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Dr. Serkan Dinar – Turkey’s Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Serkan Dinar, the plastic surgeon at Retouch Clinic in Istanbul was always fascinated by how changes in a person’s outward appearance can significantly improve their life’s outlook. He has witnessed first-hand how this improved outlook had a compounding effect on every aspect of their lives. After writing more than ten research papers on reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries, he believes that cosmetic procedures are far more than just making people feel pretty in their bodies. Surgeries like facelifts, breast aesthetics, tummy tucks, and body contouring alter the lives of many, taking their self-esteem to a new level. This, in turn, has miraculous social and emotional benefits.

Every day, Dr. Dinar does his best to make his patients get closer to their aesthetic goals and live better lives. He is a firm advocate of using the latest technology and combining it with high-grade products for the best outcomes. Some examples of this include using liposuction devices that increase collagen, Minegraft treatment for the vitiligo skin condition, protruding ear treatment with a hanger, and removing burn scars with cell spray. One can see how he has transformed the bodies of his patients from his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. The stunning before and after pictures of happy patients reflect his expertise and cement his position as a trusted professional in this field. 

Dr. Serkan Dinar’s Impressive Career

Dr. M. Serkan Dinar was born in 1975 in Izmir, Turkey. He realized his passion for the medical field early on in high school and so completed a bachelor’s degree from the faculty of medicine at Dokuzeylul University. He went on to acquire a Master’s specialist degree in plastic surgery from Kocaeli University. Dr. Dinar completed the specialist degree by presenting a thesis on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the porous polyethylene implant under burn in rats. 

After that, he gained first-hand experience by working at various hospitals. During this time, he also focussed on his research work and published and presented many articles and papers in international scientific meetings and journals. Dr. Dinar has proved himself to be a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon through his articles on treating burns and injuries. 

To date, he has attended over ten symposiums and national congresses in Istanbul, Samson, Adana, AND Mersin. He has also taken courses on vascular and nerve microsurgery, maxillofacial surgery, and laser liposuction. 

Dr. Serkan Dinar is also a known philanthropist. His participation in international charity activities like Doctors for Peace – Interplast and Baris – Interplast Physicians shows his willingness to make treatment accessible to all. In these charity activities, he performed surgery free of cost on people with genetic lip and burn injuries.

Advances in Hair Restoration by Dr. Serkan Dinar

Dr. Serkan Dinar has performed close to 9800 hair transplants. His procedures have resulted in a 99% hair growth rate. This makes him one of the most famous hair transplant doctors in Turkey. He has researched, written, and spoken extensively about scalp infections, soft-tissue infections, fungal diseases, hair loss, hair health, and regrowth treatments. 

Dr. Dinar’s interest diverted to hair transplant while he was gaining experience in different face and body contouring procedures. He found out that he wanted to work more closely with his patients in a way that gave him a greater sense of fulfillment. Hair transplant surgeries allowed him to develop his practical and surgical capabilities in a novel way. 

Dr. Dinar trained in DHI hair transplant and observed various experts in this field to hone himself. He applied the knowledge to correcting his techniques and procedures. Today, he is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey who performs sapphire hair transplantation, hair mesotherapy, unshaven hair transplant, and eyebrow, and beard transplant. 

Dr. Serkan Dinar’s reviews about his hair transplant procedures are always positive and he gets five-star ratings on most trusted platforms. Patient reviews on his Instagram show before and after photos which helps others learn about the hair transplant experience at his facility.  

Dr. Serkan Dinar’s Plastic Surgery Procedures at Retouch Body Clinic

Dr. Serkan Dinar is always concerned with the human side of providing aesthetic cosmetic treatments. He wants people to be able to conveniently access treatments by specialists in not only plastic surgery but also other medical fields. The clinic he works at, the Retouch Body Clinic is a well-known health tourism travel agency company in Istanbul. It offers rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction, liposuction, mommy makeover, hair transplant, and other surgeries at convenient rates. 

The clinic plans operations with globally accredited hospitals and surgeons like Dr. Serkan Dinar. This clinic provides people coming from abroad with the following facilities:

  • 5-start VIP hotel accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Doctor controls
  • Treatment
  • The patient’s choice of Turkish tour

Dr. Serkan Dinar’s Approach to Rejuvenate Body Without Surgery

Dr. Dinar is certainly an authority in surgical aesthetic procedures. But he also developed his approach to resolving his patient’s concerns without resorting to surgery. Even today, he keeps studying the latest enhancements in non-surgical rejuvenation technologies and applies them to his patients. 

