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Thalassemia Transplant in India

Thalassemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is reduced (an important protein in the red blood cell). Bone marrow transplants (also known as stem cell transplants) can be used to treat thalassemia.

Bone marrow transplantation replaces the patient’s bone marrow with transplanted bone marrow and/or stem cells. The creation of normal red blood cells is enabled by replacing the old bone marrow with new healthy cells. To transplant new healthy cells, the old ones must first be killed with chemotherapy or radiation before the new ones can be implanted.


Thalassemia Transplant cost in India

Thalassemia Transplant in India Average Cost (USD)
Thalassemia Transplant $6,700

Average Thalassemia Transplant price in India is 6,700 USD.

Why Thalassemia Transplant in India?

  • Confidentiality/Privacy
  • Enhancement of Healthcare Quality
  • Treatment that is more affordable
  • Medical Services at the Best Vacation Spot

The Indian medical community has partnered with the tourism sector to provide low-cost care to people all around the world. With the privatisation of Indian medical care comes the new and popular practise of mixing treatment with the pleasures of a vacation, known in India as medical tourism.

Thalassemia Transplant cost in India

Neurosurgery Cost in IndiaCost from (INR)Cost Upto (INR)Average Cost (USD)


Thalassemia Transplant Reviews In India

India has a reputation for being one of the most accessible medical tourism destinations. Many people from developed countries travel to India in search of the rejuvenation that yoga and ayurvedic massage can provide. Indian hospitals, on the other hand, are able to service patients for high-end surgeries from all over the world thanks to a lovely blend of top-notch medical skill and reasonable cost.


What to expect on the day of Thalassemia Transplant in India?

Chemotherapy will be given to you before the transplant to remove any stem cells in your bone marrow that aren’t functioning properly and to prepare your bone marrow to receive new stem cells.

Your doctor will inject the donor’s stem cells into your body through a plastic tube in your chest during the transplant. After entering your bloodstream, the cells travel to your bone marrow, where they begin to produce healthy blood cells.

Is Thalassemia Transplant safe in India?

Low-risk, HLA-matched sibling stem cell transplantation patients have an overall thalassemia-free survival rate of 85 to 90%, with a 95 percent overall survival rate.

Thalassemia Transplant recovery time in India

The time it takes to recuperate from a transplant is different for everyone. It normally takes 3 months, although it’s normal for it to take longer or shorter. Following your transplant, your cells will recuperate and grow. All of your cells, including those in your mouth, stomach, intestine, hair, and muscles, will renew.

What should you know before Thalassemia Transplant in India?

Thalassemia is diagnosed with a blood test. The blood count allows you to assess the look and number of red blood cells, as well as the total amount of hemoglobin in your body. Alpha-thalassemia can be distinguished from beta-thalassemia via a biochemical examination of hemoglobin. Finally, genetic tests can be used to determine the number of mutated genes and, as a result, the severity of Thalassemia.

Thalassemia Transplant procedure details in India

Currently, the only possible cure for thalassemia is bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. High-dose chemotherapy is used to remove the defective thalassemia-producing cells from the bone marrow, which is subsequently replaced with healthy blood-forming stem cells from donor/self bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. A human-leukocyte antigen (HLA) matching test is performed in the case of a donor. Siblings are usually the greatest matches, although parents or children who are half-matches can be haploidentical BMT donors. All appropriate patients with acceptable donors may be considered for this treatment.

Patients are evaluated for risk factors that may affect the outcome of BMT before deciding on a treatment strategy. The following are some of the risk variables to consider:

  • Age of the patient
  • Chelation adequacy
  • Is there fibrosis in the liver?
  • Whether or whether the patient has hepatomegaly

BMT outcomes are known to be better in younger patients, hence early management and transplantation are often suggested. The treatment for pre-existing iron excess is continued after a successful bone marrow transplant.

What after Thalassemia Transplant ?

Any development of white blood cells in the patient is continuously observed, indicating that the treatment was successful. Completing sessions takes between 10 and 28 days after the initial transplant, and fully recovering takes 3 months to a year.


Do I need a Medical visa for Thalassemia Transplant in India?

India has become a popular healthcare destination as a result of the rise in medical tourism, when people choose to travel abroad for medical treatment. Our specialized staff of International Patient Services strives to ensure that you receive individualized attention and care throughout your medical trip, beginning with the organisation of your paperwork, travel arrangements, arrival at the airport, and treatment time from beginning to end.

Thalassemia Transplant Insurance in India

If you decide to buy insurance after you relocate to India, double-check that it covers all you’ll need. Consider acquiring additional coverage, like as dental and vision, emergency evacuation, and maternity, even if your employer provides insurance.


Best Thalassemia Transplant Surgeons in India

Best Thalassemia Transplant Hospitals in India


FAQs on Thalassemia Transplant in India

Who is the Best Thalassemia Transplant Surgeon in India?

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What is Thalassemia Transplant cost in India?

Thalassemia Transplant cost in India depends on multiple factors. Contact here for actual Thalassemia Transplant price in India.

Which is the best Thalassemia Transplant Hospital in India?

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Can I get Thalassemia Transplant feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Thalassemia Transplant reviews in India here.

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