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Dr. Serkan Balta Review and Costs

Dr. Serkan Balta is a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in Bakirkoy, Turkey. He was born in Germany in 1981 and completed his schooling in Denizli. After that he started his medical education at Antalya Akdeniz University and got the title of Medical Doctor in 2005. At Kartal Lutfi Kirdar Training and Research Hospital Dr. Balta started his Radiology Training in 2005-2007.

The doctor who uses X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound, angiography, and CT Scan to treat and diagnose human injury and diseases is known as a Radiologist. But, Dr. Balta left this specialization and entered Trakya University Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Department.

As we know Plastic Surgery is a type of surgery that changes our appearance due to illness or cosmetic reasons. Aesthetics and Reconstructive surgeries are famous all over Turkey, people come to that place and make their look more authentic and beautiful. Best doctors are also present in major cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya providing plastic surgeries at affordable prices. In addition, services are been provided like Breast Reconstructive, facial aesthetics, Body Aesthetics, Thigh aesthetics, etc.

In 2012, Dr. Serkan completed his training in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and presented his thesis Reducing Cartilage Graft Resorption with Doxycycline Use to Erol Benlier. Dr. Sekar Balta received an excellent education under Dr. Erol Benlier and Dr. Husamettin Top. He started working in Bahman Guyuroin Clinic, one of the top plastic surgeries in facial and rhinoplasty at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland USA.

He performed surgeries like microsurgery and aesthetic operations as a Specialist doctor.  In additon, Dr. Serkan provides services like rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Botox, French Lift, face and lip filler, Hair Mesotherapy, laser Lipolysis, and liposuction. Dr. Balta also participated in many competitions and published articles and journals. Now, Dr. Serkan attends to his patients in his private clinic since 2016.

Dr. Serkan Balta Pricelist 2023

Dr. Serkan Balta Pricelist Average Cost (US Dollars) Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Rhinoplasty $5,310 ₺95,576
Hair Transplant $3,300 ₺59,399
Liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Breast augmentation $5,310 ₺95,576
Facelift surgery $7,659 ₺1,37,864
FUE hair transplant $3,300 ₺59,399
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction) $3,599 ₺64,777
Tummy Tuck $4,739 ₺85,310
Mammoplasty $5,622 ₺1,01,198
Brazilian Butt lift $9,370 ₺1,68,664
Abdominal liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Breast lift $5,622 ₺1,01,198
Revision rhinoplasty $6,613 ₺1,19,042
Breast reduction $7,347 ₺1,32,242
Septoplasty $2,037 ₺36,666
Thighs liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Otoplasty (ear surgery) $2,988 ₺53,777
Tip rhinoplasty $3,599 ₺64,777
Neck lift $5,391 ₺97,043
Buttock implants $9,370 ₺1,68,664
Love handles liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Open rhinoplasty $5,310 ₺95,576
Breast Implants with Breast Lift $7,347 ₺1,32,242
Lipofilling $2,702 ₺48,644
Chin Implant $3,476 ₺62,577
Upper arm liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Mommy makeover $21,864 ₺3,93,548
Vaginoplasty $4,848 ₺87,265
Buttock lift $9,370 ₺1,68,664
Back liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Beard transplant $3,300 ₺59,399
Buttocks liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Body Lift $9,370 ₺1,68,664
Thigh lift $6,722 ₺1,20,998
Calf implants $5,310 ₺95,576
Arms plastics (brachioplasty) $5,160 ₺92,887
Penis enlargement $6,559 ₺1,18,065
Forehead lift $3,599 ₺64,777
Brow lift $3,123 ₺56,221
Organic hair transplantation $4,862 ₺87,510
Gynecomastia surgery $4,997 ₺89,954
Mole Removal $788 ₺14,178
Lip Reduction $3,368 ₺60,621
Stem cell rejuvenation therapy $2,852 ₺51,332
Belt Lipectomy $7,034 ₺1,26,620
Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery $5,160 ₺92,887
Back lift $5,839 ₺1,05,109
Upper Eyelid Surgery $4,481 ₺80,665
Breast Lift with Implants – Round $7,347 ₺1,32,242
Buttock reduction $5,839 ₺1,05,109
Phalloplasty $6,559 ₺1,18,065
Nasal hump removal $5,310 ₺95,576
Calf liposuction $1,874 ₺33,733
Lower Eyelid Surgery $3,599 ₺64,777
Cheekbone reduction $3,191 ₺57,443
Dimple Creation Surgery $2,988 ₺53,777
Forehead Contouring $4,346 ₺78,221
Lip Implant $2,499 ₺44,977
Labiaplasty $3,925 ₺70,643
Labia Reduction $3,436 ₺61,843
Hip Augmentation $4,957 ₺89,221
Hymenoplasty $1,562 ₺28,111


In which field did Dr. Serkar Balta Specializes? Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery
Consultant fees of Dr. Serkar Balta 120 USD
Dr. Serkar Balta address? Ataköy Towers B Blok K:8 D:107, 34140 Bakırköy, Turkey
Ratings of Dr. Serkar Balta 4.9
Where did Dr. Serkar Balta is currently working? Private Clinic
Common Surgeries performed by Dr. Serkar Balta BBL, Rhinoplasty, Facial Aestehtics
Is Dr. Serkar Balta Friendly? Yes.
What is the Contact no. of Dr. Serkan Balta Message us
How to book an appointment with Dr. Serkan Balta You can book an appointment by contacting us.

