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Top 10 Radiation Therapy Hospitals in Turkey

Why Radiation Therapy Hospital in Turkey?

Radiation Therapy in Turkey combines cutting-edge methods with affordable medical costs. Foreign patients are not charged more in Turkish hospitals. Turkey was among the top countries in the world for medical tourism in the previous decade, according to statistics, having successfully treated thousands of foreign residents with cancer. This article lists Turkey’s Top 10 Radiation Therapy Hospitals.

High-energy radiation is used in radiation treatment to kill cancer cells by disrupting their DNA.

Depending on the type of cancer being treated, a patient may undergo radiation therapy before, during, or after surgery. Radiation therapy is given to certain patients alone, and it is also given to some patients in combination with chemotherapy. As a result, high-tech and computer-assisted equipment are used to provide successful treatment.

Radiation therapy is not required for all patients. Patients are initially reviewed by our specialists, who then determine whether or not they should get radiation therapy, based on the kind and progression of their disease, as well as any other therapies they may be receiving.

How much does Radiation Therapy Cost in Turkey?

Radiation Therapy Surgery in Turkey Average Cost (USD)
Brachytherapy $6,500
Endocavity and Interstitial Brachytherapy $7,500
Intraoperative Brachytherapy $6,800
Radiosurgery $8,500
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy $9,000
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) $9,500
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) $8,500
Rapid Arc with IGRT $8,000
Rapid Arc with IMRT $7,500
External Beam Radiation Therapy $7,800
Internal Radiation Therapy $7,700
Gamma Knife $9,000
Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) $6,900
Proton beam therapy $9,800
Stereotactic radiation therapy $9,500
Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) $8,700

Types of Radiation Therapy Available in Turkey.

Turkish doctors use cutting-edge tools and approaches to treat Radiation Therapy at any stage and type. Modern oncotherapy procedures, which indicate excellent efficacy in Radiation Therapy as well as patient safety, are given considerable focus in Turkey.

  • External radiation therapy: The Linear Particle Accelerator emits beams that penetrate the skin and pass through healthy tissue to target the affected area. It is a radiation therapist-assisted local tumour treatment.
  • Brachytherapy is a type of internal radiotherapy in which the doctor places radiation sources inside the patient’s body. They are only a short distance away from the treatment area (the tumour).
  • Metabolic radiation treatment is a sort of radiation therapy that is used to treat thyroid cancer and Vaquez disease (excess of red cells). It entails ingesting a radioactive material that attaches itself to cancer cells exactly and kills them.

Reviews for Radiation Therapy Hospitals in Turkey

Several factors are driving the increase of health-care tourism in Turkey: Turkey’s Ministry of Health owns 55% of the country’s hospitals, which are nearly all ISO accredited. Several hospitals have been accredited by the “Joint Commission International (JCI).” All of the facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, and all of the personnel and doctors have undergone thorough training. Some of the doctors have graduated from universities in other countries with higher degrees. Oncologists continue to apply cutting-edge techniques in their work, and Turkish hospitals provide the most affordable Radiation Therapy.

Radiation Therapy success rate in Turkey

Patients who are in the early stages of cancer often benefit from either radiation therapy. With either strategy, success rates of around 90% or greater can be attained. Turkey hospitals provides best treatment with high success rate.

Radiation Therapy recovery time in Turkey

After being discharged from the hospital, the patient must remain in the country for another 30 days to complete his or her recovery. This length of stay is recommended to ensure that all necessary follow-ups and control tests are completed to ensure that the surgery was successful.

Advantages of Radiation Therapy in Turkey.

  • High-quality Radiation Therapy in Turkey, comparable to the best hospitals in the United States.
  • Patients are managed in accordance with worldwide norms and protocols, and all essential resources are available.
  • Reasonable treatment charges and associated service prices.
  • There is no language barrier because medical centres employ people who speak a variety of languages or provide interpreters.

The primary benefit of radiotherapy is that it may aid in the control of cancer growth.
Radiotherapy may help make surgery possible for a small number of people with borderline resectable cancer and locally advanced pancreatic cancer.
Each treatment session will last approximately 30 minutes, and you will not usually be required to stay in the hospital.
If you feel well enough, you may be able to resume your normal activities, such as going to work.
Radiotherapy can help control symptoms and relieve pain if you have advanced cancer.

Procedure for Radiation Therapy in Turkey

External-beam radiation therapy and internal radiotherapy, also known as brachy therapy, are the two methods used to deliver radiation therapy. Both may be required for some patients.
External radiation therapy is used for the majority of patients who require radiation therapy for tumour treatment. Photon beams are used to treat patients during external radiation therapy sessions. Patients experience no pain during the application. It is usually done in a hospital using specialized equipment and machines. The high-energy radiation beams emitted by these machines and devices are reflected back at the tumour and the surrounding area. Some devices are better at treating tumours on the skin’s surface, while others are better at treating tumours deeper in the skin.

Radiation Therapy Insurance in Turkey

If you have been diagnosed with any type of life-threatening Radiation Therapy, the Radiation Therapy Insurance Plan will assist you. Turkey has an insurance policy; you can also contact your insurance company to learn more about Radiation Therapy coverage in Turkey.

Do I need a Medical visa for Radiation Therapy in Turkey?

Medical tourism treatments in Turkey are delivered using cutting-edge technology and medical equipment. In Turkey, radiation therapy is well-known. Medical tourists can receive world-class treatment as well as a variety of additional services in this country. Receiving Radiation Therapy treatment is made easier by obtaining a medical visa.

Top 10 Radiation Therapy Hospitals in Turkey

FAQs on Radiation Therapy Hospitals in Turkey

Which is the best Radiation Therapy Hospital in Turkey?

Find the Best Radiation Therapy Hospitals in Turkey here.

Can I get Radiation Therapy Hospital feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Radiation Therapy Hospital reviews in Turkey here.

What is Radiation Therapy cost in Turkey?

Radiation Therapy cost in Turkey depends on multiple factors. You can find Radiation Therapy cost above in the article.

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