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Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns refer to the top part replacement of a damaged tooth. A dental crown helps to cover, protect and restore the teeth’ shape like the original. Keep reading to get detailed information about Experienced dentists, and affordable dental crowns cost in Turkey.

Different dental materials are used to make dental crowns, such as porcelain, metals, ceramics, and resin. They typically do not need special care other than regular oral hygiene.

What is a Dental Crown?

Damage occurred by injury or tooth decay causes teeth to lose their original shape and size. Dental crowns are artificial caps that replace damaged teeth.  

Why Are Teeth So Cheap In Turkey?

Dental hospital expenses like lab fees, wedges, hospital stays, and indemnity insurance are lower than in the UK. That is why Turkey offers low-cost dental tooth crown, zirconia crown, cerec, tooth cap, temporary crown, and porcelain teeth. Contact us for dental crowns, tooth crown, zirconia crown, cerec.


Dental Crowns Reviews in Turkey

Is Dental Good in Turkey?

  • The excellent dental work is proof that Turkey provides suitable dental treatments.
  • Some dental clinics have registered dental centers and VIP clinics with independent licenses regulated and approved by the Health Ministry of Turkey.
  • They have a comprehensive on-site laboratory which allows the clinic to practice quality products and dental treatment with high skills.
  • They also have world-class dental technicians for shaping teeth.
  • The dental technology includes in-clinic CAM/CAD milling machines, smile design software, soft tissue lasers, and 3D Tomography.
  • Every VIP dental center owns a cosmetic dentist team and specialist to offer restorative dental work and famous smile makeovers.
  • Choosing dental treatment in Turkey will be worth your choice. They have qualified skill oral surgeons who handle complex procedures, including:
  • Surgical Extractions, Sinus Lifting, Dental Implants, and Bone Grafting are on-site.

Contact us for tooth cap, temporary crown, porcelain teeth, dental crown cost.

How To Find the Best Dental Clinic or Best Dentist in Turkey?

  • Look for the clinic is old or new, what facilities they have
  • Check for dentist and dental team experience
  • Know if the dental clinic center organizes necessary things for you, like transportation, medicine, and hotel stay.
  • Check translator availability for foreigners
  • Compare dental treatment cost

Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

The Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey is from $80 to $250. The price can increase depending on the requirement of treatment. Contact us for porcelain crown, gold tooth cap, tooth crown cost, silver tooth cap.

Dental Crowns in Turkey Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Gold crowns $200 ₺4,000
All Porcelain Crowns $130 ₺2,600
Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns (PFM) $160 ₺3,200
Zirconia Crowns $180 ₺3,600
Metal $140 ₺2,800
Porcelain-fused-to-metal $170 ₺3,400
All Resin $120 ₺2,400
Pressed ceramic $100 ₺2,000
All Ceramic $110 ₺2,200

Types Of Dental Crowns and Cost

Gold crowns

A gold crown is also a dental crown. Gold has been used for many years to repair teeth. Presently gold is combined with other metals like nickel, palladium, or chromium. It increases the teeth’ crown strength and lowers the cost. Gold crowns cost in Turkey is $200. Contact us for front tooth crown.


All Porcelain Crowns

It is a tooth-like structure created entirely from porcelain. All Porcelain Crowns restore the changed tooth structure and functions and look like a natural tooth. All Porcelain Crowns cost Turkey $130. Contact us for gold crowns.


Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns (PFM)

It is also called PFM crowns, which are manufactured with a metal alloy interior and a porcelain surface. It allows them to get the metal crown’s strength combined with the features of porcelain crowns. Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns (PFM) cost in Turkey is $160. Contact us for pfm crown.


Zirconia Crowns

It is a dental crown famous for temporary treatment of tooth restoration. It covers extreme decay, fractures, and bad discoloration on natural dental pieces.

Zirconia is the latest material used in dental restoration treatment. It is a ceramic or zirconium oxide. These tooth crowns have less stress and damage on the opposing piece.

It is stronger than porcelain and other metal alloys. As a result, it can have fewer sharp edges like normal wear and tear over time. Zirconia Crowns cost in Turkey is $180. Contact us for teeth cap price, zirconia teeth, zirconia teeth price, zirconia crowns cost, monolithic zirconia crown.

How long do zirconia crowns last?

Taking zirconia crowns for teeth treatment can last up to 20 years. They are the most durable and strongest tooth crowns.



Metal crowns are strong dental crowns. They are manufactured with stainless steel or different metal alloys. These crowns are good options for out-of-sight molars. The metal cost in Turkey is $140. Contact us for metal ceramic crown price, metal crown with acrylic facing, all metal crown, exposed metal on crown.

