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Medical Treatment Visa Turkey


Turkey is one of the world’s leading Medical Tourism destinations. In addition to the available high-quality facilities, medical tourists have access to thermal spas and wellness services that incorporate five-star hotel accommodation into their package. Turkey has become a preferred destination for medical tourists from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany , England, the Netherlands, Romania , Bulgaria and other countries as well as the Middle East and Latin America.


Why Turkey for Advanced Medical Treatment?

  • JCI-accredited medical centers

    With the highest number of JCI-accredited health facilities, medical tourists to Turkey are assured of high quality infrastructure and services by these hospitals and their medical staff. Many Hospitals are affiliated with top US healthcare providers such as the Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

  • Competitive prices

    Prices of medical care in Turkey are very competitive compared to Western European countries like the UK, Ireland, Austria and Italy.

  • Hospitality and culture

    Turkey has long been a gateway between the East and the West. The warmth and hospitality of its people is well known. Hospitals in Turkey are fitted with the latest medical equipment and have board-certified personnel, with more than 35 percent of doctors trained in Western countries.

Types of Medical Visa to Turkey

There are two categories of medical visas available for your visit to Turkey:

  1. Medical Visa:  This can be obtained from the Consulate of Turkey
  2. Online Visa (eVisa): Advance visa before arrival applied via the government of Turkey’s online portal.

All visitors must obtain a medical visa for traveling to Turkey unless they come from visa-exempt countries and territories or citizens of those countries, which are eligible to apply for an e-Visa online. List of Countries are mentioned at the end in this page.

Documents Required for Turkish Medical Visa

  1. 2 Biometric photos at 5X7 cm with white background
  2. Orignal passport with color photocopy
  3. Orignal identity document (Tazkira) with color photocopy
  4. Bank statement
  5. Travel insurance
  6. Hotel reservation
  7. Ticket reservation
  8. Marriage certificate attested
  9. Medical treatment invitation Letter from the Republic of Turkey.
    – Patient acceptance letter from one of the hospitals in the republic of Turkey.
    – Cash receipt indicating prepayment to the hospital.
    – The hospital is obliged to email the acceptance letter of patient to the official email of Turkish consulate general Mazar-e-Sharif.
  10. If the applicant is resident of the region not covered by Turkish Consulate General in Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan, applicant must bring resident confirmation letter from local municipality.

Turkish Medical e-Visa Validity

Turkey Medical e-Visa is valid for 90 days. If the duration of 90-day-stay on your e-Visa expired within 180 days as of your first entry date, you can reapply for an e-Visa 180 days later starting from the first entry date. If you spent some part of the duration of 90-day-stay on a multiple entry e-Visa within 180 days as of your first entry date and the rest expired after 180 days elapsed as of the first entry date, it is possible to reapply for an e-Visa. Anyway, please keep in mind that you may stay in Turkey up to 90 days in every 180 days starting from the first entry date.

Turkey Medical Visa Cost


SI. No Country Turkey Medical e-Visa Cost Turkey Medical Visa On Arrival Cost
1 ANTIGUA-BARBUDA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
2 ARMENIA 15 $ 25 $ / 20 € / 15£
3 AUSTRALIA 60 $ 70 $/ 50 € / 45 £
4 AUSTRIA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
5 BAHAMAS 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
6 BAHRAIN 80 $ 70 $ / 50 € / 45 £
7 BARBADOS 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
8 BELGIUM 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
9 CANADA 60 $ 70 $/ 50 € / 45 £
10 CROATIA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
11 DOMINICA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
12 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
13 GREEK CYPRIOT 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
16 GRENADA 60 $ 60 $ / 45 € / 35 £
17 HAITI 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
18 HONG KONG (BN(O) ) 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
19 INDONESIA 25 $ 35 $ / 27 € / 22 £
20 IRELAND 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
21 JAMAICA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
22 KUWAIT No Fee No Fee
23 MALDIVES 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
24 MALTA No Fee No Fee
25 MAURITIUS 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
26 MEXICO 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
27 NETHERLANDS 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
28 NORWAY 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
29 OMAN 60 $ 60 $ / 45 € / 35 £
30 POLAND 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
31 PORTUGAL 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
32 QATAR 28 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
33 SAUDI ARABIA 60 $ 60 $ / 45 € / 35 £
34 SPAIN 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
35 ST. LUCIA 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
36 ST. VINCENT VE THE 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
37 GRENADINES 60 $ 60 $ / 45 € / 35 £
40 UNITED KINGDOM 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
41 U.S.A 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £

