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Anadolu Medical Center


Anadolu Medical Center is a popular hospital in Turkey, treating patients from all over the world with top notch equipment and specialized surgeons. It was founded in 2005 and since then has been serving its patients with high quality treatments. The hospital has combined national and American healthcare standards, as a result it makes the hospital the most authoritative medical facilities providing hospital. It is certified by Planetree Gold Certification, Joint Commission International, European Medical Oncology Association and many others because of its excellent services. Anadolu Medical Center Reviews by its international patients says that it provides the best services.

Anadolu Medical Center has a patient-centric and holistic treatment approach. The hospital has many departments such as Oncology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncohematology, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Reproductive Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology and many more. Their surgeons perform highly successful surgeries, they are well experienced which help the patients to get treatment with top services.

Anadolu Medical Center began as a specialised cancer centre, but has since evolved into a multidisciplinary facility that is today a leader in cancer treatment and bone marrow transplantation. Anadolu Medical Center offers 201 beds to provide comprehensive and modern treatment to patients and medical tourists from over 30 countries. Medical travellers account for around half of the overall number of patients. Anadolu Medical Center offers 201 beds to provide comprehensive and modern treatment to patients and medical tourists from over 30 countries. Medical travellers account for around half of the overall number of patients.

Facilities Available in Anadolu Medical Center

188,000 square meters Accommodation
201 beds 24*7 observation bed
Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation 2,500 bone marrow transplants
Wifi 1,000 medical staff members
120 professors 20-30% lower price
60% IVF success rate  

Anadolu Medical Center Technology

Anadolu Medical Center has the most up-to-date technologies, allowing its patients to receive the best treatment in Turkey. Every section of the hospital is equipped with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. The following are some of the medical technologies used by Anadolu Medical Center:

  • MR-TRUS Fusion
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Cyberknife M6
  • Radiotherapy
  • Respiratory Laboratory
  • CTC
  • Radiology Equipment
  • PET/CT

Anadolu Medical Center Patient Facilities

Anadolu Medical Center offers unique services to international patients, such as aid in obtaining a medical visa to travel to Turkey and receive treatment at the facility. International patients can also use video consultation services to get second opinions and track their recovery and results from anywhere in the world.

When the patient arrives in Turkey, the hospital will arrange for airport pickup and hotel accommodations so that the patient does not have to worry about these details. Language will not be an issue because Anadolu Medical Center employs English-speaking surgeons and offers language translation services. The cost of surgery at Anadolu Medical Center is quite reasonable; you can get an estimate of the cost of surgery before traveling to Turkey by supplying your medical records and treatment circumstances.

Why Choose Anadolu Medical Center?

Anadolu Medical Center is a JCI-accredited hospital that employs some of the world’s best doctors. They deliver services using the most up-to-date technology and in accordance with international healthcare standards. Hotel reservations, hospital transfers, and airport and travel services are all available through the hospital. Patients here give positive feedback about the hospital since they are satisfied with the services provided by the staff and surgeons.

Patients are treated in a systematic and well-organized manner, with the most up-to-date medical technology. To deal with difficult situations, all departments consult with one another. Due to the fantastic multidisciplinary approach of doctors, it is a highly dependable healthcare institute operating within the Istanbul premises.

List of Treatments in Anadolu Medical Center


Oncology department of Anadolu Medical Center provides following treatments with specialist:

Bladder Cancer Treatment Radiation Oncology
Brain Cancer Treatment Uterine Cancer Treatment
Cervical Cancer Treatment Stomach Cancer Treatment
Bone Cancer Treatment Prostate Cancer Treatment
Breast Cancer Treatment Malignancy Surgery
Esophagus Cancer Treatment Ovarian Cancer Treatment
HIFU Medical Oncology
Colon Cancer (CRC) Treatment Surgical Oncology
Head & Neck Oncology Whipple’s Procedure
Colorectal Cancer Treatment Kidney Cancer Treatment
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Lung Cancer Treatment
Liver Cancer Treatment Oral Cancer Treatment

The Oncology Department at Anadolu Hospital employs cutting-edge technologies to detect and stage numerous forms of tumours early. Oncologists at Anadolu Hospital design a specific treatment plan for patients based on the findings of diagnostic tests and evaluate the therapy response using oncological imaging tools.



Anadolu Neurosurgery Department provides following treatments and therapies:

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency Neurological Rehabilitation
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation
Epilepsy Treatment  

When treating brain and spine tumours, the Anadolu Neurosurgery Department employs a multidisciplinary approach. Neurosurgeons advise patients on surgical interventions for the treatment of malignant brain tumours. All neurosurgical procedures are carried out in cutting-edge hybrid operating rooms.


