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Best Female Urologist in Dubai, Cost, Procedures

Dubai provides comprehensive and latest urological treatments to national and international patients. Dubai’s hospitals practice state-of-the-art techniques and advanced equipment for accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for female and male patients. The urology clinic in Dubai provides treatments for problems such as kidney disorders, bladder problems, prostate problems, urethra problems, and female and male genital problems. Other therapies include urinary tract infections, kidney or bladder stones, urethra stricture, overactive bladder, and erectile dysfunction. Let us find out more about the Best Female Urologist in Dubai.

Many people experience urological problems either because of congenital disabilities or after reaching a point where the body becomes more prone to urological problems. Urological problems and hormonal changes are common in older people and pregnant women. Younger people also experience urological problems due to infections and weak immune systems. Urological issues occur when the urinary tract gets infection by microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Urological problems are severe health conditions with symptoms such as frequent urination, fatigue, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, pelvic pain, dark, cloudy, bloody urine, foul-smelling urine, cramping, pressure, or lower back pain. At every age, people have different symptoms that can be treated.

Female Urology Specialist in Dubai

Dr. Foroozan Khezri (Urological Specialist in Dubai, UAE)

  • Dr. Foroozan Khezri is the best female urologist in Dubai, UAE.
  • She has more than 27 years of urological treatment experience, making her the leading urology expert in her specialization.
  • Dr. Foroozan is a urology specialist for pediatric and adult urology.
  • After graduating from Belgrade University in Yugoslavia, she became a doctor, did a Ph.D. from the Sheraz University of Medical Science in Iran, and continued the Urodynamics course at Cleveland clinic in the USA.
  • Dr. Foroozan was a faculty member at Azad Medical University and worked as head of the Urology division at Aliasghar Paediatric Surgery Centre and Zeinabiel University Hospital.
  • Dr. Foroozan was part of Urodynamic and female urology training at Cleveland Clinic, USA.
  • She is an active member of the international Urology Association, Laparoscopy association, Iranian Endo-urology, and Emirates Urology Association.
  • Dr. Foroozan is the best specialist for treating pediatric and adult conditions such as urinary stones, urinary tract, female and male sexual functions, prostate gland disorders, and scrotal disease.
  • She is specially qualified for the diagnosis and surgical treatments for urinary tract congenital disabilities.
  • Dr. Foroozan’s specialties include hydronephrosis, urine reflux, scars, ureteropelvic stenosis, hypospadias, and posterior urethral valve.
  • Dr. Foroozan offers treatment for minimal invasive shockwave therapy or laser treatments. You can find solutions to urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, and pediatric urology treatments.
  • People seeking urology treatments can have treatment for voiding dysfunctions, leakage problems, and pediatric, female, or male urology problems. She provides urology procedures for chronic pelvic pain, bloody urine, and frequent urination pain. She can treat cysts and tumors in general patients and pregnant women too.

Other Best Female Urology Doctors in Dubai UAE

 Dr. Kherallah Al Hussaini (Urologist, Dubai)

  • Dr. Kherallah belongs to Syria and has been practicing urology for 40 years.
  • Currently, Dr. Kherallah is practicing in Sharjah and Dubai in UAE.
  • His qualification includes M.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University in Syria. Later he got a fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons and completed medical registration certificate with a high specialization in General surgery and urology from the Ministry of Health Damascus, Syria.
  • Dr. Al Hussaini began his career as a urology consultant and general surgeon. He has served the Syrian military at the Al Razi hospital. However, he moved to Dubai and started serving as head of the urology department and consultant at al Baraha hospital, Al-Zahra Hospital, and Al-Zahra Medical Centre in Dubai and Sharjah.
  • He is active and affiliated with the European Association of Urology, the International Society of Sexual Medicine, and the Emirates Urological Society.
  • Dr. Al Hussaine provides advanced and latest endoscopic laser treatments to treat urinary tract stones, prostatic disease, urethral stricture, and bladder tumors.
  • He has successfully provided treatments for kidney stones, tumors, urethra infections, bladder problems, scrotum, prostatic cysts, and infections.

