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Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Root canal treatment is a dental option to repair and restore the infected or damaged tooth without removing it. Find out more about a root canal, endodontic, root canal dentist, and Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey.

One thousand clinics in Turkey accept international patients. These clinics meet international standards. Around 49 clinics in Turkey have acquired prestigious international JCI certificates.

What Is a Root Canal?

  • A root canal is a standard procedure of endodontics performed by regular dentists or endodontists.
  • They treat tooth problems related to nerves.
  • Dentists remove infected nerves under the tooth.
  • Teeth are made of an enamel layer outer part, the second layer of dentin, and a soft inner core that expands into the root to the jawbone.
  • The core consists of the dental pulp, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues.
  • When decay occurs in softcore, the inner pulp gets inflammation or infection and needs a root canal.
  • A root canal helps to clean decay and save an infected tooth.

Is it Safe to Get Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Turkey is a famous place for its growing industry for dental and other treatments. International people travel to Turkey from all over the world for general tourism and dental work like an infected root canal, root canal front tooth, endodontic therapy, root canal and crown cost, and average root canal price.

You can find the best dentists specializing in complicated procedures such as

  • root canal caps
  • temporary filling
  • obturation of root canal
  • cracked root canal tooth
  • apicoectomy surgery
  • dead tooth root canal

Why do People Choose Turkey for Dental?

Turkish clinics collaborate with Europe clinics. Therefore, it helps when you go back home after treatment and some complications occur, so you can visit the collaborated partner clinic for correction free of charge.

If you worry about safety in Turkey, do not worry because dentists must study for five years or more to specialize in prosthodontics or orthodontics.

The Turkish Ministry of Health only provides licenses for perfect dentists and is monitored by dental associations for hygiene, safety standard, and professionalism.

Is A Root Canal a Painful Process?

Since the patient receives anesthesia, a root canal is less painful than a normal dental procedure, like removing wisdom teeth or filing. However, a root canal is ordinarily numb or sore after the procedure and might cause mild discomfort for some days. Contact us for cost of root canal and crown in turkey, dental treatment turkey, best dental treatment for turkey.

Root Canal Symptoms: Toxic Root Canal Symptoms

  • Severe pain while biting or chewing
  • no sensation
  • cracked or chipped tooth
  • pimples over gums
  • tender or swollen gums
  • sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Deep decay
  • darkening of the gums

Can Root Canals Cause Health Issues?

There is no claim to prove root canal cause health problems. If you are getting issues even after root canal treatment, it is a sign of another disease.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey

How Much Do Most Root Canals Cost?

The Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey is $50 – $150. The average cost of root canal treatment for a front tooth is around $1000 for bicuspids. Molars in the backside are harder to reach and clean. Therefore, the average cost of root canal treatment in those teeth costs $1,300 to $1,600.

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Endodontic Microsurgery $100 ₺2,000
Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment $120 ₺2,400
Gentlewave Root Canal Treatment $130 ₺2,600
Waterlase System from Biolase $90 ₺1,800
Apicoectomy $80 ₺1,600
Pulpotomy $90 ₺1,800
Pulpectomy $100 ₺2,000

Contact us for cheap root canal and crown, root canal extraction, root canal cap cost, rct treatment cost.

Types of Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Endodontic Microsurgery

The endodontist opens the gum tissue around the tooth during this dental procedure to check the underlying bone and remove infected or inflamed nerves. The Endodontic Microsurgery Cost in Turkey: is $100 (₺2,000).

What is the most common endodontic procedure?

The root canal is the common procedure of endodontics. This procedure accesses the hollow portion of the tooth called pulp to remove inflamed or infected blood vessels, tissues, or nerves.

Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment

It is common root canal therapy to save natural teeth. It is similar to getting a deep filling in the tooth. But this procedure is done with more detail than the standard filling—non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment Costs in Turkey: $120 (₺2,400).

Gentle wave Root Canal Treatment

It is a minimally invasive alternative treatment to standard root canal treatment. The innovative procedure uses multi-sonic ultra-cleaning technology, which allows procedure fluids to get through the whole root canal system, providing more cleaning of complicated root canal anatomies—gentle wave Root Canal Treatment Costs in Turkey:  $130 (₺2,600).

Waterlase System from Biolase

Waterlase is a product of BIOLASE that uses water energized laser beam to remove oral tissue like gums, teeth, or bone. It is an alternate method for dental drills for dental procedures—Waterlase dentistry Costs in Turkey: $90(₺1,800).


An apicoectomy is a common type of dental procedure where inflamed tissue of gum and the root end of a tooth is removed while the tooth top is left in place—Apicoectomy Costs in Turkey: $80(₺1,600).


Pulpotomy refers to removing coronal pulp to maintain the vitality of the remaining radicular pulp tissue.

