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Liver Transplant in Bangalore

 The liver is the crucial and main organ in the human body. It is presented under the rib cage of the right side of the abdomen. The liver does vital functions of digesting food and removing toxins from the body. Keep reading to find Liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore.

Liver disease may come from inheritance. A liver problem occurs by different factors that affect the liver, such as obesity, viruses, and alcohol.

Gradually, the liver condition worsens and causes scarring, which can cause liver failure, a life-risking problem. Fortunately, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent damage to the liver.

Functions of the Liver

The liver performs more than 500 functions every day. It is responsible for regulating the blood’s chemical level and excreting the bile. The liver helps to take away the waste substances from the liver. All the blood present in the body goes through the liver. Then the liver breakdown this blood to regulate and produce the nutrients and metabolizes the medicine into a structure that is easy to use for the body. Keep reading to find liver transplant cost Bangalore.

The liver’s essential functions include:

  • Bile production
  • Protein production for blood plasma
  • Cholesterol and unique protein production for carrying fats in the body
  • Extra glucose conversion into glycogen for storage
  • Amino acids regulation in blood for creating blocks
  • Hemoglobin process for iron
  • Regulate blood clot
  • Poisonous ammonia conversion to urea
  • Removing bacteria and improving the immune system
  • Clearing bilirubin from red blood cells

What is the Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant or a hepatic transplant is a surgery that changes a person’s damaged liver with all or portions of a healthy liver from a different person called a liver donor. A liver transplant can save your life when your liver is not working. Keep reading to find liver transplant cost in Bangalore.

Liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore

The liver transplant cost depends on different requirements. Find liver operation cost.

However, the liver transplant cost in Bangalore starts from Rs. 14,00,000 to Rs. 28,00,000.


Liver Transplant in Bangalore Average Cost in USD Average Cost in INR
Orthotopic transplant $26,000 ₹ 20,80,000
Living Donor Transplant $28,000 ₹ 22,40,000
Split Donation $29,000 ₹ 23,20,000
Auxiliary liver transplantation $28,500 ₹ 22,80,000
Pediatric Liver Transplant $31,000 ₹ 24,80,000

Liver Transplant Cost In Bangalore

  • The minimum cost of a Liver Transplant in Bangalore begins from Rs.14,00,000
  • Average cost of a Liver Transplant in Bangalore is around Rs.18,25,000
  • The maximum cost for Liver Transplant in Bangalore is around Rs.28,00,000

Liver Transplant Cost in India 2022

India popularly provides liver transplants at an average cost starting from INR 8 Lakh to 40 Lakh, depending on the surgeon’s experience, treatment quality, equipment availability, medicine requirement, and hospital expenses. 

Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in India: Cost Comparison in Different Cities

Liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore INR 14,00,000 to 28,00,000 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost in Delhi INR 22,81,149 to 31,29,840 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad INR 19,00,000 to 28,00,000 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost Mumbai INR 19,80,000 to 20,90,000 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost in Kerala INR 20 lakh to 40 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost Chennai INR 8 lakh to 25 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost in Kolkata INR 25 lakh to 30 lakh
Liver Transplant Cost in Ahmedabad INR 20,00,000 to 25,00,000 lakhs
Liver Transplant Cost in Pune INR1,00,000 – 1,50,000 lakhs


Compared to the liver transplant cost in global hospitals like the UK, US, Turkey, or Singapore, the liver operation cost in India is just a fraction. These countries also provide comparable prices for liver transplants. However, similar treatments, quality care, medical team, infrastructure, and expert surgeons are available. That is why India is the preferred location for the best liver transplant surgery. Keep reading to find best liver transplant surgeon in Bangalore.

Robotic liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore 

The robotic liver transplant is a modern method compared to old laparoscopy regarding better instruments and three-dimensional images. Robotic surgery for liver resection has not yet been widely reported. However, there are specialists and surgeons available in Bangalore to perform a robotic liver transplant. This transplant has no surgery in the abdomen but only a tiny cut in the bikini part of the donor body. The patient received a piece from 32 years old relative donor. They used a robotic hand to remove part of the liver.