Dr. Francesco Cappellano (MD Urologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

  • Dr. Francesco has 29 years of experience.
  • His qualification includes a medical degree and board of urology honors from Italy’s Naples University. He did his surgical and clinical training in Neurology and Urology at the University of California San Francisco in the USA,
  • Dr. Francesco has been a fellow of the European Board of Urology since 1998 and Urology, Neurourology professor at Verona University.
  • He has been a head of the Functional Urology and Neurourology in Milano for 17 years and then started working in Abu Dhabi.
  • He gains extensive experience in endoscopic and open urological surgery and Urogynaecology.
  • Dr. Francesco has performed over 800 permanent implants for sacral roots and worked on pediatric, adult, anorectal dysfunction, and PTNS.
  • He specializes in fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor rehabilitation, erectile dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, neurological diseases, and non-neurological issues.

Dr. Amgad Farouk (Urologist Senior Consultant)

  • Dr. Amgad has 29 years of experience in Urological treatments and is currently practicing at Medcare Hospital Al Safa, Dubai, UAE.
  • He did graduation and post-graduation from the reputed Cairo University in Egypt and continued his study at the Cleveland clinic foundation fellowship in Advance Laparoscopy.
  • He is an active member of urology associations such as the Egyptian Urological Association, the American-Urological -Association, and the European-Association-of-Urology.
  • Dr. Farouk has performed several extensive specialized urology procedures, including flexible endoscopic stone treatment, endoscopic kidney treatment, laser lithotripsy, and bladder and ureter stones. In addition, he knows well about extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, prostate resection, urethra incision, and abdominopelvic urological ultrasound.
  • He offers treatments for various urology conditions such as female and male urology and sexual dysfunctions, infertility, Uro-Oncology cases, and female continence. In addition, he provides bladder disorders like overactive bladder, neurogenic bladder, and painful bladder.

Female Urological Treatment Procedures in Dubai

Urologist Dubai Price

Female Urology Procedure Cost in $ Cost in AED
Urology procedure $685 – $6850 AED 2515 – AED 25158
Urinary Incontinence $10000 AED 14895
Urinary Tract Infection $183 AED 675
Stress incontinence $49 – $952 AED 180 to AED 3,500
Cystoscopy $1096 AED 4025
Kidney Stone removal cost $10000 AED 14895


Female Urology Problems Treatment Cost in Dubai

The average cost of a Urology procedure in Dubai, UAE, is $3767. The minimum cost ranges from $685 to a maximum of $6850. Several international patients visit Dubai for Urology due to certified clinics and high-quality services at affordable cost. However, these cost estimates are rough and may change for every patient. The final cost of urology treatment depends on the doctor’s qualification, Dubai material used, technologies, and clinic location.


What are the Urological Diseases or issues in Females?

Common Female Urology Problems:

  • Postpartum Urinary Incontinence
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Female Urology Procedures in Dubai, UAE

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Cost in Dubai: $10000(AED14895)

Dubai offers advanced urinary incontinence clinics for different procedures. Urinary incontinence refers to bladder control loss, which can affect both men and women. It can feel embarrassing for females suffering from this condition. However, mild to severe bladder control loss can be managed with a doctor’s help.

Types of Urinary Incontinence

Stress Incontinence: It is a type of urinary incontinence problem associated with physical stress and urine leaks during physical movements such as laughing, coughing, running, sneezing, or heavy lifting or pressure on the bladder causes to leak of urine. Stress incontinence is not linked with psychological stress. Stress incontinence is a different condition from overactive bladder and urgency incontinence. This condition is more common in females than males. Risk factors of stress incontinence include age, body weight, previous pelvic surgery, and childbirth. Dubai’s clinic offers treatments for stress incontinence that include open Colposuspension, tension-free vaginal tape, laparoscopic colposuspension, Transobturateo tape, and bulking agent.

Urge Incontinence is bladder control loss due to abnormal bladder contractions. Strong muscles named sphincters are responsible for controlling the urine flow from the bladder. With urge incontinence, the overactive bladder contracts muscles with sufficient pressure to override the sphincter muscles of the urethra, which is the urine-passing tube in the body. The bladder may get abnormal contractions for certain reasons, such as a damaged spinal cord, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or an irritated bladder.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Cost in Dubai: $183 (AED 675)

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection urethra, a small tube that passes urine out of the body. A UTI infection can be a serious complication if the infection spreads to surrounding parts such as the kidneys and bladder. Various factors contribute to UTI infection, such as exposure to unclean surroundings, constipation, and insufficient fluid intake. However, UTI can be treatable once your urologist finds the infection’s cause. The treatment will improve the pH levels and prevent the growth of microbes that cause disease. Best Female Urologist in Dubai offer safe and effective UTI treatment with the help of advanced technologies and the latest medications.