The pulpotomy method with formocresol on primary teeth has been suitable in pediatric dentistry for decades—Pulpotomy Costs in Turkey $90(₺1,800).


It is the dental procedure of complete pulp removal from the roots and crown. The tooth is then added with material that the body can restore. It is commonly done for baby teeth—Pulpectomy costs in Turkey— ($100 ₺2,000).

Contact us for root canal removal, root canal crown cost, root end resection.

Root Canal Treatment cost in Turkey

You can get high quality 70% Lower Costs Hollywood smiles in Istanbul.

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey Average Cost in USD
Istanbul $90
Antalya $95
Izmir $99
Ankara $104

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Istanbul

Why Do Root Canals Cost So Much?

A root canal is a challenging and time-consuming procedure that makes it expensive. In addition, this dental treatment needs different fine instruments, which are costly and need surgical theatre to do treatments. The Expert Root Canal Treatment has an average cost of $100 – $120, a Root canal with Filling- costs $100, and Root Canal Retreatment- Costs $210. Contact us for root canal treatment cost with cap.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Antalya

Abroad, patients also get cosmetic dental treatments with affordable cost and quality work. For example, root Canal Treatment Cost in Antalya is $95.

How Long Do Root Canals Last?

Research says that 98% of root canals last for one year, 92% last for five years, and 87% last for ten years or more. The survival rate of molars treated with endodontists is significantly more than molars treated by general dentists.

Root Canal Cost in Izmir

Izmir is another beautiful city in Turkey that provide good quality dental treatments. If you do not get an appointment in Istanbul, you try Izmir for dental work. Find the best root canal dentist and root canal specialist. The root canal Cost in Izmir is $99.

Is A Root Canal a Serious Procedure?

A root canal is not a serious dental procedure, and no need to worry. It is much more likely that it will relieve pain. It is not a surgery but a normal process. Contact us for endodontist turkey, dental turkey prices, and teeth filling turkey.

Root Canal Treatment cost in Turkey

Global Comparison 

Country Root Canal Treatment cost
UK £480 -£650
USA $1050 – $2,000
Germany €700
Dubai AED 1500 to AED 2999
Maxico $250
Turkey $90


In the U.K., the private clinic’s cost of root canal treatment is £480 for one visit to the incisor root canal and £650 for one single molar root canal treatment. In comparison, the USA is rich, and root canal treatment costs $1050. The USA offers different costs in different areas for root canal treatment. The average cost of molar root canal in West regions cost $900 – $1,100, Midwest regions $1,00 – $1,200, South regions cost $1,200 – $1,400, Northeast regions cost $1,500 – $2,000.

The root canal treatment cost in Germany is €700 or more. Then, the Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai starts from AED 1500 to AED 2999. In Dubai, you will get luxury treatment as most visitors are VIPs.

We have Mexico on the list as one of the top countries for dental treatments.

The average cost of root canals in Mexico is $250, which is cheaper and saves up to 75% of the price. On the other hand, the Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey is $90, which is lower than in other countries.

Root Canal Cost Insurance in Turkey

The total cost of the root canal with insurance depends on additional expenses for location, dentists’ charges if in-network, and specific insurance coverage. In-network dentists collaborate with insurance companies to allow medical care, which is often negotiated.

As root canals need more appointments, the procedure length depends on the severity of the infection.

According to your insurance situation, depending on your personal insurance plan, you may need a copay as a percentage of the total cost. With insurance, you can expect to pay the cost of the following treatment:

  • Front tooth: $200- $1,100
  • Molar: $300-$1,472
  • Bicuspid (middle-mouth): $200-$1,250

However, if you regularly visit the dentist for five years, you must pay 35% from your pocket. After ten years, public insurance covers 70% of the cost.

Root Canal Treatment Reviews in Turkey

Tourists travel to Turkey from the West and Eat to Turkey to benefit from high-quality and low-cost dental treatment. The Turkish government is very safe and promotes medical tourism. They also plan to provide a tax-free healthcare zone for foreign patients.

Best dentists in Turkey are famous for international grade training and are skilled practitioners worldwide. Additionally, there is a wide range of exceptional cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic clinic options.

Can I Get a Root Canal in Turkey?

Turkey offers highly skilled dental specialists who have performed several root canals. Therefore, you can get simple to complex root canal treatment at a low cost. The teeth root canal can be done in one day. When you visit a dental clinic, the dentist will take an x-ray and find the infection and damaged tooth.

Which Dentist Is Best for Root Canals?

Endodontists have a higher and expert level of training in root canals, so they may cost more than other dental treatments to do the procedure. However, endodontic treatment has the best results with high success rates.

How Much Does a Dentist Cost in Istanbul?

