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Dr. Hemangi Sane – Consultant Physician At NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute

From a patient to one of the world’s guiding physicians, Dr. Hemangi Sane’s journey is extraordinary. In 2004, fresh out of completing her post-graduation in medicine from New York, she became a victim of a degenerative motor neuron disease (MND). Typically, this condition spells a bleak outcome. Patients die within a mere two years. However, Dr. Sane’s trajectory took a miraculous turn. She defeated the disease with stem cell therapy.

This was a turning point in Dr. Hemangi’s life. She resolved to dedicate her life to serving those with incurable neurological disorders. These include MND, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, autism, cerebral palsy, and more. Today, as a deputy director and head of research and development at NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute in Mumbai, Dr. Sane has treated over 5000 patients suffering from terminal neurological diseases. 

She believes that with proper research on stem cell therapy, awareness, counseling, and lifestyle changes, it is possible to stop neurological disorders from taking the lives of people. Through her groundbreaking research on neuroprotection, immunomodulation, and angiogenesis, Dr. Sane has challenged conventional medical paradigms. Her 55 publications on this domain have been used extensively in India and on a global scale. Her books and research clearly outline the potential of this treatment to alleviate the debilitating symptoms and rapid spread of neurological ailments. 

Dr. Sane is also the founding President of a non-profit organization, Asha Ek Hope Foundation for motor neuron disease and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Besides, she was an Ethics committee member of the Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy at Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak Medical Government Hospital. She is also the head coordinator of India’s International Association of Neurorestoratology. Though she handles multiple roles, her aim is singular – to use cutting-edge stem cell therapy ethically and treat patients successfully. Her journey from patient to healer epitomizes resilience, empathy, and dedication to advancing the frontiers of medical science for the betterment of humanity.


  • MBBS from GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai University
  • M.D from the New York Medical College

Experience To Date 

  • Consultant Physician – Internal Medicine at Family Medicine of Carthage, US (2003 – 2006)
  • Institutional committee member for Stem Cell therapy at LTMG Hospital (2011 – 2022)
  • Consultant physician at Shushrusha Hospital (2011 – 2022)
  • President at Asha Ek Hope Foundation for ALS/ MND (2012 – present)
  • Deputy director at NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute (currently working)


  • Indian Medical Association
  • American Medical Association
  • American College of Physicians and Stem Cell Society of India.

Notable Achievements 

  • Honored by the Mayor of Mumbai city on International Women’s Day for her dedication to enhancing the lives of patients with neurological disorders.
  • Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All award
  • Recognized by the International Association of Internists as one of the Leading Physicians of the World (2013-2014).

Dr. Hemangi Sane’s Services For Patients With Neurological Disorders 

Dr. Hemangi Sane provides budget-friendly and evidence-based treatments to patients from all over India and beyond at NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute. People who cannot afford the high cost of stem cell therapy for MND, spinal disorders, dementia, stroke, and brain injuries in India see Dr. Sane as a beacon of hope. 

Dr. Hemangi is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has 16 years of experience in regenerative medicine. She has treated patients with a success rate that varies from 70% to 98%. 

Dr. Sane’s welcomes patients from every part of India. In the past five years, her services have been used the most by people from Gujarat, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh. Her strong research work, knowledge, and cost-effective treatments have healed many suffering from traumatic brain and spinal cord diseases. 

Dr. Sane performs a thorough consultation online and offline and sets up a stem cell treatment plan based on the patient’s condition. She also designs rehabilitation therapies and follow-up care plans. 

Her coordinators take care of travel, payment, local transport, and discharge of both national and international patients. Some of the major reasons for the popularity of Dr. Hemangi’s stem cell services are as follows:

  • She follows stringent quality control guidelines to ensure that stem cells don’t harm the patient.
  • She provides supportive therapies, diet, and lifestyle counseling.
  • She organizes motivational workshops post-treatment to increase the confidence level of the patient.
  • 24/7 support from her team ensures that the patient never feels isolated.
  • Dr. Sane uses image-guided procedures to execute stem cell therapy precisely. 
  • She harvests stem cells from the fat tissue and bone marrow, which is much more effective.
  • Dr. Hemangi Sane has the highest number of positive reviews about her procedures.

Types Of Stem Cells Used By Dr. Hemangi Sane 

Dr. Sane uses different types of stem cells to treat neurological disorders. The major categories of stem cells she uses are given below. 

  • Embryonic stem cells for treating Parkinson’s Disease. The use of these cells has resulted in motor and behavioral improvement.
  • Induced Pluripotent stem cells for treating autism spectrum disorders.
  • Adult stem cells for treating Alzheimer’s Disease. The usage of these cells has allowed patients to improve their memory and learning abilities. 
  • Mesenchymal stem cells for treating cerebral palsy. She uses them to slow the disease’s progression or stop it completely. 

Dr. Hemangi Sane’s Approach To Patient Care 

Dr. Hemangi Sane believes in providing holistic care through stem cell therapy to patients with neurological disorders. Her treatments blend stem cell therapy with other effective approaches for all-round improvement. 

She creates a personalized care plan that improves various important aspects of the patient’s life. These include speech, posture, gait, mindset, and diet. Her approaches help patients feel at par with others. 

Central to her approach is her unwavering focus on maintaining the international standards of healthcare. Throughout her time with patients, she looks after their safety. Drawing from her extensive training as a clinician, researcher, and even a patient herself, Dr. Sane brings a unique perspective to what she does. It is marked by empathy, sensitivity, and an understanding of the challenges faced by those suffering from complex neurological disorders. This multifaceted background gives rise to an environment of trust and compassion. Patients feel supported and empowered throughout their treatment with her. 

Contact Dr. Hemangi Sane 

If you want to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sane, use her professional address given below.

Plot no. 19, Sector no. 40, Off. Palm Beach Road, Nerul (west), Navi Mumbai – 400706, India.

Distance from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport: 31.2 km

The average time it takes to reach: 58 minutes

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