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 Limb Lengthening surgery in Dubai

We understand that undergoing surgeries are scary but at times they are equally important to be done. That is why Expert Chikitsa is here to give you all the necessary information you need for getting a limb lengthening surgery in Dubai ranging from a list of Dubai’s best doctors and hospitals to answering all your questions related to limb lengthening surgery in Dubai.

What is a limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery is a surgery performed to lengthen the bone of an arm or a leg.

The surgery is done to treat any discrepancies or differences in the lengths of an arm or a leg though there are numerous other reasons why your physician might suggest limb lengthening surgery for you.

When to get a limb lengthening surgery?


Though the main aim of getting a limb lengthening surgery done is to treat the differences in the lengths of an arm or leg but it is seen that this deformity may arise due to various different reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why a person may need a limb lengthening surgery.

Cerebral palsy and Poliomyelitis


     Diseases like cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis sometimes cause severe  

     Differences in the lengths of the limbs which is the reason why your  

     physician might have suggested limb lengthening surgery.



   Though a rare condition, in hemihypertrophy one side of the body

   witnesses faster growth compare to the other side hence creating 

   differences in the length of the limbs.


Congenital deficiency or by birth


   In some cases one femur (thigh bone) is shorter   

   compared to the other femur yet again creating length

   discrepancies. This birth condition named congenital

   femoral deficiency might be a reason your physician

   recommended a limb lengthening surgery.

How is limb lengthening done in Dubai?

Before the surgery you will have to undergo X ray and some physical tests that will help the surgeon determine the accurate length difference in the limbs.

Discuss with your physician which medicines you should stop taking before the surgery, what you should be eating and also consult beforehand if you smoke or drink.


During the surgery the affected bone will be splitted up into two segments, the process known as osteotomy.

Later the surgeon will be joining the two segments of the limbs using a limb lengthening device.


There are two common types of limb lengthening surgeries-

. A metal frame is attached to your bones, when the device is outside the body it is called external fixation, the device stays outside the body several inches from the body. 

. In the other types of surgery the device is inside the bone and hence not visible outside the body.


Your physician will guide you about how to take care of your device, cleaning is necessary if the device is outside but if you have an internal device make sure you clean the surgical incisions regularly.

After the operation the average time the bones take to heal is 6 – 12 months although it varies from person to person.

In 4 to 5 months the patient can expect to start walking and may be capable to do a few day to day activities

Full recovery usually takes from 9 to 12 months after which the patient can do almost all the physical activities and return to their normal life.

Are you a good candidate for the surgery?


Usually a limb length difference of more than 2 inches is considered for a surgical procedure.

Depending on the difference in the limb length the surgeon may decide if the procedure is needed to be done once or more than once.

Before opting for a limb lengthening surgery be sure to consult an experienced orthopaedic as there are various reasons that you might have discrepancies in your limbs.

A thorough evaluation is necessary as sometimes what you may think is limb discrepancy might be some other disease entirely.

While in a few cases a person might not face any difficulty in the early age but start experiencing trouble in middle age.

How much can a bone be lengthened?

In a single surgical procedure a bone can be lengthened two inches (5 centimetres) but if a person has limb length difference of more than two inches then he/she will have to go through the procedure more than once to cover up the difference.

The total difference that can be covered through limb lengthening surgery would be 6 inches (15 centimetres) through several procedures.

What to expect after the surgery?

After the surgery you will be expected to stay in the supervision of your physician for about 5 days.

To provide your operated limb some external support a cast will also be applied.

We advice you to maintain your physical health throughout the recovery period, stay hydrated, do regular physical exercises and maintain a healthy weight so as to avoid more pressure on the healing leg.

Regular cleaning of the incision or the device is must to avoid any kinds of infection.

Risks, Complications and Side Effects

Although people who undergo limb lengthening surgery rarely face complications we will list some of the risks, complication or side effects that might be there from the surgery.

Complications in the muscles and joints 


1. Bone infection

2. Blood vessel injury

3. Swelling

4.  Pain and other discomfort

Success rates for a limb lengthening surgery in Dubai.

Undergoing a surgery is a frightening thought and we completely understand your need to know as much as you can about it before getting it done, so we will provide you with success rates of the limb lengthening surgery in Dubai.

The success rate of limb lengthening surgery in Dubai is round 89 – 95% which is considered high.

While the chances of complications range around approximately 1%.

Success rates in Dubai compared to other countries.

The below table provides you with success rates and chances of complications of various different countries to get the surgery done.

Success rates of limb lengthening surgery by country. Success rates Chances of complications
Dubai 89 – 95 % Approx. 1-2 %
India 95% Approx. 1%
Germany 89 – 95 % Approx. 1-2%.
Turkey 99.60% Approx. 1%
United States of America. 95% Approx. 1%
United Kingdom 95% Approx. 1%

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in Dubai.

The average cost for getting a limb lengthening surgery in Dubai is approximately 500,000 Dhiram (136,127 USD).

The above mentioned fees includes the consultation fees, hospital charges and many more and the price may vary depending upon the severity of the condition as well as the equipments used during the surgery

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in different countries of UAE

Maximum Price. Minimum Price.
ABU DHABI 345,000 AED 525,000 AED
SHARJAH 400,000 AED 534,000 AED
FUJAIRAH 424,000 AED 500,000 AED
UMM AL- QUWAIN 438,000 AED 510,000 AED

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in Dubai compared to other countries.

