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Dr. Furkan Certel Review and Prices

A plastic surgeon is a doctor who repairs injuries and affects appearance or function. Although there is a broad different meaning between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, a plastic surgeon is been trained to restore the body’s function and appearance, and a cosmetic surgeon is been trained majorly in the aesthetic procedure. Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery is been applied to all age groups. A person needs plastic surgery when they have any congenital disability, are been injured in an accident, or have a problem caused by aging, and some people also opt for cosmetic surgery i.e., Aesthetic Surgery. Surgeries that are been offered by a plastic surgeon are Nasal Surgery, Facelift, forehead lift, nose shaping, lip augmentation, hair replacement surgery, eyelid surgery, facial implants, Breast augmentation, Abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction, Laser treatment, non-surgical treatment (Botox, filler), etc.

By knowing the essential fundamental thing about a plastic surgeon, let us dive into one of the plastic surgeons in Turkey who provides those services in his clinic and became a great surgeon. Dr. Furkan Certel is a specialized doctor in plastic, Aesthetics, and reconstructive surgery. In this article, we will discuss about Dr. Furkan Certel Review, Prices, services, treatments, how to book an appointment, etc.

Dr. Furkan Certel is a medical graduate student from Cerrahpasa University and trained for 5 years fellowship program in plastic surgery. He did various courses in plastic surgery related to liposuction, body lifting, liposculpture, and Rhinoplasty. He is also a board-certified surgeon since 2016. Dr. Certel’s interested includes tummy tuck, nose job, facial aesthetic, breast aesthetic, and liposculpture. He worked in a hospital in Turkey and continues his work on body contouring and performs around 50 surgeries monthly. Dr. Furkan has given many successful surgeries in body and facial aesthetics and published national and international articles.

Dr. Furkan Certel Pricelist

Dr. Furkan Certel Pricelist Average Cost (US Dollars) Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Rhinoplasty $5,522 ₺99,399
Hair Transplant $3,432 ₺61,775
Liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Breast augmentation $5,522 ₺99,399
Facelift surgery $7,965 ₺1,43,379
FUE hair transplant $3,432 ₺61,775
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction) $3,743 ₺67,368
Tummy Tuck $4,929 ₺88,722
Mammoplasty $5,847 ₺1,05,246
Brazilian Butt lift $9,745 ₺1,75,410
Abdominal liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Breast lift $5,847 ₺1,05,246
Revision rhinoplasty $6,878 ₺1,23,804
Breast reduction $7,641 ₺1,37,532
Septoplasty $2,118 ₺38,133
Thighs liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Otoplasty (ear surgery) $3,107 ₺55,928
Tip rhinoplasty $3,743 ₺67,368
Neck lift $5,607 ₺1,00,924
Buttock implants $9,745 ₺1,75,410
Love handles liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Open rhinoplasty $5,522 ₺99,399
Breast Implants with Breast Lift $7,641 ₺1,37,532
Lipofilling $2,811 ₺50,589
Chin Implant $3,616 ₺65,080
Upper arm liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Mommy makeover $22,738 ₺4,09,290
Vaginoplasty $5,042 ₺90,756
Buttock lift $9,745 ₺1,75,410
Back liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Beard transplant $3,432 ₺61,775
Buttocks liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Body Lift $9,745 ₺1,75,410
Thigh lift $6,991 ₺1,25,838
Calf implants $5,522 ₺99,399
Arms plastics (brachioplasty) $5,367 ₺96,603
Penis enlargement $6,822 ₺1,22,787
Forehead lift $3,743 ₺67,368
Brow lift $3,248 ₺58,470
Organic hair transplantation $5,056 ₺91,010
Gynecomastia surgery $5,197 ₺93,552
Mole Removal $819 ₺14,745
Lip Reduction $3,503 ₺63,046
Stem cell rejuvenation therapy $2,966 ₺53,386
Belt Lipectomy $7,316 ₺1,31,685
Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery $5,367 ₺96,603
Back lift $6,073 ₺1,09,314
Upper Eyelid Surgery $4,661 ₺83,892
Breast Lift with Implants – Round $7,641 ₺1,37,532
Buttock reduction $6,073 ₺1,09,314
Phalloplasty $6,822 ₺1,22,787
Nasal hump removal $5,522 ₺99,399
Calf liposuction $1,949 ₺35,082
Lower Eyelid Surgery $3,743 ₺67,368
Cheekbone reduction $3,319 ₺59,741
Dimple Creation Surgery $3,107 ₺55,928
Forehead Contouring $4,519 ₺81,350
Lip Implant $2,599 ₺46,776
Labiaplasty $4,082 ₺73,469
Labia Reduction $3,573 ₺64,317
Hip Augmentation $5,155 ₺92,789
Hymenoplasty $1,624 ₺29,235