Dr. Dinar does many types of non-invasive treatments, such as skin resurfacing, relaxing injectables, soft tissue fillers, and permanent chin injectables. During a consultation, he listens to the patient’s specific concerns, analyses their skin condition, and asks for their expectations. After that, he devises a unique rejuvenation approach that is non-invasive and tailored to the patient’s needs. It can be a single non-surgical procedure or a blend of many. Some cutting-edge treatments at his clinic include:

  • Non-surgical facelifts like botox, mesotherapy, dermal fillers, liquid facelifts, and facelifts with rope suspension. 
  • Permanent lip filling like Juvéderm and Restylane hyaluronic acid injections.
  • Nasal filling, such as a liquid nose job.
  • Dermapen for a younger and tighter skin.
  • Under-eye light filling to reduce dark circles, bruises, shadows, and wrinkles.
  • Peeling mask with carbon particles for skin clearing.

Prices of Dr. Serkan Dinar’s Plastic Surgery Treatments

Dr. Serkan Dinar does many plastic surgery procedures at Retouch Clinic in Istanbul. Expert Chikitsa is in a network with this clinic. Here are the average prices of his procedures in this table.

Name of the plastic surgery by Dr. Serkan Dinar Average Price of the plastic surgery in US dollars
BBL ( Fat transfer to buttocks) $6700
Tummy tuck $7600
Mini tummy tuck $3800
Mommy makeover $15100
Arm lifting $5789
Leg lifting $4955
Breast lifting $6689
Breast reduction $5227
Blepharoplasty $4000
Facelifting $4878
Neck lifting $4317
Lip lifting $2178
Rhinoplasty (primary and secondary) $3173 to $5096
Rhinoplasty with fillers $1295
Gluteoplasty surgery Starts from $3780
Vaginoplasty $3459
Gender reassignment Between $5600 to $10,000

Prices of Dr. Serkan Dinar’s Non-surgical Procedures

Dr. Dinar’s expertise extends to many non-surgical procedures. Here are the estimated prices of those treatments.

Non-surgical procedure by Dr. Serkan Dinar Average price of the non-surgical procedure in US dollars
Non-surgical facelift Up to $4000
Forehead filling Starts from $600
Nasal filling Up to $400
Chin filling Up to $4700
Dermapen $100
Lip filling Up to $400
Under-eye light filling Up to $500
Carbon peeling Between $700 to $1800
Nasolabial filling Between $700 to $6600

Dr. Serkan Dinar Hair Transplant Price

The average cost of different types of hair transplant procedures by Dr. Dinar is as follows:

Hair transplant procedure by Dr. Serkan Dinar The average cost of hair transplant in US dollars
DHI hair transplantation $5600 to $9886
Sapphire hair transplantation $5800 to $17600 for 4000 hair grafts
Hair mesotherapy $350 to $8800
Unshaven hair transplant Up to $4500
Eyebrow transplantation Up to $6778
Beard transplantation $3800

Dr. Serkan Dinar Reviews by Patients

Many people feel excited about sharing their experience of plastic surgery with Dr. Dinar. You can check the reviews patients have left on this site and can even share your views if you’ve had a procedure. Among the many things, Dr. Dinar’s patients are most impressed by the following:

  • His honest explanation about the cosmetic procedure and its outcome after assessing the patient’s condition. 
  • Exceptional pre-operative and post-operative care.
  • No complications after surgeries like a nose job. 

Patients keep leaving reviews on our website. You can check it out again to know more about the experiences of others. 

Get A Second Medical Opinion Before Surgery from Dr. Serkan Dinar in Turkey

Second medical opinions save time and make you fully confident of the effectiveness of any treatment. Expert Chikitsa has many specialist cosmetic surgeons and hair restoration experts who help patients understand the viability of a prospective treatment. If you are in doubt about a specific surgical or non-surgical procedure, feel free to consult our experts. Our second medical opinion will give you complete information about the treatment, including its complications and long-term effectiveness. So you’ll be sure of taking the best steps for your physical and mental health.

Rating and Reviews,

2.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Devastating results of liposuction surgery by Dr. Serkan Dinar

24th February 2024

Choosing Dr. Serkan Dinar for liposuction surgery in Turkey turned out to be a regrettable decision. The results were far from what was promised, and I am left with a botched procedure that has left me deeply dissatisfied. Not only did the surgery fail to achieve the desired outcome, but the post-operative care was lacking, leaving me with unanswered concerns and a sense of frustration.


My Breast Augmentation Experience with Dr. Serkan Dinar

24th February 2024

Deciding to get my breasts enhanced with Dr. Serkan Dinar in Turkey was a big step for me. Right from the start, Dr. Dinar and his team were really nice. They talked to me about what I wanted and made sure I felt okay about everything.

When the day of the surgery came, I was nervous but excited. Dr. Dinar was really good at what he did, and his team made me feel safe and comfortable. The surgery went well, and I felt fine afterward.

After the surgery, they took good care of me. They checked on me a lot and made sure I was healing well. They even gave me some tips on places to visit in Turkey, like the beautiful beaches and historic sites.

Now, my breasts look amazing, and I feel much more confident. Dr. Serkan Dinar and his team really changed my life for the better. I’m so glad I chose them for my breast augmentation surgery.

Susie M


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