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Top 10 Ear Nose and Throat Hospitals in Turkey

Why Ear Nose and Throat Hospital in Turkey?


Ear, Nose, and Throat medicine, or ENT, is a discipline of medicine that deals with issues involving the ears, nose, and throat. These areas are related with a significant variety of disorders, making it a broad field of study with a great number of medical procedures. Some medical disorders can only be cured with surgery, while others can be managed with medications. The phrase “ENT specialist” refers to a doctor who specializes in this discipline.

How much does Ear Nose and Throat treatment Cost in Turkey?

Ear Nose and Throat Surgery in Turkey Average Cost (USD)
Adenoidectomy $4,000
Audiometry $2,500
Cochlear Implant $12,000
Dacryocystorhinostomy $3,500
Decortication of Vocal Cords $4,500
ENT Consultation $100
Endolymphatic Sac $3,200
Endoscopic Ear Surgery $4,600
FESS Surgery $5,400
Flexible Rhino Laryngoscopy $6,000
Hearing Aids $3,000
Hearing Assesment $2,000
Laryngectomy $5,500
Laryngoscopy $3,000
Mastoidectomy $5,200
Micro Laryngeal Surgery $3,800
Middle Ear Analysis $500
Myringoplasty $1,900
Myringotomy $3,200
Nasal Endoscopy $2,500
Nasal Obstruction $2,000
Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy $6,300
Newborn Hearing Screening $1,000
Ossiculoplasty $3,700
Septoplasty $5,000
Sinus Surgery $3,200
Stapedectomy $3,000
Thyroid Scan $1,200
Tonsillectomy $1,900
Turbinate Surgery $2,800
Tympanoplasty $3,200
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty $4,800


Reviews for Ear Nose and Throat Hospitals in Turkey

Most countries with advanced medicine are appealing to international patients, but their prices are frequently exorbitant. In this way, Turkey is an outlier. The local hospitals have reasonable prices. Diagnostic examinations and treatment are far less expensive here than in the United States or Western Europe, but the quality of the treatments provided is still excellent. The government eliminated VAT for foreign patients who receive treatment in hospitals approved by Turkey’s Ministry of Health in order to lure medical tourists with low costs.

Ear Nose and Throat success rate in Turkey

The success rate of ENT surgeries has increased as the field of ENT has progressed. While there are no standard statistics for all ENT operations, the most of them have been demonstrated to be safe and effective. Tympanoplasty, for example, has a success rate of roughly 90%. The risks and side effects of ENT treatments vary depending on the surgery and the patient’s condition. Almost all surgical procedures entail the risk of bleeding, infection, and a severe anaesthetic reaction.

Ear Nose and Throat recovery time in Turkey

Your ENT specialist will provide you a recovery schedule, which will include when you can resume normal activities and return to work. For at least three weeks, you must avoid all activities that may cause an increase in blood pressure in your head area. For at least two weeks, you must refrain from intense activities.

Advantages of Ear Nose and Throat in Turkey.

  • High-quality Ear Nose and Throat in Turkey, comparable to the best hospitals in the United States.
  • Patients are managed in accordance with worldwide norms and protocols, and all essential resources are available.
  • Reasonable treatment charges and associated service prices.
  • There is no language barrier because medical centres employ people who speak a variety of languages or provide interpreters.

All of the professionals have advanced degrees from internationally renowned universities. The hospitals provide all of their patients with complete care and have everything they require on hand. The cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey is lower than in major and industrialised countries such as the United States, and the facilities are identical.

Alternative Ear Nose and Throat treatment options in Turkey

When it comes to ear, nose, and throat problems, there is almost always no other option but ENT. Depending on your situation, your ENT doctor may collaborate with or recommend you to a specialist.

Ear Nose and Throat Insurance in Turkey

Yes, Turkish hospitals accept health insurance. You must advise the hospital if you have any internationally valid health insurance. Check with your own insurance company to determine if the procedure you want is covered in a Turkish hospital. If your insurance is accepted, the hospital will request a Guarantee of Payment from the insurance company so that your treatment can begin without delay.

Do I need Medical visa for Ear Nose and Throat in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the world’s top medical destinations due to the availability of world-class medical services. Aside from that, medical tourists can take advantage of thermal spas and wellness treatments that are included in their hotel packages. Turkey’s healthcare system, like that of the majority of other countries, is a hybrid of public and private services. By obtaining a medical visa, you can easily obtain treatment for Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Top 10 Ear Nose and Throat Hospitals in Turkey

FAQs on Ear Nose and Throat Hospitals in Turkey

Which is the best Ear Nose and Throat Hospital in Turkey?

Find the Best Ear Nose and Throat Hospitals in Turkey here.

Can I get Ear Nose and Throat Hospital feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Ear Nose and Throat Hospital reviews in Turkey here.

What is Ear Nose and Throat cost in Turkey?

Ear Nose and Throat cost in Turkey depends on multiple factors. You can find Ear Nose and Throat cost above in the article.

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