List Of Countries Applicable For The Medical eVisa To Enter Turkey

Afghanistan, Barbados, Canada, Djibouti, Gabon, United Kingdom, Algeria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Dominica, Gambia, Vanuatu, Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, Chad, East Timor, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, Yemen, Armenia, Bhutan, China, Egypt, Grenada, Zambia, Australia, Botswana, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Austria, Burkina Faso, Congo, Republic of the, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Lithuania, Bahamas, Burundi, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Estonia, Haiti, Nepal, Bahrain, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Hong Kong (BN(O)), Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Croatia, Fiji, India, Libya, Indonesia, Madagascar, Netherlands, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Iraq, Malawi, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sudan, Portugal, Ireland, Maldives, Nigeria, São Tomé and Príncipe, Suriname, Spain, Jamaica, Mali, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Malta, Oman, Senegal, Taiwan, Liberia, Kuwait, Mauritania, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Mozambique, Latvia, Mauritius, Palestine, Solomon Islands, Togo, South Africa, Lesotho, Mexico, Philippines, Somalia, U.S.A, Uganda, Poland

List Of Countries Which Can Enter Turkey Without A Medical Visa

Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Honduras, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Morocco, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Belarus, Belize, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Colombia, South Korea, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Moldova, Monaco, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, St. Cristopher Nevis, Saint Marino, Seychelles, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Chile, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Jordan, Vatican, Venezuela, New Zealand

List Of Countries Which Are Applicable For Medical Visa On Arrival In Turkey

Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Croatia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, Grenada, Haiti, Hong Kong (BN(O)), Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Spain, U.S.A, United Kingdom

Travel Advice for Medical Treatment in Turkey

  • Remove your shoes before you enter the Mosque
  • Women cover their hairs and Men don’t wear shorts in Mosque
  • Wear conservative clothes outside village area.
  • Do learn basic Turkish words of saying yes and No.
  • Avoid making OK signs with thumb and finger. It is considered as an offensive act in Turkey.
  • Avoid being loud, because Turkish speak politely.
  • Turkey is not just a place where you can spend your vacations and have fun rather it houses some of the best hospitals for treating Medical Tourists with latest techniques at affordable Medical Treatments package in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a one-stop Medical Tourists destination for foreigners coming from overseas

Frequently Asked Question on Turkey Visa

What is an e-Visa?

An e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within Turkey.

The e-Visa is an alternative to visas issued at Turkish missions and at the ports of entry.

Applicants obtain their visas electronically after entering required information and making payments by a credit or debit card (Mastercard, Visa or UnionPay).

The link to download your e-Visa is given on the final step where you will be informed that your application has been completed successfully. In addition, the same link to download your e-Visa will be emailed to you. Passport control officers at ports of entry can verify your e-Visa on their system. However, you are advised to keep your e-Visa with you either as a soft copy (tablet PC, smart phone, etc.) or as a hard copy in case of any failure on their system.

As in the case of other visas, respective Turkish officials at the ports of entry reserves the right to deny entry into Turkey to a holder of an e-Visa without any explanation.

Do I need to enter Turkey on the exact date specified in my application?

No. The validity period of your e-Visa begins from the date specified in your application. You can enter Turkey on any date within this period.

Are there any restrictions on airline companies to fly to Turkey?

The citizens of the countries listed below are required to travel with an airline company which signed a protocol with the Turkish Foreign Ministry. At present, the airline companies that signed this protocol are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and Atlasglobal Airlines.

