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Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost – Find Doctor List, Reviews, and Success Rate

Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost Range Between ₹ 28,00,000 ($35,000) – ₹ 35,30,849 ($44,136)

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) was founded in 1983 in India. It is a main corporate hospital known as Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. Gradually Apollo launched its excellent hospital branches across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Madurai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bhubaneswar & Bilaspur for Cancer treatment. India became the 16th country in the world to provide proton therapy for cancer treatment by launching Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai. Let’s find out more about Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost.

The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre provide advanced comprehensive cancer treatment in its integrated cancer hospital with facilities of 150 bed, the latest cancer surgical procedures, radiation therapy, and medical oncology. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is a major milestone in South Asia and the Middle East focused on various cancer treatments. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is an innovative radiation oncology center providing treatment to over 3.6 billion people across the region. It is a multi-disciplinary platform with highly skilled cancer specialists and a well-trained medical team.

Proton therapy for cancer is a high-energy proton beam to treat various cancers. Protons are well-charged particles that replace radiotherapy (x-rays) in cancer treatments. Proton therapy is innovative radiation therapy. Proton therapy is commonly used for the treatment of various cancers such as Ocular tumors, Chordoma, Chondrosarcomas, Spine tumors, Brain and spinal cord tumors, Retroperitoneal sarcomas, Nasopharyngeal cancer. According to cancer experts, proton therapy is highly recommended for Sarcoma, breast cancer, and spinal tumor. It is also applied to non-cancerous tumors.

Proton therapy for cancer is considered efficient and safer than conventional radiation therapy due to its high dose in the target area with decreased impact on surrounding tissues. Please contact us for a second opinion about cancer treatment at the Apollo proton cancer center address; find more details about the cost and cancer treatment for different health conditions below.

Proton Cancer Treatment vs Radiation Therapy

Proton Cancer Treatment vs Radiation Therapy Proton Cancer Treatment Radiation Therapy
Cost 35,000 USD 8,000 USD
Success Rate Very High High
Doctor’s Experience 5 Years 15 Years
Survival Rate Very Good Good
Availability Apollo Chennai Available in all big Cities
Technology Advanced Traditional
Insurance Coverage Limited Availability Available
Reviews Very Good Satisfactory
Ratings 5* 4*

Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost India

The average Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost Range Between ₹ 28,00,000 ($35,000) – ₹ 35,30,849 ($44,136) in Chennai. This is not the exact cost because when cancer specialists do a complete analysis of the patient and decide on the treatment, the price will change for each patient. Additional factors like best oncologist experience, skills, and hospital facilities may increase or decrease the final Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost.

Getting an idea about proton cancer treatment costs will help the patient and family prepare for expenses and find healthcare coverage from insurance or medical schemes.

Proton Cancer Treatment in Apollo Hospital, India

Proton Cancer Treatment in Apollo Hospital Average Cost in USD Average Cost in INR
Skin Cancer Proton Treatment $35,000 ₹ 28,00,000
Liver Cancer Proton Treatment $35,630 ₹ 28,50,400
Pancreas Cancer Proton Treatment $36,271 ₹ 29,01,707
Breast Cancer Proton Treatment $36,924 ₹ 29,53,938
Kidney Cancer Proton Treatment $37,589 ₹ 30,07,109
Lungs Cancer Proton Treatment $38,265 ₹ 30,61,237
Brain Tumour Cancer Proton Treatment $38,954 ₹ 31,16,339
Neck Cancer Proton Treatment $39,655 ₹ 31,72,433
Prostate Gland Cancer Proton Treatment $40,369 ₹ 32,29,537
Pediatric Cancer Proton Treatment $41,096 ₹ 32,87,669
Thyroid Cancer Proton Treatment $41,836 ₹ 33,46,847
Leukaemia Cancer Proton Treatment $42,589 ₹ 34,07,090
Lymphoma Cancer Proton Treatment $43,355 ₹ 34,68,417
Colon and rectal cancer Proton Treatment $44,136 ₹ 35,30,849

