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Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu – Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist

One of the prominent aesthetic concerns of most people is the lack of definition in their bodies. Fat in the lower and upper abdomen, arms, thighs, and other areas is something everyone wants to get rid of. However, sometimes even with a balanced diet and exercise, your fat may not go away. In that case, procedures like high-def liposculpture, Vaser liposuction, body contouring, and body lift prove helpful. In Turkey, one of the best plastic surgeons who does them is Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu. A member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association, Dr. Kandulu has amazed not only his patients but also top plastic surgeons from Europe. 

He is a doctor and body-shaping trainer by day and a writer at night. When he isn’t sculpting six-packs in his patients, he is sharing his knowledge as an esteemed speaker in the US, UK, and the Middle East. Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu’s techniques to both chisel the body and make it plumper are used by numerous surgeons in the West. He is a mentor and guide whose contributions have made Turkey the go-to destination for body-shaping procedures. At Kandulu Aesthetic Health Services, his private clinic he takes on the role of a supervisor, doctor, and support giver for his patients. Find more about his experience, achievements, prices, and patient reviews in this post. 

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu – Turkey’s Top Plastic Surgeon for Face and Body Contouring

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu began his journey from the Trakya University Faculty of Medicine in 1997. He earned the right to practice as a medical doctor in 2003. After serving as a general physician he started his training in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from the Trakya University. 2010 was a turning point in his journey. During this year, he researched and proposed a novel method of microvascular anastomosis and successfully defended it. This completed his specialization training. 

Dr. Kandulu’s thesis was well received and many prominent international journals like the Indian Journal of Surgery published it. However, this achievement never got into his head as he kept improving his knowledge. Dr. Kandulu has always lived by the philosophy that knowledge never ends. Even when he gained extraordinary recognition, he didn’t stop honing his skills. He sought the guidance of Prof. Dr. Onur Erol and completed a senior education program in cosmetic surgery. Between 2011-2013, he performed 1200 operations in the Bilecik State Hospital which was unprecedented in Bilecik’s history. This made him a star in this Turkish city as people looked upon him as their savior.

Dr. Kandulu returned to Istanbul in 2015 and developed as many as eight training courses on Vaser liposuction, high-def liposculpture, understanding muscular anatomy, and managing complications after male and female body contouring. Not only that, but he has also developed hair transplant techniques for HIV patients. He is skilled in FUE and DHI hair transplant apart from Sapphire FUE hair transplant. To minimize the patient’s pain during this procedure, he uses needle-free anesthesia at his clinic. These are more than enough reasons why he is highly regarded as the top aesthetic surgeon in Turkey. 

Revolutionizing Body Contouring with Vaser Training

VASER is an advanced ultrasound-assisted technology that emulsifies fat and offers better results than traditional liposuction. Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu has completed many additional courses on using this technology for body contouring. He has also worked with the leading surgeons of the world and thus possesses an excellent knowledge of the anatomies of superficial fat, muscle, and bone.

Dr. Kandulu is one of the few plastic surgeons who is deeply familiar with the discipline of High-Definition Liposculpture. He is well-recognized for his VASER training which imparts knowledge of advanced body sculpting. Dr. Kandulu goes by the philosophy that the sum is greater than its parts. As a result, he keeps developing his VASER training courses for other surgeons to hone their skills. 

Surgeons of various skill levels can join his courses and get great exposure to the following:

  • The basic structure of different kinds of fat and muscle in the human body.
  • The skill of marking the body before the procedure.
  • Fat grafting in men and gluteal grafting in women.
  • Managing complications post-surgery.
  • Providing care after the procedure.

Major Achievements of Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu has achieved a lot. Here are the major highlights of his career so far.

  • Dr. Kandulu has attended over 50 scientific meetings and courses. The chief among them include the Congress of the Balkan Association for Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery in Izmir (2007).
  • Animal Use Case of the Trakya University (2008)
  • Latest Trends in Mesotherapy and Fillers Training in Istanbul by Revitacare (2009).
  • Ethical Principles in Scientific Research and Publications Symposium, Trakya University (2009).
  • International Rhinoplasty Course by Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Congress in Istanbul (2011).
  • The Fourth International Live Surgeries and Injections Course in Russia (2016).
  • Total Definer Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Course in Columbia with Alfredo Hoyos (2016)
  • Abdominal Liposculpture for Males with VASER in the 4th World Plastic Surgery Congress (2016) in Monaco. He was the speaker at this congress.
  • Dr. Kandulu was a speaker in the abdominal liposculpture for male patients with VASER in Dubai (2016).
  • Dr. Kandulu spoke at the 7th International Congress on Cosmetology and Aesthetic Practices, abdominal etching for male patients with VASER in Paris (2017)
  • Dr. Kandulu gave an oral presentation at the Saudi Plastic Surgery Symposium in Riyadh (2018).
  • Dr. Kandulu also spoke at the Gulf Middle Eastern International Plastic Surgery Congress in Kuwait about VASER Hi-Def Liposculpture (2019).
  • He gave training in the male and female Hi-Def body liposuction course in Istanbul (2022).
  • Dr. Kandulu presented his ten golden rules to prevent complications in liposculpture at London 2022. 
  • Dr. Huseyin Kandulu has written 10 international articles and papers. They deal with various aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery and are published in renowned global peer-reviewed journals.
  • Dr. Kandulu is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association (TPCD), and the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association (EPCD).

Prices of Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Kandulu is one of the esteemed plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons in Turkey. To get the most precise costs of his treatment, you must schedule an appointment or a consultation with him. His clinic is in the network of Expert Chikitsa. So we have provided average prices associated with his most popular treatments.

