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Baskent University Istanbul, Istanbul – Find Reviews,

Altunizade, 7, Kısıklı Caddesi, Oymacı Sk., 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey
Baskent University Istanbul The Başkent University Istanbul Health Practice and Research Center was built on a lot in Altunizade District, Oymac Street No: 7, and the construction of this new healthcare facility, which was equipped with modern devices and opened on February 23rd, 2007, was completely funded by Başkent University. Our hospital was established in order to serve patients with dependable, high-quality, and timely healthcare. Our university's approach to healthcare quality is "TS-EN ISO 9001:2015" certified. In this way, our centre is similar to the other nine Başkent University hospitals located throughout the country. We provide healthcare services in outpatient clinics and the 44-bed ekmeköy Dialysis Center, in addition to our main building with 126 beds and 13.000 m2 of indoor space. Services are provided at the following units in addition to the 70 patient beds at Başkent University Istanbul Hospital: Furthermore, the automated central command centre cont

NB Kadikoy Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews, Cost Est

Acıbadem Mh. Sokullu St. No:1 PK 34718 Kadıköy / İSTANBUL / TURKEY
NB Kadikoy Hospital The Turkish Diabetes Association and the Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Foundation are both founded by NB Kadköy Hastanesi. Obesity and diabetes diagnosis and treatment are the hospital's specialties. It meets worldwide quality standards in all of its services. The hospital includes an in-house lab that uses advanced technology gadgets and allows for simultaneous testing. Medical test results can be checked immediately in polyclinics, patient rooms, and online. Neurology, eye, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetic foot, obesity surgery, nutrition and diet, endocrinology, and metabolic disease are among the hospital's other specialties. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Specialties NB Kadikoy Hospital Aeromedical Center, NB Kadikoy Hospital, Turkey Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, NB Kadikoy Hospital, Turkey Algology, NB Kadikoy Hospital, Turkey Allergy Immunology, NB Kadikoy Hospital, Turkey Anesthesiol

Biruni University Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews, C

Beşyol, Eski Londra Asfaltı No:10, 34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Turkey
Biruni University Hospital Biruni University Hospital in Istanbul was founded in 2016 and is one of Turkey's most prestigious hospitals. The hospital is known for its outstanding medical service standards, which have been acknowledged by numerous certificates from worldwide quality centres.Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, Rhematology, Pedaitrics, General Medicine and Surgery, Gasenterology, and others are among the medical departments of the hospital.It is a well-known healthcare facility that offers university-based scientific infrastructure as well as certified health services. Prof. Dr. Ozcan Ciklatekerli is a well-known neurosurgeon at Istanbul's BIRUNI hospital. Biruni University Hospital, was opened in 2016, is a full-fledged university hospital with ten floors and 153 beds on 23 of them. Biruni University Hospital employs a total of 500 people, including more than 70 doctors, to provide modern diagnosis and treatment methods. The hospital, which covers all branches, has a to

Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews,

Merkez, Kaptanpaşa Mahallesi Okmeydanı Kavşağı, Darülaceze Cd. No:14, 34384 Okmeydanı Şişli/Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Kolan International Hospital Our goal as a Kolan Hospitals Group is to provide better and safer health care to our patients by staying abreast of technology advances, new diagnostic and treatment procedures. Our organization's patient-centered approach, prominent physician staff, and health employees are built to provide services with a knowledge of patient satisfaction, which stresses quality in our modern medical technology-equipped Centers. Kolan International Hospital is part of the Kolan Health Group and is located in the heart of Istanbul. Every year, the organisation sees over a million patients. Kolan Group has a workforce of around 3,000 people. It has 174 beds, 6 operating rooms, and a 58-bed ICU. Pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, cardiology, and vascular surgery are among the hospital's specialties. It is certified by JCI, an international health accreditation organisation, as meeting high European service standards. The hospital offers translation servic