The average cost of all liver transplants in Bangalore ranges from INR 1,027,891 to INR 3,282,401. Check with your insurance provider whether they offer facilities to cover expenses. There will be different liver transplant price for various treatments. Contact us for liver donors in Bangalore.

Liver Transplant Success Rate In Bangalore

The essential factors matter when it comes to liver transplant success rate, including:

A patient’s immune system

The liver disease condition

Doctor’s experience

  • The liver transplant Success Rate: 88%
  • Patient lived more than one year: 86%
  • The patient lived more than three years: 78%

Liver Transplant Reviews in Bangalore

  • Patients and their families are happy with the doctor’s examination.
  • Doctors have shown caring behavior toward patients.
  • Patients felt confident after discussing their problems with doctors
  • The hospitals were clean and hygienic. Waiting rooms are air-conditioned and spacious, big enough to keep social distance.
  • The physicians were highly professional and polite.

Keep reading to find best liver surgeon in Bangalore

Life Expectancy and Success Rate Liver Transplant

After a liver transplant, many people worry about their longevity and survival of life. However, after having a successful surgery, those patients who undergo regular medical post-transplant care will get a productive survival for the long term. The success rate of liver transplants has increased in the last two decades. As you receive good treatment, the patient’s life expectancy increase.

Therefore, the nature of follow-up is essential, which includes:

  • The patient can have a liver more than 40 years after having a liver transplant.
  • Worldwide, a 90% success rate is stated after a liver transplant.

Contact us for liver donors in Bangalore

Why Is Liver Transplant Expensive?

The cost of the liver transplant depends on the following characteristics:

  • Doctor fee
  • Admission fee
  • Surgeon’s experience and number of successful surgeries
  • Patient’s medical condition
  • Liver donor health maintenance
  • Complication care charges after surgery
  • Type of hospital

Contact us for video consultation with best liver transplant specialist in Bangalore.

When A Person Needs A Liver Transplant?

A person needs a liver transplant if the liver functions are abnormal, called liver failure. Liver failure can occur suddenly, leading to infection, viral hepatitis, and injury. It is called Fluminant or acute hepatic failure.

Liver failure also causes long-term chronic problems. Here are the conditions leading to chronic liver failure:

  • Alcohol overuse
  • Chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Scaring, sclerosing cholangitis, narrow bile ducts
  • Biliary atresia (a rare liver ailment that impacts new-borns
  • Wilson’s disease (which has abnormal copper levels in the whole body
  • Hemochromatosis (this condition has high iron)
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (abnormal accumulation of protein in the liver causing cirrhosis

Contact us for liver transplant centres in Bangalore

Types of Liver Transplant

Liver transplants have three main types, including:

Orthotopic transplant: meaning liver taken quick after a death of a person

Living Donor Transplant: A part of the liver is taken from a living donor so the liver can regenerate itself to its standard size.

Split Donation: In this process, the liver is removed from a recently dead person and divided into two parts. Each part can be utilized for other person transplants, regrowing to average size.

Auxiliary liver transplantation

In this type of liver transplantation, various transplants happen, and complete liver removal does not occur. Its objective is to keep the native liver. It is helpful in case of fast recovery or if there is a requirement for further gene therapy in the inheritance case or metabolic liver ailment.

However, it is not helpful for the following diseases:

Wilson’s disease

primary oxalosis

tyrosinemia leads to cancer risk in the remaining liver.

Contact us for liver operation cost in Bangalore

Pediatric Liver Transplant in Bangalore

Pediatric liver transplants are expensive. Children’s liver transplants are necessary when diagnosed with liver problems or the doctor called in liver failure. Pediatricians only suggest a liver transplant after they try primary treatments for a child’s liver. Contact us for pediatrics liver transplant cost Bangalore.

Most organ donors for children is adults. However, any family member or volunteer can donate a liver to the child.