Do dentists still do metal crowns?

In some cases, metal crowns are still allowed for the molar, which is far back in the mouth. However, they take more time to wear down than porcelain crowns and rarely break the chewing or biting result.



It is also called PFM crowns, which are created with a metal alloy interior and outer part with porcelain. These crowns are highly durable and resistant to cracks and chips. Porcelain-fused-to-metal cost in Turkey is $170. Contact us for porcelain bridge front teeth, cerec porcelain crowns, porcelain tooth implant.


All Resin

These crowns entirely use a resin material for manufacturing. It is also referred to as composite resin, produced from composite resin material. All resin has a combination of plastic materials with colors like natural teeth. All Resin cost in Turkey is $120. Contact us for all resin crown, partial crown cost.


Pressed ceramic

This dental crown is manufactured for anterior teeth. These crowns consist of ingots of ceramic, heat pressing over them, and firing at last with enamel porcelain. It is designed to match the surrounding tissues. The pressed ceramic cost in Turkey is $100. Contact us for crown porcelain ceramic price, all ceramic crown cost.


All Ceramic

These are cosmetic dental repairs helpful to cover a complete tooth or a cap. The natural-looking tooth replacement. They are biocompatible and suitable for restoring decayed or damaged teeth. All Ceramic cost in Turkey is $110.

Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

Different City’s Cost Of Dental Crowns In Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey Average Cost in USD
Istanbul $380
Antalya $399
Izmir $419
Ankara $440

Find out more about cost of dental crowns in turkey, best dental crowns in turkey, dental crowns antalya, full set of crowns turkey, zirconium crowns Istanbul.

Dental Crowns Istanbul

Dental crowns are done based on the need of the patient. You can find the cost of dental crowns in turkey for different custom-made dental crowns.

  • A patient will have a first visit and another visit for fitting and installing the crowns.
  • During this visit, you take the natural shape of the mold of your teeth.
  • It is necessary to get a crown especially created for that crown fit you correctly. It is the reason it takes time to get a permanent crown.
  • Usually, it takes around 4-7 days to fit and prepare custom-made crowns. It means you will need to remain in Turkey for one week.

Dental Crowns Antalya

How Much Is a Dental Crown in Turkey?

Antalya in Turkey also provides a competitive price for dental crowns. Antalya provides comprehensive installation cost schemes for different dental crowns without any hidden charges. Sometimes these cost plans come without incentives like free shifting and accommodation services.

For example, Antalya charges around $100 and $140 for every porcelain combined metal crown.

The average cost of zirconium crowns cost around $200 each, while pure porcelain crowns cost about $115.

How Long Do Turkish Crowns Last?

Veneers or crowns require replacing each year for 5-15 years. Therefore, if a person’s liver is up to 80 years, that is more of a replacement, and each time, it costs extra money and takes more teeth.

Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

Why are crowns cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey has low prices for complete operations, including dentist taxes and clinic costs, compared to USA, UK, and Europe because dentist wages are 50% lower than in those countries. 

Global Dental Crown Turkey Price List

Country Dental Crowns Cost
USA $1100 and $1500
UK £250 – £1,180
Germany 750 – 950 €
Turkey $80 to $250
India 2500-15000 INR

 A general dental crown has an average cost of between $1100 and $1500 in USA. However, prices are based on the type of crown picked. In comparison, the dental crown cost in UK is £250 – £1,180. At the same time, Germany offers dental ceramic crowns that cost 750 – 950 € per tooth, and gold crowns cost 900 – 1.250 € for each tooth.

In contrast, the dental crown cost in India ranges from 2500-15000 INR.

Compared to all these countries, the Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey is from $80 to $250. The prices are low in turkey for dental work because of the country’s economy.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can stay up to 15 years. Therefore, a well-maintained dental crown has a long lifespan. However, when you care much, it is common to the last crown for 20-30 years.

Dental Crown Cost with Insurance

Turkey is a leading country for treatment quality and satisfaction of the patient. You will get low cost and high quality. The majority of patients visit Turkey from Europe for dental health.

A person looking for dental treatment in Turkey has three choices, including:

General health insurance

Private insurance

Private clinic

Turkey’s local and abroad patients with general health insurance can benefit from dental and oral health services in the university and state hospitals.

Additionally, current legal arrangements offer universal health insurance in Turkey for certain necessary health conditions. Therefore, you need to check what dental crown services cover in Insurance plans.