A root canal treatments cost 1500€ and more depending on the need for treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Success in Turkey

Root Canal Treatment success rate in turkey is between 90% and 95%. However, the bacteria can enter the root pulp layer from the breakage if you do not pay attention. That is why proper root canal treatment is necessary.

Many dental treatments may fail because of incomplete or incorrect application of the endodontic procedure. You can notice a failed dental procedure starts to show complications immediately. In addition, in some cases, re-infection may occur in the tooth and increase dental disease. Therefore, do not forget to visit the dental hospital regularly.

Best Hospital for Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Several clinics in Turkey got International to accredit and GCR score, which is Global Clinic Rating. This score is based on more than 25 criteria, including quality service, safety, professionalism, and success rate. Therefore, you can choose a molar clinic for a root canal, endodontic procedures, surgery, crown, failed root canal, emergency root canal, root canal filling with GCR score, and patient reviews.

  • Dent Hospital Turkey (DHT)
  • Dentatur Dental Health Clinics
  • Istanbul Dental Center
  • Holident Dental Hospital
  • Myra Dental Centre in Turkey
  • Turkey Dental Clinic
  • Premium Dental Turkey
  • International Dental Hospital
  • Esnan Oral and Dental Health Center – Beylikdüzü Branch

How Can I Save on Root Canal Treatment in Turkey?

Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings

  • For good teeth health, you need to schedule cleaning every six months. Delayed dental problems turn into costly diseases.


  • Enquire detailed information about your dental procedure. 
  • Ask about the urgency of treatment.
  • If your budget is tight, ask for temporary fixing before planning permanent treatments.

Buy a Dental Plan with a Discount

  • If you do not have insurance coverage for dental work, consider purchasing discounted dental plans to save.

Check for a Cash Discount

  • If you are flying without dental insurance, check if there is a discount for cash. That will save credit card and billing fees.

Ask More Questions

  • It’s not necessary to follow what all your dentist says to you. You need to check what treatment options suit you and your budget. Know the purpose of your dental work.

Check for a Flexible Spending Account

  • If you own a flexible spending account, you can cover dental and other medical expenses with pre-tax money.
  • A flexible spending account helps you save more.
  • You need to use FSA money before year end; otherwise, you will lose.

Do Regular Brush and Floss

  • Regular brushing and flossing of teeth help prevent several problems with the outer teeth.
  • Try to brush twice a day
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks

Contact us for Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey.

Root Canal Procedures in Turkey

  • Before root canal treatment in Turkey, the dentist examines the dental canal’s condition with a panoramic x-ray and diagnosis.
  • The treatment begins by giving anesthesia to a related tooth.
  • Dentists clean the area and find infected nerves using special tools.
  • The difference between a root canal and filling treatment starts at this point.
  • During this filling process, there are caries n the tooth’s upper part.
  • However, in root canal treatment, the area where the nerves and vessels are cleaned with deep cleaning.
  • Next, they affect disinfecting, cleaning, and filling root canal-friendly materials.
  • After filling, dentists check the tooth with a panoramic x-ray after root canal treatment in Turkey.
  • Then, they do crown filling as permanent tooth restoration.

How Many Sessions Does a Root Canal Need In Turkey?

  • The root canal treatment in Turkey may take one or multiple sessions, depending on the tooth conditions.
  • If a tooth is not alive, with an infection on the root tip and swelling, you need to wait to clear bacteria.
  • Therefore, the process may take more sessions of 2 – 4 visits.

What Happens If You Wait Too Long to Get a Root Canal?

Even if the root canal treatment is expensive, it is necessary to get a dentist’s recommendation. If you do not treat the root canal on time, further it will cause sensitivity, pain while eating, and inflamed gums. Moreover, the infection spreads to the jaw bone, blood, brain, and whole body.

Root Canal Treatment Advantages in Turkey

  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Stop pain
  • low cost for broken root canal tooth, infected tooth pulp, wisdom tooth root canal, endodontist root canal
  • Facilitates the aesthetics of teeth
  • Controls infection of surrounding teeth
  • Stop jawbone degeneration
  • Promote oral and overall health

Disadvantages of Root Canal Treatment

  • No 100% guarantee of total root canal clean
  • dental restoration may get infected again and need antibiotics
  • If a tooth becomes hollow, it will get fractures
  • The several visits may increase expenses
  • It may cause pain in the jaw

Root Canal Treatment Risk

  • Reinfection
  • Tooth Crack
  • Allergy To Anesthesia
  • Risk Of Abscess
  • Discoloration Of Tooth



Tooth pain is very distracting and decreases life quality. A root canal is the best treatment for tooth restoration. Check all the options available for your tooth treatment based on your condition.

Most people get positive results from treatment. Do not ignore your tooth problem and get treatment as soon as possible.

Best Dentist for Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

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