Children can get a liver transplant from a living donor. The donor will need to donate a piece of their liver. After six weeks of living, the donor can regrow their liver. The kid’s transplanted liver grows as the kid grows.

Liver Transplant Procedure in Bangalore

When a person or child needs a liver transplant, your physician will refer you to a transplant center. In the transplant center, you will meet the transplant team, including:

  • liver specialists
  • surgeons
  • transplant coordinators
  • dietitians
  • pharmacists
  • Pediatrician
  • advanced practice providers
  • psychologists
  • social workers
Health Care Team

The health care team will check to ensure that a patient is healthy enough for liver transplant surgery and consume medicines afterward. The team will perform tests such as:

  • blood tests
  • imaging tests (ultrasound or CT scan)

Your physician also does a biopsy to take out a small piece of tissue from the liver to examine using a microscope.

The transplant examination allows the team to learn about the patient, whether an adult or a child. It is time for the patient to know what will happen during the transplant process. The transplant team is there to offer information and help. Make sure to ask everything coming to your mind about transplantation.

Surgery Team

If the surgery team decides the patient is suitable for a liver transplant, the next step is to search for a donor. The patient’s name will go on a waiting list for organs. This list includes the terms of patients needing organs. The family may also consult if the living donation is an option for the patient. The transplant team will help to guide in searching for donors.

The patient will have to wait to get a liver matching donor. It is because the requirement for new livers is higher than the donation. Adults and children with diseased or damaged livers will get a liver transplant faster. A living donor also helps to transplant more quickly.

The patient must be in touch with the doctors and health care team. Ensure they know how to reach you at all times. When your donor is available, you may need to move fast. Keep your bags ready to go to hospitals.

In waiting for a liver transplant, it is essential to stay healthy as a patient or a child patient. That way, you will be ready for transplant surgery time. Follow the following tips:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Consume all medicines as suggested
  • Go for every medical appointment
  • Tell your physician and medical team about any change in adult or child patient health.

Liver Transplant Surgery Procedure

  • The transplant team will prepare the patient
  • Perform tests to assure the patient is healthy enough for transplant
  • The patient will go to the operation room if everything is normal
  • Your physician will give anesthesia to make you sleep during the surgery.
  • The physician will cut the liver side of the body, remove the damaged liver, and place new liver.
  • The doctor will reattach the new liver’s blood vessels and bile ducts. Then stitch back the open incision to close.
  • Most liver transplant surgeries take 10-12 hours.

Post-Liver Transplant

After surgery, the medical team will shift the patient to the ICU ward for intense care. The patient will get oxygen ventilators, heart monitors, drains and tubes, and other necessary equipment for quick recovery in adult patients.

Post-Liver Transplant in Children

After surgery, the child will be in PIUC (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). A parent can stay with the child during this time. Your child will receive pain medicine and rest after surgery.

The child’s stay in PICU depends on their condition. Generally, it takes some days. When children start recovering, they will shift to a particular unit of similar patients. Their transplant team will watch the child closely.

Most children stay for 2-3 weeks after surgery in the hospital. Make sure to care new liver and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Post Liver Transplant Complications

A liver transplant is a complex method that may cause complications soon after surgery or some years. Contact us for liver transplant cost.


Your immune system kills toxins in the body. But it cannot make a difference between the unwanted foreign bodies (bacteria and viruses) and transplanted liver. Therefore, there are chances that your immune system attacks the new liver, which is called a rejection episode. Around 64% of liver transplant patients experience some organ rejection within the initial 90 days. Your physician will provide the anti-rejection drug to stop the immune attack.


The medicine you consume will help your body from rejecting new liver by weakening the immune system named immunosuppressants. They may cause infection, but they will gradually go away.

Liver Function Problems

Around 1%-5% of new livers do not function normally. In that case, a patient needs an immediate second transplant.

Disease Comes Back

Some conditions that lead to liver failure can still affect or damage the new liver. These include:

Fatty liver disease

Hepatitis C

Primary sclerosing cholangitis


People who get an organ transplant have a 25% or higher chance of skin cancer than the remaining population. Immunosuppressant drugs can also cause cancers, including a rare condition named post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder.