Anadolu Medical Center has best orthopedics unit, their specialist performs multiple surgeries such as:

Abscess Debridement Elbow Replacement
Bone Fracture Surgery Foot Surgery
Ankle Arthroscopy Ganglion Cyst Removal
Acromioclavicular Joint Repair Exostosis
Bunion Surgery Elbow Surgery
Ankle Replacement Hand Joints Synovectomy
Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery Hip Arthroplasty
Ankle Surgery Fracture
Bone Tumor Removal Hand Surgery
ACL Reconstruction Surgery Knee Ligament Surgery
Dislocated Shoulder Meniscus Surgery
De Quervain Syndrome Wrist Instability
Club Foot Treatment Hammer, Claw, or Mallet Toe
Elbow Arthroscopy Hip Arthroscopy
External Fracture Fixation Knee Arthroscopy
Dynamic hip screw Hip Replacement
Hip Resurfacing Shoulder Capsular Release
Knee Replacement Revision Joint Surgery
Wrist Arthroscopy Knee Cartilage Surgery

For patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases, the Anadolu Orthopedics & Traumatology Department employs cutting-edge technology. The department provides such patients with diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services in accordance with international protocols. The Orthopedic Department at Anadolu Hospital is divided into specialised units.

List of Doctors in Anadolu Medical Center

For each department, Anadolu Medical Center offers well-trained and specialised surgeons. They provide experienced services to their patients and ensure the finest possible outcomes from surgeries and treatments. Anadolu Medical Center’s expert surgeons include:

  • Prof. Dr. Necdet Uskent
  • Assoc.Prof. İbrahim Akmaz
  • Dr.Gökhan Acka
  • Prof. Dr. Yaşar Kütükçü
  • Dr. Bülent Karagöz
  • Dr. Haşim Üstünsoy
  • Prof. Dr. Selçuk Göçmen
  • Prof. Dr. Zafar Gulbas
  • Dr. Oktay Karadeniz
  • Dr. Yeşim Yıldırım
  • Dr. Haluk Duman
  • Dr. Murat Dökdök
  • Dr. Altan Kir
  • Prof. Dr. Alp Özkan
  • Dr. Koray Topgul
  • Dr. Sinan Karaaslan
  • Dr. Mehmet Doğu Canoğlu
  • Prof. Dr. Metin Cakmakci
  • Prof. Dr. Şeref Kömürcü
  • Dr. Kezban Berberoglu
  • Dr. Kemal Rasa
  • Dr. Murat Dede
  • Dr. Serdar Turhal

Does Anadolu Medical Center provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

Yes, Anadolu Medical Center offers its patients second opinions and video consultations. The hospital has a large number of overseas patients for whom they offer video consultations. As a consequence, patients can get a second opinion on their surgical results and recovery from top specialists at the hospital. The video consultation service allows the hospital and its patients to remain in touch.

So, if a foreign patient wants a second opinion from the hospital’s doctors, they can easily contact the hospital and schedule a consultation; you can now contact the hospital and surgeons via video consultation service from the comfort of your own country. Give them your information and schedule a video consultation right away.

Anadolu Medical Center Insurance coverage

Surgery expenses in other countries are slightly higher for international patients, however this can be avoided if you have international insurance coverage. There are numerous companies that provide insurance for people from other countries, so talk to your insurance provider about getting international coverage before going to Turkey for treatment. Anadolu Medical Center offers insurance coverage through reputable international insurance providers, which can help you save money on medical care in Turkey.

Medical Visa Process

A Medical Visa is necessary for treatment in Turkey. Anadolu Medical Center assists patients in obtaining a medical visa and travelling to Turkey for treatment. Medical visas for Turkey require documents such as the most recent medical reports, a copy of the patient’s passport, and copies of the patient’s and attendants’ passports. Please contact the hospital and provide your documents to them. A medical visa letter will be emailed to the patient as well as the Turkish embassy. You can also contact us for medical visa assistance; simply give us the required documents, and we will aid you in obtaining a medical visa.

How to Book Anadolu Medical Center Appointment?

Book Online Appointment with Anadolu Medical Center here

Where can I find Anadolu Medical Center Reviews?

Find Rating and Reviews for Anadolu Medical Center from past clients here

Where is Anadolu Medical Center located?

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 2255 sokak no:3
Gebze 41400 Kocaeli
Barbaros Mah. Ortabahar Sokak
No: 28, 28A
Ataşehir İstanbul

Anadolu Medical Center Address

Cumhuriyet Mah, 2255. Sk. No: 3, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey

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