Name of Plastic Surgery Procedures by Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu Average Cost of Plastic Surgery Procedures in US Dollars
Hi-Def VASER Liposuction Between $2,580 to $8,053
Arm Lift Upto $4,000
BBL Between $4,500 and $9,800
Hand Rejuvenation Surgery $11,033
VASER Liposuction Up to $8,063
Eyelid Aesthetics From $4,000 to $5,800
Facelift From $5,257
Hymenoplasty Up to $4,646
Vagina Tightening From $3,600
Pubis Aesthetics Between $2,500 to $4,500
Injection of Salmon-DNA $700
Dermabrasion Between $1,000 to $4,000
Jowl Threadlift Starts from $3,800
Brow Threadlift Starts from $3,000
Chemical Peeling Between $100 to $200
Spot Treatment Starts from $250
Filling Applications Starts from $150

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu Hair Transplant Prices

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu does cutting-edge hair transplant procedures at his Hair Health Istanbul Clinic. He is an expert in DHI hair transplant, hair mesotherapy, and beard transplant. Find the average prices of his procedures below.

Name of Hair Transplant Procedure by Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu Average Cost of the Hair Transplant Surgery in US Dollars
FUE Hair Transplant Between $4,000 to $9,234
DHI Hair Transplant $5,500 to $9,776
FUT Hair Transplant Up to $5,448
Beard Hair Transplant Up to $6,990
Eyebrow Transplant Up to $6,458
Hair Mesotherapy Between $300 to $8,900
Sapphire Hair Transplant Between $5,000 to $17,000 for 4,000 hair grafts

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu and Hair Transplant

Most often, you will find Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu in the news because of his successful body contouring procedures. But few know that he is also a leading hair transplant expert in Turkey. He does hair transplantation at his clinic in a well-equipped operating room.

On his Instagram, where he has nearly 40k followers, you’ll find many impressive before and after photos of balding men who experienced excellent hair growth after their procedure. Dr. Kandulu does the following types of hair transplants:

  • DHI hair transplant
  • Sapphire hair transplant
  • Hair mesotherapy
  • Unshaved hair

Among these procedures, his HIV hair transplant deserves a special mention. HIV is a very painful health issue that impacts people not only physically, but also mentally and socially. HIV sufferers experience considerable hair loss. Not many surgeons provide hair transplant surgeries to HIV patients. But Dr. Kandulu is not one of them.

He performs HIV hair transplants in a sterile medical environment. This is because he wants these people to live a normal life and feel motivated every day. If they experience hair growth, it leads to a massive boost in self-esteem.  He considers things like the patient’s overall health, viral load, CD4 cell count, and medical conditions before starting the transplant procedure. Also, Dr. Kandulu evaluates how well the patient is prepared for the transplant and their tolerance. After checking these things he comes up with the best treatment technique. You can find the most accurate price of his HIV hair transplant by consulting him individually.

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu Reviews by Patients

People who have undergone plastic surgery procedures from Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu call him an artist. This isn’t without any substantial reason. One thing that patients admire about Dr. Kandulu is how they come out of surgery without pain, swelling, and blood. This is when the doctor does a lot of surgery on their bodies. Here are some other things that make patients choose him again and again. 

  • The close attention to detail that Dr. Kandulu pays to every single patient
  • Dr. Kandulu’s habit of befriending his patients.
  • Most patients do not experience any complications post-surgery. 
  • Successful revision surgeries 

People who have undergone a procedure by Dr. Kandulu can leave a review on our site.

Get A Second Medical Opinion Before Surgery from Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu

Do you want to walk into the operation theatre with full confidence? Getting a second medical opinion about your prospective surgery will help you immensely. Our plastic surgeons and hair restoration specialists at Expert Chikitsa will review your medical needs and help you decide whether your surgery will be most appropriate for you. Thus, you will feel more sure of the final outcome and will know that it’ll give you transformative results.

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Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey

5/ 5

I have been to get Liposuction Surgery with Doctor. I got the best results. He is the most recommended plastics surgeon in Turkey. I highly recommend this Doctor for all International patients

Rating and Reviews,

Rated 3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

My transformative breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu.

Rated 4.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. From the initial consultation to the final result, Dr. Kandulu and his team provided exceptional care and expertise. During the consultation, Dr. Kandulu took the time to listen to my goals and concerns, explaining the procedure in detail and addressing any questions I had with patience and understanding.

On the day of the surgery, I felt confident and reassured by Dr. Kandulu’s professionalism and skill. The surgery went smoothly, and I felt well taken care of throughout the entire process. Dr. Kandulu’s attention to detail and commitment to achieving natural-looking results exceeded my expectations, leaving me thrilled with the outcome.

The post-operative care provided by Dr. Kandulu and his team was outstanding. They closely monitored my recovery, ensuring that I was comfortable and healing properly every step of the way. Any concerns or questions I had were promptly addressed, further highlighting Dr. Kandulu’s dedication to patient satisfaction.

Months after the surgery, I am thrilled with the results of my breast augmentation. Not only do I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin, but I also have Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu to thank for his exceptional skill and care throughout the entire journey.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kandulu to anyone considering breast augmentation surgery.


Disappointed in rhinoplasty results by Dr Hüseyin Kandulu

Rated 2.0 out of 5
24th February 2024

My experience with rhinoplasty surgery left me deeply dissatisfied and regretful. Despite clearly communicating my desired outcomes beforehand, the final result did not meet my expectations. The surgery left me with a nose that looks unnatural and disproportionate to my facial features, causing significant distress and disappointment. Furthermore, the post-operative care was lacking, with little support or guidance provided during the recovery process. Overall, my experience with rhinoplasty surgery has been a source of frustration and regret, and I would caution others considering the procedure to thoroughly research their options and choose their surgeon carefully.


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