Dr. Leyla Arvas

Dr. Leyla Arvas received her medical degree from Istanbul University Medical Faculty in 1998 and began her training in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. She worked in well-known clinics and hospitals in many countries during her studies.

She studied microsurgery (head and neck reconstruction, breast reconstruction) at Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, which is one of the world’s best microsurgery institutions.

She gained experience with laser treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, wound scars, wrinkles, and acne scars while working at TWMU Hospital in Tokyo. She worked at clinics and hospitals in many places during her studies.

She worked in his private practise in Istanbul Fulya Aşçolu between 2012 and 2015. She has been admitting patients at her office at Quartz Clinic, which she founded on Nişantaş Abdi Pekçi Street, since November 2015. She performs her operations in private hospitals on Istanbul’s European side. The American Hospital, Acbadem Taksim Hospital, Liv Hospital, and Fulya Jinemed Hospital are the hospitals in question.

Dr. Leyla Arvas uses VASER and LASER technology in body sculpting to conduct liposuction. A unique area of expertise is “High Definition Liposculpturing,” or “4D Lipo,” which is used for appropriate patients who seek a more athletic appearance.

Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Face Lifts (endoscopic face lifts), Liposuction, Breast Lift, Augmentation and Reduction Mammoplasty, as well as Tummy Tuck operations (body sculpting procedures) are among her specialties. One of her areas of interest is High Definition Liposculpturing.

Dr. Leyla Arvas Education

  • Graduation – Istanbul University Medical Faculty in 1998
  • Specialty – Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Istanbul University Medical Faculty

Dr. Leyla Arvas Experience

  • TWMU Hospital in Tokyo
  • Yeditepe University Hospital as an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery in Istanbul.
  • Bosphorus Anatomica Plastic Surgery Center in 2011
  • Private office in Quartz Clinic in Istanbul / Nisantasi since 2015

Dr. Leyla Arvas Certification and Awards


Dr. Leyla Arvas Memberships


Dr. Leyla Arvas Reviews

Dr. Leyla Arvas has invested significantly in the medical infrastructure of the organisation. Turkey’s border policies are also highly appealing, and many skilled European doctors have relocated there as a result. You will not only be able to afford therapies at Dr. Leyla Arvas Clinic, but you will also be cared for by a highly skilled team of doctors.

It is important that you are completely satisfied with the surgeon’s qualifications as well as the conditions of the hospital where the procedure will be performed. Before you go under any procedure Dr. Leyla Arvas’s team will make sure you know well about the condition before and after the procedure. Many clients like the way Dr. Leyla Arvas treats and makes them feel comfortable about the procedure and also her team remains in contact after the procedure to know if the outcomes are as expected

Dr. Leyla Arvas Prices

Despite its low cost, it is a high-quality service with a large number of surgeons who have been trained and endorsed by major professional organisations. One of the main reasons why foreigners travel to Turkey to improve their appearance is that cosmetic surgery in Turkey is 60% less expensive than in other European countries.

You may immediately get price estimates for Dr. Leyla Arvas‘s Aesthetic procedures by picking the therapy you require. Dr. Leyla Arvas can give you a price estimate, but it will vary based on a variety of factors, such as the equipment and facilities used, the time it takes to finish the operation, the area treated, and so on.

Dr. Leyla Arvas Appointment

Dr. Leyla Arvas is a specialist in her industry and delivers excellent service. He performs aesthetic procedures on properly equipped medical substructure. Dr. Leyla Arvas serves all cross-border patients who have traveled to Turkey in the areas of aesthetic surgery and medicinal applications.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Leyla Arvas by providing us with your general details ahead of time, and we will arrange it for you.

Dr. Leyla Arvas Bad Reviews

Dr. Leyla Arvas’s treatment procedures are world known, many of his clients will also recommend you to come to Turkey and get Aesthetic surgery under her. In this scenario finding a negative comment is like finding a needle in the haystack. You will rarely find any bad review for Dr. Leyla Arvas, he is a specialist in aesthetic surgeries and his treatments are cost effective.

Dr. Leyla Arvas Before and After Photos

Following approval of the required procedure, a request for before and after therapy photographs can be submitted. Due to the client’s privacy concerns, the face and backdrop of the images have been blurred, and the client’s personal name has been concealed.

Before and after photographs can be requested from Dr. Leyla Arvas via the internet to receive all essential information. Due to privacy concerns, Dr. Leyla Arvas only releases Before and After images for a select surgeries, and personal photos are not permitted. For more information, please contact us at the above-mentioned phone number or send us an email.

Dr. Leyla Arvas Hospital Address and Contact Number

Dr. Leyla Arvas Address: Harbiye Mah. Abdi İpekçi Cad. Park no:19-1 Nisantasi, Sisli , Istanbul, Quartz Clinque

Dr. Leyla Arvas Contact Number: You can contact here for Dr. Leyla Arvas Appointment.

Dr. Leyla Arvas , Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Dr. Leyla Arvas Reviews?

Find Dr. Leyla Arvas Reviews from past clients here.

What is Dr. Leyla Arvas prices for Aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Leyla Arvas price for Aesthetic surgery depends on required procedure. Find cost estimate here.

Can I get Dr. Leyla Arvas Before and after Photos?

Yes, you can get Dr. Leyla Arvas before and after photos here. But personal identity is masked to keep privacy of our clients.

How to book Dr. Leyla Arvas Appointment?

You can book Dr. Leyla Arvas Online appointment here.

What does Dr. Leyla Arvas Specialize in?

Dr. Leyla Arvas is expert in doing all Aesthetic surgeries.

Rating and Reviews,

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

My Experience with Dr. Leyla Arvas for Rhinoplasty

28th February 2024

My experience with Dr. Leyla Arvas for rhinoplasty surgery was deeply disappointing and regrettable. Despite expressing my desired outcome and concerns beforehand, the results of the procedure fell far short of expectations. The surgery left me with a nose that appeared unnatural and disproportionate to my facial features, causing significant distress and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the post-operative care was lacking, with minimal support or guidance provided during the challenging recovery process. Overall, my experience with Dr. Arvas for rhinoplasty was a source of frustration and disappointment, leaving me wishing I had chosen a different surgeon.


My Facelift Experience with Dr. Leyla Arvas

28th February 2024

My decision to undergo a facelift procedure with Dr. Leyla Arvas was truly life-changing. From the moment I walked into her office, I felt welcomed and understood. Dr. Arvas took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, thoroughly explaining the facelift procedure and what I could expect in terms of results. Her warm demeanor and expertise immediately put me at ease, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in her abilities.

On the day of the surgery, I felt calm and reassured by Dr. Arvas’s professionalism and attention to detail. The procedure went smoothly, and I could tell that Dr. Arvas and her team were dedicated to ensuring my comfort and safety throughout the entire process. Her surgical skill and precision were evident, resulting in a beautifully natural-looking outcome that exceeded my expectations.

The post-operative care provided by Dr. Arvas and her team was exceptional. They closely monitored my recovery, providing me with thorough instructions and support every step of the way. Any concerns or questions I had were promptly addressed, and I felt well taken care of during the healing process.

Months after the facelift, I am thrilled with the results. Not only do I look years younger, but I also feel more confident and radiant than ever before. Dr. Leyla Arvas’s expertise and compassionate care have truly transformed my life, and I am forever grateful for her skill and dedication. I would highly recommend Dr. Arvas to anyone considering a facelift procedure.



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