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Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin is a profound plastic surgeon in Turkey, he performs services not only for Turkish but also for his international clients.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin earned his medical degree from Istanbul University and went on to Hacettepe University to complete his aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery residency. He is a member of the Turkish Board for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (E.B.O.P.R.A.S), the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), and the Advisory Board of the Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG).

His accomplishments in microvascular free flaps, nerve transfers, brachial paralysis, and tissue transfer are well-known. In the treatment of facial paralysis, Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin invented and popularised a groundbreaking muscle transfer procedure. He was a member of “The Hacettepe Team,” who attempted the world’s third full face transplantation and the world’s first quadralup transplantation.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin was a member of the faculty at both the University of Bezmialem and the University of Acibadem, where he taught hundreds of medical students about the basics of plastic surgery. He coached a large number of junior plastic surgeons who are now well-known in their industry.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin has co-edited and authored a chapter in the textbook “Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Art Science & New Clinical Techniques” in the subject of aesthetic nose surgery. He also created a number of procedures for reshaping the dorsum of the nose during surgery.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin is a member of the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and offers ISAPS insurance for all cosmetic treatments he conducts around the world. His practise in the United Kingdom includes a wide range of aesthetic treatments, one of which is the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL and V.A.S.E.R abdominoplasty.

They established “Pixellence Istanbul” in partnership with Dr. Adnan Erdem, which gives an algorithmic systematic approach to treating “Hair loss.” Finally, he introduces The Ultimate “Davinci Robotic Technology” In Breast Augmentation, which allows for the optimization of results in axillary ported implants for the first time.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Education

  • 1997 – Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine
  • 2004 – Hacettepe University, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Experience

  • Acıbadem Hospitals
  • Karaaltin Clinic

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Certification and Awards

  • Member, Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) Advisory Board

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Memberships

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Reviews

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin is a top-tier surgeon in Turkey who is known for his promising treatments and is often regarded as the best aesthetic surgeon in the world. Over the years, his primary goal has been to treat as many people as possible, and this, combined with his passion and excitement for his profession, has earned him the title of Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin is regarded as “Turkey’s Best Plastic Surgeon” by his patients. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin has received extremely excellent comments from his patients. Clients also refer to him as Turkey’s leading surgeon since he expertly performs all plastic surgery procedures. He is regarded as the greatest in her industry. His patrons have also referred him to others in their own countries.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Prices

By selecting the surgery you want, you may get pricing estimates for Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin’s Aesthetic services right away. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin can offer you with a pricing estimate, but the price will vary based on a number of factors, including the technologies and procedures used, the time required to complete the surgery, the area covered during treatment, and so on. We will send you an email with a price quote once you have provided us with your information.

You can also seek guidance from an Aesthetic surgeon by sending your images to them. The professionals will examine your photograph and provide specific price estimates, as well as recommendations for treatments and techniques to be employed during surgery.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Appointment

Many people believe that the most difficult part of the process is the surgery itself, but your post-operative recovery is usually the most essential step in deciding the procedure’s success. The significance of the healing process and how it is treated should not be underestimated. It makes a big difference to take your time and not rush.

Once you’ve chosen on a procedure, provide us with basic information such as your name, address, and phone number, and our staff will make an appointment with Dr. Mehmet Surmeli. You must take it well in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Bad Reviews

Looking for bad comments on Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin’s treatment is like looking for a needle in a haystack. He is the greatest in his field and can always be counted on to obtain the necessary outcomes.

Along with the treatment, she is cost-effective, practical, and adept at proposing numerous options, as he thinks surgery is not always the best option. Only those with unrealistic expectations and a scepticism about the eventual product provide negative reviews.

Many of his clients only refer their friends, families, and dependents to her because of his skill and politeness.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Before and After Photos

After the required procedure has been confirmed, a request for before and after treatment images can be made. Due to the client’s privacy concerns, the face and backdrop of the photos have been blurred, and the personal identity of the client has been kept hidden.

To obtain all of the relevant information, one can request before and after images from Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin via the internet. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin only distributes Before and After images for a few surgeries, and personal photos aren’t allowed due to privacy concerns. You can reach out to us at the above-mentioned phone number or send us an email for further information.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Hospital Address and Contact Number

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Address: Bayıldım Caddesi Vişnezade Mahallesi, NO:14/16 Balıklı Apt. Kat:1 Daire:3 Beşiktaş İstanbul

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Contact Number: You can contact here for Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Appointment.

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin , Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Reviews?

Find Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Reviews from past clients here.

What is Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin prices for Aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin price for Aesthetic surgery depends on required procedure. Find cost estimate here.

Can I get Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Before and after Photos?

Yes, you can get Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin before and after photos here. But personal identity is masked to keep privacy of our clients.

How to book Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Appointment?

You can book Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Online appointment here.

What does Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin Specialize in?

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin is expert in doing all Aesthetic surgeries.

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