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Welcome to one of India’s premium infertility clinics, GarbhaGudi. The joy of holding a new born is every couple’s dream. But not all are lucky, as many issues can keep them from experiencing this joy. We,at GarbhaGudi, offer couples a chance to address their issues and increase chances of starting a family! We follow ethical practices and provide patients the best care to make sure they walk out with a smile on their face!

GarbhaGudi is known for its top-class treatment at affordable costs and unparalleled success rates. We have been able to replicate this successful model at all of our branches. Our expertise in handling infertility, our phenomenal success rates, and our patient care has helped us to become one of the fastest growing chains of fertility hospitals in South India.

When you visit GarbhaGudi, you’ll have access to good minds in fertility treatment as well as the latest assisted reproductive technology. Our fully integrated network of care means; we take care of every step of your journey; for you from initial assessment, diagnosis, fertility treatment, advanced scientific techniques, and counseling support.

It all started as part of Dr. Asha Vijay’s practice as a gynecologist which subsequently become Sannidhi Nursing Home. Over a course of 15 years of dealing with gynec, obstetrics and fertility issues as part of her practice, she realized that there was a big vacuum in treating people with reproductive disorders. There was widespread lack of awareness about the causes of infertility, the treatment and the way to go ahead. Added to this, the available treatment options were expensive and barely within the reach of a middle class family. The prevalent success rates made the whole treatment even more challenging.

She, along with a team of other entrepreneurs, decided to approach the problem holistically – to provide world class treatment and service at affordable costs. Along with this, the aim was to

Make the whole journey comfortable and as stress free as possible

Educate the patient and help them take the right decisions

Work out a treatment plan which is tailor made for each patient and not use a one-size-fits-all approach

Bring in the Indian paradigms of body-mind-soul programs through yoga, pranayama and meditation to ensure better success rates

The guiding philosophy of GarbhaGudi is “achieving patient delight through exceptional success rates while being socially responsible and spiritually rooted”. Keeping this vision as a lighthouse, we have built our culture, teams and processes. Our ethos is driven towards achieving patient delight and high success rates.

We clearly understand that medication is a key component in this journey, but there are other factors that contribute to a successful completion of the treatment – a calm and peaceful mind, clarity and confidence in the minds of the couple about the treatment process and the treating doctor, reduced stress levels, positive thoughts about the outcome and other things that sooth the mind (music, meditation, yoga etc.)

On the clinical side, GarbhaGudi boasts of one of the teams in the country. Coupled with this eminent panel of specialists and super-specialists is a world class infrastructure. The combination of these two has been delivering unparalleled success rates – in naturally conceived pregnancies, IUI and in ICSI procedures.

We have attained very high success rates due to BLASTOCYST CULTURE and TRANSFERS, which is possible only in highly stabilized and mature IVF labs. This has resulted in improved IVF pregnancy rates and live-births.



  • A world class facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with a humane touch and personalized care from the doctors and staff.
  • Affordable treatment without any compromise on service or quality of medicines or media.
  • Unparalleled success rates because of the above 2 points and the eminent panel of specialists that we have.
  • Treatment protocols that are regularly enhanced and upgraded to incorporate the latest advancements in process, technology and clinical research.
  • Holistic approach to treating infertility through mind-body-soul programs.

The specialists at GG work with the couple to understand the specific causes for infertility. They work towards identifying the right approach for each patient and then walk with them on the journey towards motherhood, in a very scientific but humane process. We understand very clearly that infertility treatment is an equal mix of technology and psychology. Our panels of super-specialists will hand-hold you through every step, giving you all the information, care and support that you need through this physically, financially and emotionally demanding journey.


  • Free Second Opinion for Patients: Our doctors are available for free consultation on ongoing treatments at other facilities. Patients can come and meet our doctors and understand if the advised treatment is the best thing for the patient couple.
  • Financing option at 0% interest for patients when they cannot manage the finances to meet the cost of procedures.
  • Well trained support staff to provide a great experience during the treatment time. The staff will make the whole process.
  • Completely ethical practice – follow all mandated rules and also adhere to the rules of morality and integrity.