Educational Qualification and Work Experience:

  • Antalya Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine – Medical Education from 1998 to 2005
  • Kartal Lutfi Kirdar Training and Research Hospital – Radiology Specialization from 2005 to 2007
  • Trakya University Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Department – Specialization from 2007 to 2012
  • Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, USA – Bahman Guyuron Clinic – 2011
  • Trakya University – Specialist Doctor and Assistant Professor – 2013
  • Private Clinic – 2016

Services and Area of Interest

Plastic Surgery
  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Breast Aesthetics
  • Body Shaping
Hair Transplant
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Application Hair Loss Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Needle Epilation
  • AWT Treatment
  • Cryolipolysis Laser
  • Lipolysis
  • Skin Treatment
  • Skin care
  • Spot Treatment
Medical Aesthetic
  • Filling Application
  • Botox Application
  • Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
  • Anti-Aging


Treatments offered by Dr. Serkan Balta

Rhinoplasty Temple Filling Laser Tattoo Removal
Bichectomy Under Eye light Filling Pulsed Dye Laser
Blepharoplasty Face and Lip fillers Anti-Acne Peeling
Facelift Surgery Botox HydraFacial Skin Care
Prominent Ear Aesthetics Sweating Treatment Laser Genital Aesthetics
Breast Reconstruction Migraine Treatment Almond Eye Surgery
Gynecomastia French Lift Neck and Tickle Filling
Breast reduction Laser Skin Rejuvenation Face Slimming
Breast Lift Spider Web Aesthetics 6D Star Lift
Liposuction Youth Vaccine Laser Capillary Treatment
Tummy Tuck Mesolifting Innofacial Method
Vaginoplasty Brazilians Buttock Lift Hair Mesotherapy
Thigh Lift Surgery Hair Transplant FUE Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Why choose Dr. Serkan Balta as our doctor?

Dr. Serkan Balta is a famous doctor who worked under Dr. Erol Benlier and Dr. Husamettin Top. And he also presented his specialization training thesis to Dr. Benlier. He has experience in both the field of plastic surgeries and as a radiologist. 18 years of experience. While in his training period he performed many surgeries, including microsurgery and aesthetic operation. Dr. Serkan Balta worked at Bahman Guyuron Clinic, the USA which is famous for plastic surgery in facial and rhinoplasty. He also took part in seminars and congresses abroad and in Turkey which helps him to gain more knowledge and be an expert on it.

Costs of Dr. Serkan Balta:

Plastic Surgery Cost with Dr. Serkan Balta

Avg. cost in USD

Facelift $3,850
Browlift $1,815
Prominent Ears $770
Breast Reduction $2,970
Breast Lift $2,970
Liposuction $1,980
Thigh lift $2,365
Tummy Tuck $2,970
Gynecomastia $1,870
Filler Injection $330
Facial Aesthetic $2,695
Arm Lift $2,750
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) $4,400
Rhinoplasty $2,200
Vaginoplasty $3,355
Body Shaping $3,410

Dr Serkan Balta Price for Vaser Liposuction: $1,874 

Dr Serkan Balta provides Vaser liposuction for stubborn fat removal with a special tumescent injection. Vaser liposuction turkey prices are differently offered to every patient as per the shape and size of patient. Dr Serkan Balta Price for Vaser Liposuction is $1,874. Dr Serkan Balta provides vaser liposuction turkey before and after photos to guide patients in choosing a specific goal for their cosmetic surgery.

Dr Serkan Balta Cost Tummy Tuck: $4,739 

Dr Serkan Balta is a tummy tuck turkey surgeon. Turkey’s best place for tummy tuck includes Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya. The Abdominal Lift Surgery at Dr Serkan Balta clinic removes the sagging skin and fat tissues. Dr Serkan Balta Tummy Tuck procedure tightened the loose skin. Dr Serkan Balta Cost Tummy Tuck is $4,739. Dr Serkan Balta provides Tummy Tuck with combined surgeries of VASER liposuction, breast enhancements, uterus, ovary surgeries, hernia, and gallbladder to correct the body contour.

Dr Serkan Balta Price Brazilian Butt lift: $9,370 

Dr Serkan Balta offers BBL surgery in Turkey for too-small or too-big hips, and body sagging occurred by butt because of ageing and weight gain. Dr Serkan Balta Brazilian Butt lift procedure help in creating curved lines and improved butt aesthetic surgery. Dr Serkan Balta Price Brazilian Butt lift is $9,370. The BBL surgery cost will change for inner and outer buttock tightening procedures with fat injection, liposuction, and filling.

