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Dr. Hayati Akbas Reviews and Prices


Dr. Hayati Akbas is an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. In this article, we will come closer to Dr. Akbas’s life, and how he entered the medical field and is now known as a Plastic Surgeon. We will discuss Dr. Hayati Akbas Reviews, Price, consultant fees, etc.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeries are surgeries that give a new appearance or look to the body. For example Breast aesthetics, Fat Reduction, Body Lifts, Face and Neck aesthetics, Male-Specific Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hayati Akbas provide all this type of surgery to his patients. Dr. Akbas was born in 1963 in Yozgat. After completing his education in Ankara, he enrolled in the Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and specialized in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at 19 Mayis University. Dr. Akbas is an internationally famous doctor, who has trained and gained knowledge in the US for 1 year and know for his aesthetic skills and most common surgery he performed is Deep Plan Facelifting. Dr. Akbas has hundreds of successful cases and is been known as the doctor with golden hands.

After gaining more knowledge in the U.S, Dr. Akbas come back to Turkey and founded a clinic “FBM Aesthetic Center” in Samsun, Turkey. His Clinic has many other branches in several countries. Dr. Akbas believes a plastic surgeon not only heals or restores the shape of the body but also gives a sense of self-confidence, Self-worth, and Well-being. For that nature, patients all over the world visit him at his clinic. The team consists of the experienced medical team, nurses, and staff member who helps the patients before and after the surgery.


Dr. Hayati Akbas Qualification Specialized in Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery
Address of Dr. Hayati Akbas Ciftlik Mahallesi, Istiklal Cd. No:128, 55060 Ilkadim/Samsun
Dr. Hayati Akbas Ratings 4.9
Is Dr. Hayati Akbas Friendly? Yes
Consultation fee for Dr. Hayati Akbas Around 100 USD
Contact Number of Dr. Hayati Akbas Contact us here.
Dr. Hayati Akbas is Currently working Private Clinic
Common surgeries performed by Dr. Hayati Akbas Plastic Surgery, Non-Surgical, Micro-surgical Aesthetics

Educational Background:

  1. Primary, Secondary, and High School – In Ankara
  2. Medical School – Ankara University Faculty of Medicine – 1982 to 1989
  3. Specialization – Department of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – 19 Mayis University – 1991 to 1996

Work Experience:

Experienced – 33 Years

  1. Compulsory Service – Artvin-Yusufeli District Group Presidency 1989 to 1991
  2. Lecturer – Dept. of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery – OMU – 1996
  3. Assistant Professor – Dept. of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery – OMU
  4. Worked in the U.S to gain knowledge in Micro-surgical Aesthetics – from 1998 to 1999
  5. In Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU) – Head of the Dept. of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  6. Founded FBM Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Also Opened a Clinic at:

  • Istanbul – 2007
  • In Batumi, Georgia – 2010
  • Baku – 2010
  • Azerbaijani – 2010
  • FBM Ciftlik Beauty Clinic – 2016
  • FBM Liaison Office – Cologne, Germany


  • Won Associate Professorship Exam and title Associate Professor – 2004
  • Doctor of the Year – Azerbaijani Business Award – Azerbaijani


Breast Aesthetics
Facial Rejuvenation
Hair Transplant
Laser Hair Removal
Nose Aesthetics



Nose Aesthetics gynecomastia Carbon Peeling
liposuction Prominent Ear Aesthetics Laser Wrinkle Treatment
Leg Aesthetics Lipofilling Carboxytherapy Application
Thigh Aesthetics Sexual Organ Aesthetics pressotherapy
Lip Thickening Dimple Aesthetics Chemical Peel
Chin aesthetics Hair Transplant Lip Contour with Ready Fillers
vaginoplasty Mustache Transplant Spider Web Aesthetics
Breast Aesthetics Eyebrow Transplantation Laser Hair Removal
Abdominal Aesthetics Hair PRP Mass Removal with Laser
Arm Aesthetics Beard Transplantation Varicose Veins Treatment with Laser
Eyelid aesthetic Hair Mesotherapy and Treatment Laser Tattoo Removal
Butt (Hip) Aesthetics Face Lift with Focused Ultrasound Soprano Ice Ice Laser
Labiaplasty Surgery I Intake Spot Treatment with Laser
Facial Rejuvenation Brow Lift Hemangioma Treatment with Laser
Diet and Weight Loss mesotherapy Capillary Treatment with Laser
Psychologist Services Filling Treatment Laser Lipolysis
Dental Aesthetics Thread Face Lift Non-Surgical Varicose Treatment
Professional Skin Care Plastic Surgery Applications

Why Choose Dr. Hayati Akbas?

Dr. Hayati Akbas is a famous doctor. Patients visit him from Turkey as well as internationally. He has been an experienced doctor for over 33 years. He also visits the US for 1 year to gain knowledge in Micro-surgical aesthetics. He provides services in Plastic Surgery, Non-surgical aesthetics, Planting Applications, and Laser Applications. Dr. Akbas opened his Clinic in several countries, including Germany, Azerbaijani, Georgia, Baku, and locally in Samsun, Istanbul, etc. Patients now do not need to visit him in Turkey; they can consult Dr. Akbas in the above places also. His medical team has been experienced doctors and consists of various fields of experience.

Price of Dr. Hayati Akbas:

Treatments Price (USD) Treatments Price (USD)
Liposuction 3311 Septoplasty 1756
Mommy Makeover 4908 Gynecomastia 3100
Tummy Tuck 2853 Buttock Augmentation 3100
Facelift 2400 Beard Transplant 2050
Breast Reduction 2100 Hair Transplant 3104
Brazilian Butt Lift 4000 Gynecomastia 3100
Breast Lift 2100 Neck Lift 2500
Facial Aesthetic 2450 Body Shaping 3100
Arm Lifting 3353 Blepharoplasty 2100
Rhinoplasty 2500 Botox 110
Revision Rhinoplasty 2000 Eyelid Surgery 814

Reviews of Dr. Hayati Akbas:

Dr. Hayati Akbas’s past patients state that he is a professional and skilled doctor. He has a golden heart, and his suggestion only makes people feel positive about the surgery. Dr. Akbas motivates his patients the surgery who is a little scared of it. He treated over 100 patients and still going with it, and his surgery success rate is also gives a positive outlook to his future patients. Not only Dr. Hayati but also his medical team and nurses and staff members are so excellent people; they help you out with all types of difficulties after surgery. They also provide you with a dietician for good health after surgery. Before and after pictures of the surgery are very satisfying because it takes the first step to choosing the best doctor.

Any botched surgeries of Dr. Hayati Akbas?

As we have already taken a look inside the journey of Hayati Akbas to Prof. Dr. Hayati Akbas, it shows how experienced and skilled a doctor he has been. And the surgery he has done is of high success rate. He always provides high-quality treatments to his patients. Dr. Akbas is a natural person with good character who wants to give quality surgery to his patients and also suggests to the patients if the surgery is not suitable for them and advised the patients in that case.

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Ciftlik Mahallesi, Istiklal Cd. No:128, 55060 Ilkadim/Samsun

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