Types of Cancers Treated by Proton Therapy in Apollo Hospital, India

Apollo Hospital Price List for Proton Therapy

Proton Cancer Treatment in Apollo Hospital Average Cost in USD Average Cost in INR
Ocular tumours $35,000 ₹ 28,00,000
Chordoma $35,735 ₹ 28,58,800
Chondrosarcomas $36,485 ₹ 29,18,835
Spine tumours $37,252 ₹ 29,80,130
Hepatocellular cancer $38,034 ₹ 30,42,713
Paediatric solid tumours $38,833 ₹ 31,06,610
Brain and spinal cord tumours $39,648 ₹ 31,71,849
Retroperitoneal sarcomas $40,481 ₹ 32,38,458
Nasopharyngeal cancer $41,331 ₹ 33,06,465
Oesophageal cancers $42,199 ₹ 33,75,901
Breast Cancer $43,085 ₹ 34,46,795
Oropharynx Cancer $43,990 ₹ 35,19,178
Salivary Gland cancers $44,914 ₹ 35,93,080
Sarcomas $45,857 ₹ 36,68,535

Different Cancer Conditions and Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Costs in India

Cost Of Treatment In Apollo Hospital Chennai

Skin Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 28,00,000 ($35,000)

Skin cancer can be effectively treated with proton therapy at apollo proton cancer center. This therapy offers an optimal radiation dose to limit the dose reaching healthy tissues. The average Skin cancer treatment cost in India ₹ 28,00,000 ($35,000). Apollo proton cancer center offers treatments for Basal cell carcinoma, Melanoma, Merkel cell cancer, and Squamous cell carcinoma.


Liver Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 28,50,400 ($35,630)

Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Center provides liver transplants to remove diseased liver with the donor’s liver. Liver resection treatment is available at Apollo Center to remove the cancer part of the liver and add a new section. Liver Cancer Proton Treatment uses larger doses of radiation in the affected part. Proton therapy successfully helps with technical challenges, including liver movement during treatment. The average Liver Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 28,50,400 ($35,630).


Pancreas Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 29,01,707 ($36,271)

Pancreases is a vital organ in the human body but pancreas cancer spread without symptoms and leads to death. Because the advanced stage of pancreatic Cancer is highly risky to replace or treat the condition. Proton treatment is an innovative method for pancreatic cancer that is performed with radiation therapy that delivers high radiation to remove the cancerous tumor without affecting surrounding organs like the gallbladder or liver.


Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer Cost in India: ₹ 29,53,938 ($36,924)

Breast cancer occurs when healthy tissues of the breast enlarge and appear like a lump of mass. These masses and lumps can be benign or cancerous. A benign tumor grows like a mass but does not spread and is removed surgically. But a cancerous breast tumor can often spread to other parts of surrounding organs, blood, and lymph vessels. Traditional radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery methods do breast cancer treatment. But proton radiation for breast cancer can be highly beneficial by lowering the damage causes to the lungs and heart. Apollo proton therapy for breast cancer in India is ₹ 29,53,938 ($36,924).


Kidney Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 30,07,109 ($37,589)

Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment provides proton therapy for Cancer-related to Kidney with the latest therapies. The multidisciplinary team of Apollo experts is internationally recognized for successful treatments. Proton beam therapy can be used for kidney removal surgery and cancer-targeted therapy. Apollo oncologists are recognized as leaders in Proton treatments to protect healthy tissues. They have advanced technological knowledge to provide the best cancer treatments and prevent harmful side effects. Proton cancer treatment for kidneys in India is ₹ 30,07,109 ($37,589).


Lungs Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 30,61,237 ($38,265)

Lung cancer is one of the riskiest conditions in the body. Lungs are the hardest working organs as they expand and contact up to 20 times per minute to provide oxygen to distribute in all tissues in the body to remove carbon. The lung cancer risk increase when a patient continues smoking cigarettes. Apollo Hospital offers advanced Proton cancer treatment therapy, eliminating Cancer with zero radiation affecting healthy lung tissues near the tumor. Lungs Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 30,61,237 ($38,265). Advanced technology has cancer conditions treatable and has a good lung cancer survival rate.


Brain Tumour Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 31,16,339 ($38,954)

Apollo cancer proton treatment for brain tumor work with a high energy beam to target only tumor cells in the brain to damage the tumor’s DNA which will help to prevent cell replication and growth. Proton therapy makes cancerous cells shrink. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre provides highly skilled oncologists specializing in brain surgeries and brain tumor knowledge. Brain Tumour Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 31,16,339 ($38,954).


Prostate Gland Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 32,29,537 ($40,369)

Proton therapy for the prostate gland uses external beam therapeutic radiation. A charged proton particle is generated with the help of a large machine called a cyclotron and targets prostate tumors. The beam deposits help to damage the tumor cells. Prostate Gland Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 32,29,537 ($40,369).


