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Dr. Burak Ersen – Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in Turkey

Plastic surgery is an area that is in equal parts creative and challenging. It is these characteristics of this profession that appealed to Dr. Burak Ersen right from when he completed his medical education at Maltepe University. His genuine passion and enthusiasm made him the recipient of a full scholarship. He became one of the few specialists from his department who received the opportunity to study in Western Europe in his 5th year. Today, even after being a member of esteemed societies and associations like the European Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Association and Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Association, he is as humble as when he first started his journey. In fact, amazing, kind, and genuine are the terms his patients frequently use when giving his reviews. Dr. Ersen, through his work, has dismantled the stereotype of plastic surgery leading to horror stories of patients on popular channels and unhappy faces. He has made cosmetic procedures in Turkey synonymous with stunning results and spectacular experiences. 

In addition, Dr. Ersen is an Instagram influencer with over 10k followers. He offers a glimpse of his Mommy Makeover, tummy tuck, liposuction, and skinny BBL surgery results to his huge follower base. Everyone loves the knowledge about plastic surgery that he shares online along with the marvelous body and face transformation photos of his patients that he posts. 

Dr. Burak Ersen’s Experience and Areas of Expertise

Dr. Burak Ersen has a specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery from the Uludag University Hospital. He performed many operations while working in Kastamonu after his specialization. At this time, he became a member of the European Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association. He gained rich experience in his field by performing various surgeries in Istanbul and Bursa.

Dr. Ersen also operated patients in Sweden for some time. In Turkey, Dr. Ersen has worked at some of the most prominent hospitals from 2017 to 2018. These include the Private Jimer Hospital in Istanbul and Estetik International Clinic in Turkey. He has been practicing privately at his own clinic, Dr. Burak Ersen Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Clinic since 2019. Dr. Burak Ersen has over 21 publications and has been cited more than 47 times in research projects which show his deep knowledge of the evolving field of plastic surgery. He has done more than 600 surgeries, which show a high success rate. 

Today, he skillfully performs the following cosmetic procedures in Turkey:

  • Liposuction
  • Breast reduction and breast lift 
  • Brazilian Butt Lift 
  • Body lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Abdominal etching 
  • Lip lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Otoplasty 
  • Mesotherapy 
  • Botox
  • Fillers 

Dr. Burak Ersen’s Cutting-edge Surgeries Known Only in Turkey

Dr. Burak Ersen performs many surgeries that are unknown outside Turkey. That’s why he has an international client base. These include auto augmentation breast lift, lipo tummy tuck with BBL, and two-flap otoplasty for protruding ear correction. The auto-augmentation breast lift is an alternative to breast lift augmentation. People with sagging breasts who want to preserve their breast volume fully and give a lifted appearance are the ideal candidates. Dr. Ersen doesn’t insert any implants during this procedure. The mastopexy look is provided with the own soft tissue of the patient. 

The combination of liposuction, tummy tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift is also a unique procedure that is completely safe for those in good health condition. Dr. Ersen uses a three-dimensional approach for lipo tummy tuck. This allows the patient to have a real body-shaping experience, which is not possible in traditional tummy tucks. Dr. Ersen’s aim through this surgery is not only to remove excess skin from the body but also to shape it in a desirable manner. 

His two-flap otoplasty technique results in symmetrical-looking ears and preserves the cartilage’s integrity. This technique causes minimal complications and recurrence of the condition. Moreover, the successful execution of this procedure minimizes the emotional distress of the sufferers significantly, which, according to Dr. Ersen, is a significant responsibility of a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Burak Ersen Reviews by Patients

Dr. Burak Ersen’s reviews are mostly positive. His novel treatment methods, caring attitude, and excellent post-operative care appeal to all his patients. We have found that people like the following about him:

  • Exceptional results after surgeries like a tummy tuck.
  • Dr. Ersen listens to patients’ concerns and recommends the procedure that is most necessary. 
  • Explanation of everything that will be done through the surgery while marking the body. 

You can leave a review of your surgery by Dr. Ersen on our site. 

Dr. Burak Ersen Prices of Cosmetic Surgeries for Body and Face in Turkey

Dr. Burak Ersen does a range of surgical aesthetic procedures. You must schedule an appointment with him to know the precise cost of these treatments. This table provides you with the estimated price of his common surgeries.