Dr. Furkan Certel Cost for BBL in Turkey: $9,745

Dr. Furkan Certel offers a butt augmentation procedure with fat tissue transfer from another body part to recreate the desired shape and size. Brazilian butt lift is a famous plastic surgery procedure in Turkey, and its successful outcome attracts several international patients.Dr. Furkan Certel Cost for BBL in Turkey is $9,745.

Dr. Furkan Certel Cost for Gynecomastia in Turkey: $5,197

Find best gynecomastia surgery Turkey. Dr Furkan removed the male breast’s ugly appearance and shaped it like a more defined chest. The enlarged breast tissues are removed with liposuction and advanced techniques. Dr. Furkan Certel gynecomastia turkey price is $5,197. Gynecomastia surgery Istanbul cost may depend on different sizes and requirements.

Dr. Furkan Certel Price for Tummy Tuck in Turkey: $4,929

Dr Furkan Certel is the best place for tummy tuck in Turkey. Get Full body and mini tummy tuck procedures with advanced technologies, high standard safety, and care. Dr. Furkan Certel tummy tuck procedure will remove the sagginess and excess skin from the abdominal area. Dr. Furkan Certel tummy tuck in Istanbul, turkey price is $4,929.

Dr Furkan Certel Arm lift Cost in Turkey: $5,367

Dr. Furkan Certel provides invisible arm lift surgery turkey. Dr Furkan aim to hide the incision under the arm to create a more defined arm. Full or mini arm lift turkey is the most suitable for sliming arms due to massive weight loss or ageing. Dr. Furkan Certel invisible arm lift surgery cost is $5,367.

Dr. Furkan Certel Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,949

Dr Furkan offers best liposuction in Turkey. Turkey is a safe country for liposuction as Dr Furkan provides liposuction turkey before and after pictures of previous cases and outcomes. Dr Furkan Certel liposuction removes stubborn adipose, ageing signs, body wrinkles, and fatty hanging skin from different body parts. Liposuction also removes skin cracks that occur after pregnancy. Dr. Furkan Certel Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $1,949.

Dr. Furkan Certel Breast Augmentation Cost in Turkey: $5,522

Dr Furkan Certel is the best breast surgeon Turkey. Turkey is the most preferred cheap country for breast implants. The international patient will have safe and advanced procedures by choosing all-inclusive breast augmentation turkey packages for best facilities. Dr. Furkan Certel aims to increase or reduce breast size and shape as the patient desires and the type of body to create an attractive body contour. Dr. Furkan Certel Breast Augmentation Cost in Turkey is $5,522.

Dr. Furkan Certel Breast Lift Cost in Turkey: $5,847

Dr Furkan Certel is the best breast lift surgeon in Turkey. He offers surgical and non-surgical breast lift in Turkey. Breast lift surgery in Turkey removes sagginess and can be done with breast augmentation. Dr. Furkan Certel Breast Lift Cost in Turkey is $5,847. Breast lift and implant price turkey range between $2,600 and $4,500.