Paediatric Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: $41,096 (₹ 32,87,669)

Proton therapy is available for Paediatric oncology. Paediatric Cancer Proton Treatment provides a better solution for children and young adults experiencing Cancer that can be treated by traditional radiation. Still, proton radiation lowers the exposure to other tissues. Proton therapy is effective for children with sensitive brain, lungs, and heart conditions. Proton therapy quickly works on removing pediatric tumors compared to the traditional method. Proton Therapy Cost for Paediatric Cancer in India is $41,096 (₹ 32,87,669).


Thyroid Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 33,46,847 ($41,836)

Thyroid cancer is when the thyroid gland cannot perform its functions properly and has symptoms of lump, swelling, and pain around the thyroid glands. Radiation Oncologist work with cancer experts to decide the treatments. Proton beam therapy is the latest treatment available for thyroid tumour removal. Thyroid Cancer treatment cost with proton radiation is ₹ 33,46,847 ($41,836).


Leukaemia Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 34,07,090 ($42,589)

Leukaemia is blood cell cancer. Different blood cells, like white or red, have different types of Cancer. Leukaemia is fast-growing Cancer that usually occurs in older adults with age above 55 but also children below the age of 15. Proton radiotherapy destroys the cancerous blood cells and reduces cancer growth. The proton therapy cost for Leukaemia cancer starts from ₹ 34,07,090 in India.


Neck Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 31,72,433 ($39,655)

Cancer occurs in the neck and spreads to the throat, mouth, sinus, larynx, and nose. It is a serious problem affecting nearby organs. Neck and head cancer develops gradually. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre provides dedicated experts with knowledge of neck cancer and the necessary prevention to treat the condition without side effects. Neck Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 31,72,433 ($39,655).


Lymphoma Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 34,68,417 ($43,355)

The body has a lymphatic system for germ fighting, with lymph nodes, a thymus gland, a spleen, and bone marrow. Lymphoma, the Cancer of the lymphatic system, may occur due to genetic mutation or certain chemical exposure. People working in the chemical industry are more prone to develop lymphoma cancer. Proton therapy for lymphoma is the latest method to treat and prevent cancer growth. In India, the proton therapy cost for lymphoma cancer is ₹ 34,68,417 ($43,355).


Colon and Rectal Cancer Proton Treatment Cost in India: ₹ 35,30,849 ($44,136)

Colorectal Cancer is the second leading Cancer, causing life risk in men and women. More colon and rectal cancer cases occur in people aged 50 or above. This disease may lack symptoms, but early detection can help to prevent cancer growth. Proton therapy uses high energy to target the cancerous cell precisely and lower the recurrence rates in the colon and rectal. It will treat the condition and improve life quality. Proton therapy Cost for Colon and rectal cancer in India is ₹ 35,30,849 ($44,136). 

Proton Therapy Cost in Apollo Chennai, India

The cost of proton therapy in Apollo Chennai varies for every patient, depending on their cancer type. The cost also differs when a patient needs single or multiple proton therapy sessions for cancer removal. Here are the main cancer conditions for which Apollo cancer centre provide proton therapy in India: Ocular tumours Cost: $35,000, Chordoma Cost:$35,735; Chondro sarcomas Cost: $36,485; spine tumours removal Cost:$37,252, Hepatocellular cancer Cost:$38,034, Paediatric solid tumours removal Cost:$38,833, Brain and spinal cord tumours removal Cost:$39,648, Retroperitoneal sarcomas treatment Cost:$40,481, Nasopharyngeal cancer treatment Cost:$41,331, Oesophageal cancers treatment Cost:$42,199, Breast Cancer treatment Cost:$43,085, Oropharynx Cancer treatment Cost:$43,990, Salivary Gland cancers treatment Cost:$44,914, Sarcomas treatment Cost: $45,857.

Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Success Rate in India

Apollo Cancer treatments center provides world-class proton therapy in India. In various cancer like brain tumours, chordomas, or liver cancers, the proton therapy success rate is 86-95%. The success of cancer treatment also depends on the cancer stage, finding it early has more chance of successful treatment whereas knowing about cancer in the final stage carries more risk to life. Proton cancer treatment is very effective in increasing the survival rate, and patients can live more than 3 years depending on their lifestyle.