I have completed my application. When will I obtain my e-Visa?

The link to download your e-Visa is given on the final step where you will be informed that your application has been completed successfully. In addition, the same link to download your e-Visa will be emailed to you.

How long will my e-Visa be valid for?

The validity period of an e-Visa varies according to Country of Travel Document. Go to Main Page, click on Apply button and select your Country of Travel and Type of Travel Document to check for how many days you are allowed to stay in Turkey.

May I apply for a new e-Visa while I am in Turkey?

When your e-Visa expires, you are not allowed to apply for a new e-Visa without departing from Turkey ; but you are advised to apply at Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for a residence permit. Please click on the following link to get more detailed information regarding the application of a residence permit and other types of visa (work visa, student visa etc.)

Turkey Medical e-Visa Cost

SI. No Turkey Medical e-Visa Available Cost for Turkey Medical e-Visa
1 Afghanistan $20
2 Algeria $20
3 Angola $20
4 Antigua and Barbuda $20
5 Armenia $20
6 Australia $20
7 Bahamas $20
8 Bahrain $20
9 Bangladesh $20
10 Barbados $20
11 Belgium $20
12 Benin $20
13 Bermuda $20
14 Bhutan $20
15 Botswana $20
16 Burkina Faso $20
17 Burundi $20
18 Cambodia $20
19 Cameroon $20
20 Canada $20
21 Cape Verde $20
22 Central African Republic $20
23 Chad $20
24 China $20
25 Comoros $20
26 Congo, Republic of the $20
27 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the $20
28 Côte d’Ivoire $20
29 Croatia $20
30 Djibouti $20
31 Dominica $20
32 Dominican Republic $20
33 East Timor $20
34 Egypt $20
35 Equatorial Guinea $20
36 Eritrea $20
37 Estonia $20
38 Ethiopia $20
39 Fiji $20
40 Gabon $20
41 Gambia $20
42 Ghana $20
43 Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus $20
44 Grenada $20
45 Guinea $20
46 Guinea-Bissau $20
47 Haiti $20
48 Hong Kong (BN(O)) $20
49 India $20
50 Indonesia $20
51 Iraq $20
52 Jamaica $20
53 Kenya $20
54 Kuwait $20
55 Latvia $20
56 Lesotho $20
57 Liberia $20
58 Libya $20
59 Lithuania $20
60 Madagascar $20
61 Malawi $20
62 Maldives $20
63 Mali $20
64 Malta $20
65 Mauritania $20
66 Mauritius $20
67 Mexico $20
68 Mozambique $20
69 Namibia $20
70 Nepal $20
71 Netherlands $20
72 Niger $20
73 Nigeria $20
74 Oman $20
75 Pakistan $20
76 Palestine $20
77 Philippines $20
78 Portugal $20
79 Rwanda $20
80 Saint Lucia $20
81 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $20
82 São Tomé and Príncipe $20
83 Saudi Arabia $20
84 Senegal $20
85 Sierra Leone $20
86 Solomon Islands $20
87 Somalia $20
88 South Africa $20
89 Spain $20
90 Sri Lanka $20
91 Sudan $20
92 Suriname $20
93 Swaziland $20
94 Taiwan $20
95 Tanzania $20
96 Togo $20
97 U.S.A $20
98 Uganda $20
99 United Arab Emirates $20
100 Vanuatu $20
101 Vietnam $20
102 Yemen $20
103 Zambia $20
104 Zimbabwe $20

Top 10 Hospitals in Turkey

Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey – Find Reviews, Cost Es Claimed

