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Gozde Hospital Akademi


Being part of Gözde Healthcare group, Gozde Hospital Akademi is one of the best healthcare system in Turkey, They provide services by top surgeons of the country, the staff of the hospital are well trained and experienced, they provide 24/7 services to their patients. Many international patients come to the hospital for treatment as a result they have special unit to help foreign patients providing them services such as translator, medical visas assistance, airport pickup and drop, accommodations and many more. Gozde Hospital Akademi appointment can be easily booked. 

Gozde Hospital Akademi has 8 location that provides treatment services to their patients in Turkey. They have special units for every medial department including units for adult, infants, ICUs, emergency services unit and also operation theatres. The patients rooms of hospital are designed keeping in mind the safety of the patients in emergency. The hospital’s wireless internet system also provides uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Facility for International Patients at Gozde Hospital Akademi

They also have a department dedicated to international patients, with team who are fluent in nine different native languages and can give care, interpretation, and assistance. In addition, they offer the following services:

  • Organizing appointments
  • Admissions to hospitals
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Reservations for travel and lodging
  • Services of an interpreter and a caregiver
  • Air and ground ambulance services are available.
  • Monetary transactions
  • Process of discharge and follow-up care

Gozde Hospital Akademi’s international unit supports international patients in obtaining a Turkish medical visa. They provide the greatest services to all of their patients and ensure that they are completely satisfied with the treatment they receive. They also provide a special video consultation facility for overseas patients, allowing them to obtain a consultation in their own country before deciding whether or not to come to Turkey for treatment.

Facilities at Gozde Hospital Akademi


  • Accommodation for families
  • Consultation with a doctor online
  • Coordination of health insurance
  • Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
  • Laundry
  • Legalization of documents
  • Newspapers from around the world
  • Options for local tourism
  • Pharmacy
  • Pickup from the airport
  • Reservation of a hotel
  • Reservations for local transit
  • Rooms that are accessible to people with disabilities
  • Services of an interpreter
  • Services of translation
  • The phone is in the room
  • The room has a television
  • Wifi is available for free

Why Choose Gozde Hospital Akademi?

Gozde Hospital Akademi is a JCI-certified Turkish hospital that offers services in accordance with international standards, utilising cutting-edge technology and modern medicine. The doctors performing the surgeries are internationally trained, and the hospital staff is well-experienced in providing services to patients and ensuring their complete satisfaction with their treatment.

The hospital tackles a variety of disorders and has a variety of medical departments, each with expertise to ensure that patients receive the best treatment possible. Gozde Hospital Akademi is a well-known international hospital with many positive ratings due to the high success rate of their surgeries. They offer a variety of services, including hotel accommodations, airport pick-ups, and 24-hour patient care, among others.

List of Doctors at Gozde Hospital Akademi

Gozde Hospital Akademi’s competent surgeons have a lot of expertise performing procedures and have a high success rate. This is why people from different nations seek treatment at Gozde Hospital Akademi. The surgeons have received international training and are experts in their professions; a few examples are listed below:

  • Kiss. Dr. Ali Ihsan Baby – Ear-Nose and Throat
  •  Kiss. Dr. Ali Pekince – gynecology
  •  exp. Dr. Altan Atalay – Ear-Nose and Throat
  •  Kiss. Dr. Caner Cengiz Turan – Orthopedics and Traumatology
  •  Kiss. Dr. Emrullah Tanrikut – gynecology
  •  exp. Dr. Gokhan Kali – Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  •  exp. Dr. Irfan Atasoy – Chest Disease
  •  prof. Dr. Izzet Tandogan – cardiology
  • exp. Dr. Levent Akkus – Pediatrics
  • Kiss. Dr. Mete Açıkgöz – Eye Health and Diseases
  • Assist. Assoc. Dr. Murat Bee – Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • exp. Dr. Murat Yagmur – Internal Medicine
  • exp. Dr. Narcissus Turan – dermatology
  • Kiss. Dr. Serdar Moist – gynecology
  • Kiss. Dr. Sevil Eraslan – gynecology
  • exp. Dr. Sezai Orhan – cardiology
  • Kiss. Dr. Sakir Cengiz Algan – Eye Health and Diseases
  • exp. Dr. Volkan Favorites – Pediatrics
  • Kiss. Dr. Yasin Karaduman – General Surgery
  • exp. Dr. Yusuf Ziya Bet – neurology
  • Kiss. Dr. Zülküf Caliskan – Urology
  • Kiss. Dr. Ahmet Caglar – Ear-Nose and Throat
  • exp. Dr. Ahmet Gorgel – endocrinology
  • exp. Dr. Ahmet Gürlek – cardiology
  • Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Soylu – Urology
  • exp. Dr. Ayse Sandıkkaya – Pediatrics
  • Kiss. Dr. Bekir Koc – Eye Health and Diseases
  • Kiss. Dr. Bulent Bozyigit – neurosurgery
  • Kiss. Dr. Deniz Han Deniz – gynecology
  • exp. Dr. Derya Yagar – Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • prof. Dr. Erkan Karatas – Ear-Nose and Throat
  • Kiss. Dr. Ismail Evren – gynecology
  • Kiss. Dr. Mehmet Sarac – General Surgery
  • exp. Dr. Nazan Poyraz – Pediatrics
  • exp. Dr. Serdal Ozdemir – psychiatry
  • exp. Dr. Serhat Ocal – Internal Medicine
  • exp. Dr. Sibel Aydin – neurology
  • Kiss. Dr. Zercan Kali – gynecology
  • Kiss. Dr. Tarik Goksel ROSE – gynecology
  • exp. Dr. Sule Gencoglu – dermatology
  • Kiss. Dr. Yurdaer Denizhan – Orthopedics and Traumatology

Does Gozde Hospital Akademi provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

Every year, Gozde Hospital Akademi sees a large number of international patients. These patients request video consultations because they are unable to travel to Turkey for every consultation appointment. As a result, Gozde Hospital Akademi offers video consultations to its patients, allowing them to consult with Gozde Hospital Akademi’s surgeons from any location in the world. Contact the hospital and reserve a slot for a video consultation with a doctor at Gozde Hospital Akademi by giving basic information.

The hospital also offers its patients a second opinion from top specialists at Gozde Hospital Akademi in the event of an emergency. They will recommend a treatment plan for your ailment, and you can travel to Turkey after consulting with specialised surgeons about surgery or treatment options.

Gozde Hospital Akademi Insurance coverage

When patients have therapy or surgery in a foreign country, insurance is critical since the cost of treatment in a foreign country rises in tandem with the quality of care. As a result, it is critical to obtain overseas health insurance prior to seeking treatment. Even though Gozde Hospital Akademi accepts international insurance coverage, make sure your company is covered by one of the insurance companies that Gozde Hospital Akademi accepts for coverage so that you may receive the best care at a low cost from the hospital’s professional surgeons.

Review for Gozde Hospital Akademi

Gozde Hospital Akademi  is a popular hospital of Gozde Hospital Groups, they provide best facilities to all their patients and have a special team for international patients. They make sure the international patients get the best facility, treatment, services such as hotel, transport, and also keep follow up on their treatment. The international clients rate it among the best hospitals of Turkey.

Gozde Hospital Akademi Address

Türkmen, Mustafa Sözer Cd., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın, Turkey

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