Does Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Apollo Hospital provides the best Cancer treatments with comprehensive solutions. The Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment is the fastest growing healthcare across the world. Patients can get cost coverage at a limited level at the Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment as the Proton Cancer Treatment cost is high compared to radiation therapy.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Reviews

  • Apollo is one of India’s best cancer treatments, with 10 dedicated cancer care centers in different cities.
  • Apollo cancer care provides a highly sophisticated type of radiation therapy with high-energy protons to target cancerous tumours without affecting surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Apollo proton cancer center offers treatment for breast cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and others.
  • Being the largest health group in Asia, Apollo proton cancer center offers the best facilities of own beds, pharmacies, diagnostic clinics, and telemedicine centers.
  • Apollo proton cancer center has extended its medical innovation to providing cutting-edge technology and standard cancer therapies.

How Effective is Proton Therapy for Cancer?

Proton therapy is an advanced combination of chemotherapy and proton radiation. This method will reduce the chances of side effects without affecting the treatment quality. Proton beam radiation therapy is safer than traditional radiation therapy for a patient with an advanced level of Cancer. Traditional radiation uses X-rays or photon beams on tumours affecting nearby tissues, but proton therapy does not hurt the surrounding tissues.

Why Travel to India for Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment?

  • India is keenly involved in discoveries and advancements in Proton cancer treatments.
  • India provides several board-certified and expert oncologists with specialized training and skill to decide the best suitable cancer treatments for every patient depending on their age, disease stage, and other important aspects.
  • The best oncologist in India offers proton cancer treatment with several advanced techniques and innovative approaches, including advanced diagnostic tools, radiation therapy, and minimally invasive surgical procedure from precision medicine equipment.
  • The latest innovation introduced in India is helping in patient diagnosis and finding out the risky condition of Cancer. In some cases, cancer specialists in India use advanced genomic testing for cellular-level disease.
  • India also offers significantly lower cancer treatment costs than other countries and provides all the treatments that National Cancer Co-Operative Network recommends.

Why Choose Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment?

  • Apollo Hospital is one of the best cancer hospitals in India.
  • Apollo Hospital provides innovative proton therapy to treat Cancer safely.
  • The proton cancer treatment at Apollo uses high-energy proton beams instead of X-rays to treat the Cancer. These high energies remove the cancer cells without affecting surrounding organs such as the heart, liver, or kidney, wherever the Cancer grows.
  • Apollo Hospital provides a multi-room environment for cancer patients.
  • Apollo Hospital in India has an experienced Oncologist who suggests the right combination of treatments with a high success rate.
  • Patients can find the right cancer screening and reasonable costs.
  • The top-notch technology of protons cancer treatment at Apollo helps patients renew their lives.

Long-Term Side Effects Of Proton Therapy

The long-term side effects of proton therapy depend on the treatment area. However, cancer patients may experience brain changes, spinal cord changes, infertility, and lymphedema.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does proton therapy do?

Proton therapy in India works on providing targeted radiation to a cancerous tumour or cancer cells to destroy and prevent growth.


Is proton therapy better than radiation in Apollo?

Yes, Proton therapy is safer than traditional radiation therapy because it uses high doses of radiation in particular areas.


Who is eligible for proton therapy in Apollo Hospital?

A person has cancer near critical organs like the heart, brain, spine, lungs, Gl track, or neck. Also, patients who have already had enough X-ray radiation treatments are suitable candidates for proton therapy.


Is proton therapy expensive at Apollo Cancer Center?

Proton therapy for cancer treatment cost start from $35,000.


What is the disadvantage of proton therapy?

The negative side of proton therapy is it is rarely available in every cancer treatment center.


How painful is proton therapy?

Proton therapy is a painless treatment and has minimal side effects of temporary hair loss in the treatment area.


What is the cost of Apollo proton therapy?

Proton therapy at Apollo’s Chennai center costs around ₹ 28,00,000 – ₹ 35,30,849.


Apollo proton therapy for cancer treatment is safe. It kills and removes cancer cells by targeting a specific area. Proton therapy helps treat all cancer conditions, including the brain, lungs, liver, kidney, and pancreas. Apollo Hospital provides the best oncologist and proton therapy specialists who offer quality care and solution to risky cancer conditions. Contact us for a second opinion and Apollo Proton Cancer Treatment Cost.

Best Doctors & Oncologists for Proton Therapy in India

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in India

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