Avcilar Anadolu Hospital

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital is a very famous hospital of Turkey, treating millions of patients every year. People from other countries come to Turkey to get treatment in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital. It is well equipped and has very well trained, friendly staff to take care of patients. The surgeons and specialists working here are well experienced and perform surgery only to give the best outcome to their patients. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital reviews attract more international patients to it.

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital provides services with expertise such as Mouth And Dental Health, Brain And Nerve Surgery, Biochemistry, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Cardiology, Child Health And Diseases, Dermatology, Hand And MicroSurgery, Endocrinology And Metabolism, Infectious Diseases And Microbiology And Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation and many more. 

The hospital has 30+ specialized doctors, 190+ well trained staff, 5 Operation theaters, 10 General Intensive Care, 5+ Neonatal Intensive Care, 1 Coronary Intensive Care bed and the hospital holds 65+ bed capacity. It is JCI accredited hospital and has been reviewed well by it’s patients. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital has 23 medical departments with each department having their specialized surgeons and doctors, they also have 21 polyclinics to provide their patients best healthcare services.

Facilities Available in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital

Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Accommodation
Wifi 24*7 observation bed
Emergency services Advanced diagnosis and treatment methods
Neonatal intensive care unit Outpatient clinic
Cardiovascular intensive care unit Operation theatres

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital International Patient Facilities

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital has many facilities for international patients, they assist their patients for medical visa process to the country for treatment under Avcilar Anadolu Hospital. The hospital also has a very affordable price package for patients traveling from foreign, the cost for surgeries are very much lower than any other countries. Airport pickup service and also hotel accommodation service can be provided by hospitals to help the foreign patients. 

For foreign patients the hospital also provides video consultation services as that would be helpful for second opinion for them or in any emergency. Language will not be an issue because Avcilar Anadolu Hospital employs English-speaking surgeons and offers language translation services. The cost of surgery at Avcilar Anadolu Hospital is very low; you can get an estimate of the cost of surgery before traveling to Turkey by providing your reports and treatment conditions.

Why choose Avcilar Anadolu Hospital?

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital is a popular hospital of Turkey. They have employed best surgeons and expertise and well trained medical staff, and treat using the best technologies and equipment. It has registered its name for world medical tourism because of it’s top notch facilities, world class diagnostic and treatment facilities. The hospital is well-known for providing a welcoming environment for patients and their families. Patients are given appropriate guidance and counseling so that they can make an informed decision.

The specialized doctors of hospitals give the best service and the hospital also provides a video consultation facility that helps the patients a lot as they can be in contact with the hospital from their own country. The hospital is a multispecialty hospital, they have many departments and specialists in each department to give their patient the best result. Even the hospital’s past patients has good Avcilar Anadolu Hospital reviews. 

List of Treatments in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital


Brain and nerve surgeries are performed in Neurosurgery department of Avcilar Anadolu Hospital which provides treatment for following diseases:

Cerebrovascular Diseases Spinal Diseases
Brain Tumors Childhood Brain and Nerve Diseases
Brain Bleeding  

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital’s brain and nerve surgeries unit has many specialist surgeons, they provide best outcome from their surgeries. The surgeons have well experience in performing surgeries and treatments such as Brain Tumour Treatment, Scoliosis Surgery, Spinal Fusion, Stroke Treatment, Surgery for Spina Bifida and many more neurosurgeries. The hospital provides these healthcare surgeries at a very affordable cost and their surgery also has high success rate.


Avcilar Anadolu Hospital’s Cardiology department provides following treatments by their specialists:

Treatment of congenital heart diseases High Cholesterol Treatment
Heart Attack Preventive Treatments Treatment Heart Valve Diseases Treatment
Heart Rhythm Disorders Treatment Heart Failure
Coronary Artery Disease Treatment Varicose Disease Medical Treatment
Hypertension – Echocardiography  

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital is a well known hospital for cardiology treatments, here the surgeries and treatments are carried out by top cardiologist of the country. They treat diseases such as coronary artery disease, Atrial Septal Defect, Peripheral vascular disease, Rheumatic heart disease, Stroke, Vascular disease and many other cardiology diseases.


Avcilar Anadolu Hospital’s dermatology department provides treatment for following problems ans diseases:

Fungal diseases Venereal diseases
Psoriasis (psoriasis) Skin cancers
Acne Birthmarks
Pubertal acne Hair loss
Eczema Drug allergies


List of Doctors in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital has many specialist working with them, the surgeons are highly experienced and skillful as a result they perform  highly successful surgeries. The surgeons use top technologies and equipment to perform surgeries, few of specialist surgeons working with Avcilar Anadolu Hospital are:

  • prof. Dr. Ali Çay
  • prof. Dr. Alpaslan KULALI
  • prof. Dr. Hasan KAYNAR
  • Assoc. Dr. Salih İNAL
  • prof. Dr. Ali Okur
  • prof. Dr. Mehmet Sait BUĞDACI
  • Assoc. Dr. Fatih KUZU
  • Associate Professor. Ahmet TEMİZ
  • Assoc. Dr. İbak GÖNEN
  • Assoc. Dr. Alper Plane
  • Kiss. Dr. Özcan KARADEMİR
  • Assoc. Dr. Hakan ÖZALP
  • Assoc. Dr. Meriç UĞURLAR
  • Dr. Instructor Member Ali KARAÇINAR
  • Dr. Instructor Member Hasan MERAL
  • Kiss. Dr. Abdurrahman TOKMAK

Does Avcilar Anadolu Hospital provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital is a popular hospital in Turkey, providing world class services and performing surgeries by assuring best outcome to it’s patients. The hospital not only has patients from Turkey but also treats many international patients coming from other known countries to get treatment here in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital. For especially international patients it is always not possible to come back to Turkey for any small issues, so for them Avcilar Anadolu Hospital has also started a video consultation facility. 

Using the video consultation service, patients from their own country can now get consultation and advice. For any situation the hospital also provides a second opinion to its patients such that they get to make an informative decision about the treatment. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital’s patients including international patients are very satisfied by their services and the results from treatments.    

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Insurance coverage

One has to think twice about the treatment or surgery cost, especially for international patients coming to Turkey and getting treatment makes them think about the cost for the treatment. Insurance coverage can reduce the expense of coming to Turkey for treatment. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital accepts insurance coverage for surgeries from many reputed international insurance companies. Before coming to Turkey take an international insurance and make sure that the service of insurance is valid in Avcilar Anadolu Hospital.  


Medical Visa Process

International patients need to get a Medical Visa to come to Turkey for treatment, it is an easy process. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital assists patients to get medical visas for Turkey. Provide documents such as latest medical records, passport copy of patients and attendants, which are required for Medical Visa of Turkey. Send these to the hospital and they will provide you with a Medical Visa letter through email and also to the Turkish embassy. Contact us now for assistance in your medical visa for Turkey.   


Common Questions asked about Avcilar Anadolu Hospital

How to Book Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Appointment?

Book Online Appointment with İstinye Üniversite Hospital here

Where can I find Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Reviews?

Find Rating and Reviews for Avcilar Anadolu Hospital from past clients here

Can I get Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Medical Visa?

Yes. Contact here for Turkey Medical Visa support

How to get Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Cost Estimate for my Surgery?

Provide required surgery details here. You will receive Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Price.

Avcilar Anadolu Hospital Address

Mustafa Kemal Paşa Firuzköy Bulvarı, Kayabaşı Sk. No:1/3, 34775 Avcılar/İstanbul, Turkey


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