Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India

A chronic subdural hematoma (SDH) is a collection of blood beneath the outer coating of the brain’s surface (dura). It normally starts to form a few days or weeks after the bleeding starts. A head injury is the most common cause of bleeding. Symptoms of chronic SDH are not always present. When this happens, it usually necessitates surgical intervention.

Chronic SDH can be surgically addressed. The treatment entails drilling microscopic holes in the skull to allow blood to circulate freely. The strain on the brain is relieved as a result of this.

If you have a large or thick clot, your doctor may remove a small piece of your skull to remove the clot temporarily. A craniotomy is the name for this procedure.




Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India Average Cost (USD)
Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery $3,800

Average Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery price in India is 3,800 USD.

Why Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India?

If Health and Medical Tourism are given appropriate attention, the growth of Medical and Health Tourism in India can be much higher. The following are some of India’s primary advantages:

  • It is home to world-class physicians and hospitals.
  • The treatment costs a fraction of what it would in the source markets.
  • For various medical procedures, there is no waiting period.
  • Increased interest in India as a tourist destination in the west Eastern healthcare wisdom combined with Western medicine expertise

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery cost in India

Neurosurgery Cost in IndiaCost from (INR)Cost Upto (INR)Average Cost (USD)
Bangalore Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 269,000₹ 322,800$4,227
Mumbai Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 290,520₹ 348,624$4,565
New Delhi Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 295,900₹ 355,080$4,650
Hyderabad Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 285,140₹ 342,168$4,481
Chennai Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 282,450₹ 338,940$4,439
Kolkata Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 376,600₹ 451,920$5,918
Ahmedabad Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 312,040₹ 374,448$4,903
Kochi Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 484,200₹ 581,040$7,609
Lucknow Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 328,180₹ 393,816$5,157
Chandigarh Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 293,210₹ 351,852$4,608
Gurugram Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 287,830₹ 345,396$4,523
Pune Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma₹ 306,660₹ 367,992$4,819

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Reviews In India

Reduced costs, the availability of cutting-edge medical technology, and compliance with international quality standards are all advantages of medical treatment in India. Doctors trained in western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as English-speaking personnel, make foreigners less likely to face language barriers in India.


What to expect on the day of Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India?

  • You may be able to leave the hospital within a few days if the operation goes well and there are no complications.

  • If issues arise, you may not be able to return home for several weeks.

  • If you continue to experience issues following surgery, such as memory loss or limb weakness, you may require additional treatment to help you gradually return to your typical activities.

  • The time it takes to heal from a subdural haematoma varies depending on the individual.

  • After a few weeks, some people will feel much better, while others may never fully recover.

Is Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery safe in India?

In old or sick patients who cannot take the physiological stress of a craniotomy or burr hole under general anaesthesia, the SEPS offers a safe and effective alternative therapeutic option. When compared to mixed density collections, it is more effective in hypodense subdural collections. Though unusual, significant bleeding following SEPS insertion can occur.

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery recovery time in India

Some people heal in a matter of weeks or months, while others never fully recover, even after many years.

What should you know before Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India?

  • Tell your doctor or nurse about any medications, supplements, or vitamins your kid is taking.
  • Give your child any medications prescribed by the doctor with a small sip of water.
  • Also, obtain advice on how to go from the hospital to your house following the procedure.

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery procedure details in India

The goal of treatment is to control symptoms while also reducing or preventing permanent brain damage. Surgery can be required. Drilling small holes to relieve pressure and drain blood and fluids are examples of this. Large hematomas or solid blood clots may require a wider incision in the skull to be removed (craniotomy).

What after Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery ?

Anti-seizure medicine is generally prescribed by a doctor after surgery. The medications may be required for several months or even years. These drugs can help you avoid a seizure that could result in another subdural hematoma.

What are the advantages of Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery ?

For most subdural haematomas, surgery is recommended. Very little subdural haematomas can first be carefully monitored to see if they cure without surgery. If the operation is recommended, a neurosurgeon will perform it (an expert in surgery of the brain and nervous system).

Do I need a Medical visa for Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India?

The Indian E-Medical Visa for eligible nationals seeking medical assistance in India is an online travelling permit. Various countries are eligible for three-way entry, which will be valid for 60 days after arrival.

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Insurance in India

You will want to know how much your plan will cover for the procedure if you have health insurance. What is good news is that most health insurance plans cover a considerable amount of surgical costs for medically necessary procedures, i.e. operations for your life, better health or disease prevention.

Who is the right candidate for Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India?

Regardless of the patient’s Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score, an acute subdural hematoma (SDH) with a thickness greater than 10 mm or a midline shift greater than 5 mm on computed tomographic (CT) scan should be surgically evacuated.


Best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Surgeons in India

Best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Hospitals in India


FAQs on Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery in India

Who is the Best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Surgeon in India?

Find the Best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery surgeon in India based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery cost in India?

Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery cost in India depends on multiple factors. Contact here for actual Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery price in India.

Which is the best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Hospital in India?

Find the Best Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery Hospitals in India here

Can I get Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Chronic Sub-dural Hematoma Surgery reviews in India here.

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