Cystoscopy Treatment Cost in Dubai: $1096(AED 4025)

Cystoscopy is a urology procedure that allows a urologist to examine the urethra and bladder carefully. It is often performed to know bladder obstruction, tumor diagnosis, and other bladder lining abnormalities. Urologist conduct cystoscopies to determine the cause of urinary tract problems, including UTIs, Hematuria, urinary retention, urinary incontinence, the pain of urination, and difficulty urinating. The cystoscopy procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and it has less pain. The patient may feel some irritating sensation and urge to urinate with a tingling sensation during the procedure. Write to us to find Best Female Urologist in Dubai.

Kidney Stone Removal Cost in Dubai: $10000 (AED 14895)

Kidney stones are a hard mineral crystal that forms due to low fluid consumption and causes infection, pain, and injury if not treated correctly. Small stones pass easily without discomfort. Around 10% of people, especially those with a family history, can suffer from stones when taking specific diets and medications.

Kidney stones may have symptoms of blood in urine, vomiting and nausea, painful urination, and extreme pain in the groin. The kidney stone diagnosis needs urine tests, C.T. scans, blood tests, abdominal X-rays, and ultrasounds. Dubai offers different kidney stone removal treatments, including medication treatments, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, Laser treatment, ureteroscopy, and robotic surgery.

When Should Women Seek A Urologist Help?

Urologist is not only for men; Dubai provides Female urologist doctors also. They have the right training and several years of experience to treat the problem with the right solution relating to organs, muscles, kidneys, and the urinary tract.

Women can also seek help from a Urogynecologist, a Gynecologist specializing in the urinary tract, bladder problems, and the female reproductive system. The warning signs include blood in urine, leaking urine, back pain, and frequent urination.

Reason to Seek help from a Urogynecologist for Urologic Disease Female:


Bladder problem

Bladder control issues do not depend on female age; they can happen at any age. This problem is also called urinary incontinence, more in females than males.

When a woman suffers from U.I., there is difficulty controlling urine during exercise, sneezing, and coughing. This condition occurs due to muscle weakness around the bladder due to aging or pregnancy. 

Overflow U.I.: Urine leaks even after peeing because the bladder is not empty.

Overactive bladder: Females feel a recurring urge to urinate even when the bladder is not full. 

These conditions can be treated with exercise, medication, surgery, or implant device or injection.


Urinary tract Infection (UTI)

Every female experiences urinary tract infection at some stage of life. This condition mainly occurs due to bacteria entering the urinary tract. A woman experiencing UTI has pain and a burning sensation during urinating. They may also feel a frequent urge to urinate but cannot. This condition can be corrected with antibiotics.


Kidney stones

Kidney stone is another condition to seek urologist help. However, it is rare for every woman because drinking less water causes it to accumulate minerals and form into stone. Stone can form anywhere in the kidney, bladder, or ureter, and small stone pass out through urine, but larger stone causes pain and scarring. Suffering from a kidney stone may have symptoms of vomiting, lower back pain, abdomen pain, nausea, pain, and blood while urinating.


Prolonged Bladder Pain

If a woman has prolonged and regular bladder pain, it is a sign of a severe urinary problem. It can occur due to multiple cysts or other reasons. If you cannot perform daily household activities and have continued pain, seek urologist help.


Painful Bladder

Experiencing discomfort and pain in the bladder part under the belly is another reason for urinary infection. Feeling bladder pain causes the frequent urge to urinate, sometime 60 times a day. Furthermore, the patient feels a full bladder all the time. This condition is not common but affects daily life, and women avoid gatherings and social events.


Fallen Bladder

The pelvic floor of a women’s body holds the bladder, but sometimes it drops into the vagina, leading to an overactive bladder. This problem happens due to obesity, pelvic surgery, menopause, and aging. The bladder sinking may also cause urinary incontinence or infection in the urinary tract. Mainly bladder wall gets affected and causes the problem and weak vagina. This condition may occur due to heavy weight lifting. Seeking medical help from a urologist can help to treat the disease.


Groin Pain or Lower back

A person developing a kidney stone may experience pain in the lower back or groin. It can also be a sign of different urinary problems or kidney infections. Early diagnosis and care may prevent risky complications. Therefore, never ignore any signs or symptoms and get checked with a female urologist or general urologist to seek help.

Why Travel to Dubai for Urology Treatment Procedures?