Cumhuriyet Mah, 2255. Sk. No: 3, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center An institution that fueled dozens of worthwhile projects in Turkey, Anadolu Foundation made another dream real by founding Anadolu Medical Center. Relying on the valuable heritage of Anatolia that boasts of thousands of years of medical knowledge and was home to many valuable people of medicine, our hospital uses this knowledge to contribute to human health. Working in strategic cooperation with Johns Hopkins Medicine for the improvement of education and quality, our hospital provides services in all branches including in particular, oncologic sciences, cardiovascular health, gynecology and IVF, neurological sciences, surgical sciences, internal medicine, diagnosis and imaging. Established on an area of 188.000 square meters and an indoor area of 50 thousand square meters with a capacity of 201 beds, our hospital provides services with JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology), ISO (18001, 14001 a

Istinye University Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews, Claimed

Aşık Veysel Mah, Süleyman Demirel Cd. No:1, 34517 Esenyurt/İstanbul, Turkey
Istinye University Hospital Combining academic approach of Istinye University with flawless service approach of the Liv Concept, Istinye University Hospital intends to achieve the “excellence” in healthcare services, based on patient-oriented approach, physician staff and state of the art infrastructure. Istinye University Hospital, Health Application and Research Center was founded in 2016 on 23-year knowledge and experience of MLP Care, the parent company of Medical Park, VM Medical Park and Liv Hospital, in the field of healthcare. 307 beds, 94 intensive care beds and 12 operating theatres (IVF + Ophthalmology) are available in the hospital with 62.500 square meter indoor area. It provides service in 39 medical branches with 11 professors, 10 associate professors and 52 specialists. In this 17 storey hospital there are more than 300 patient beds, 12 operating theaters, 94 intensivecare /observation beds and a heliport for emergeny patient transfers are available.  

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, Istanbul – Find Revie Claimed

Saray, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, 34768 Ümraniye/İstanbul, Turkey
Hisar Hospital Intercontinental Hisar Hospital Intercontinental based in İstanbul, is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive private hospitals, with offers highest quality diagnosis and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient oriented environments, employing the latest and best medical technologies. The Hospital was founded on closed area of 35,000 square meters and it offers services in Ümraniye, İstanbul. That is only 20 minutes to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, 5 minutes to Bosphorus and at the joint of the continents, Asia and Europe. It’s aimed to supply the patient satisfaction at the highest level with its diagnosis and treatment units using advanced medical technology. With 170 patient bed capacity and 7 operating rooms where all kinds of specialized operations including Cardiovascular Surgery can be carried out and a total of 36 Intensive Care beds that can provide special care to each patient in single rooms. Mak

Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Istanbul – Find Review Claimed

İzzetpaşa Mah, Abide-i Hürriyet Cd No:166, 34381 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Florence Nightingale Hospitals Our Center for International Patients is dedicated to deliver one-stop service from start to finish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a fully trained and experienced team of advisors and interpreters to coordinate all your medical, travel, accommodation, leisure and other needs seamlessly and professionally. 30 years of experience across every field of specialization Group Florence Nightingale has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry in the region since 1989. Group Florence Nightingale has developed “Centers of Excellence” with expert treatment, surgery and diagnostic capabilities across the Group’s five hospitals and three medical centers, each center gaining recognition in its specialization not only in Turkey but throughout the region. A proven record of excellence Today, Group Florence Nightingale accounts for annual 70.000 inpatients and 250.000 outpatients, a 804 patient bed capacity, 141 ICU Beds and 40 Operating Rooms.

Memorial Hospitals, Istanbul – Find Reviews, Cost Esti Claimed

Kaptanpaşa, Piyalepaşa Blv. No:4, 34385 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Memorial Hospitals Group Memorial Hospitals Group was established in February, 2000 with the mission of becoming a world-class brand in Healthcare. Our objective is to make a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with our distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented service approach. Introducing world-class quality healthcare service to Turkey, Memorial Şişli Hospital is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospital in Turkey, and 21st in the world.   Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its expert physicians and healthcare staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, state of the art diagnosis and treatment centers, and comfortable facilities. Pioneering the improvement of healthcare services standards with many first practices in Turkey, Memorial also successfully represents Turkish Healthcare Sector abroad with its international diagnostic and treatment centers. Internationally known departments such

Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews, Claimed

Göztepe, Metin Sk. No:4, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey
Medipol University Hospital   Medipol University Hospital is the Turkey's largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals, Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey's best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference center in the health sector in both national and international arenas. Modern Health Complex in International Standards Medipol University Hospital, being the justifiably proud of Medipol Education and Health Group in Turkey and in the world, resulting in this spirit, is a health complex having JCI standards accepting patients from all over the world. Medipol University Hospital takes firm steps forward with the big investments and advances in preventive / curative health services

Medical Park Hospitals – Find Reviews, Cost Estimate, Claimed

Istanbul, Turkey
Medical Park Hospitals   Established in 1993, Medical Park Hospitals - the admiral ship of the MLP Care Healthcare Group – is Turkey’s largest private hospital group with 25 hospitals. We continue to be the forefront of the sector with an indoor area of more than 760 thousand square meters, 200 operating theaters and 5 thousand 200 beds by continuously growing since 1993, when our first hospital was opened. Enabling all patients, irrespective of socioeconomic status, access healthcare services at international standards based on the principle “healthcare for all", Medical Park not only closely monitors all advanced technologies and therapeutic methods worldwide, but it also aims to serve as a model which supports science and innovative practices. Gathering specialists, patient-oriented service approac​h and multi-disciplinary work under one roof, Medical Park Hospitals provides quality diagnostic and therapeutic services in all hospitals, including three accred

Acibadem International Hospital – Find Reviews, Cost E Claimed

Yeşilköy, İstanbul Caddesi No:82, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Acibadem International Hospital Acıbadem began its journey into healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in a district of Istanbul/Turkey. Today, Acıbadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 21 hospitals, 13 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acıbadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 which enabled us to be a part of world’s second largest healthcare chain. Our goal of expanding our foot print overseas has started in 2011 with Acıbadem Sistina Hospital, in Skopje, Macedonia. It is followed by acquisition of Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group in Bulgaria in 2016. Along with this acquisition, Acıbadem Healthcare Group became the largest healthcare service provider in Bulgaria. At the latest, our footprint has extended with the launch of Acıbadem International Medical Center in Amsterdam which has an indoor area of 5.000 square m

Liv Hospital Ulus – Find Reviews, Cost Estimate, Book Claimed

Ulus Ahmet Adnan Saygun cad, Canan Sk., 34340 Beşiktaş, Turkey
Liv Hospital Ulus   Liv Hospital, which builds its private health sector studies on a scientific platform and compares its medical results to the best centers in the world, derives its strength from the fact that the departments are composed of top specialties. As Liv Hospital, we produce quality health services for our guests and at the same time, we conduct scientific studies and researches. We sign important collaborations with a number of reputable universities and research hospitals in Turkey and abroad. This required a more specific treatment approach and the establishment of special units within clinics. Inspired by the self-healing ability of the human body,  Liv Hospital knows that the greatest treatment has started peacefully since its establishment, and continues to advance with a focus on individualized treatment. With its patient-focused approach, distinguished physician staff, healthcare personnel, medical infrastructure and technology,  Liv Hospital Ulus. Ist

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital, Turkey – Fin Claimed

Büyükşehir, Beylikdüzü Cd. No:3, 34520 Beylikdüzü/İstanbul, Turkey
Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Since 1992, Medicana Health Group sustains its progression on the way to determine the standards of future healthcare services. Today, Medicana Health Group, which carries on its activities especially in Istanbul and Ankara, constantly provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects of health in Konya, Samsun, Sivas and Bursa through its 12 hospitals and 6500 employees on average. Medicana Health Group not only pioneered the development of health tourism in our country, it also became one of the important centers in treatment of international patients in multidisciplinary healthcare. In order to provide sustainable healthcare services, many offices have been established at important locations of the world. At hospitals of Medicana Health Group; healthcare services, which are fully compatible with the Service Quality Standards of the Ministry of Health and accreditation standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), are

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