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Cumhuriyet Mah, 2255. Sk. No: 3, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center An institution that fueled dozens of worthwhile projects in Turkey, Anadolu Foundation made another dream real by founding Anadolu Medical Center. Relying on the valuable heritage of Anatolia that boasts of thousands of years of medical knowledge and was home to many valuable people of medicine, our hospital uses this knowledge to contribute to human health. Working in strategic cooperation with Johns Hopkins Medicine for the improvement of education and quality, our hospital provides services in all branches including in particular, oncologic sciences, cardiovascular health, gynecology and IVF, neurological sciences, surgical sciences, internal medicine, diagnosis and imaging. Established on an area of 188.000 square meters and an indoor area of 50 thousand square meters with a capacity of 201 beds, our hospital provides services with JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology), ISO (18001, 14001 a

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Kaptanpaşa, Piyalepaşa Blv. No:4, 34385 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Memorial Hospitals Group Memorial Hospitals Group was established in February, 2000 with the mission of becoming a world-class brand in Healthcare. Our objective is to make a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with our distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented service approach. Introducing world-class quality healthcare service to Turkey, Memorial Şişli Hospital is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospital in Turkey, and 21st in the world.   Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its expert physicians and healthcare staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, state of the art diagnosis and treatment centers, and comfortable facilities. Pioneering the improvement of healthcare services standards with many first practices in Turkey, Memorial also successfully represents Turkish Healthcare Sector abroad with its international diagnostic and treatment centers. Internationally known departments such

Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul – Find Reviews,

Göztepe, Metin Sk. No:4, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey
Medipol University Hospital   Medipol University Hospital is the Turkey's largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals, Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey's best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference center in the health sector in both national and international arenas. Modern Health Complex in International Standards Medipol University Hospital, being the justifiably proud of Medipol Education and Health Group in Turkey and in the world, resulting in this spirit, is a health complex having JCI standards accepting patients from all over the world. Medipol University Hospital takes firm steps forward with the big investments and advances in preventive / curative health services

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Yeşilköy, İstanbul Caddesi No:82, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Acibadem International Hospital Acıbadem began its journey into healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in a district of Istanbul/Turkey. Today, Acıbadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 21 hospitals, 13 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acıbadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 which enabled us to be a part of world’s second largest healthcare chain. Our goal of expanding our foot print overseas has started in 2011 with Acıbadem Sistina Hospital, in Skopje, Macedonia. It is followed by acquisition of Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group in Bulgaria in 2016. Along with this acquisition, Acıbadem Healthcare Group became the largest healthcare service provider in Bulgaria. At the latest, our footprint has extended with the launch of Acıbadem International Medical Center in Amsterdam which has an indoor area of 5.000 square m

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hcare was established in 2006, with the mission of providing specialized tertiary medical care services at affordable prices to under served communities across the country. This private healthcare provider stands apart from others in it’s vision of making healthcare for all a reality for ordinary people in rural and remote regions. Every single individual working in a ‘Paras’ Hospital- from doctors to nurses and the management- is united in the endeavor to deliver top quality healthcare to all. Paras Healthcare is a leader in establishing specialized hospitals in places that lack access to healthcare, specifically super specialty tertiary care. Each of it’s initiative is based on three tenets of healthcare- Affordability, Accessibility & Quality. Paras Healthcare believes in penetration and association with the community at the grass root level. We believe that quality care should be uncompromised and affordable. We move forward with the vision that doctors, n

Sagar Hospitals Bangalore – Appointment, Reviews, Cont

The Healthcare Sector has assumed a critical role in the nation's overall growth paradigm that it should become a part of the overall strategic thinking and not as a mere social adjunct to planning economic growth. This is in light of the shifting global economic balance, tilting towards the emerging economies like India nudging the giants out of their strong thresholds. Realizing the need to be part of this significant transformational phase of the country, Sagar Hospitals is planning to position itself to blend its corporate social responsibility with its overall business vision in shaping its Healthcare sector. VISION Creating a premier, patient focused and integrated health care delivery system and achieving excellence in patient care and medical education. The Sagar Group ventured into Healthcare services under the capable leadership of Dr. Chandramma Sagar. With the mission to offer world class Health­care services with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and rel