Name of the plastic surgery by Dr. Burak Ersen Average Price of the plastic surgery in US dollars
BBL ( Fat transfer to buttocks) $7700
Skinny BBL Between $3000 to $4800
Tummy tuck $8600
Mini tummy tuck $3500
Mommy makeover $15200
Arm lifting $5779
Leg lifting $4966
Breast lifting $6689
Breast reduction $5257
Blepharoplasty $4000
Facelifting $4973
Neck lifting $4328
Lip reduction Starts from $800
Lip lifting $2188
Rhinoplasty (primary and secondary) $3283 to $5099
Abdominal etching or six-pack implant Starts from $3900

Dr. Burak Ersen Prices of Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Burak Ersen is a top choice for non-surgical procedures like Botox and fillers. Here’s the average price of these procedures.

The non-surgical procedure by Dr. Burak Ersen The average price of the non-surgical procedure in US dollars
Non-surgical facelift Up to $4500
Forehead filling Starts from $650
Lip filling Up to $450
Botox Starts from $250
Mesotherapy $3000

Get an Expert Second Medical Opinion Before Surgery by Dr. Burak Ersen

Before deciding on any surgical or non-surgical procedure, it is crucial to have complete details of that treatment, the risks involved, and recovery time. Expert Chikitsa’s plastic surgeons are there to give you an expert second opinion about your prospective aesthetic procedure. Share your concerns with them and get the most suitable plan tailored to your existing condition. You will have the peace of mind that you will undergo the most appropriate treatment.

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    Praggya is seasoned medical content writer and she helped numerous healthcare organizations achieve their communication goals. Her focus while writing about healthcare content is to enable readers to understand medical matters that will facilitate better decision-making. She feels fortunate to have had the privilege to interview thousands of doctors and patients for the content. In the past, she has written many research stories and articles in the newsletters of leading clinics. She is passionate about exploring the length and breadth of content that she creates. Readers frequently appreciate her skill in translating complex medical information into easily understandable and relatable content.

2 Reviews for Dr. Burak Ersen | Find Prices, Real Reviews, and Schedule Consultation

Roopal S

0 Reviews

Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey

4/ 5

Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey. Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.

Rating and Reviews,

Rated 3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Transformative Liposuction surgery by Dr. Burak Ersen in Turkey

Rated 4.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My decision to undergo liposuction surgery with Dr. Burak Ersen was life-changing in the best possible way. From the moment I walked into his office, I felt confident in his expertise and professionalism. Dr. Ersen took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, explaining the liposuction procedure in detail and addressing any questions or doubts I had with patience and clarity.

On the day of the surgery, I was impressed by Dr. Ersen’s surgical skill and the care provided by his team. The procedure went smoothly, and I felt comfortable and well taken care of throughout the entire process. Dr. Ersen’s attention to detail and commitment to achieving optimal results were evident, leaving me with a newfound sense of confidence and satisfaction with my body.

The post-operative care provided by Dr. Ersen and his team exceeded my expectations. They closely monitored my recovery, providing thorough instructions and support to ensure a smooth healing process. Any concerns or questions I had were promptly addressed, further demonstrating Dr. Ersen’s dedication to patient care and satisfaction.

Months after the surgery, I am thrilled with the results of my liposuction. Not only do I look and feel better than ever, but I also have Dr. Burak Ersen to thank for his exceptional skill and care throughout the entire journey. I would highly recommend Dr. Ersen to anyone considering liposuction surgery.


Dr. Burka Ersen’s BBL Surgery is not worth the high price.

Rated 2.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My experience with Dr. Burka Ersen for BBL surgery was disappointing and not worth the high prices charged. Despite paying a premium for the procedure, the results fell far below my expectations. Not only did the outcome not align with what was discussed during consultations, but the post-operative care was also lacking. Communication with Dr. Ersen and the clinic staff was difficult, and I felt rushed through the entire process. Overall, I would caution others against choosing Dr. Ersen for BBL surgery based on my unsatisfactory experience.


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Roopa S

0 Reviews

Best Surgeon in Turkey

4/ 5

Dr. Burak Ersen is the best Plastic surgeon in Turkey. He has given the best results for Aesthetic surgery treatment. You can visit him for all the aesthetic surgeries like Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, etc.

Rating and Reviews,

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0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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