Liver Transplant Recovery

Getting a liver transplant is one part of having new liver. According to the National-Institute-of-Diabetes-and-Digestive-and-Kidney-Diseases, it is common to stay in hospital for three weeks after a transplant. During this time, your physician will analyze your surgery’s success and determine the home care need. It may take around one year till you get healthy. Make sure to speak about your emotional and mental health requirements before you are going for discharge.

Healthy Liver Tips

After having a liver transplant, your physician may suggest lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and regular workout. You can add healthy habits like promoting strength and complete health. Keeping yourself active may prevent the chances of transplant rejection. You can also lower the risk factors that contribute to liver disease. Among the most common include:

  • obesity
  • smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • acetaminophen overdose
  • high cholesterol

Is There A Free Liver Transplant In Bangalore?

No, Surgeries are not free because there are essential requirements such as equipment, pre-surgery, and post-surgery medication to manage complications. Unfortunately, not any doctor or any hospital has these medicine. Therefore, all these requirements need to purchase from others. That’s why there is no free liver transplant. But you can have an insurance option.

Advantages of Liver Transplant

  • Patients can live longer
  • Better life Quality
  • Low chances of early death caused by liver problem
  • Patients feel stronger after liver transplant
  • The patient can safely get back to everyday life and work.

The Disadvantage of Liver Transplant

  • Surgical Risk
  • Bleeding
  • Clot in artery
  • Bile leakage
  • Surgical wound infection

Pros and Cons of Liver Transplant

Pros: Insurance Coverage

The patient’s insurance should cover the high expenses of a liver transplant; these include:

  • Pre-evaluations of transplant
  • Surgery
  • Recovery in hospital
  • Follow-up care


Con: There Are Still Some Expenses to Consider

You will need to think about how much different the donation process cost. These can have:

  • Travel expenses
  • Pain medications
  • Hotels stay for patients or family before the transplant
  • Skipped pay from time off work

Who Are Suitable Candidates for A Liver Transplant?

A patient should be above 18 years old and experiencing an active chronic liver ailment.

People with liver cancer without spreading to blood vessels and surrounding tissues.

A patient with liver disease and liver is not responding to medications.

Contact us for liver transplant surgery cost.

Who Are Not A Suitable Candidate For A Liver Transplant?

Individuals who are under 18 years suffering from an acute liver ailment can be cured with medicines.

A person who has been taking alcohol for six months

People who are experiencing psychiatric blood disorders

Individuals who are suffering from cancer

People who are not able to quit alcohol consumption after the surgery

Mental Issues After Liver Transplant

Neurologic complications are relatively common after solid organ transplantation and impact 15%-30% of liver transplant patients. In addition, etiology is often linked to opportunistic infections and immunosuppressant neurotoxicity. Common complications include encephalopathy and seizures in liver transplant patients. Medication can help these conditions.

Can A Patient Get Multiple Liver Transplants? 

Yes, a person can have multiple liver transplants only in some conditions, including:

  • A transplanted liver does not function as required
  • The patient’s body does not respond to the new liver
  • The liver disease again occurs in the new liver

Only the situation becomes problematic when there is a shortage of organs.

When you or your relatives face the above problems, give your name on the organ waiting list.

Contact us for liver transplant cost in Bangalore, liver transplant hospital in Bangalore, and pediatrics liver transplant cost Bangalore.


It is essential to have a regular appointment with your liver doctor. After a liver transplant, many complications occur. Some people develop a problem a week or a month after a liver transplant.

However, people sometimes live everyday life, and a liver problem may happen after one or two years. The disease you previously suffered from may come again because some liver problems are connected to genes and the overall body; that is why some liver does not function even after successful surgery. That is why ask your doctor and regularly check so you can find the problem early and get treatment.

Furthermore, follow your doctor’s instructions and a healthy lifestyle, stress less, complete sleep, and eat healthily.

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