Cost of limb lengthening surgery by country Minimum cost Maximum cost.
India 1.11 Lakh 8.5 Lakh
USA (United states of America) 90,000 USD 200,000 USD
Turkey 35,000 USD 45,000 USD
UK ( United Kingdom) 50,000 Euro 70,000 Euro

Cost of different types of limb lengthening surgery in Dubai

Methods of limb lengthening surgery in Dubai Minimum price. Maximum price.
External fixation method 10,000 AED 15,000 AED
Intramedullary nail method 25,000 AED 35,000 AED
Precise nail method 32,590 AED 40,000 AED
Internal lengthening device 42,000 AED 55,000 AED

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in different hospitals of Dubai

Cost of limb lengthening surgery by hospitals in Dubai Minimum Cost. Maximum Cost.
NMC Speciality Hospital 78,900 AED 110,000 AED
Burjeel Hospital 67,900 AED 100,000 AED
Saudi German Hospital 79,550 AED 110,000 AED
Fakeeh University Hospital 65,780 AED 110,000 AED

Prices may vary depending on the severity of the condition and numerous other factors.

What are people who had their limb lengthening surgery in Dubai saying?

Mariam’s story

Mariam was born with leg discrepancy, for as long as  she can remember she had legs of uneven lengths which ultimately made her face a lot of issues.

She consulted a lot of doctors but to no avail no one was able to give her a solution for her condition for a while Mariam simply decided to live with the condition.

But soon enough the pain and discomfort was unbearable, she had difficulty walking, even while sleeping sometimes she would feel a sudden pain in her limbs which made the thought of just living with the condition unbearable.

Not just physical discomfort but there was she was also suffering from emotional problems, to see other kids make fun of her walking as well as watching the other kids enjoy their life was also heartbreaking to her.

Mariam desperately searched for a way out and finally found it, it was limb lengthening surgery, she discussed with her physician about the details and procedure and after learning that it might finally help her she decided to get on with the surgery.

Finally after being scared and nervous for a while she decided to go for a surgery and hoped for an outcome that would make her life a little more easier.

Mariam has had her surgery for about 5 months now and she is ecstatic with the results of her surgery, she now do daily activities and live her life the way she wants. 

Omar’s struggle

In 2011 Omar went through a tragic bike accident, he was a professional bike racer and racing was an important part of his life.

He was immediately rushed to doctor, his femur was shattered, though the doctor operated on him diligently but somehow it created problems later.

Omar realised that the femur didn’t heal properly resulting in Omar loosing about an inch of his left leg and ultimately this caused serious issues in his lifestyle as he would not be able to compete in bike races due to the issues caused by leg discrepancies.

After learning about limb lengthening surgery in Dubai through internet he decided to consult a doctor and go through with it.

I was very scared at the moment I was going in for the operation but I just decided to hope for the best and I think that is one of the strongest yet the best decision I ever took.”

After an year of recover Omar was able to indulge in almost all the physical activities including his favourite bike racing, Omar says his limb lengthening surgery in Dubai was a smooth experience and for all those who want to undergo the surgery he wishes the best.

Will health insurance cover your limb lengthening surgery?

Yes, usually health insurance policies cover orthopaedic surgeries but it also varies depending upon the insurance policy you are choosing as well as your choice of hospital for the treatment.

Our advice would be to check beforehand if the hospital accepts the policy you are choosing for yourself.

Health insurance are supposed to cover all your medical expenses ranging from your stay in the hospital to the cost of treatment depending upon the equipments used in the surgery.

In some cases your health insurance provider may also affect depending upon the severity of the treatment to be done.

List of health insurance policies in Dubai that will cover your limb lengthening surgery.

Here is the list of the best Health Insurance Service providers in Dubai to ease your process of getting the surgery.

1. Takaful Emarat Insurance company

2. Gulf Insurance Company

3. National Life and General Insurance Company

4. Daman National Health Insurance Company

5. Sukoon Insurance Company

Why to choose Dubai for your limb lengthening surgery?


  1. Best Hospitals    


    Dubai has a range of certified Multi speciality hospitals, making your 

     treatment an easy and safe ride.

     Good Hospitals are a must for a treatment because they will ultimately  

     ease you treatment process with the facilities available.  

2. Best Doctors

   A place with good hospitals will eventually lead you to best doctors which

   is always a must for a treatment, a good combination of these two will

   definitely mean a smooth experience for your treatment.

3. Affordability


    Dubai is a place that offers you not just best doctors and hospitals but all

     this at an affordable price when compared to other developed countries.

These reasons are why you should get your limb lengthening treatment in Dubai, with a success rate of 89 to 95 % and very rare instances of complications Dubai should be on your list of top countries to get your surgery done.


  1. Is the surgery painful?


     For a little time it would be painful but after the recovery you’ll notice quick healing and flexibility in the movements.

  1. Can you be taller after limb lengthening surgery?


      Yes, depending upon how many times you underwent the surgery to cover the difference between the uneven lengths of your limbs you can increase from two inches to about 6 inches of your height.

  1. Can you run after the surgery? 


Yes, after the recovery period you will be able to do almost all physical activities, in some cases even better than you used to before.

4. Can the surgery work if you are 40?

Yes, the surgery is suitable for all the people between the age of 18 and 50.

5. Are there any disadvantages of limb lengthening surgery

No, the surgery is beneficial to people suffering from limb discrepancies, it helps to even the difference in the limbs which will improve the life of the patient.

But there are risks and side effects of the surgery, though it is very rare that the complications occur.

6. What is the best age for limb lengthening surgery?

The age group of 18 to 50 years old is the most suitable for the surgery.

7. Can I play sports after getting a limb lengthening surgery?

Yes, after the recovery period is complete you will be able to do all the physical activities and will be able to live a normal life without any discomfort.

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