Dr. Furkan Certel Neck Lift Cost in Turkey: $5,607

Turkey is the best country for neck lifts. Dr Furkan Certel is popularly known as best neck lift surgeon turkey. Full or mini neck lift turkey offers rejuvenating cosmetic surgery, which removes neck wrinkles, excess fatty tissue, and sagging neck skin. Dr. Furkan Certel Neck Lift Cost in Turkey is $5,607. Patient can have a combination of face and neck lift cost turkey range between $3,500 to $5,607.

Dr. Furkan Certel Thigh Lift Cost in Turkey: $1,949

Ageing and Weight gain in thighs can cause discomfort and lead to thigh chafing and walking difficulty. Dr. Furkan Certel provides thigh lift cosmetic surgery in Turkey. The thigh lift procedure removes sagging skin and stretch marks and restores skin elasticity. Dr. Furkan Certel Thigh Lift Cost in Turkey is $1,949. Thigh lift turkey cost may increase when choosing a combination of BBL or Leg sliming.

Dr. Furkan Certel Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey: $5,522

Dr. Furkan Certel offers safe and high-standard nose job surgery. Get a youthful, slim, and suitable nose shape at Dr. Furkan Certel clinic with various types of open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and ultrasonic rhinoplasty. The average Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey is $5,522. Turkey rhinoplasty package will be customized according to the patient’s requirement and the complexity of the patient nose. Dr Furkan Certel’s rhinoplasty turkey all-inclusive package is provided to international patients to ease and comfort with the language, cost, stay, travel, and tourism.


Common Surgeries performed by Dr. Furkan Certel Rhinoplasty, Breast Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics
Consultant fees of Dr. Furkan Certel 130 USD
Dr. Furkan Certel address? Metropol İstanbul A2 Blok Kat:2 No:24 Ataşehir/İstanbul
How to book an appointment with Dr. Furkan Certel Message Us
In which field did Dr. Furkan Certel Specializes? Plastic, Aesthetics, and Reconstructive Surgery
Is Dr. Furkan Certel Friendly? Yes.
Ratings of Dr. Furkan Certel 4.8
What is the Contact no. of Dr. Furkan Certel Text us
Where did Dr. Furkan Certel is currently working? Private Clinic – Voila Health Tourism

Education and Work:

  • Cerrahpasa University – Medical Education
  • Marmara University – Residency Training – Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive surgery
  • Worked at an International Hospital – in Turkey
  • In 2021, established Voila Health Tourism

Areas of Interest

Facial Wrinkles Regional Lubrication
Gynecomastia Under Eye Bruises
Nasal Congestion Breast Aesthetics
Hair loss Prominent Ear Problem
Nose curvature Breast Reduction
Weight Problem Infected Wound
Decubitus Oil Gland
Breast Prosthesis Facial Aesthetics
Septum Deviation Facial Fractures
Skin Spots Abdominoplasty

why choose Dr. Furkan Certel as my doctor?

Dr. Furkan Certel works exclusively with skilled and experienced doctors using the latest medical technologies at his accredited hospitals. Provide quality policy, keep safety and comfort of their patients, the procedure he follows is more effortless. The doctor and his team believe that healthcare must be in the patient’s hand which doctor, what procedure, and comfort all the things must be of the patient’s choice then only the surgical process will be a happy journey from both sides. As they said their services are the best provided by the doctors, and high quality of life is been provided after surgery. The doctor aims to maximize the existing quality to meet the deficiencies of the sector.

Dr. Furkan Certel Price

Plastic Surgery Price with Dr. Furkan Certel

Average Price in USD

Arms plastics (brachioplasty) $2,331
Eyelid Surgery $1,221
Botox Injections $233
Breast Augmentation $3,275
Breast lift $3,175
Breast reduction $3,141
Brow lift $1,343
Buttock lift $3,053
Facelift surgery $3,164
Forehead lift $2,442
Gynecomastia surgery $2,109
Liposuction $2,054
Neck lift $1,526
Otoplasty (ear surgery) $1,676
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $2,691
Thigh lift $2,442
Tummy tuck $3,108

Dr. Furkan Certel Reviews

  • The recovery period is faster.
  • Dr. Furkan is an understanding person, who understands his patients very well.
  • Listens to their patient’s needs during the surgery
  • Provides the quality healthcare services
  • Can consult the clinic 24/7
  • Highly recommended doctor who performs 50 surgeries in a month.