Dental Crowns Treatment Hospitals in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top 10 nations for medical tourism because of its accredited facilities and availability of advanced technology, low-cost treatments, and excellent hospitality.

Turkey has gained public attention for high-quality dental treatment. Because of more patients, Turkey has lowered its price to 50% to 70% less than other countries. There are many dental clinics in Turkey; here are some popular dental clinics:

  • Dental Clinic Antalya
  • Dent Hospital Turkey (DHT)
  • Godnet Global
  • Uzmanlar oral and dental health clinic Istanbul
  • Smile Dental Antalya
  • Myra Dental Turkey
  • Umut Dental Clinic Antalya
  • DCT Klinik Turkey
  • Marmaris Dental Clinic Turkey
  • Attelia Dental Turkey

Dental Crowns Success Rate in Turkey

What is the success rate of dental crowns?

Turkey has acquired a 95% success rate for dental crown treatments. According to meta-analysis, the success rate is 79% for fixed artificial dental work and 92% for one crown on Endodontically (treatment of teeth surrounding tissues) treated teeth.


Can Dental Crowns Last 40 Years?

Good care can help teeth last longer. For example, if you continue maintaining oral hygiene and have a regular dental check-up, the crown can stay a lifetime.


What Happens If I Wait Too Long to Get a Crown?

If you keep delaying crown treatment for a long time, the tooth decay will affect the inner layer, nerves, and pulp. Then a root canal needs to remove the infected nerves.

What Determines If You Need a Crown?

A person with a large cavity in the tooth may need a crown. Other reasons for the crown requirement are cracked teeth, weakened teeth, and severely worn down. Crowns are also suggested for a root canal because the tooth is more fragile and requires protection. A person is also a candidate for the crown if teeth are missing or need a tooth implant.

Dental Crown Procedure

Tooth Preparation for Dental Crown

A patient will have two visits for a dental crown.

First visit for a dental crown

  • The dentist will examine the tooth for a crown during the first visit.
  • They take X-rays of bone around the tooth.
  • Your dentist might need root canal treatment before starting a dental crown procedure if there is a risk of infection, tooth decay, or tooth pulp injury.
  • The affected teeth will be placed on top and sides to create spaces.
  • If a tooth is missing because of decay or damage, a filling material can be used to accumulate extra tooth structure for covering the crown.
  • After reshaping the tooth, putty or paste is utilized to create a copy of the original tooth for the crown.
  • The top and bottom impressions of the tooth are prepared and sent to the dental laboratory.
  • Then the dental laboratory manufactures a crown according to need and sent back to your dentist.
  • During the first dental visit, your dentist will do temporary crowning while preparing a permanent crown to protect the tooth.

The Second Visit

The permanent crown is added over the tooth during the second dental visit.

They remove the temporary crown, give anesthesia and place a permanent crown on the tooth.


Same-Day Dental Crowns

Dental crowns also prepare at the dentist’s office if the dentist owns all necessary equipment. This process begins similarly way like the traditional way a crown is made.

  • The same-day dental crowns procedure starts with removing decay and shaping the tooth for a perfect inner crown.
  • Next, they prepare a crown
  • Dentist use scanning to check teeth.
  • The scanning or x-ray is sent to another office to carve the crown shape.
  • They will prepare a crown in less than 15 minutes, ready to place on the tooth.

Dental Crowns Pros and Cons


  • Restore dental implants
  • Hold damaged or cracked tooth
  • Restore cracked or fractured teeth
  • Reshape teeth
  • Improve the appearance of teeth
  • Protect teeth after root canal



  • Permanent reshaping of teeth
  • Dental material may crack over time
  • Multiple chips may occur after some years
  • Bacteria growth risk under the crown
  • A poorly fitted crown may get lost and fall
  • Risk of tooth sensitivity

What Are the Risks of Dental Crowns?

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Tooth sensitivity to air, biting
  • Jaw muscles pain
  • Crown detachment due to excess pressure or cement wash away
  • Gum disease
  • Nerve Damage
  • Allergic Reactions 

How Do I Know If a Tooth Crown Is Infected?

  • You will notice redness around the tooth crown
  • Gum swelling or jaw swelling
  • Pain or tenderness around the crown
  • Unusual warmth is only felt in one place of the mouth and is not related to hot drinks or food.



You will get different choices for dental crowns in Turkey. Talk to your dentists for the best suitable crown for your teeth. Follow all the procedure instructions. Maintain good oral and dental care for long-lasting teeth.

Best Dentist for Dental Crowns in Turkey

Top Dental Hospital for Dental Crowns in Turkey

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