GarbhaGudi Services,

Garbhagudi In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF),
Garbhagudi Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI),
Garbhagudi Pregnant Women Counseling,
Garbhagudi Fertilisation In Vitro – Embryo Transfer (IVF – ET),
Garbhagudi Fertilization,
Garbhagudi Fertility Counseling Services,
Garbhagudi Nutrition & Diet for Pregnancy,
Garbhagudi Female Infertility Treatment,
Garbhagudi Infertility Evaluation / Treatment,
Garbhagudi Male Infertility treatment,
Garbhagudi Ovulation Disorders,
Garbhagudi Ovarian Cyst Removal,
Garbhagudi Damaged Fallopian Tubes,
Garbhagudi Uterine Disorders,
Garbhagudi Age related infertility issues,
Garbhagudi Artificial Insemination,
Garbhagudi Male infertility – counseling, consultation, scans and operative procedures,
Garbhagudi Child Birth Education,
Garbhagudi High-Risk Pregnancy Care,
Garbhagudi Pregnancy with PCOD,
Garbhagudi Post Pregnancy Classes,
Garbhagudi Diseases in Pregnancy,
Garbhagudi PCOD/PCOS Treatment,
Garbhagudi menopause advice,
Garbhagudi Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescence,
Garbhagudi Pre and Post Delivery Care,
Garbhagudi Pregnancy Exercise,
Garbhagudi family planning and full contraceptive services,
Garbhagudi Caesarean Section (C Section),
Garbhagudi Natural Cycle IVF,
Garbhagudi Tubectomy/Tubal Ligation,
Garbhagudi Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC),
Garbhagudi Natural child birth,
Garbhagudi Egg Donation,
Garbhagudi Embryo Donor Program,
Garbhagudi Donor Insemination Surrogacy,
Garbhagudi Hysteroscopy,
Garbhagudi Laparoscopic Surgery (Obs & Gyn),
Garbhagudi Male Infertility Treatment,
Garbhagudi Infertility,
Garbhagudi Ultrasound,
Garbhagudi Doppler Ultrasound,
Garbhagudi Laboratory,
Garbhagudi Hormonal Testing,
Garbhagudi Scrotal Scan,
Garbhagudi In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF),
Garbhagudi Male fertility issues,
Garbhagudi DFET,
Garbhagudi FET,
Garbhagudi IUI,
Garbhagudi IUI-Intrauterine-insemination,
Garbhagudi HSG,
Garbhagudi SSG,
Garbhagudi Hysteroscopy,
Garbhagudi Operative Hysteroscopy,
Garbhagudi Laparoscopy,
Garbhagudi Semen Analysis,
Garbhagudi Sperm Freezing,
Garbhagudi Egg Freezing,
Garbhagudi Egg Donation,
Garbhagudi Embryo freezing,
Garbhagudi Pap smear,
Garbhagudi Pipelle,
Garbhagudi Biopsy,
Garbhagudi TESA,
Garbhagudi PESA,
Garbhagudi Bilateral varicocele,
Garbhagudi Pre-conception Counseling,
Garbhagudi Thyroid,
Garbhagudi Artificial Insemination (AID),
Garbhagudi Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI),
Garbhagudi PCOS,
Garbhagudi PCOD,
Garbhagudi PCOS/PCOD & women related disorders,


Garbhagudi IVF Doctors


Where is GarbhaGudi IVF?

GarbhaGudi IVF is located at,
1. #26, Patalamma Temple street, Near Metro Station, South End Circle, Jayanagar, Bengaluru-560004

2. 1210/A, Subhasri Complex, Hanumanthanagar, 50 Feet Road, Banashankari 1st Stage,

3. 3rd Floor, Park Landing,5AC – 709, Outer Ring Road,
2nd Block, HRBR Extension, Bengaluru–560 043

4. 3rd Floor, Ganesh Towers,60/5 and 60/6,Konapanna Agrahara, Electronic City,

How to Book Appointment with GarbhaGudi?

You can Book Appointment Online or Call/WhatsApp

What is IVF Cost in GarbhaGudi?

IVF Cost Depends on multiple factors like Pre-IVF investigations, Hormone injections during the IVF, Embryology Charges, Egg Pick Up Procedure, Diagnostic or operative laparoscopy, etc.

What is IVF Success Rate in GarbhaGudi?

Success rates in IVF is dependent on several key factors. Across the world, IVF success rate is in the range of 30% to 37%. We have been consistently reporting in the range of 55% to 67% success across all our centres. These rates are even higher for donor embryo cycles and blastocyst transfer cycles.


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