Any botched surgeries of Dr. Furkan Certel?

Since Dr. Furkan started his hand in surgeries he has given his best. He has more than 8 years of experience. Dr. Furkan began to treating his patients in his private clinic to offer quality, the best services to his patients. So, till now, there is no botched surgeries by Dr. Furkan. You can also visit his website to look at before and after pictures to get comprehensive reviews about the surgeon.


Turkey is among one of the growing health industries in the world. They promote health tourism very widely of their expertise. It is one of the top 5 in the field of aesthetic surgery. In Turkey, health tourism earns more from foreign currency and patients also show their sincerity and warmth towards the doctor. Dr. Furkan Certel also states that Turkey is not a place for a good surgeon. A good surgeon depends on the patients to have a smooth process, is satisfied with the experience, and has perfectly organized everything related to the surgery. Dr. Certel found Voila Health Tourism to provide quality service, post-operative care, accommodation services, etc.

Some Facts Related to Dr. Furkan Certel:

Is Dr. Furkan Certel’s surgery painful?  No. Painless and comfortable surgery
Dr. Furkan Certel a certified surgeons Yes. European Board Certified Surgeon
Different Types of Surgeries provided by Dr. Furkan Certel Aesthetics Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Reconstructive Surgery
How to book an appointment with Dr. Furkan Certel?  You can book an appointment with us here. Contact Now. 
Is Dr. Furkan Certel providing video consultants?  No. 
Experience of Dr. Furkan Certel 8+ years

Rating and Reviews,

Rated 2.5 out of 5
2.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Botched Breast Augmentation by Dr. Furkan Certel

Rated 1.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My experience with Dr. Furkan Certel’s breast augmentation surgery was profoundly disappointing and distressing. Despite expressing my desires and concerns before the procedure, the results were far from satisfactory. The surgery left me with asymmetrical and unnatural-looking breasts, causing significant emotional distress and insecurity. Additionally, the post-operative care was inadequate, with little support or guidance provided during the difficult recovery process. Overall, the botched surgery has left me feeling disillusioned and regretful, and I would advise others to approach breast augmentation with caution when considering Dr. Certel as their surgeon.


A Journey to Confidence: Rhinoplasty with Dr. Furkan Certel

Rated 4.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My decision to undergo rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Furkan Certel in Turkey was a transformative experience that changed my life for the better. For years, I struggled with insecurity and dissatisfaction with the appearance of my nose, which affected my self-esteem and confidence. However, upon meeting Dr. Certel, I was immediately struck by his professionalism, empathy, and dedication to his patients. During the initial consultation, he listened attentively to my concerns and goals, taking the time to understand my desired outcome and addressing any questions or doubts I had with patience and clarity.

On the day of the surgery, I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement, but Dr. Certel and his team provided unwavering support and reassurance throughout the entire process. The surgery itself was a success, thanks to Dr. Certel’s surgical skill and expertise. Despite the natural anxieties associated with undergoing surgery, I felt comfortable and well-cared for every step of the way.

In the days and weeks following the surgery, Dr. Certel continued to provide exceptional care and support during the recovery process. He closely monitored my progress, ensuring that I was healing properly and addressing any concerns or questions I had promptly and effectively. His dedication to patient satisfaction and well-being was evident in every interaction, making the recovery period as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Months after the surgery, I am thrilled with the results of my rhinoplasty. Not only does my nose look more balanced and harmonious with the rest of my features, but I also feel a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance. Dr. Furkan Certel’s expertise, compassion, and commitment to excellence have truly transformed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact he has had on my confidence and overall well-being. I would highly recommend Dr. Certel to anyone considering rhinoplasty surgery.



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