like to think of her patients as paying consumers, and neither does her staff. Instead of treating treatments as products aimed to upsell individuals, she sees them as a way to help people.

To achieve natural-looking results, Dr. Isil also offers a number of minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures including botulinum toxin injections, fillers, laser resurfacing, and thread lifts. For her compassionate and calming bedside style, she is well regarded. Dr. Isil is committed to giving her patients the finest possible experience.

Dr. Eda Isil Education

  • High School – Istanbul German High School
  • Graduation – Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine
  • Specialty – Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Eda Isil Experience

  • Kocaeli University School of Medicine, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Marmara University School of Medicine, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Istanbul Academy of Plastic Surgery
  • Avicenna Private Hospital
  • Private Practice

Dr. Eda Isil Certification and Awards



Dr. Eda Isil Memberships

  • 2011 Turkish Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2015 European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Eda Isil Reviews

Dr. Eda Isil is well-known in the field of plastic surgery. Her patients come from all over the country and even other countries. After surgery, his patients describe her as the best plastic surgeon in Turkey, and they have faith in his surgical procedures. Dr. Eda Isil makes the patient’s treatment more comfortable, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Dr. Eda Isil Prices

Here you can find price estimates for Dr. Eda Isi’s surgeries. Contact us with the surgery details, and we will get back to you with a cost estimate. According to our research, the cost of plastic surgery in his clinic is very low. His staff is well-trained and experienced, and they will make you feel at ease during the procedure.

Dr. Eda Isil Appointment

You can reach out to us here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eda Isil. Because Dr. Eda Isil is a well-known and skilled surgeon, he sees patients from all over the country, so make an appointment ahead of time to avoid any last-minute crowds.

Dr. Eda Isil Bad Reviews

Dr. Eda Isil’s experience has led to an increase in international clients who regard him as the best surgeon in Istanbul. Dr. Eda Isil’s operation has received very little negative feedback. He ensures that the surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

Dr. Eda Isil Before and After Photos

It’s also possible to compare the before and after pictures for any surgery. Before and after pictures of your procedure are available upon request. In order to protect our clients’ privacy, we are unable to post before and after photos of our clients on the internet at this time.

Dr. Eda Isil Hospital Address and Contact Number

Dr. Eda Isil Address: Konaklar, Akçam Cd No:3, 34330 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Dr. Eda Isil Contact Number: You can contact here for Dr. Eda Isil Appointment.

Dr. Eda Isil , Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Dr. Eda Isil Reviews?

Find Dr. Eda Isil Reviews from past clients here.

What is Dr. Eda Isil prices for Aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Eda Isil price for Aesthetic surgery depends on required procedure. Find cost estimates here.

Can I get Dr. Eda Isil Before and After Photos?

Yes, you can get Dr. Eda Isil before and after photos here. But personal identity is masked to keep the privacy of our clients.

How to book Dr. Eda Isil Appointment?

You can book Dr. Eda Isil Online appointment here.

What does Dr. Eda Isil Specialize in?

Dr. Eda Isil is an expert in doing all Aesthetic surgeries.

Rating and Reviews,

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Dr. Eda Isil's Breast Augmentation Surgery left me utterly disappointed.

27th February 2024

My experience with Dr. Eda Isil during breast augmentation surgery was deeply disappointing due to her rude behavior. Throughout the process, Dr. Isil displayed a lack of professionalism and empathy, making me feel uncomfortable and disregarded. Her dismissive attitude and curt responses left me feeling disrespected and anxious about the procedure. Additionally, the post-operative care was inadequate, with minimal support or guidance provided during the recovery period. Overall, Dr. Isil’s rude behavior marred what could have been a positive experience, leaving me feeling disillusioned and regretful about my decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery with her.

Alyssa White

Transformation with Dr. Eda Isil, happy with my Rhinoplasty Journey

27th February 2024

Deciding to have a rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Eda Isil was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. When I first met Dr. Isil, she was really kind and listened carefully to what I wanted. She explained the rhinoplasty procedure in a simple way that I could understand, which made me feel comfortable and confident in her expertise. Dr. Isil took the time to answer all my questions and address any concerns I had, which I really appreciated.

On the day of the surgery, Dr. Isil and her team took excellent care of me. They made sure I felt relaxed and safe throughout the whole process. The surgery went smoothly, and I felt well taken care of afterwards. Dr. Isil’s skillful hands and attention to detail were evident in the results, which turned out even better than I had hoped for.

After the surgery, Dr. Isil continued to check on me regularly to make sure I was healing properly. She provided clear instructions for post-operative care, which helped me feel confident in my recovery. Months later, I am thrilled with the results of my rhinoplasty. Dr. Eda Isil truly transformed my nose in the best way possible, and I feel more confident and happy with my appearance than ever before. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Isil and her team for their expertise and compassionate care throughout my rhinoplasty journey.



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