Dr. Serkan Balta Cost for Breast Augmentation in Turkey: $5,310 

Dr Serkan Balta is known as the best breast surgeon in Turkey. He offers breast augmentation surgery to enhance the abnormal shape and size of women’s breasts after massive weight gain or pregnancy. Dr Serkan Balta Cost for Breast augmentation in Turkey is $5,310. Dr Serkan Balta provides silicone gel and saline breast implants in an appropriate shape and size as patients desire. The best place in Turkey for breast enlargement is Istanbul in Turkey.

Dr Serkan Balta Facelift Turkey Price: $3,000 

Dr Serkan Balta is the best facelift surgeon in Turkey. Dr Serkan Balta provides full and mini facelift procedures. Dr Serkan Balta Facelift Turkey Price is $3,000. Mini facelift Turkey Price range between $2,500 – $3,500. Generally, facelift Istanbul price changes for a combination of procedures like face and neck lift. Dr Serkan Balta facelift surgery will correct the sagging chin, cheeks, sagging neck appearance, and double chin.

Dr Serkan Balta Price for Revision Rhinoplasty: $6,613 

Dr Serkan Balta provides Rhinoplasty and Revision surgery for Nose aesthetic enhancement in Turkey. Rhinoplasty at Dr Serkan Balta clinic treats a condition like nose deformities and anatomical defects. Dr Serkan Balta provides open and closed procedures for nose shape and size improvement. Dr Serkan Balta Price for Revision Rhinoplasty is $6,613. Dr Serkan Balta provided Piezo Rhinoplasty with ultrasonic vibrations to enhance Nasal aesthetic operations as desired by the patient.

Dr Serkan Balta Price for Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery $5,160 

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery is available at Dr Serkan Balta clinic. The eyelid surgery helps to treat the sagging skin caused by aging. Aging causes increased skin tension, lengthens and relaxes the muscles under the skin, weakens and gets affected by sun rays. Dr Serkan Balta Price for Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery is $5,160. Lower eyelid surgery at Serkan Balta clinic treats fat injection and facelift.

What are the reviews of Dr. Serkan Balta?

Past patients of Dr. Serkan Balta reviewed him as a great surgeon, with a positive outlook, who attends to his patients with a great smile on his face like he is been treated as a family member. The environment of the clinic has a positive aura. Everyone from staff members, nurses and other medical doctors, and specialist doctors provides excellent services. Provide a detailed strategy before the surgery. His BBL treatment is the best treatment for which he attracts more patients. They assist the patients in every stage from pre-examination to discharge from the clinic. Dr. Balta follows up with the patients at home which is a sweet gesture they provide to their patients.

Any botched surgeries of Dr. Balta?

Botched surgeries occur during the operative section. Due to the complication or negligence of the doctor. But, in the case of Dr. Balta past patients are satisfied and happy with his treatment. And they also highly recommend him for any surgery. You can also look into his website where patients shared their pictures before and after the surgery.


Being a Surgeon or Doctor is like giving medicine to an ill person. An ill person can be described in many ways, some need a doctor for their genetic issues, some have diseases or injury and some need them to make changes in their looks. Every person has their own need and requirements. A doctor helps us to bring that needs and requirements to reality with their experience and knowledge. This article, has tried to discuss every aspect of Dr. Serkan Balta.

Rating and Reviews,

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Dr. Serkan Balta‘s BBL surgery turned out with no results for high prices.

24th February 2024

Opting for a BBL surgery with Dr. Serkan Balta in Turkey turned into a disappointing experience primarily due to the shockingly high prices charged for the procedure. Despite the initial consultation promising hope, the exorbitant cost was unjustifiable, especially considering similar services offered elsewhere at more reasonable rates. Additionally, the post-operative care seemed lacking, with minimal support or guidance provided during the challenging recovery period, further adding to my frustration.


Confidence restored by my Facelift Journey with Dr. Serkan Balta

24th February 2024

Getting a facelift with Dr. Serkan Balta in Turkey was an amazing experience for me. When I first met Dr. Balta, he was really nice and listened carefully to what I wanted. He explained the facelift procedure in a way that was easy for me to understand and made me feel comfortable about moving forward. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Balta and his team took great care of me. The surgery went smoothly, and I felt safe the whole time.

After the surgery, Dr. Balta checked on me regularly to make sure I was healing well.

He gave me clear instructions on how to take care of myself at home, which made me feel confident about my recovery. Now, a few months later, I’m really happy with how my face looks. Dr. Serkan Balta did an amazing job, and I feel more confident and happy with my appearance. I would definitely recommend Dr. Balta to anyone thinking about getting a facelift.

Dr. Balta was not only skilled but also really caring and supportive throughout the whole process. He took the time to answer all my questions and address any concerns I had. His kindness and expertise made me feel like I was in good hands from start to finish. Plus, the staff at Dr. Balta’s clinic were friendly and helpful, which made the whole experience even better. I’m grateful to Dr. Balta and his team for helping me achieve the look I wanted and boosting my confidence.



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