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Myeloma Treatment in India

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a malignancy that develops in plasma cells. Plasma cells are a type of cell seen in modest numbers in the bone marrow and blood. Their job is to create antibodies that help fight infections. Multiple myeloma is a condition that occurs when these cells begin to divide uncontrolled and spread abnormally throughout the body.

Chemotherapy, immunomodulators, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplant are only some of the choices for treating myeloma. To effectively treat the illness, a combination of one or more therapies is sometimes used.


Myeloma Treatment cost in India

Myeloma Treatment in India Average Cost (USD)
Myeloma Treatment $5,000

Average Myeloma Treatment price in India is 5,000 USD.

Why Myeloma Treatment in India?

India is one of the world’s leading healthcare destinations, with thousands of people travelling every day to their cities to be treated with the highest quality. Apart from excellent medical attention, the country has many tourist attractions to enjoy in many places. India is now a major global medical tourism hotspot offering high-quality health care and peaceful vacations to international patients.

Myeloma Treatment cost in India

Neurosurgery Cost in IndiaCost from (INR)Cost Upto (INR)Average Cost (USD)


Myeloma Treatment Reviews In India

For a country, tourism is always a key sector, as it helps both economically and socially. It creates a lot of jobs economically and greatly contributes to GDP. The sector offers several opportunities in and outside of the industry as regards social engagement.

Health tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in the sector with a good deal of promise, often known as medical tourism. Patients in wealthy countries travel to India for various medical treatments, and usually spend time visiting the tourist attractions of India. Although the main goal of the tour is to improve one’s health, it also aims to provide fun.


What to expect on the day of Myeloma Treatment in India?

Based on the genes in the tumours, doctors classify multiple myeloma cases as high, intermediate, or standard risk.

If you don’t have any symptoms, your doctor may decide to keep an eye on you rather than begin therapy right immediately.

If you are experiencing symptoms, your doctor will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan. Its goal will be to increase your quality of life by making you feel better and assisting you in obtaining adequate nutrients.

If you have a high-risk case, you may want to explore participating in a clinical trial for a current or novel treatment. More effective medications are being researched.

Is Myeloma Treatment safe in India?

Patients with multiple myeloma have a five-year survival rate of 49 percent on average. Survivability percentages vary widely depending on a variety of circumstances, including the stage of the disease. Your doctor will review your test findings and talk to you about your specific situation.

Myeloma Treatment recovery time in India

It should take approximately 2-6 weeks for your blood counts to begin to recover to normal. After a few weeks, your levels will be high enough to combat infection and prevent bleeding, and you will be able to return home.

What should you know before Myeloma Treatment in India?

  • Confirm the number of blood cells, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), or plasma viscosity with a complete blood count (PV).
  • Calcium Levels in the Blood
  • Urine tests are used to look for aberrant proteins produced by malignant plasma cells in the urine.
  • To quantify immunoglobins from the body, electrophoresis is used.
  • Kidney function tests are used to determine the amount of blood urea nitrogen in order to determine how well the kidneys are working.
  • CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays are used to look for problems with the bones.

Types of Myeloma Treatment procedures in India

  1. Targeted therapy – The pharmaceuticals used in this treatment are directed at the proteins, genes, and tissues that cause malignant cells to develop.
  2. Biological therapy – The pharmaceuticals employed in this situation cause your immune system to fight myeloma cells. Lenalidomide (Revlimid), thalidomide (Thalomid), and pomalidomide are some of the drugs utilised in this process (Pomalyst).
  3. Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy, unlike other treatments, is utilised in more advanced instances. The drugs employed are aggressive, which may aid in the elimination of rapidly multiplying cells. Especially before a stem cell transplant, chemotherapy medications are frequently given in high quantities.
  4. Corticosteroids – These medications aid in the betterment and efficiency of other treatments. Your doctor may give dexamethasone or prednisone to help with side effects if you’re undergoing chemotherapy.

  5. Radiation therapy – Another technique to harm myeloma cells and slow their growth is to use radiation therapy. It can kill a clump of aberrant plasma cells using powerful energy beams.

  6. A stem cell transplant involves the removal of healthy stem cells from your body or the extraction of healthy stem cells from a healthy donor, which are subsequently kept. All of the cells in your bone marrow, including the disease-causing aberrant plasma cell, will be eliminated during chemotherapy. After the surgery is completed, the doctor will use a catheter to inject the healthy stem cells back into your bloodstream. These healthy cells will begin to produce healthy blood, refreshing all of the blood cells.

What after Myeloma Treatment ?

  • It’s critical to look after yourself when you’ve been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
  • Regularly engage in physical activity, but don’t overdo it. Get lots of rest and avoid stressing yourself because this will only make your situation worse.
  • Consume a nutritious diet and select the appropriate items. This will assist you in healing more quickly and effectively.


Do I need a Medical visa for Myeloma Treatment in India?

It’s all about the advancement of medical tourism in India these days. The sector is expanding at a rate that has been inconceivable for years, and part credit goes to the government of India for providing a medical visa for international nationals. A visa on arrival has been provided for a few selected nations in order to give patients with a 60-day stay in India for world-class medical treatment.

Myeloma Treatment Insurance in India

Expatrons and visitors in India should be aware that Indian hospitals do not accept all the international healthcare providers. You’ll be responsible for paying for your own care if this problem occurs. Conserve your treatment or stay in a hospital so you can be reimbursed by your insurer.


Multiple myeloma is a challenging disease to treat. However, there are numerous therapeutic options that can improve the patient’s quality of life and lengthen their survival time. Many patients with multiple myeloma who do not have any symptoms do not require therapy because the adverse effects of treatment may outweigh the advantages. They must, however, be closely monitored for the appearance of any symptoms.


Best Myeloma Treatment Surgeons in India

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FAQs on Myeloma Treatment in India

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What is Myeloma Treatment cost in India?

Myeloma Treatment cost in India depends on multiple factors. Contact here for actual Myeloma Treatment price in India.

Which is the best Myeloma Treatment Hospital in India?

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Can I get Myeloma Treatment feedback and Reviews from past patients?

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