Dubai offers high-standard care for urological treatments. An international citizen who visits Dubai for tourism often seeks medical treatment also. Therefore, Dubai invests in more advanced medical tools and techniques and the latest available medicine. Here are the essential things which attract tourists to choose urological treatments, urology surgery, and kidney stone specialist in Dubai


High Standard Quality Care

Healthcare is the most important consideration for employees staying in Dubai. Even international citizens get high standard care for every medical treatment, including Urology procedures. Dubai provides the best healthcare system with state-of-the-art facilities run by Dubai Health Authority. Public health care has emergency medical cards, and private clinics offer insurance or financing plans if treatment is applicable. 


Best Urology Treatments

Dubai offers expert and experienced Urologists and doctors who provide all types of urological treatments such as ureter problems, urinary bladder, urethra, renal pelvis, kidney problems, vein, renal artery, common iliac artery, UTIs, and other issues. Dubai Health Authority only allows board-certified urologists to treat urological disorders with advanced technology. Expert urologists use advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures to treat issues safely.


Urology Robotic Surgery

Different types of urology surgery need different procedures. Robotic surgery involves minimally invasive techniques, which is increasingly in demand for urology. Primary urological treatments, partial nephrectomies, and radical prostatectomy are evolving into robotic and laparoscopic minimally invasive techniques. Dubai provides robotic surgery for female urology treatments with less pain and low blood loss. In addition, there is no risk of infection. Robotic urology surgery includes Robotic kidney surgery, Robotic Gynecologic surgery, Robotic Prostate Surgery, and Robotic Colorectal Surgery. Dubai has achieved a 95% of success rate in robotic surgeries.


Laser Urology Surgery

Dubai’s reputed clinic offers the latest laser urological procedures, such as urothelial tumor ablation, lithotripsy (breaking the stone), urinary tract stricture incisions, and prostate resection. Urology laser treatments are painless and safe when performed by experienced urologists in Dubai. Laser treatment is safe for tumor removal from the bladder, urethra, and kidneys. Laser surgery in Dubai is an effective and safe alternative to traditional surgical techniques.


Urology Hospital in Dubai

There are the best urology treatments available in Dubai’s hospitals. They have a separate urology department that offers the best urology doctors and teams to operate on minor to major issues. Expert doctors and skilled urologists work together during each complex surgery and find a solution with advanced procedures. In addition, Dubai’s urology hospital provides laser-assisted procedures for suitable candidates and other general treatments with medications and antibiotics. Contact us to book your consultation with Best Female Urologist in Dubai.

Women with Overactive Bladder

A woman experiencing overactive bladder may get the sudden urge to urinate, difficulty controlling, unintentional urine loss, urgency incontinence, and urinate more than eight or more times within 24 hours. Women get overactive bladder due to nerve damage from surgery, pelvic trauma, or abdominal trauma. Bladder stones and neurological diseases also cause overactive bladder. 

Usually, overactive bladder occurs among older adults and affect 40% of male and 30% of females at 75, but it can also occur in younger people. During mild overactive bladder conditions, the best female urologist in Dubai recommends pelvic floor muscles exercise, healthy weight, bladder training, and, in severe cases need, interim therapy or botox injection.

What Can You Expect During Your First Visit With A Female Urologist?

During the first visit with a Best Female Urologist in Dubai, the patient will be asked for complete information about the medical problems and health history, allergies, and previous surgery. Next, the patient needs to visit a doctor with a full bladder to find the issues through a pelvic and physical examination. Finally, the female urologist will do the complete analysis and plan treatment.


What to Expect During Female Urological Exam?

A female’s urology exam procedure needs a test with a catheter to be added to the bladder or urethra and rectum. These catheter helps to measure the pressure on the bladder and bowel. Then the bladder is filled with fluid to replicate a bladder full of urine, and the patient may be asked to strain or cough during the study. 


Book Doctor Appointment Online Dubai

Book your urological appointment and video consultation online. If a person feels lower back pain, stomach pain, or groin pain accompanied by frequent urination are the signs of urological problems. Contacting directly on the hospital website may delay your appointment as several people travel to Dubai for urological treatments. You can contact us to find the best female urologist in Dubai.  


The best female urologists are available in Dubai, UAE. Several surrounding countries people visit Dubai for urology treatments and prefer female urologists. Therefore, you can find the best female and male urologists who offer safe treatments. Do not ignore minor problems, which could be a symptom of major urological problems. Contact us for a second opinion about urology problems and get treated quickly to prevent risky diseases. Get Appointment with Best Female Urologist in Dubai.

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