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Dr. Ahmet Altintas – Find Price and Reviews


Dr. Ahmet Altintas is one of the famous surgeons in Plastic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Here, we will learn about Dr.Ahmet Altintas price, reviews, and how to book an appointment. First of all, let’s discuss his interest as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Altintas started his medical career at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, and at Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital specializing his work in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. He also qualified skill exam and received board certification organized by ENT and the Head and Neck Surgery Association.

After his specialization, he is more interested in facial aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, snoring surgery, and maxillofacial surgery. He participated in various training programs in these areas and also took part as a speaker trainer. Dr. Ahmet is also a member of many associations and also published his journals and article.

Dr. Ahmet’s work is been focused and dedicated to his patients who take communication on-to-one, follow-ups with his patients, and patient reviews are also very good. He is a very experienced and skilled doctor with over 20 years.


Dr. Ahmet Altintas  Qualification Specialized in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Address of Dr. Ahmet Altintas Harbiye Mah., Teşvikiye Cad, Karaosmanoğlu Apt No:37, Kat:4, 34028 Şişli, Turkey
Rating of Dr. Ahmet Altintas 4.8
Is Dr. Ahmet Altintas  Friendly? Yes
The consultation fee of Dr. Ahmet Altintas Around 100 USD
Dr. Ahmet Altintas  Contact Number Contact us here.
Is Dr. Ahmet Altintas  Board Certified Surgeon? Yes
Common surgeries performed by Dr. Ahmet Altintas facial aesthetic surgery,  endoscopic sinus surgery, snoring surgery

Education Background:

  • Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine – Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University – 1995-2002

Work Experience:

  • At Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital worked on his specialization training in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery – Vice President for 2 years.
  • At Istinye University was a lecturer.


  • European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS )
  • Turkish Medical Association (TMA)


Area of Interest


Adenoid Surgery Angina endoscopic sinus surgery.
Adenoidectomy Concha Enlargement Head and Neck Surgeries
blepharoplasty Ear Nose Throat Diseases maxillofacial surgery
Botox Injection Earache Otolaryngology
Chin Aesthetics External Otitis Rhinoplasty
Ear Aesthetics Middle Ear Inflammation robotic surgery
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Nasal Congestion snoring surgery
Eyelid aesthetic Nasal Polyp
Face Fill Nasal Septum Deviation
Face Lift Nasal Tumor
Facial Rejuvenation nasopharynx
Fat Injection to the Face Nose curvature
Lip filler Otitis (ear Inflammation)
Nose Aesthetic Surgery Outer Ear Inflammation
Nose Tip Lift polyps
polysomnography Postnasal drip
PRP Facial Rejuvenation Prominent Ear Problem
rhinoplasty respiratory tract infections
Salivary Gland Surgery Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Septum Perforation Repair Septum Deviation
Sinus Surgery Shortness of breath
Snoring Surgery Sinusitis
Tonsillectomy Throat ache
Turbinectomy (Nasal Airway Surgery) tonsillitis

Pricelist of some popular treatments:

Treatments Price (USD)
Brow Lift 1123
Chin Implant 1532
Blepharoplasty 919
Facelift 2809
Otoplasty 1430
Closed Rhinoplasty 2553
Open Rhinoplasty 2043
Fat Filler 766
Septoplasty 1532

The above table of pricelist is some of the popular treatments of Dr. Altintas. This price list is are estimated one. You can contact us for anexact price for what type of surgery you need.

Why choose Dr. Ahmet Altintas?

Dr. Ahmet Altintas is been experienced for over 20 years. His medical team follow-up with the patients from appointment to the post-operative recovery period. Dr. Altintas is a board-certified surgeon. He is a focused and dedicated doctor who wants his patients must be happy after their surgery and feel more beautiful inside out. Also published many articles and journals which shows his work at its best. He has treated many patients with the best outcomes. Patients also recommend him to do surgery from him.

Reviews of Dr. Ahmet Altinats.

Past patients reviewed him as:

  • Kind and friendly manner person
  • His staff takes care and attention to a follow-up appointment
  • Provides pleasant and smooth surgery
  • Caring during the whole process
  • Very happy with the outcomes and new look
  • Supportive information from appointment to till surgery
  • No bruises and minimal swelling
  • Clean and hygienic staff
  • Hospital is well equipped and comfy

Botched surgeries of Dr. Ahmet Altinats.

Botched surgeries of Dr. Ahmet are not seen anywhere. He has done successful surgeries till now. Patients is been satisfied with their surgeries. And his past patients also state that he is a very experienced doctor as well as his medical team.

Consultant Fees of Dr. Ahmet Altinats.

Consultant fees are around 100 USD.


Contact Number Address  For appointment
Contact Us Here  Harbiye Mah., Teşvikiye Cad, Karaosmanoğlu Apt No:37, Kat:4, 34028 Şişli, Turkey To book an appointment. Contact us to get more information.

Rating and Reviews,

Rated 3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Dr. Ahmet Altintas's Rhinoplasty Surgery left me dismayed

Rated 1.0 out of 5
27th February 2024

My experience with Dr. Ahmet Altintas’s rhinoplasty surgery was marred by the lack of adequate facilities. Despite Dr. Altintas’s reputed expertise, the surgical center where the procedure took place lacked the necessary equipment and resources to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. The facilities were outdated and substandard, leaving me feeling uneasy and apprehensive about the surgery. Additionally, the lack of modern amenities and proper hygiene protocols further detracted from the overall experience. While Dr. Altintas’s surgical skill may be commendable, the inadequate facilities significantly diminished my confidence in the procedure and ultimately left me dissatisfied with the entire process.


Transformation with Dr. Ahmet Altintas: My Liposuction Journey

Rated 5.0 out of 5
27th February 2024

Deciding to undergo liposuction with Dr. Ahmet Altintas was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my body. When I first met Dr. Altintas, he was really friendly and listened carefully to what I wanted. He explained the liposuction procedure in simple words, making sure I understood everything. I felt really comfortable and confident in his hands right from the start.

On the day of the surgery, Dr. Altintas and his team were amazing. They took really good care of me and made sure I felt relaxed. The surgery went smoothly, and I didn’t feel scared at all. Dr. Altintas’s expertise was evident, and I trusted him completely throughout the whole process.

After the surgery, Dr. Altintas checked on me regularly to see how I was doing. He gave me clear instructions on how to take care of myself at home, which helped a lot during my recovery. Now, a few months later, I’m thrilled with the results of my liposuction. Dr. Ahmet Altintas did an incredible job, and I feel so much more confident and happy with my body. I’m really grateful to Dr. Altintas for his skillful hands and compassionate care throughout my liposuction journey. I would highly recommend Dr. Altintas to anyone considering liposuction surgery.



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