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Dr. Ahmet Alp Review and Costs


Today, in this article you will know about the Dr. Ahmet Alp review, cost, clinic address, and how to book an appointment with him.

Dr. Ahmet Alp is an Otorhinolaryngologist specialist in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied at Dokuz University in Izmir. And worked in many areas as a General Practitioner, Assistant Doctor, and Operator doctor. Now serves as an ENT specialist in his private clinic. He is one of the doctors who provide aesthetic services to his patients and makes them beautiful. Dr. Alp’s work is to make every patient happy with his results for which he works as a focused surgeon for more than 12 years, and has done surgeries over 5000 in 120 different countries.

Dr. Alp is a skilled and experienced who worked in many countries and delivered desired results to his patients. His medical team and staff are also very caring and take every responsibility for their patients from beginning to end. They provide many services in surgery, aesthetics without surgery, and ENT Disease. Like a rhinoplasty, lip filler, Mentoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, Nose Tip Plasty, etc.

So, if you want to treat yourself with this world-famous doctor, Dr. Ahmet Alp you can go through this article and read more information about him and take a step forward by taking his appointment with us and make your beautiful life more beautiful.


Dr. Ahmet Alp Qualification Specialized in ENT Disease and Plastic surgeries
Address of Dr. Ahmet Alp Teşvikiye Mah. Valikonağı Cad, Demirhan Apt. No: 36 Kat: 3, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Rating of Dr. Ahmet Alp 4.8
Is Dr. Ahmet Alp Friendly? Yes
The consultation fee of Dr. Ahmet Alp Around 100 USD
Dr. Ahmet Alp Contact Number Contact us here.
Is Dr. Ahmet Alp Board Certified Surgeon? Yes
Common surgeries performed by Dr. Ahmet Alp Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic without Surgery and ENT Disease

Education Background:

  • Graduated from Dokuz University Faculty of Medicine – Izmir, Turkey
  • Specialized in ENT Diseases and Plastic Surgery

Work experience:

Experience over 12 year

  • At Erzincan State Hospital as a General Practitioner
  • Worked at Haseki Training and Research Hospital as an assistant doctor in ENT Diseases
  • At Eyup State Hospital worked as an operator doctor
  • Currently working in his private clinic as an ENT Specialist – Dr.Ahmet Alp’s clinic.


Area of Interest

Revision Rhinoplasty Septum Deviation
Primary Rhinoplasty Ear Nose Throat Diseases
Septoplasty Nasal Flesh Problem
Tip Plasty Prominent Ear Problem
Otoplasty Cyst
Mentoplasty Nasal Polyp
Nose Filling Sleep apnea
Lip Filler Nose curvature
Under Eye light Filling nasopharynx
PRP lymphadenitis
Mesotherapy Facial paralysis
Youth Vaccine Chronic Otitis
Peeling Nasal Congestion
Tonsillectomy Mumps
Nasal Flesh Surgery Anosmia (Inability to Smell)
Ear Tube Surgery otosclerosis
Vocal Surgery Edema
Sinusitis surgery cholesteatoma
Nasal Aesthetics Postnasal drip
Skin Rejuvenation Concha Enlargement
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Swallowing Difficulty
Ear Aesthetics Tonsil Disease
Computed Tomography Scan (CT) nasal congestion
Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Nose curvature

Why Choose Dr. Ahmet Alp?

Dr. Ahmet Alp is one of the plastic surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey. Their treatment will be like a change in your life. The procedure of surgery is like dropping the discomforts and the aesthetic surgery process, which will make your difficult life an easier one. Provides good quality as well as a beautiful life. The procedure of the surgery will be like this:

  • Take an appointment
  • The examination will perform before the surgery
  • According to the diagnosis treatment will carry out
  • And the outcome will be as beautiful as you want.

Reviews of Dr. Ahmet Alp:

Treated patients of Dr. Alp have given some reviews about him as such that he is:

  • Skilled and experienced Doctor
  • The Assistant of Dr. Alp is wonderful and kind-hearted
  • Friendly and helpful in every stage
  • Provide accommodation to the patients who came from another country
  • The staff in the clinic are very caring
  • Surgical procedure is a very smooth process
  • No scars will left behind after the operation
  • Swollen of the surgical part remains for days but completely goes away with time.
  • Give natural surgery
  • Recommended by many patients for rhinoplasty surgery.

Botched surgeries of Dr. Ahmet Alp:

Surgery can go wrong at any step like patients’ diagnosis process is not done properly, and some surgical procedures are not accurately done. It can happen in many ways. But in Dr. Alp’s past patients have a great time while the surgical process is been done and recommended Dr. Alp if anybody wants to get any type of aesthetic services. Past patients share pictures with good reviews that one of the rhinoplasty surgeons in turkey.

Cost of Dr. Ahmet Alp:

Cost varies from patient to patient based on:

  • hospital charges
  • what type of  surgery a patients need
  • then taking an appointment
  • pre-medical tests will carry on
  • then surgery procedure
  • accommodation charges if from another country
  • staying at the clinic after surgery
  • follow-up at clinic

You can get the exact Cost of Dr. Ahmet Alp here. Contact Us to know more.

Consultant fees of Dr. Ahmet Alp:

Consultant fees of Dr. Alp are around 100 USD.


Contact Number Address  For appointment
Contact Us Here Teşvikiye Mah. Valikonağı Cad, Demirhan Apt. No: 36 Kat: 3, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey Contact Here

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