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Dr. Eda Aydin was born in 1980 in Trabzon. She is a young doctor who has specialized in ENT Diseases and started her clinic where she attends to her patients. Her motto is ‘Natural nose is that fits the face and is compatible with the face.” As a physician, her skills have an artistic look by which she provides an aesthetic look using her knowledge and talent. Today, in this article, we will take a closer look into Dr. Eda Aydin Price, Reviews, etc.

An ENT Doctor is also called an Otolaryngologist. A person who has specialized in Ear, Nose, and Throat. The doctor deals with illnesses like hearing problems, sinuses, larynx, mouth, throat, ear tubes, thyroid, tonsils, and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They also treat Head and Neck related surgery.

Dr. Aydin’s interests are Nasal Septum Deviation, Pituitary Tumor, Shortness of breath, etc. She attends to her patients in Istanbul. Patients come here for nose aesthetics, particularly because of her specialty. She has been experienced for over ten years.

ENT Diseases

ENT Diseases


Dr. Eda Aydin Qualification Specializes in ENT Diseases
Address of Dr. Eda Aydin Caddebostan, Bağdat Cd. No:320/7, 34728 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Dr. Eda Aydin Ratings 4.8
Is Dr. Eda Aydin Friendly? Yes
Consultation fee for Dr. Eda Aydin Around 100 USD
Contact Number of Dr. Eda Aydin Contact us here.
Dr. Eda Aydin is Currently working Private Clinic
Common surgeries performed by Dr. Eda Aydin Ear Aesthetics, Nose, and Throat Diseases

Education and Work Experience:

  • Karadeniz Technical University of Medicine – 2006
  • Umraniya Training and Research Hospital Specialization Training – Ear, Nose, and Throat – 2006 to 2011.
  • Worked at her own private clinic after completing her specialization training – 2011 to Present.


Adenoid Surgery Injection IV
Botox Injection Intranasal Radiofrequency
Chin Aesthetics Lip filler
Ear Aesthetics Local anesthesia
Ear Cleaning mesotherapy
Ear Tube Insertion Middle Ear Surgery
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery rhinoplasty
Eyelid aesthetic Nose Aesthetic Surgery
Face Fill Nasal Valve Surgery
Face Lift Nose Tip Lift
Facial Rejuvenation Otoplasty
Fat Injection to the Face Radiofrequency Applications
Filling Revision Nose Aesthetics
Nasal Airway Surgery Sinus Surgery
Septorhinoplasty Snoring Surgery
Septum Perforation Repair somnoplasty
Tonsillectomy Voice Surgery (Phonosurgery)

Why choose Dr. Eda Aydin?

Dr. Aydin is a young talent with excellent knowledge and talent about aesthetic surgeries. She has above ten years of experience. Dr. Eda’s interest is Rhinoplasty surgery, and it is also her specialty. She has specialized in ENT Diseases and also provides treatments related to ear, nose, and throat. Patients also love her work. Her motto is also to provide healthy and quality treatment to her patients.

Price of Dr. Eda Aydin:

ENT Treatments Price (USD)
Ear Infection 1650
Sinus Surgery 1633
Blepharoplasty 2100
Rhinoplasty 2500
Septoplasty 5000
Thyroid Scan 1200
Tonsillectomy 1900
Middle Ear Analysis 500
Laryngectomy 5500
Endoscopic ear Surgery 4600
Nasal Endoscopy 2500
Audiometry 2500
ENT Consultation Fees 100

Reviews of Dr. Eda Aydin:

– Great understanding of aesthetic surgeries
– Dr. Eda is always available for advice.
– Explain surgery before it starts
– Takes care of her each patient
– Long-term follow-up process
– Knowledgeable and skilled doctor.
– natural surgery look

Any botched surgeries of Dr. Eda Aydin?

Since when she started her surgical practice, it has always been a positive outcome. Past patients also provide their surgery pictures which show her excellent work. She is practicing more and getting more skilled in surgical procedures.

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