Best Plastic Surgeons in Lagos

Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that can change a person’s appearance and ability to function.

  • Cosmetic (also called aesthetic) procedures alter a part of the body that the person is not satisfied with. Common cosmetic procedures include making the breasts larger (augmentation mammoplasty) or smaller (reduction mammoplasty), reshaping the nose (rhinoplasty), and removing pockets of fat from specific spots on the body (liposuction).


  • Reconstructive procedures correct defects on the face or body. These include physical birth defects like cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns, or the aftermath of disease treatments like rebuilding a woman’s breast after surgery for breast cancer.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Lagos

Common Plastic Surgery cost in Lagos

Liposuction cost in Lagos ₦1,300,000 $3,601
Body Contouring cost in Lagos ₦1,500,000 $4,155
Rhinoplasty cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Breast Implant cost in Lagos ₦1,300,000 $3,601
Breast Reduction cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Vaginal Rejuvenation cost in Lagos ₦800,000 $2,216
Tummy Tuck cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Facelift cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Hymenoplast cost in Lagos ₦700,000 $1,939
Lips Reshaping cost in Lagos ₦700,000 $1,939
Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL cost in Lagos ₦1,500,000 $4,155
Buttocks Lifting cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Thigh Reduction cost in Lagos ₦1,400,000 $3,878
Gynecomastia cost in Lagos ₦1,500,000 $4,155

Tummy Tuck Cost in Lagos

Tummy Tuck Surgery Type City Average Cost Naira (₦)
Abdominoplasty Lagos N 2,200,000
Standard Tummy Tuck Lagos N 2,000,000
Extended Tummy Tuck Lagos N 2,400,000
Panniculectomy Lagos N 2,100,000
Reverse Tummy Tuck Lagos N 2,100,000
Mini Tummy Tuck Lagos N 1,600,000

Liposuction Cost in Lagos


Liposuction Area City Cost – From (Naira) Cost Up to (Naira)
Neck Liposuction Lagos ₦ 6,00,000 ₦ 8,40,000
Abdomen Liposuction Lagos ₦ 12,00,000 ₦ 15,60,000
Chin Liposuction Lagos ₦ 6,50,000 ₦ 8,45,000
Buttocks Liposuction Lagos ₦ 6,50,000 ₦ 8,45,000
Arm Liposuction Lagos ₦ 5,50,000 ₦ 7,15,000
Thigh Liposuction Lagos ₦ 7,50,000 ₦ 9,75,000
Breast Liposuction Lagos ₦ 5,50,000 ₦ 7,15,000
Love handles Liposuction Lagos ₦ 4,50,000 ₦ 5,85,000
Knee Liposuction Lagos ₦ 7,50,000 ₦ 9,75,000
Back Liposuction Lagos ₦ 5,50,000 ₦ 7,15,000
Calf Liposuction Lagos ₦ 6,50,000 ₦ 8,45,000

Who is Best Plastic Surgeon in Lagos?

Find Best Plastic surgeon in Lagos based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is Plastic Surgery cost in Lagos?

Plastic Surgery cost depends on type of surgery you choose for. Contact us for more details

What is Plastic Surgery Success Rate in Lagos?

Usually Plastic Surgery has high success rate. Get Plastic surgery done from experienced Doctors.

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