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Dr. Levent Acar Review and Prices


Dr. Levent Acar was born in 1981 in Germany. He is a Medical Aesthetic Doctor. Dr. Acar graduated from Capa Medical University, Turkey. He started his career at an International Hospital as Medical Director of the Medical Aesthetics Unit, Istanbul. Dr. Levent specialized in FUE and Sapphire DHI Hair Transplant techniques. He has done many training programs to enhance his skills and to be an expert in hair transplant surgeries.

Cosmedica Clinic in Istanbul is the best hair transplant clinic where Dr. Levent has offered his services since 2011. He follows development and innovation in the field of hair transplant. Dr. Acar also participated in Dr. HSK Medical Education Programs, Cosmetic Gynecology, Filler, Laser Therapy, FUE, Medical Aesthetic, and Mesotherapy training programs.

Hair loss is a difficult thing to handle, and then we go to a hair transplant surgeon to restore our hair before it goes away everything. It mainly occurs due to changes in hormones, genetic problems, or aging. Hair Transplants is being done to restore hair into the bald or no hair part of the body. There are commonly two types of hair restoration procedures:
1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Method

Follicular Unit Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction


In which field did Dr. Levent Acar Specializes? FUE and Sapphire DHI Hair Transplant techniques
Consultant fees of Dr. Levent Acar 140 USD
Ratings of Dr. Levent Acar 4.9
Where did Dr. Levent Acar is currently working? Cosmedica Clinic, Istanbul
Common Surgeries performed by Dr. Levent Acar Eyebrow Transplant, Eyelashes, beard transplant, etc
Is Dr. Levent Acar Friendly? Yes.
What is the Contact no. of Dr. Levent Acar Contact us
How to book an appointment with Dr. Levent Acar To book an appointment message us
Dr. Levent Acar address? Etiler, Nisbetiye Mah, Başlık Sk. No: 3, 34337 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Education and Work Experience:

  • Capa Medical University – Istanbul University – 1999 to 2005
  • In 2003 participated in Medical Education program organized by Dr. Horst Schmidt Clinic in Germany.
  • Hair Transplant FUE Method Education Programs – 2007 to 2008
  • Participated in medical training programs on medical aesthetics and hair transplantation from 2009 to 2010
  • From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Acar does training in:
    • Mesotherapy Training Programs
    • Cosmetic Gynecology Training Programs
    • Botox-Filler Training Programs
    • Medical Aesthetic Training Programs
    • Laser Therapy Training Programs
  • Worked at:
    • Medicana International Hospital and Medical Aesthetic Unit Medical Director, Istanbul – 2008 t0 2010
    • Foundation of Cosmedica Clinic – 2011
    • In 2019 – Foundation of Cosmedica Haarpflege and Antiaging Gmbh, Germany.


Hair Transplant
Eyebrow Transplant
Beard Transplant
Afro Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant for Women

Why choose Dr. Levent Acar as my doctor?

Patients travel from around the world to get treatment at Cosmedica Clinic. Who are facing hair problems like thinning hair, bald patches, and receding hairline, a hair transplant is the best treatment can provide by the hair transplant surgeon to revitalize the self-esteem of one’s. Dr. Levent provides the best solution in his clinic and understands patient’s their loss. He provides the desired results as the patients need. The technologies he used are Micro Sapphire DHI hair transplant, Needle-free, and sapphire FUE hair transplant. And the techniques he used were DHI hair transplant and FUE Hair Transplant.

Costs of Dr. Levent Acar:

The costs of Levent Acar at Cosmedica are around 1500 to 3500 (in USD). The cost also depends on what procedure you choose and it will affect the price as per that. FUE or Sapphire DHI is costly in most clinics due to the use of advanced technology. And the other factors that affect the costs of Dr. Acar’s hair transplant surgery such as:

  • consultation fees
  • implantation process
  • Pre-medical check-ups
  • Accommodation for overseas patients
  • how many grafts you want to implant is also counted.

All these are the various factors. In case you want to know anything more about the cost; you can contact or message us here.

Reviews of Dr. Levent Acar:

– Comfortable clinic
– High-quality services
– Team members are very good
– Clean and Hygenic Clinic
– Provide desired results
– Everything is being organized personally by the doctor for surgery, and it is on time.
– Explain everything and informative

Any botched surgeries of Dr. Levent Acar?

Till now, the success rate of Dr. Acar is high, and he has given satisfactory results to his patients and is a highly recommended doctor in a cosmedica clinic in Istanbul. He is a dedicated surgeon who provides the most effective hair restorations with advanced techniques and a minimal approach.

Some facts about Dr. Levent Acar:

  • Certificates and Awards – 15+
  • Successful Operation – 19,000
  • Years of Experience – 16+
  • Hair Growth rate – 98%

About the Cosmedica Clinic:

– It is an accredited clinic
– Top most clinic in Turkey
– First clinic in Turkey which has team members with hair transplants surgeon.
– Use the advanced technologies
– Fully equipped clinic.

Rating and Reviews,

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Disappointed Experience: Breast Augmentation with Dr. Levent Acar

24th February 2024

Unfortunately, my experience with Dr. Levent Acar for breast augmentation surgery was disappointing. From the initial consultation, Dr. Acar seemed rushed and disinterested, not taking the time to fully understand my desires or address my concerns. The surgery itself left me with asymmetrical and unnatural-looking breasts, which was distressing and disheartening. Additionally, the post-operative care was lacking, with minimal follow-up appointments and little support provided during the challenging recovery period. Overall, my experience with Dr. Acar for breast augmentation surgery fell short of my expectations, leaving me feeling disillusioned and regretful.


My Liposuction Journey with Dr. Levent Acar

24th February 2024

Deciding to get liposuction with Dr. Levent Acar was amazing for me. When I met him, he was really nice and understood what I wanted. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Acar and his team took really good care of me. The surgery went well, and Dr. Acar did a great job.

After the surgery, Dr. Acar checked on me a lot to make sure I was healing okay. He gave me clear instructions on how to take care of myself, which helped me feel better. Now, a few months later, I’m really happy with how I look. Dr. Levent Acar changed my life, and I feel more confident and happy with my body. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about getting liposuction.

The whole experience with Dr. Acar was really positive. He was always there to answer my questions and address any concerns I had. His kindness and expertise made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. Plus, the staff at the clinic were really friendly and supportive, which made the whole experience even better.

I’m grateful to Dr. Acar and his team for helping me feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Getting liposuction was a big decision for me, but Dr. Acar made it easy and worthwhile. I’m glad I chose him, and I would definitely go back to him for any future procedures.

Adeline S


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