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Leukemia Treatment in India

Leukemia is a blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow. It can be either acute or chronic in nature. Though the exact cause of this disease is unknown, experts believe that genetic mutation, radiation exposure, and family health history are all probable causes.

In India, leukaemia treatment is available at all of the country’s major hospitals.

In India, one can receive the best and most thorough therapy for leukaemia because to contemporary infrastructure, innovative treatment facilities, and competent haematologists and oncologists.

All of these services are available to patients at a very reasonable cost.


Leukemia Treatment cost in India

Leukemia Treatment in India Average Cost (USD)
Leukemia Treatment $7,500

Average Leukemia Treatment price in India is 7,500 USD.

Why Leukemia Treatment in India?

  • JCI-Joint Commission International America-accredited cancer treatments are available at India’s world-class hospitals.
  • India today has some of the world’s most skilled and knowledgeable cancer doctors, many of whom have extensive experience working in highly sophisticated cancer institutions in the United States and Europe.
  • Indian hospitals have cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, including as the Brain Suite, Novelis TX, PET Scan, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, IMRT, and IGRT, which aid in rapid diagnosis and recovery.
  • Low-cost, high-quality cancer medicines are manufactured in India and exported to the world’s leading hospitals. As a result, India has the lowest overall cost of world-class cancer care.

Leukemia Treatment cost in India

Neurosurgery Cost in IndiaCost from (INR)Cost Upto (INR)Average Cost (USD)


Leukemia Treatment Reviews In India

India has a huge number of hospitals, as well as a large pool of doctors (about 7,000), nurses, and support workers with the necessary skill and competence. Alternative medicine, bone marrow transplant, cardiac bypass surgery, eye surgery, and orthopaedic surgery are the most frequent therapies sought by medical tourists in India.

India is known for heart surgery, hip resurfacing, and other modern medical procedures. However, the country is also known for its non-traditional treatments. Alternative therapy provides spiritual and mental healing in addition to treatment.


What to expect on the day of Leukemia Treatment in India?

The transplant is not a surgical procedure. Rather, your stem cells will be pumped into you while you are awake, similar to a blood transfusion. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete the operation.

Is Leukemia Treatment safe in India?

The latest data show that for all leukaemia subtypes the 5-year survival rate is 61.4 percent. A 5-year rate of survival examines how many people live 5 years after they have been diagnosed.

Leukemia Treatment recovery time in India

The duration of a patient’s entire recovery from leukaemia cannot be said in particular. The treatment and medical sessions may take several years before acute leukema is recovered. In the event of chronic leukaemia, the treatment symptoms are considerably reduced and medical sessions for life are necessary.

What should you know before Leukemia Treatment in India?

Once a certain set of symptoms arrives at the doctor’s clinic, the doctor may recommend a few tests to confirm the diagnosis. Leukemia is most often excluded or confirmed by a combination of the following trials: patients with swollen lymph nodes, spleen or livery:

Blood tests: Typically, the WBC levels of the suspected patient are checked by a complete blood count. Those with an abnormally high WBC count are generally advised to undergo a biopsy of bone marrow.

Bone marrow aspiration: This procedure involves the removal, using a needle for further examination, of a sample of a bone marrow.

Bone marrow biopsy: During this surgery, the doctor usually takes a sample of the patient’s bone marrow from the pelvis and checks it for cancer cells.

Cytogenetics: This is a unique method that is used to diagnose acute myeloid leukaemia. In bone marrow cells, the chromosome is examined and analysed.

Spinal tap: This operation, also known as lumbar puncture, involves drawing a sample of cerebrospinal fluid from the lower back for analysis.

Chest X-ray: It’s a chest X-ray that’s occasionally used to check for lung infection or swollen lymph nodes during a leukaemia diagnosis.

What are the available Leukaemia treatment options in India?

Patients with leukaemia frequently receive therapy in the form of a combination of several medicines. The following are some of the most popular and widely used treatment options in India for leukaemia patients:

Biological therapy: The use of medicines that speed up the immune system’s reaction to cancer cells is part of this therapy strategy. They also assist the patient in overcoming the negative side effects of other leukaemia treatments.

Stem cell transplant: The most common treatment for leukaemia is stem cell transplantation, often known as bone marrow transplantation. This method entails replacing damaged bone marrow tissues with healthy stem cells capable of self-growing into healthy bone marrow.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy kills cancer cells by stopping them from proliferating or developing any further. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, destroys certain healthy tissues, particularly those surrounding cancer cells. However, after few months of treatment, these cells are able to repair themselves.

Radiation therapy: In the treatment of leukaemia, radiation therapy is not commonly employed. It’s used in combination with other treatments. To prepare for a bone marrow transplant, high doses of radiation therapy are administered to a specific portion of the body or the entire body.

Surgery: Patients with leukaemia are not candidates for surgery. Only when the spleen must be removed is this procedure conducted. The spleen swells and displaces other organs in the abdomen due to the buildup of blood cells in the spleen. Spleen ectomy surgery may be recommended for such patients.

What after Leukemia Treatment ?

After completing one cycle of leukaemia treatment, the patient is maintained under monitoring to assess the treatment’s effectiveness. After just one or two rounds of treatment, some patients see a significant reduction in cancer cells in their bone marrow or blood cells. Patients are encouraged to undergo a variety of diagnostic tests at regular intervals to monitor cancer recurrence and treatment success.



Do I need a Medical visa for Leukemia Treatment in India?

The e-Medical Visa allows international visitors to enter the country for medical treatment. A hospital or medical centre in the country must authorise this. Both types of medical e-Visas for India allow holders to visit the country three times for treatment. Each stay is for a maximum of 60 days.

Leukemia Treatment Insurance in India

The e-Medical Visa allows international travellers to enter the country for medical treatment. A hospital or medical centre in the country must authorise this. Holders of both types of medical e-Visas for India are permitted three treatment visits to the nation. The duration of each visit is limited to 60 days.

Who is the right candidate for Leukemia Treatment in India?

Because younger patients have fewer difficulties than older patients, several facilities set an upper age limit of 60 or 65 for stem cell transplants. However, new information reveals that certain persons above the age of 70 should be taken into account.

When cancer hasn’t progressed to other tissues like the central nervous system or organs, people usually have the greatest outcomes.

Other considerations that could make you a good candidate include:

  • being in good health in general
  • having cancer that is unlikely to respond to chemotherapy alone.
  • having a willing donor.
  • having a thorough awareness of the risks and rewards


Best Leukemia Treatment Surgeons in India

Best Leukemia Treatment Hospitals in India


FAQs on Leukemia Treatment in India

Who is the Best Leukemia Treatment Surgeon in India?

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What is Leukemia Treatment cost in India?

Leukemia Treatment cost in India depends on multiple factors. Contact here for actual Leukemia Treatment price in India.

Which is the best Leukemia Treatment Hospital in India?

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Can I get Leukemia Treatment feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Leukemia Treatment reviews in India here.

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